tagGay MaleTwo Business Partners

Two Business Partners


(This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to living persons is purely unintentional and coincidental. This story is my property and may not be reproduced or republished without my express permission. All characters and titles are fictitious. There is some truth and some of my fantasy in it.)

PRELUDE: My encounter begins as a 18 year old teen. As with all young persons, sex is the foremost topic of all in their late teens and early twenties. I was no exception. I was visiting my 19 year old cousin when I had my first bi-sexual experience. We were looking at girlie magazines and it did not take very long for us to start getting a reaction from our cocks. Both of us were getting uncomfortable because of our hard-ons. My cousin suggested that we take our pants off so that we have some comfort and I agreed. Both of us took our pants off and my cousin took his shorts off and asked me if I wanted to take mine off. I agreed. Here we are - two men standing exposed from the waist down. He was hung a little bit larger than I was and I kept on looking at his hard cock. He noticed me looking and asked if I wanted to touch it. I said OK and reached over to touch it and did it feel good. He was a good 7 inches long and about 1 1/4 inch in diameter and very hard. I stroked him a little as he stroked my smaller but thick 6 inch cock. Both of us were leaking some pre-cum and we wiped each other off with our fingers. Then he asked me if I wanted to put his cock in my mouth and see what it feels like. I said the only way I was going to do that was if he did the same. He said OK and that we should 69 each other. I had his cock right in front of my face and saw a droplet of his pre-cum. I stuck my tongue out and tasted it and the taste was not bad. He did the same to my cock and then took the entire cock into his mouth and that really felt good. So I did the same. I took his crown and put my lips around it and as I did that, his cock jerked and he said that felt good. I wasn't sure whether I could take his cock all the way into my mouth but I tried it anyway. When I did swallow his cock, his cock jerked a few times and he said he was going to cum. I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked him to completion. He blew his load on my face and I got a little taste of his juice. This was my first and only experience until I got into my 50s. Then I would have re-occurring thoughts of my experience back then and wanted to experience that again.

Two Business Partners

This is a story of an encounter I had with my friend Bill. I am a white male, named Fred, and I am 6ft, 3in tall, average build and weight. Bill, who is a black male, is 6tft 2in tall, also average build and weight. Both of us are in our late 50s and have been friends for many years.

In 2005, Bill and I decided to go into business for ourselves instead of working for someone else. We decided to go into the manufacturing of small buildings and since the labor costs were so high here in the states, we decided to go to Mexico to find a manufacturing plant we could use to make our product. Since we lived in the mid-west, it took us 3 days to drive to Mexico. We took turns driving and drove most of the day. To pass away the time, we talked of our military days, places where we were stationed and our job specialties in the military. And eventually we got around to talking about our sexual escapades and the women we had sex with. In the evening, we checked into the motel. Both of us took turns showering before retiring to bed. Bill was in good physical shape and I spotted his good looking cock when he stepped out of the bathroom. I don't know why but I was attracted to his black cock as it hung there majestically. That night, I was thinking how nice it would be to see his cock up close and touch it as I drifted off to sleep.

We arrived in Mexico and found a motel in the town where we were going to inspect the manufacturing facility. We checked in, and got our room with two queen size beds and a table with two chairs.

"Let's go and check out the factory since we still have daylight", Bill said.

"OK, I'll get the address and the map and let's go. Then we should stop and get something to eat." I said. We had located a couple of manufacturing factories suitable for our product.

We drove to the factory. It was out of town so we had some difficulty in finding it since neither one of us spoke Spanish. We met with the owner, who spoke some passable English, and toured the factory. Most of his employees were women and fine looking ones at that. My cock was starting to stir and I looked over at Bill and his was outlining his pants slightly. I really liked what I saw in his pants and started to fantasize about it again. I was hoping I would get an opportunity to see it again. My biggest fear was that Bill would not like that, but I was willing to take the chance. I had to see his black cock and to touch it and see how big it was. We left the factory and were going to get something to eat. Driving out here, we had spied a chicken place and decided to stop there. Before we ordered, both of us went to the rest room to pee. We were in adjacent urinals and no divider between us. As I was peeing, I looked over and saw the object of my desires. He was holding about 4 inches of his cock outside his pants. There had to be at least 2 inches inside his pants. That would make his cock at least 6 inches long in a relaxed state. Wow! I started to wonder what it would look like hard. As I thought this, Bill caught me looking at his cock as he was shaking it off, smiled and didn't say a word as we left the rest room. We ordered our chicken meal and sat down to eat.

"Man, I really had to take a piss", Bill remarked, "Should have done that at the factory".

"Yea, I needed to go too", I replied.

"You must have been really full as I was. When I looked over at you, you were going like a fire hose putting out a fire.", Bill said.

I didn't even realize that Bill was checking me out as I was looking at his package. Then I got to thinking that maybe I could turn this into my advantage.

"I saw you putting out your fire and it looked like you had plenty of hose.", I said.

He replied, "There's plenty there - enough for what I need and no complaints from the ladies".

My cock was only 6 inches and thick when fully erect. Now I was wondering how Bill's cock looked when he had a hard-on. I figured it to be at least 7 inches and maybe more. I wanted to see and feel it in my hands and maybe kiss the head and get it into my mouth. We finished our meal, talking to pass away the time as we ate. I asked Bill if he has ever eaten out a pussy and he said "No, I didn't want to go where another man fucked that hole". He asked me if I had eaten pussy and I told him I did, even tasted my own man juice after I fucked her. I know where my thoughts were - I don't know what Bill was thinking - I wish I did. After eating, we drove back to the motel and since the motel had a small pool, we decided to go for a swim. Both of us changed by our respective beds and I had a glimpse of Bill's magnificent black cock as it hung down in front of him. His cock had to be at least 7 1/2 inches long when not hard. His balls hung down like to globes suspended from the bottom of his cock. Bill caught me looking at him and again he smiled. I wish I knew what that smile meant or what he was thinking. We got our swimming trunks on and went for a dip. Afterwards, we came back to the room and I told Bill I was going to take a shower. While washing off the chlorine, again I thought of how to get at Bill's wonderful black cock. I decided to walk out nude from the bathroom and see where it went. As I walked over to my bed, I spied Bill looking at me. He said he was going to take his shower now. After his shower, he came out naked and I watched him go by his bedside. He was facing me as he was toweling off.

"Do you like what you see?" Bill asked.

"Yes I do. I have never seen a black cock up close", I replied.

"Would you like to? You're seeing one now. Would you like to see it closer?, he asked.

"Yes I would", I replied.

" He came around the bed and stood in front of me. I looked at his wonderful black cock and was amazed as to the size of it. I wanted to touch it but I was afraid he would take it the wrong way. Showing is one thing - being handled by another man is another thing. He must of have sensed my apprehension.

"Do you want to touch it", he asked.

"Yes, I would like to touch it. I did not know how you would react to me touching your cock.", I replied, even as I was starting to get a hard on.

"Go ahead - you can do whatever you want. Hell, you might even enjoy it", he replied.

After Bill said that, I reached for his cock and touched it. It sprang to life a little as I wrapped my fingers around it. His cock felt soft to the touch just like mine. He was circumcised. As my fingers wrapped around his cock, he started to grow and get hard. I started to stroke him as he was getting hard and he grew even more. He was about 9 inches in length and fat - maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I never expected this and I was very happy to feel my first black cock.

"How do like it so far?" he asked.

"I'm loving it. It's a beautiful cock you have", I answered, "It's so long and so thick".

"There is some clear man juice coming out of my cock. Would you like to taste it?, he asked.

I stuck my tongue out and got a little of his pre-cum on the tip of my tongue. Not much of a taste so I went back for more. This time I put my lips around the crown of his cock and licked up all that was coming out of his cock.

"Lick my cock like a pop sickle ", he said.

I held his rock hard cock in my hand and starting licking his cock from top to bottom and then back. I covered the side of his dick with my lips as I slid them up and down, Licking under his cock and under the head made his cock harden even more. I stroked his shaft with my right hand while I bobbed up and down on his crown with my mouth. I looked up at him, and his closed eyes and open mouth told me he was enjoying my warm mouth on his cock.

"MMMMMMN, that feels good.", Bill said. "Don't stop whatever you're doing."

" I like it too. It feels good against my tongue and I like the way your smooth, hard cock feels. I see there is some more pre-cum. MMMM, that's good - I want some more.", I replied as I was licking it up.

"Fred, can you lick my balls too?", asked Bill.

"OK, but tell me if it hurts.", I replied as I started to lick his balls while stroking his black beauty up and down and I started to feel his cock getting even harder and fatter. Now I started wondering how his cock would feel inside my mouth as I sucked him. I was wondering how much of his cock I could get into my mouth.

"That feels good", he said as I put my mouth over his crown and sucked the crown into my mouth. I heard him moan and I knew he liked it. I liked it - it felt hard and soft at the same time. I rotated my head side to side while I had his cock head clamped between my lips. I used my tongue to swirl it around his crown and I could feel him getting harder.

"Fred, whatever you are doing feels real good. I'm close to giving you my hot man juice."

"Bill, let me know when you are going to cum." " But please let me know when you are going to cum."

This way I would decide whether to have him cum in my mouth or on me. I'm a little leery about having another man's cum in my mouth let alone swallow it although I had a close experience years ago. I wanted to taste his cum to see what it tasted like and I also wanted to try and swallow it.

Bill said "OK" and agreed to it.

I sure wanted to feel his hard black cock filling my mouth with his huge size and feel it as it got harder as it got ready to shoot his load. I tried putting his entire cock into my mouth and I was having a little trouble because of its size.

"You're too big", I said as I tried again to engulf his cock. It really was big. The largest cock I had ever seen, black or white.

I thought about how nice and thick his cock was as I stroked that black dick. My dick was thick too, but only 6 inches and I also had an erection.

"Is this for me?" I asked as I was feeling his cock and gliding my finger across his crown and his wet slit.

"Do you like my black cock", Bill asked. "Do you want it?" I think he wanted me to suck his dick even more.

Since Bill was standing and I was sitting on the edge of the bed, I asked Bill to lay down on his back on the bed. His cock was very hard and it stood upright like mast. Bill put his hand on my head and directed my mouth to his cock. The closer I got my head to his cock, the more thrilled I was. I thought to myself I am finally having my pleasure with a black cock and hopefully giving Bill some pleasure. I licked the head and with each lick, his cock jerked. The pre-cum tasted very good. I started kissing and licking his beautiful, black dick up and down. As I was enjoying myself, Bill would moan every now and then. I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was. His moaning got me to playing with his cock even more.

"Do you like my black cock?" Bill asked again as I was stroking his cock and licking his massive balls.

I was really getting turned on and my cock was hard and leaking pre-cum. Bill had his hand wrapped around my cock and stroking it. I smiled at Bill as I tongued my way up his cock to the crown.

"Wow, that really feels good" Bill moaned as I tickled the dip of his crown and slit with my tongue. I was lapping up all of his pre-cum. Both of us moaned as I began sucking his cock with passion as I was taking more and more of his dark meat into my mouth. I tried to suck his hard manhood deeper into my mouth. . I loved the feeling as his cock reached the back of my throat, but took time to lick it from base to tip every now and again.

"Are you sure you never sucked cock before?" Bill asked. "Do you like my black cock?

"I like it and yours is the first black cock I am sucking and really loving it", I said after I removed his cock from my mouth.

"Do you like my black cock?" Bill asked again.

"Yes, I like your massive, hard cock.", I replied.

"You like what?", Bill asked again.

"Your cock," I said.

"Tell me how you like sucking my black dick,"

Bill continued.

"I love sucking your black dick, it is so hard and the skin is so soft." I moaned as I took his cock back into my warm mouth. This time I tried getting as much of his hard, thick cock into my mouth. I wanted to rub my nose in his pubic hair. The deeper I sucked his cock into my mouth, I would start gagging. I wanted to take all of his beautiful cock in my mouth. I wanted to suckle on his cock like a baby - I wanted him to feed me. The more I took his cock into my mouth, the harder and thicker he seemed to be getting. I had made up my mind to let him cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel his cum spill out over my tongue and down my throat. I wanted to try and swallow his cum. I wanted to swallow all of his cum.

"That's it Fred, suck it. I'm going to cum.", Bill said as he put his hand on my head.

Bill did not have to tell me he was about to shoot his load. I felt his cock get very rigid and he started to spasm. He was moaning with pleasure as he erupted into my mouth and I felt the warmth on my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and in my throat as he came into my waiting mouth. I had decided earlier that I was going to try and swallow his man juice. At first, I gagged a little until I got use to his cum and I swallowed it as he pumped his cock into my mouth. I was able to keep up swallowing with all he was giving me although some leaked out from my mouth when he first started shooting his wad. He shot quite a bit and filled me up pretty good.

"Did you like that Bill? I did. And thank you for sharing." I asked as I was licking him clean and feeling his massive hard cock shrink down to his relaxed length. I covered his beautiful cock with my mouth and sucked his entire soft cock into my mouth. I fantasized about doing that and to feel his soft cock harden in my mouth.

"I didn't like it - I LOVED it.", Bill said, "It was great. Are you sure that you have never sucked a black cock?"

"No I haven't. Yours is the first one.", I answered him as I kept licking his and feeling his softening cock. It felt very good to have a hard, thick black cock into my mouth and having it cum and feel the jerks as his load was spent.

"Would you want to do it again now?, he asked, and I could feel his cock start growing again.

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