tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 12

Two are Better than One Ch. 12


Miranda was finally back from her visit to her grandparents and my sister and I could not wait to have her again. I didn't know she was back until today when I got off of work and came home.

As I step through the door, the first thing I see is a pair of shoes that I quickly recognize as Miranda's. I smile to myself and quickly head for the bedroom. My sister Sophia and her best friend are kissing each other as I reach the doorway and it looks like they have just gotten started.

Miranda looks over at me and she see that I am watching them. She whispers something to Sophia who laughs then nods her head. Their arms wrap around each other as they kiss and the kiss is deep and passionate. They use their tongue to lick each other's lips before they slip their tongues into each other's mouths. Miranda breaks the kiss as her hands go down and she pulls Sophia's shirt up over her head.

Sophia looks at me and smiles as her hands go to the bottom of Miranda's shirt. I watch intently as Sophia pulls the shirt over Miranda's head. Sophia rubs her hands on Miranda's breasts and her nipples quickly go hard beneath my sister's touch. My cock is instantly stirred and presses hard against my jeans.

They wrap their arms around each other as they embrace again. Sophia bends down slightly so her breasts press against her friend's. They rub their breasts together as they kiss again. I cannot remove my eyes from them as they do. My cock is now hard and throbbing and I want both of them more than ever.

With their breasts still presses together, they slip their tongues into each other's mouths as they kiss. I see Sophia's hands go to the side of Miranda's shorts as Miranda places her hands onto the sides of my sister's. They turn cheek to cheek, looking at me as they both slowly pull each other's shorts down. They kick their shorts in my direction as I look down to see their lovely pussies. Miranda's is just how I remember it, with two meaty lips puffed out.

I watch as Miranda slips her small hand down between Sophia's legs. Sophia jumps a little and her head moves back as Miranda's hand caresses her pussy. Sophia places her hand down between Miranda's legs. I watch as Sophia's fingers slip between Miranda's pussy lips.

They stand there kissing while they caress each other's pussies. I stand here watching and rubbing my throbbing cock through my jeans. Miranda slips a finger then a second into Sophia's pussy. She starts to move her fingers in and out as they kiss. Sophia lets out a slight moan as she removes her hand from between Miranda's legs. She wraps her arms around Miranda's neck as she begins to rock on her fingers. She kisses Miranda madly as Miranda's fingers are running in and out of her pussy. Sophia rocks faster onto her fingers as she rubs her breasts against her friend's.

Sophia moans as I see her thighs start to quiver. I can clearly see she is having an orgasm as she clamps her thighs tightly on Miranda's hand. Miranda breaks their kiss as she removes her fingers from my sister's pussy. Sophia's wetness glistens on Miranda's fingers as they hit the light. She then brings her fingers up to her mouth where she uses her tongue to lick at them as she looks at me.

They look at each other and then over at me before slowly walking over to me. I stare from one set of breasts to the other as they bounce toward me. They take hold of my shirt and lift it over my head, tossing it to the ground. Sophia starts to kiss me on my lips as Miranda rubs her hands across my chest. She traces her fingers around my nipples.

"The whole time I was at my grandparent's I couldn't wait to get back here and fuck you both," she says just before she leans in and runs her tongue over both my nipples.

Sophia pulls my jeans down, letting them fall to the ground and my hard cock springs free. Almost instantly, I feel their hands on my cock. We stand here kissing as they pull at my cock. The girls kiss take turns kissing me and each other while my cock twitches violently in their hands.

"Lie on the bed Justin," Sophia tells me after a sensual, wet and long kiss.

I lie move over to my bed, which has become Sophia's as well. Miranda drops to her knees and her hand slips to my cock. She immediately starts running her hand up and down on it. I look back over o Sophia and my eyes follow her as she drops to her knees beside her friend.

Miranda takes my cock into her mouth and she is sucking hard at just my cockhead. Before I can recover from the initial shock, Sophia has her lips on mine, kissing me deeply and passionately as Miranda starts to work her mouth up and down my cock.

Sophia breaks the kiss as she looks to Miranda. She watches her friend as she sucks on my cock and I can tell she is enjoying the view. I reach for her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers I feel Miranda's tongue lapping at my cockhead as she moans between licks. Sophia goes down to join Miranda and I squirm as the girls run their tongues together over my cock.

Miranda runs her hand up and down the full length of my cock as my sister cups my balls. Miranda's mouth slips down onto my cock as Sophia rubs my balls gently. Miranda works her head up and down the full length of my cock and I feel my balls heave and roll in my sister's hands. I can't fight the sudden surge in my balls. My cock twitches a few times and I feel it throb deep in Miranda's mouth. A second later I am shooting cum deep into her mouth.

Several thick ropes of cum shoots into her mouth and her eyes go big as she pulls her mouth from my cock. She has cum running out of her mouth and dripping from her chin. She uses her hand to milk my cock as my sister moves to her, kissing and licking cum from her mouth. I have to push Miranda's hand from my cock as they kiss deeply.

They kiss deeply for a while as I watch them working their tongues into each other's mouths. The deep kiss turns to little kisses at each other's lips before they both turn to look at me. Sophia moves up to me and kisses me deeply, shoving her tongue into my mouth and I taste my own cum as we kiss deeply.

She breaks the kiss and looks at me, "That is only a preview of what you get tonight. Miranda has to check in before she can come back over."

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