tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 21

Two are Better than One Ch. 21


Two are Better than One: Se7en Years Later

I feel a hand on my cock, which startles me awake. I don't open my eyes right away as my mind slowly comes around to full alertness. Next, I feel a tongue licking my cock, followed by a mouth sucking on it. Just as I do open my eyes, it is in time to see a pussy being planted on my face.

I stick my tongue up as far as I can and I lick and suck in a clit every time it gets close. A mouth covers my balls as pressure builds in my balls and when I can't stand it anymore, cum erupts from my cock as the mouth on it pushes all the way down on it. I can feel her milking my cock for all its worth. I moan into the pussy on my face as it orgasms and flood my mouth with juices. The pussy on my face rises up and I see that it is my sister, Sophia. Miranda has my cock down her throat and our cousin, Kayla, has a mouthful of my balls.

Miranda pulls her mouth from my cock with a pop and says, "Good morning."

I look over at the alarm clock and see that it is morning indeed. Three in the morning.

Kayla lets my balls fall from her mouth and says, "You were supposed to same me some."

"Maybe next time," Miranda says with a devious grin.

Sophia leans down and gives me a long lingering kiss on the lips. When she breaks the kiss, she moves down to kiss and lick my nipples. As she does, her breasts move over my mouth and I grab them. I begin rubbing them and pinching her nipples until they are nice and hard. I raise my head and suck one into my mouth and feel her shudder. When I switch to the other and give it a nibble, she moans softly. This continues for several minutes until she moves so she can run her tongue across my cockhead.

I am now looking at her wet slit and puckered asshole and it is a wonderful sight to behold. Suddenly, she places her mouth on my cock and swallows it all the way down. I grab both her ass cheeks and bury my tongue in her slit. I bite gently on her clit and she pulls off of my cock, takes a deep breath and plunges my cock back down her throat. I bite down again and I feel her throat pulse as she tries to scream around my cock as her orgasm floods my mouth and face with her delicious juices.

She pulls her mouth off my cock and lays her lead on my leg and places a hand on my hard cock. I stop nibbling on her clit and lick my way through her pussy lips to the bottom of her slit. She is still giving little shudders and moans as I do. As she softly strokes my cock, I circle her tight little asshole with my tongue. I hear her softly moan and I push my tongue into her opening and fell it pulse. She pushes her ass back against my tongue just as her juices once again flood out.

As my sister rolls off of me, Kayla gives my cock a squeeze and moves up to start kissing my face and licking off Sophia's juices. After a minute, she gives my cock a couple more strokes before bending down to suck my cock into her mouth. Her moist mouth feels incredibly warm wrapped around my cock. Just as I am really enjoying the feel of her throat and mouth on me, she pulls her mouth off of my cock and lies back on the bed.

She pulls me down onto her and whispers, "My turn."

I rise up and look at her smiling face. I place my lips on hers and kiss gently. She grabs my head in her hands and I feel her tongue invade my mouth. As she swirls it around, I push my tongue into her mouth and she starts sucking on it like she had my cock. After a few minutes of her having my tongue, I pull away and begin kissing her ear lobes and neck. I feel her hot breath beneath me as I move down and place my lips on her nipple. I squeeze her breast gently as I roll the nipple between my teeth and she pulls me closer to her breast. I switch to the other and she moans softly.

I kiss my way from her breasts to her pussy lit. On my knees on the floor, I spread her legs open and gaze at her pussy. Her full lips glisten with her juices. Her clit is just barely peeking out, looking inviting. I lean in and run my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and swallow the sweet juices I collect. I quickly suck her clit between my lips. She bucks her hips up and I release her clit from my lips when I hear a gasp.

I have almost forgotten about my sister and Miranda kneeling side by side on the other side of the bed staring intently at Kayla and me. Miranda has her hand on Sophia's breast, squeezing it gently while my sister has her hand between her legs, rubbing furiously, which is probably where the gasp came from.

I spread Kayla's lips with my fingers and lower my mouth back to her pussy. I take each of her lips in my mouth and suck and nibble as she grabs my head and pulls me to her as her pussy gushes. So much comes out that I cannot keep up and the juices flow down my chin and her ass. She is holding so tight, I almost can't breathe. I move back to her clit, rolling it between my teeth.

She starts yelling, "Enough, fuck me already!"

She pushes my head away and as I stand up from her wonderful pussy, I raise her legs up. She grabs them and places them behind her shoulders. She then uses her fingers to spread her lips apart. I immediately grab her hips and pull her to the edge of the bed. I take my cock in my hand and rub my cockhead up and down her slit, teasing her. She moans and I place my cock at her entrance and stop. I look over at Sophia and Miranda; both are breathing hard and licking their lips. Sophia looks up at me and smiles.

Just then, Kayla says, "Quit teasing me and fuck me."

I look into her eyes and smile before driving my cock into her. I hold my cock as deep as it can go inside her pussy and she arches her back, letting out a light scream. Her pussy is wet and warm and so fucking tight. After several rapid breaths, she relaxes. I begin slowly withdrawing my cock and just as it is about to come out, I ram it back in. Kayla arches her back and tenses up. Just as she start to relax, I drive it back in again. I continue until she is covered with a sheen of sweat and her arms and legs shake. My cock feels like it is going to blow at any second and she can clearly tell.

"Fill me with your cum," she says smiling and breathing hard.

I pull my cock out until only my cockhead is in her and begin pounding it in hard and fast. She throws her head back and after a few strokes, my cum spews into her pussy, mixing with her juices and leaking back out around my cock. When I pull out, it runs down my cock to my balls and down her ass crack.

I drop onto the bed and immediately Sophia is between Kayla's legs and Miranda between mine. Both instantly go to work on cleaning us up. When it is all done, the three cuddle up with me and fall quickly back to sleep.

As I lie here, like many nights before now, I think about my life and how good it is. Riley and Kevin got married shortly after his erotic store franchise got big. Now they travel around to each city, checking on their stores, that is when they aren't traveling the world. Of course they visit when passing through town. They say they'll settle down one day and have kids, but I don't think it will happen anytime too soon.

Me on the other hand, I have the three most wonderful women on the world. Sophia has given me two children and Miranda and Kayla, one each. Even though we aren't married, they all call me their husband and of course I refer to them as my wives. If I could, I'd marry all three of them. Wouldn't that be nice?

Kevin also gave me his store in town, letting me run it any way I want. The girls all work for me and there is never a dull moment in our lives. As for me, my life can't be more complete than it is now.

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