tagGroup SexTwo At The Office

Two At The Office


"Not here," you say, backing away from my advance. "We can't."

You are wearing a dark blue sweat suit and I've got the jacket's zipper in my hand – I try again to pull it down. You gently pull my hand away and continue to drift backwards.

"Not here, my boss will be here soon. I just got this job."

"Who works on Saturday?" I ask pleadingly, "C'mon, you're driving me out of my mind."

You bump into the low wall of your cubicle – it is desk height and you almost fall over it into the adjacent cube. I've got you pinned. I press myself into you and reach again for that elusive zipper.

Our mouths meet and we kiss deeply and passionately. I feel you weaken and slowly pull the zipper toward your waist. You are wearing a magnificent lace bra with a front clasp – I fumble a bit, but soon get it unsnapped.

Your wonderful breasts spill out into my waiting hands. You moan softly into my mouth as I pinch your nipples and squeeze your tits.

I do this a bit more then abruptly stop and yank your pants to the floor. The dark material is tangled around your ankles and your v-cut panties promptly join them.

"Not here," you whisper feebly, "I mean, yes, no, oh my God."

My mouth is on your chest – pulling your breasts in deeply; swirling your nipples with my tongue. You lean heavily on the flimsy wall, your ankles still knotted in your pants and panties.

My tongue slides southward across your belly, through your bush and, finally, into your dampening crease. I flick into it madly, my lapping noises make your knees buckle. I turn you around – you almost trip but catch yourself on the cube wall. You rest your elbows on it as my tongue plunges into you from behind.

"No," you beg again, "We shouldn't ... let's go ... to my place... yes ... oh ... to the car ... no."

"I can't wait," I tell you again, "I want you."

I stand and tear open my pants. With one rough tug my pants and shorts are at my knees. My hard-on bounces into view and I press it against your bare ass. Leaning on you, I reach under and cup your hanging breasts. You moan, defeated.

"I want you now," I insist, smoothly pushing my rigid cock into your wet puss. Still holding your tits, I plunge into you again and again. You hold onto the low wall for support and press back into me – forcing me deeper.

Faster. Faster. Pulling at your chest. My balls slapping into you. You lower your head and peer down at your heaving chest – my hands clamp onto your firm nipples.

Your pussy tightens on my dick. Your legs tremble. You lift your head ...

"Shit!" a deep voice blurts from behind us, "Damn, I'm sorry, I ... uh ... shit."

With my cock still deep inside you, I look over my shoulder – you do the same.

"B-Bruce?" you say embarrassedly, "I, uh, ..."

It's Bruce, your office mate – you're actually leaning into his cube.

"Hey, uh, no worries," he says glibly, "I, uh, just gotta get something from my desk ..."

We're both too stunned to move, although my penis is throbbing to the beat of my racing heart inside you. Your tremor builds uncontrollably.

"Oh God," you hiss, as Bruce stands spellbound.

You cum in a wicked explosion. Your lips pull at my cock, drenching it at the same time. My eyes close tightly as I try to fight it off, but I can't – I explode into you with a deep, throaty moan.

"Holy shit," says Bruce, "I knew you were hot the day Mr. Riley hired you – but DAMN."

He darts into his cube, retrieves something from his desk – inches from you - and starts to retreat. His eyes, however, never leave your swaying, sweat-beaded chest.

"Bruce," you ask softly, "You, uh, aren't going to tell anybody about ..."

"No, I wouldn't," he starts then stops when he notices you staring at the bulge in his pants.

I sense the charge in the air and press myself further into you – my hardness returning.

Bruce feels it, too, and stands steadily in front of you.

"Or maybe you'll have to convince me not to," he grins.

"Oh?" you ask innocently, "What did you have in mind?"

Bruce slowly, a little unsurely, unbuttons his pants. He lowers them. His cock is rock hard and poking determinedly out of his trim briefs. It is the biggest dick you have ever seen in flesh – so to speak. Much bigger than mine. Your breath catches momentarily – he grins and steps forward.

With his hand around the base of his cock, Bruce rubs it across both your cheeks and chin. I start pushing into you again, slowly at first but with steadily increasing passion.

Bruce guides his manhood to your lips and with little effort, slips it into your warm mouth. You inhale his scent.

Not to be outdone, I pull from you and refocus on your backdoor – teasing and wetting it with my finger before inching my sticky dick into you. You groan with your mouth very full.

With my hands on your hips and ass, I pound into you – more excited than I expected to be. At the same time, to almost the same beat, Bruce jabs his cock in and out of your mouth. His hands find your dancing breasts and softly tugs at them.

You get louder and louder as you feel the eruption building inside you – three eruptions to be precise. We all cum at about the same time – you feel my hot spurt in your tight ass as your pussy releases for the second time. Bruce's load fills your mouth and seeps out the corners, his hands dig into your beautiful hair.

With an audible slurp he pulls his dick from between your lips. I pull out of your butt as he leaps over the wall. Together we clear your desk, wildly pushing papers and miscellaneous stuff aside and onto the floor.

Taking your shoulders, Bruce pushes you onto your back – your jacket falls open revealing your breasts, pale beneath the florescent lights. This time it's Bruce between your thighs.

He lifts your legs, placing your ankles on his shoulders. Again taking his huge cock in his own hand, he spanks your pussy and clit with it. You moan loudly.

With my still hard cock hanging near your face, I lean over and caress your tits – pushing and pulling at them lovingly. Your tongue finds my soft balls and gently sucks at them. My knees go weak.

Bruce's do not; his dick finds your dripping slit and dives in. It fills you. You groan. Again and again he pounds into you, causing your tits to rock beneath my palms. With your legs on his chest, your butt lifts off the desk with each shove. Your hands find my ass and pull me into your mouth.

"I've been admiring you all week," he grunts, "You are .... so sexy. I couldn't believe my luck."

He grabs your legs, pulling them to his chest – to maintain his balance, he is pushing so hard.

"And now this," he continues, "Now ..... this!"

He explodes again, tossing his head toward the ceiling and moaning loudly.

You match him – cumming for the third time, incredible wet sounds coming from between your legs.

I cum again, too – this time in your mouth. I've cum inside you, three times, in three places, in less than an hour – wow.

You ease yourself off your desk into your soft chair, your pussy is throbbing and your pulse is racing. We are standing beside you. You casually take our spent pricks in your hands and raise them to your mouth. You kiss them, separately at first, then both at the same time.

As your tongue laps across our sticky heads, we hear a noise and we all look up at the same time.

"What the hell?" says the man at the door.

"Mr. Riley!" both you and Bruce exclaim.

...... can you handle three????

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