tagFirst TimeTwo Captives Ch. 04

Two Captives Ch. 04


This is a fictional account.

Author's Note: Hope you all like this 4th story in the Two Captives series. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks to Techsan for his incredible editing.


When Sarah pulled Two Bears through his tepee door flap, she pushed him down on the bearskin rugs in the middle. Sarah closed the flap as Two Bears reached for a log and added it to the smoldering fire. Sarah turned to face him looking down on him as he sat there. She reached for the ties on her buckskin shirt and started undoing them. Two Bears watched her with tense eyes as she removed her top exposing her ample breasts and pink nipples to his gaze. Sarah didn't stop there and removed her pants as well until she was standing before him naked.

Sarah moved to Two Bears and dropped into his arms on the soft hides. They kissed several times with each kiss gaining more passion. Her bare tits pressed against his buckskin shirt. Sarah leaned back and started undressing him, and she spoke.

"I would have died if you hadn't come back to me," Sarah exclaimed.

"I always want to come back to you," Two Bears said smiling.

"I was so worried I wouldn't see you again. I am going to eat you alive," Sarah mused.

"You look good enough to eat too," Two Bears said, as he bent to kiss her breast and suck on a nipple.

Sarah pulled his untied shirt off his arms and the started on his pants. He helped her get them off. His now visible dick was already half hard. Several days away and the desperate passion they were now sharing must have had him charged up. Sarah pushed him back on his elbows. She crawled between his legs and grasped his hardening cock. Sarah leaned down as her hands pulled the foreskin back from the swelling head. She kissed the exposed part of the head, and then looked up at him.

"I'll take you in my mouth but please, Two Bears, I want you to put it inside me," Sarah pleaded.

Sarah, I want to but are you sure?" Two Bears asked.

"Yes, yes, I want you to take me!" Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah did not wait for an answer. She leaned down and sucked the reddish purple head of his cock into her mouth. Two Bears groaned as Sarah's hands got in the action too, one pulling the foreskin all the way down, and the other palming his balls. She hefted his nuts as she stroked the shaft and licked the head. Sarah started bobbing her head and Two Bears gasped with the exquisite pleasure. She could have easily gotten him off with her mouth and the thought crossed her mind. He was very excited and would probably cum fast inside her. She wanted it to last forever.

Sarah decided against getting him off with her mouth. Instead, she lightened her sucking and spent more time licking the head and teasing the little hole in the end. One particular upstroke of her hand brought a big drop of his pre-cum to the opening of the hole. Sarah sucked it into her mouth, coating her tongue and tasting his saltiness. After she had teased him a few times, sucking hard and then light, she pulled off his cock. Sarah moved up alongside him.

She and Two Bears kissed and he played with her tits, pinching the nipples. She lightly stroked his cock as they kissed. Then he pushed her over on her back and swung up on top of her. Fear began to creep into Sarah. She wanted him in the worst way but also knew from other women the first time could be painful. Two Bears was also well equipped and she began to fret as he smiled at her and moved into place.

Two Bears lightly pushed Sarah's legs open and she did not resist. He looked down at her golden pussy hair and the beautiful pink gash below. She was so unlike other Indian women. They were dark haired and pink only on the inside. Sarah was pale white and pink all over. Her blonde bush intrigued him. He ran his hand briefly through her pubic hair and then tested her wetness. He wanted her ready for her first time.

Sarah was moist but he lowered himself and kissed her inner thighs relishing the soft skin there. He kissed all around her sex and she groaned her desire. Two Bears teased her a little like she had done to him. Eventually he parted her slit with his tongue and fingers on her labia. He swiped her pussy from bottom to top brushing over her clit. Sarah gasped and moved her hands to his head.

Two Bears licked her with increasing speed and penetration. Soon his tongue was buried deep in her hole wiggling about and driving her mad. He decided to get her off first with his tongue, not knowing if she would be able to enjoy her first fucking enough to cum. Two Bears probed her insides with his tongue then moved up to flick her clit with his tongue. He pushed back her clit hood and lapped at the hard exposed tiny knob that was her clit.

"Oh, god," Sarah gasped. "Oh, that feels so good."

Two Bears, 'growled' into her cunt like a wolf after a tasty treat. The added stimulation pushed Sarah closer to her edge.

"So good, so good," Sarah cried. "Suck me, Two Bears. Suck it good."

Two Bears pushed first one then a second finger into her hole. He licked and sucked her clit as his fingers probed inside, her encountering her maidenhead. He pushed them up against it and felt her barrier yield only slightly. Many Indian women lost their hymen early in life from riding horses or by their own hand. Sarah was obviously very much intact.

"Oh, I'm going to cum," Sarah gasped. "I'm almost there. Do it, do it harder!"

Two Bears pushed his fingers back and forth as his mouth sucked her whole clit inside and tortured it with his tongue. Sarah had also not had sex since their day hunting herbs and she groaned with pent up desire.

"I'm cumming," she said. "Oh, god, oh, god..."

Sarah's cunt pushed up into his face as she lifted off the bearskin rug. She hissed and gasped as rockets exploded in her head. Two Bears abused her clit with his tongue and continued with his fingers even as she clamped down on them with her tight pussy muscles.

Sarah screamed, "Ahh! Ahh!" as she came. Anyone outside the tepee would surely have heard.

Two Bears feasted on her honey as she expelled her juice into his waiting mouth and over his buried fingers. He stayed with her until she bucked her way through her orgasm and eventually settled back down. He slowly tapered her off by licking her cunt but avoided further contact to her super sensitive clit. Finally, when she could speak, Sarah did.

"Oh, that was wonderful."

"Good," Two Bears said.

"You know how to use your mouth so well," Sarah said, lightly touching his face with the back of her hand.

Two Bears moved back up her body and kissed her. Sarah could taste her own juices on his moist face and lips. Two Bears looked into her eyes as he positioned his steely hard cock at the entrance to her womb. He pushed up and down the slit until the head nestled into the hole recently stretched open by his two fingers. He eased forward and his cockhead pushed at Sarah's pussy hole. It paused for a second as it stretched wider the opening, then it popped in.

"Oh, my," Sarah gasped, as Two Bears cock entered her virgin cunt.

"Tell me if I hurt you," Two Bears instructed as he pushed his dick slowly forward.

"You feel so big inside me," Sarah stated tensely but loving the full feeling at the same time.

Two Bears reached her hymen and they both gasped as his cockhead butted up against it. He pulled back and prepared to push forward. He had never taken a girl's virginity before but he knew what to expect.

"Are you ready?" Two Bears asked between clenched teeth.

Sarah's tight pussy was gripping his cock deliciously. He wasn't sure how long he could last once he got completely inside her.

"Okay, do it," Sarah said.

"This may hurt a bit," Two Bears said.

"I know. Hurry," Sarah stated.

Two Bears shoved his hips forward forcefully as he held Sarah's sides. His cock lanced up into her and ripped the hymen partially. Sarah cried out. Two Bears pulled back again, then pushed forward hard. This time when he pushed, his cockhead ripped the hymen completely away sinking several inches more into her expanding vaginal passage.

"Oh, shit," Sarah groaned.

"What?" Two Bears asked, not familiar with the English curse word.

"Nothing," Sarah told him in Arapaho. "I'm fine. Just wait a second."

Two Bears held his cock dead still in Sarah. She had her teeth clenched but as the pain receded she relaxed more.

"Okay, go slow," Sarah told Two Bears.

He pushed a little deeper and she stiffened again but did not stop him. He leaned down and kissed her. Sarah hugged him to her chest as she felt the fullness of his cock in her pussy. Two Bears pushed deeper. He sank in until his cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt. Two Bears could not believe the exquisite tightness and heat of Sarah's pussy. She was moist but he wasn't sure if it was normal or a mixture of blood too.

Sarah held him still for a moment. "You feel wonderful inside me," she told Two Bears.

"You feel incredible," Two Bears stated.

"Okay. Go slowly please," Sarah requested.

Two Bears eased back a little, and then pushed back in. He repeated this numerous times, slowly gather speed. At first Sarah held his hips to check his movements but after a while she lightened her grip silently signaling he could go faster. Two Bears started pulled his cock back further and pushing in deeper into her cunt. Sarah stayed right with him and even encouraged him on now with moans and gasps of pleasure.

"Oh, Two Bears. You feel so good!" Sarah exclaimed. "Your cock is filling up my pussy."

"You feel delightful too," Two Bears stated.

Two Bears started fucking into her hard. Instead of holding him back, Sarah now urged him on. Her hands pulled at his hips on the down stroke trying to pull him deeper into her hole. They started fucking with a sense of urgency and they both groaned and grunted equally. Two Bears was nearing all he could take.

"Sarah, I'm going to cum," he said, not sure he should stay inside her.

But Sarah held his hips, keeping him in her and not letting him withdraw.

"Cum in me, Two Bears! Cum inside me," Sarah yelled.

He drove his cock repeatedly into her. He angled to catch her g-spot and Sarah gasped. He fucked her hard, building quickly to his release. Sarah was right there with him. The pleasure was tingling throughout her body. It centered in her cunt and spread all over and even seemed to go directly to her nipples. Her own hands caressed the distended nipples.

Two Bears groaned loudly as his cockhead expanded inside Sarah. A second later his dick blasted his cum deep inside her. Sarah felt the immediate warmth. Knowing Two Bears was depositing his seed in her pussy threw Sarah over the edge. She bucked up off the rug and her no longer virginal muscles clamped down on his spewing cock.

"Oh, god!" she screamed. "Ahh..."

Two Bears grunted too as his cock sputtered one last time inside her. Sarah held him tightly as the last of her orgasm tingled through her mind and body. The incredible feeling began to fade and Sarah immediately missed it and wanted more.

Sarah got sadder yet when she felt his softening cock begin to pull back from the depths of her cunt. Two Bears pulled his cum slick cock from her and rolled to the side exhausted. He breathed heavily as did Sarah. She could feel his cum running from her gaping hole down the crack of her ass onto the rug.

Sarah sat up. She looked at Two Bears first. He had his eyes closed and just lay there gathering his breath. She then looked at his beautiful soft cock and noticed how wet with cum it was. His pubic hair was soaked with a combination of their juices. Sarah looked between her legs. She was soaked too and cum still seeped slowly from her closing hole. Sarah thought she could see slight traces of blood but there was not much. She sighed and laid back.

They rested for a while but Sarah would not let him sleep. She played with his cock until she got him hard again. Two Bears let her get on top this time and they fucked for a while. Sarah liked this position because she could control the action and Two Bears teased her nipples with his fingers as she rode him. Slowly then faster they moved bringing Sarah to two more orgasms before Two Bears blew another load of his cum up side her. Now, even Sarah was exhausted and she slumped down on top of him.

Two Bears rolled her over and then covered them with hides. They slept blissfully in each others arms.

The next day, Sally wanted to know where Sarah had been all night. Sarah tried to think quickly of some excuse but then opted for the truth. Sally was going to be eleven soon anyway and was not totally unaware of people and relationships.

"I was so happy that Two Bears returned unharmed, I kept him company," Sarah said.

"Oh, I thought so," Sally said. "What is going to happen to me if you and Two Bears get married?"

Sarah had not thought all these things through. Sally still slept with her every night. She would be alone in the tepee, by herself, if Sarah and Two Bears married. It would not be right for her to stay with them, either.

"If that happens, we will work something out," Sarah said, not sure what though. "Right now, Gray Cloud does not want Two Bears and me to marry, so it may not even happen."

"He should let you. Everyone knows you two love each other," Sally said.

"They do?" Sarah asked, a little surprised Sally would say that.

"Oh, yes. White Flower knows too and she would like to see you marry her brother," Sally said.

"Really!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Yes. I would like to see you marry Two Bears, too," Sally said.

"Thanks, Sally. Hopefully, Gray Cloud will change his mind."

That day was rainy and uneventful. Everyone waited and checked with Summer Wind on Red Fox every couple hours but there was still no change. He had yet to regain consciousness. Sarah worried he had maybe lost too much blood.

That night, when Sally was asleep and everyone else too, Sarah snuck back over to Two Bears' tepee. She woke him with a kiss and then crawled under the covers with him. She was a little sore yet from the previous night's fucking. Two Bears ate her pussy to a glorious orgasm and she sucked on his cock until it was steely hard. She let him fuck her anyway. She needed to have him inside her again so bad, she couldn't wait. Two Bears fucked her to another wonderful climax. She climbed off him afterwards and sucked his cock for him until he came forcefully in her mouth. Dutifully, Sarah swallowed it all down and lightly sucked on his cock until he was completely soft.

They fell asleep in each other's arms again, exhausted from their love making. They were so tired they barely heard the screams in the morning coming from Red Foxes' tepee.

Two Bears heard them first and was standing and looking for his pants as Sarah woke up. She could hear Summer Wind yelling. It sounded like she was right outside and then she was.

"Two Bears! Red Fox is awake!" Summer Wind yelled. Come and see!"

Two Bears got his pants and shirt on before Sarah could even get her pants on. He opened the tepee door and exited as Sarah tied up her shirt and followed. She got out of the tepee just in time to see Summer Wind go back in. The little girls were hot on her heels in the tepee right after her. Gray Cloud emerged from his tepee tying his shirt. He noticed Sarah exiting Two Bears' tepee but did not say anything. Two Bears covered the short distance in an instant and scurried through the opening. Gray Cloud was next and then Sarah. Running Water had been up and was already inside with Summer Wind. It was crowded in the tepee with all the family there, but they managed.

Red Fox still looked tired but he gave them a weak smile as they each greeted him. They did not stay long, because Running Water made them all leave so he could rest. Only Summer Wind stayed behind again to watch him. They were all thankful to the spirits, confident now that Red Fox would fully recover.

Over the next two weeks, everyone watched Red Fox gain strength daily. By the end of the two weeks, Summer Wind could no longer keep him holed up in his tepee and he came out to share meals with the family. Two Bears and Summer Wind told Red Fox how Sarah had acted during the operation to get the arrow out of him. They thought she had a future as a healer. The family kidded her about it but they were also very serious. Sarah had to admit to them it was an interest of hers.

Over those same two weeks, about every other night, Sarah slept with Two Bears. She would leave her tepee after Sally was asleep and sneak over. It was no secret to anyone in the family though, least of all Sally or Gray Cloud.

To be safe, Two Bears pulled out of her pussy before cumming which usually brought a disapproving squeal from Sarah. She agreed, in less heated moments, it was for the best, but then died to feel his seed inside her every time it happened. It didn't hurt either that she would have gladly had his baby. Sarah usually finished him in her mouth, which he enjoyed the most. Sometimes though, he just pulled out and came on her stomach or tits when he wasn't quick enough.

Sarah was sitting working on the evening meal with Running Water one day and they were talking.

Running Water, out of the blue and directly, which was her way, asked, "Are you going to get pregnant with Two Bears' baby?"

Sarah was shocked at first, but answered, "We were not trying."

"Good," Running Water said.

This surprised Sarah a bit and hurt her, thinking Running Water did not want her to be with Two Bears.

"Do Gray Cloud and you disapprove?"

"Not me, but you should be married first," Running Water said. "The spirits would approve then."

The Indians were not different from white men in that regard. They believed in marriage before childbirth.

"Gray Cloud will never approve of our marriage," Sarah complained.

Running Water smiled and said, "Maybe soon."

This realization floored Sarah. She would have to talk with Two Bears about it.

Sarah pressed further. "Running Water, what would happen to Sally if Two Bears and I married? It would not be safe for her to be alone constantly in the tepee."

Running Water had apparently thought this through too. She said, "It is time White Flower moved out of our tepee and in with Sally."

"Really! That is a perfect solution," Sarah agreed.

Running Water smiled and said, "Gray Cloud would actually like that."

Sarah looked at her and got her meaning. The little girl was obviously holding them back on their intimacy. They looked at each other and laughed together.

Sarah had thought she had Running Water's blessing on her relationship with Two Bears. She was glad now to not only confirm that but have a very good plan for Sally. The other key thing Running Water had said was that Gray Cloud was softening in his stance against her. She wasn't sure what had triggered that but she was overjoyed.

After the family ate dinner, Sarah helped Running Water clean up. Summer Wind was there too. She was still spending time with the family watching Red Fox, though he needed less and less immediate care. Sarah had made a sling for him from deerskin. She had seen pictures of them in the books and remembered what they had said about keeping limbs immobile. Even though this was a shoulder, Sarah thought the same medicine should apply. She yelled at Red Fox when she saw him without it or doing too much with his arm. He usually sneered at her but in a friendly patient-to-doctor sort of way.

When the clean up was done, Sarah excused herself and went to find Two Bears. He was tending a horse that had shown signs of a bad foot. He smiled at her as she approached.

"Two Bears, I was talking with Running Water before and she said, 'Gray Cloud might soon allow us to marry'."

"Running Water said that?" Two Bears asked Sarah.

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