tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 10

Two are Better than One Ch. 10


This may be the last of this series. If you want me to keep it going, let me know. If I get enough people wanting it going, I'll write more.


Sophia and I retired to the room while Kevin slept on the couch. As the morning rays filter in through the window into my eyes, I blink them open and closed trying to adjust to the bright light. I notice that I am alone in the bed and so I look around the room until my eyes settle on my sister's form standing at the doorway talking with Kevin. Sophia turns toward me and winks and then back to Kevin and pushes his shorts to the floor.

Kevin scoops up my sister and carries her over to the bed. Sophia rolls onto her hands and knees. I pull the blanket off of me as Kevin starts slipping his cock into her and begins thrusting his cock in and out. I slide up on the bed so my hips are under her face and she drops down and engulfs my cock with her mouth. She pulls back and wraps one hand around my shaft while she licks and sucks.

After a few minutes, Sophia pauses and takes my cock out of her mouth. She holds the tip in her hands and smiles at me and then looks back over her shoulder at Kevin. She pulls off of Kevin's cock and crawls forward, straddling my hips. My cock slides into her warm pussy.

She turns her head back to him and says, "Fuck my ass, Kevin." She reaches for the nightstand drawer and pulls out a bottle of lubricant and hands it to him.

Kevin takes the oil and rubs it on his cock and Sophia's asshole. I can feel him pushing oil into and around her asshole and her relaxing as she gets ready for his cock. He drops the bottle and shifts until he kneels between our legs. I wrap my arms around Sophia as Kevin pushes his cock against her tight entrance. She opens up to him and Kevin's cock slides in. I can feel Kevin's cock as he slides forward until the entire length is inside my sister's ass, resting against mine, equally buried in her pussy. She feels even tighter than before.

Sophia growls and says, "I feel so full of cock."

Kevin leans forward against her back and places his face next to hers. Sophia turns her face and kisses him deeply. She is the first one to start moving deliberately to slip us in and out of her. Then Kevin picks up the rhythm. There isn't a lot I can do except keep my hips firmly against Sophia's clit. Her first orgasm comes out of nowhere, flooding my cock and balls with her pussy juice and makes her tremble. Kevin keeps up with smooth, steady strokes, in and out of her ass.

Sophia pushes herself up and starts rocking back harder while Kevin increases the strength and speed of his strokes. I can feel her pussy clenching on me then she starts slamming back against out cocks, over and over. I hold her shoulders to keep her from throwing me out when she rocks forward. Kevin is holding her hips, trying to do the same.

Sophia is slams into us and screams, Fuck me harder!"

She starts to shake and another orgasm hits her. Her muscles lock into spasms. Kevin pulls himself as deep as he can and I feel his cock starts to spam against mine.

The two of them set me off and I shoot thick ropes of cum deep into my sister's pussy, arching my back off the bed to get as deep as possible. Sophia collapses first, dropping onto me. Kevin continues pushing down onto her to keep himself inside her as his cock continues to spasm. I slowly lower myself down to insure we stay locked together. I brush the hair from Sophia's face and kiss her. She smiles at me, weakly. Kevin just rests his weight on his arms and looks down at us as the three of us pant.

"Oh my god," Sophia says. "I've never felt anything like that before."

She tenses her muscles as she shivers through another orgasm. Sophia turns and kisses Kevin as I feel her pussy juices and my cum dribble across my balls. I feel Kevin's cock pop from her ass. Sophia instantly looks disappointed. Then slowly she pulls herself off my cock and drop between my legs and sucks my cock into her mouth. She thoroughly sucks my cock clean and turns doing the same to Kevin. When she is finished she grabs the bottle of lube and lathers my cock with it.

I slip my cock into her ass slowly until she is fully impaled. I wrap my arms around her and roll over onto my back. Kevin kneels between her legs and I feel his cock slip into Sophia's pussy and slide along the length of mine until we are both fully inside her. He smiles down at her and starts to stroke in and out.

Kevin starts fucking her hard and I start moving my cock in Sophia's ass. Sophia instantly starts cumming again. She bounces and shakes with a series of orgasms while Kevin continues to pound her pussy. I feel the pressure building in my balls and the imminent release. Then I feel Kevin tense. I feel his cock pulsate jets of cum into my sister's pussy and then I cum myself. My cock bounces and starts sending jets of cum into her ass.

When our bodies settle from the intense orgasms, Kevin slides out of her then Sophia off me. Instead of lying down, my sister slides her ass to my face. I don't need an invitation as I slide my face to her and start licking her pussy lips and clit. Her mouth is quickly on my cock. Her hands play with my balls and cock as she alternates sucking it deep and licking my shaft.

Suddenly, I feel a wet finger slide into my ass. A new sensation rolls through me and I begin fucking her mouth. It only takes a short time for my cock to explode. Sophia locks onto my cock and drinks down every drop I produce. When there is no more for her, she pulls off me and climbs back onto Kevin, straddling his hips facing me. She quickly impales herself on his cock.

Sophia leans back and rests on her arms and pumps herself up and down on Kevin's cock. Kevin's cock plunges in and out. I reach in and put my fingers on her clit and rub, adding to her pleasure. My sister has an insatiable appetite this morning. She grabs my other hand and puts it on her chest and I pinch and pull at her nipples. I watch her face as her pleasure builds. I lean in and kiss her, gently at first, but she quickly puts real passion into the kiss. The she is panting and can't hold the kiss any longer.

"Fill me up Kevin!" she yells.

I feel the rush of her juices between my fingers then Kevin's cock pulses. They buck and jerk together. When they are spent, Sophia lies back on Kevin's chest with her eyes closed. Kevin kisses her neck and ears. She just lies there smiling. I lean forward and kiss Sophia again.

"Clean me up," Sophia says to me.

I look down at her pussy filled with Kevin's cock. I slide down and lick her pussy lips and clit. I lick around Kevin's cock, sucking up their cum where it dribbled around his cock. When everything is clean I crawl back up and kiss my sister again.

"Thank you," she says smiling. "I think I could get used to this."

I crawl off the bed smiling at her and say, "I think a shower is in order."

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