tagGroup SexTwo Boys and Two Girls

Two Boys and Two Girls


I'd walked down this street and seen the sign for the Turkish Bathhouse before and often wondered what it would be like, I knew that no females were allowed in and assumed it to be full of fat sweaty loud old local men. Today my wife was out shopping with a girlfriend from another town and was making a night of it so I had plenty of time to kill and thought I'd give it a go.

When I walked through the entrance I was pleasantly surprised at the peace and quiet, just some quiet local music coming from a small radio, all the hustle and bustle of the city just disappeared and I began to see the appeal of the place – I'd always enjoyed saunas and steam rooms in hotel spas and I'd seen on the way in that a massage cost next to nothing. I gave the guy on the desk my money and in return I got a towel, what looked like a small sheet about the size of a pillow case and a locker key.

I went through the door to the changing area not really knowing what to do next! Luckily there was local looking man in there and I took my lead from him, as he stripped off his clothes, slung the towel over his shoulder and wrapping the cotton sheet around his waist, the two edges barely meeting at his side, wandered off down a narrow corridor.

Alone now I followed suit and as I stood naked apart from the cotton sheet I appreciated the cool escape from the city's heat before venturing off in the same direction.

As I walked down a corridor made from old stone, (the baths were allegedly original!) I realized that the only light was from narrow holes high up in the walls giving a cool, dark atmosphere. I came to a larger area with water pouring out of holes in the walls into simple guttering and flowing away, again the guy before me was there showering so again I followed suit, facing away from him partly out of courtesy, and partly because I like to keep my pubic hair very short and trim and from my balls round past my asshole completely smooth, and I was a little embarrassed in this potentially macho place in case it wasn't the done thing here!

As I showered I could feel his eyes on me and as I turned round to pick my towel off the stone ledge, he caught my eye but just smiled politely. I started to dry off but it seemed pointless in all the steam, so I wrapped the small sheet round my waist again and carried on through the archway ahead of me.

The archway opened up into another, larger but just as steamy area with a few simple wooden benches against the stone walls, on which were sat half a dozen men of varying shapes and sizes, mostly locals but at least one European, a tall, slim and fit, fair haired guy of about my mid 30s age. I sat on a bench to get my bearings and leant back against the cool stone walls to relax myself. Around the room there were three large but very basic wooden doors that looked as original as the building, leading off to what I guessed were the baths and steam rooms and in one corner sat a modern sauna unit – at least I knew what to do there!

The locals seemed to all know each other and chatted quietly but with the other European at least I wasn't alone in my silence. After a few minutes I got the hang of the place, guys would come and go from the rooms with their towels and sheets and the same with the sauna apart from hanging their towels on hooks by the door. I got up and went to open one of the doors which turned out to be locked – strange as I knew it was in use as I'd seen people come and go. Perhaps it was the massage room. I tried another door that opened freely and entered into a smaller room with more water coming from holes in the wall, this time lower and into stone tubs sat in front of stone seats. Two other older local looking men were sat naked on the seats scooping steamy water out of the tubs and washing themselves down. I left my towel on the only ledge and feeling quite self conscious, un-wrapped the sheet and put it with the towel. As I walked naked past the others and sat at the only available tub I saw them both look up at me. I found myself thinking that at least the warmth of the day and the steamy atmosphere meant that my cock was a decent size and my balls were hanging quite heavy and low so that, shaved or not I knew I looked ok.

Pouring the hot water over myself relaxed me and I soon felt ok washing myself whilst sat naked in a room with other naked men, something I'd not done since school. What surprised me was something else I'd also not done since school – as one by one the others got up to leave, I found myself discreetly looking at them as they walked past. Even more surprising was I was actually enjoyed seeing what I saw. One guy had quite a small fat cock but huge hanging balls and the other smaller balls but a longer, thinner cock, both were circumcised as I guess was the local custom.

Alone now I could still see the two cocks in my mind and as I felt my own cock start to twitch I pushed the thought from my mind – I needed to cool off! I went back to the open area, sat down on a damp bench, closed my eyes and again relaxed against the cool stonework of the walls.

I opened my eyes and, call me paranoid but I was sure one of the men from my bath room was talking to two others about me, if not they were certainly looking at me as they talked.

Minutes later the western guy I'd seen earlier came out of the sauna and sat on the bench by me, the men's topic of conversation thankfully turning now to him. By now the wet through sheet was clinging to his skin and failing to hide the shape of his obviously large cock. As I looked over at the other bench where the older locals were sat I realized as the sheets were so small and short I could see the cocks and balls of all three of them, one even had his foot up on the bench and was fully on display. Now I knew why they were staring – they could see me and now the fair haired guy as well, and if he was like me, we were the only two "uncut" guys in here.

"I guess we stand out here" said my new stage partner. "Are you also on holiday?"

"Me, no I live over here, your first time?" I said.

"Yes, I guess you're used to all this attention here"

As we chatted I found out that he was from Germany and was staying with an old ex girlfriend, Tanya who also worked near by.

"How did you find the baths?" I asked

His reply shocked me, "I've always been bi-curious but afraid to take it any further, and as Tanya knew about it from our past time together, she told me that if I was ever going to find out, this would be the place!"

He continued, "She told me that as it is against the religion here to be gay, a lot of otherwise happily married men come here to hopefully meet other similar men for discreet sex, it is as clean and safe as anywhere could be to try it out"

I was amazed; no wonder they were eyeing us up! Suddenly I had butterflies in my stomach, at the thought of all these men looking at me thinking I was here for sex! Like most guys I guess, I had enjoyed the occasional bisexual fantasy, but I never thought I was more interested than just the fantasy. The German guy Stephan, must have thought I was here for the same thing.

I actually found myself getting turned on by the thought of what went on here, and to keep from showing it, I excused myself and headed for the sauna.

There was only one other, again older guy in there who sat naked on his sheet, as I sat on the wooden bench I realized why, fuck it was hot!

The guy laughed which broke the ice and started talking to me in broken English. Here we were, both stark naked, neither knowing what the other wanted and no pressure to find out.

I can't remember ever feeling more relaxed, so when I asked him about the massage room and he told me the masseur wasn't here today but he would be happy to oblige, I found myself agreeing without hesitation.

He got up, covered himself and left the sauna as I followed into the now empty open area.

"We go in here" he said, opening a door to one of the other rooms. Inside was a large stone slab and taking my towel to put on it, he motioned me to lie face down. As I did so he took off his sheet, indicating for me to do the same. It seemed the most natural thing to do so I did as he asked.

Although the slab was cold, he was soon pouring hot soapy water over my back and shoulders which felt tremendous. He stood to one side and started working on my back as I let out a small moan of appreciation. After a few minutes he walked round to the other side and did the same treatment to my other side. "You like, yes?"

"Mmm yes I do, very much" I murmured

He moved round to my head end of the slab and started working on my neck and head and after a while asked me to switch my head to the other side. As I did so I noticed that not only was his cock just inches from my head, it was now erect and much larger than it had looked in the sauna.

Now I was nervous!!!

I was flattered that the guy was turned on by me but I wasn't sure how far I actually wanted to go, after all, only an hour ago I was innocently going for a sauna and steam bath, yet here I was naked being massaged by a man as much as 20 years older than me – also naked.

I couldn't help the stirrings in my groin though and was glad that I was lying face down as my own cock was starting to harden!

I ignored the tension and closed my eyes enjoying the massage, hoping my cock would get the hint. After a few more minutes he went round to the bottom of the stone slab and started working his magic on my feet and calves, eventually moving up to my knees and lower thighs. As he could reach no further up my legs, I felt him climb onto the slab and kneel between my lower legs forcing my legs apart as he made room. As his hands massaged up the length of my thighs and onto my buttocks I knew that he had a full view of my shaved balls and ass. However the pleasure of having my buttocks massaged took away any concerns I might have had even though as he kneaded and squeezed my cheeks I could almost feel him looking directly at my asshole as he occasionally ran a hand down my crack to my balls.

Although I had often fingered my ass and used toys while I wanked, I wasn't ready for anything more. Whether or not he sensed this I don't know but he didn't push it, instead he reached forward to rub my back and shoulders, sitting on the tops of my thighs as he did so. I could feel his balls resting between my butt cheeks and the length of his cock nestling along my crack which was actually an incredible feeling for me and as I'd done the same thing to my wife plenty of times, I allowed us both to enjoy the moment.

Suddenly he moaned, and gripping my shoulders harder as his breathing quickened, I felt the warm squirts of his cum shoot up my back, the last few less powerful pumps ending up at the top of my ass crack.

He laid there for a few seconds and then got up quickly, almost embarrassed and washed my back down with warm soapy water, before thanking me and leaving the room.

I turned over and sat up thinking about what had just happened – I had always wondered how I would react if anyone ever came on to me, now I knew! I looked down at my still semi erect cock and saw how wet the head was with pre-cum, as I pulled the foreskin back with one hand I caught the dribble I knew would follow with my other and put it to my mouth. It was a taste I had always enjoyed and I often fingered the spot just inside my ass just to get the juices flowing.

By now any misgivings I'd had about enjoying another man completely disappeared, although it wasn't the older guys in here I wanted to try it with – it was Stephan! I was feeling soo horny now I could have barely touched myself and I'd have cum, but I didn't want that, I wanted to savour the feeling.

I left the room and holding the sheet round my waist but not making much attempt to hide my softening but still jutting out cock, sat back down on one of the empty benches. Empty because not only did I enjoy looking across at the array of cocks almost on show, but more importantly, Stephan wasn't in the room and I wanted to leave some space hoping we'd get chatting again.

After a while when he didn't appear I wondered if he'd left, or worse, left with someone else, so I got up and headed for the sauna again. This time it was empty so I lay on a middle bench and closed my eyes remembering my earlier experience. The thoughts going through my head turned to fantasy and I imagined that it was Stephan that had given me the massage, instead of the older, overweight body, it was a smooth firm body, almost feminine in his lack of body hair. In my mind I replayed the part of turning my head to see the erect cock in front of my face only this time I didn't ignore it, I reached out and felt the weight of his heavy balls and the smooth, long length of his cock. I reached behind and grasping his firm buttocks to pull him nearer I touched the tip of his cock with my tongue, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum.

He stopped massaging and held my head steady as if I was going to pull away – I wasn't! I drew him nearer and opened my mouth to accept his cock, first licking then sucking his engorged head as I tried to take it deeper. He moaned and as I cupped his heavy balls with one hand, squeezing gently and stroking the area between his balls and his asshole. He leant over me and reached down to my ass and started stoking between my cheeks, using his finger to rub around my tight opening. He knew what to do and soon I was moaning as much as he was as I pushed against his pressure to let his finger slide in to my ass. I raised my ass off the slab to let his finger reach the spot and was soon on all fours sucking his cock just the way I liked it done to me while he leant across my back and fingered my ass.

I could feel my cock pulsing and I knew that even without being touched, the whole atmosphere was so charged with sexual energy that I was about to cum. My fingers holding his balls were wet with all the wetness and steam from the room and I teased one around the entrance to his ass, he relaxed and my finger slid in easily. I used the finger to rub against the inner wall of his ass on his prostate and sure enough, that was all that was needed as he let out a loud moan and his cock flinched in my mouth as spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum pumped into me. The feeling of my mouth filling with hot spunk and the sudden rapid finger fucking in my ass made me add to the moaning as I squirted a stream of cum that was so powerful I actually saw it land on his leg below my face. Neither of us seemed to be able to stop cumming, I felt like I was urinating on to my sheet below me there was so much and his cum spilled out of my mouth as my inexperience failed to hold it all.

The creek of the door woke me from my daydreaming and I opened my eyes to see Stephan walk into the sauna.

"I'm not disturbing you?" he said as he sat sideways on the bench at the bottom of my feet. I realized what he meant as I followed his eyes to the hand I had round my quite sizeable erection.

"Not at all" I replied not bothering to hide my self, "I was just daydreaming"

"It must have been a good dream!"

If only you knew I thought to myself as I nodded my head in agreement.

I sat up and leant against the wall so he could have more room and he did the same so we were sat facing each other, knees up and feet flat on the bench due to the small space.

The light was dim and I couldn't see his eyes very well so I knew he couldn't see me staring between his legs at his impressive cock which, even lying across his balls, still just reached the bench, with what looked like just a small tuft of hair around its base. My own cock was still as hard as it had ever been and I guess he must have liked what he saw because his cock was quickly hardening as I watched.

"It must be hard for you here, coming from England where anything is acceptable to living like this"

"Actually," I replied, "this is my first time here, I had no idea what this place was, I thought it was just a bath house"

"So you're not gay then, I'm sorry, I thought..."

"Actually I'm like you, I'm married but have bisexual fantasies but have never gone any further – until today!"

I told him what had happened in the massage room as he listened intently, then I commented, pointing at his now fully hard and beautifully large cock;

"Surely you can't have trouble finding someone to help you discover your self"

"Thank you" he said as he told me that he'd also had a massage and had been offered more but declined.

"These men are not really my type"

"What is your type" I asked, my head almost spinning with anticipation. Even though I already knew the answer, I wanted to hear it from him.

"You!" he said simply

"The fact that you're married and as inexperienced as me makes you all the more sexually attractive."

Our privacy was interrupted as two locals entered the sauna and sat on the bench below us chatting in their language.

"Not here though!" I remarked and motioned to the door, "Let's go get a drink?"

"Yes, then I'll take you to meet Tanya!"

We left and picked up out towels and headed for the showers and the changing area. As we dressed I could see that he also shaved his balls meaning the only hair on his body was a short tidy patch at the base of his cock.

He was also looking at me and said, "I see we have the same taste in hairstyles!"

I laughed as I dressed and thought about what the night may have in store......


Part 2: Tanya and Ellen

Leaving the bath house, we strolled up the street and into the main city centre and found a suitable hotel that I knew would serve alcohol. As we sat at the bar chatting like old mates, Stephan's phone rang. He looked at me and grinned mouthing "it's Tanya"! As he talked into the phone I found it hard not to listen to the one sided conversation – I gathered that she was asking him about his afternoon at the bath house and without attracting too much attention to himself from others in the bar, he told her about the massage, the locals and lastly me! They chatted on a bit longer and he closed his phone and said, "She's going to pop in here for a drink on her way home from work"

I suddenly needed another drink, for some reason I felt more embarrassed to meet her here away from the all male and erotic environment of the bath house.

As we had another beer Stephan told me about their relationship they had – although they weren't a couple now, they had been and had apparently enjoyed a fantastic and varied sex life, the more Stephan quietly told me about her interest in his bisexual curiosity and their fantasies of sharing another guy, the more turned on I became. The fact that they still messed around when they met up, (and no doubt the beer) made me feel a whole lot better so when we heard "Hi gorgeous" from behind me, I excitedly turned around, looking forward to meeting his "old flame"!

As we were introduced and exchanged pleasantries I could feel Tanya looking at me with a kind of fascinated curiosity – we both knew what she knew about me and yet we'd never met. I must say the atmosphere was highly charged.

Stephan ordered her a wine and as I showed her to a booth style table and sat opposite her I took in her figure. Although she wasn't particularly tall, Tanya had long legs as shapely as any I'd seen. She sat with her legs crossed under her neat suit skirt and I tried not to stare too much as we chatted. She took off her jacket and I could see she was certainly slim, not too chesty but it looked like she kept herself fit so I imagined her tits to be firm. As I let my imagination run I decided that her short blonde hair would mean a light and hopefully trimmed pussy.

Stephan came over with a new round of drinks and sat at the end of the table effectively closing us off to the world and the talk turned to how they met. After going through the usual chit chat Tanya looked at me and said "so, how'd you and Stephan meet?"

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