tagMatureTwo Days After We Met

Two Days After We Met


"Hi." He was leaning in the door frame. His 6'2" towering well above my 5'1" frame. He was holding a six pack of corona in one hand and a lime in the other. Faded blue jeans, a long sleeve tee, and the hat from the other night. He looked so damn sexy. He just stood there leaning and looking with a knowing smile on his face. I knew right then and there that I was in for a long night.

"Hi, come on in," turning my back to him I can only imagine that he is checking out my ass.

"Do you want me to put those in the fridge?"

"Yeah, but I can help you. You want one?"

"Of course," and I turned to say something to him, "Oh," 'holy shit, that scared me, I didn't know he was that close behind me' I thought to myself as I almost ran right into him in the tiny kitchen, "Sorry." We both exchange a light laugh and I asked, "I would like mine with lime, no lemon please." He blushes a little remembering two nights ago and nods.

I left him in the kitchen and went and sat on the couch and channel surfed looking for something to watch. I settled for a music channel, and can honestly say I really don't even know what I ended up putting it on. I only know that we both liked it.

He took a seat next to me on the couch and asked where Lo and her mom were. I explained that her mother was out with my mom and some other friends at a bar down town. Lo was with some new guy she was seeing at the time, and I really couldn't remember his name, I'm not even sure that I knew his name. We talked about everything. I didn't hide anything from him, I wanted him to know who I was before he decided if he really liked me or not. He then admitted that he already knew pretty much everything there was to know about me, I assumed he heard it from Dan and his friends (having dated a few of them, they knew me pretty well).

"And you still came to see me?" I was stunned.

"Of course, you seemed cool the other night. Plus, when Jay was telling me about you, he didn't say you were a bad person, just that you liked to have some fun."

"Fun, right. That came out of Jay's mouth. Doubtful." No way did Jay say that (Jay was the other friend at Dan's house the night we met). "You know that Jay wanted me to go to Dan's so he could try to hook up with me right.?"

"Yeah I know, he kept going on about this hot chick that was coming over, Sara, and that she gave great head. I knew as soon as you got there that you couldn't stand him."

"I can't, I didn't even want to be there until I started talking to you." Then I blushed, it wasn't like me to come on to a guy like that, I usually made them do all of those things to me, but with Dino I couldn't help myslef.

"Is that right?" He had a huge grin spreading across his face.

"Yeah, don't flatter yourself, it was the fact that you were going to be a teacher that first got my attention," We made direct eye contact, he knew I was lying. I had already molested my beer bottle before we had even exchanged a full sentence that night.

He cocked his eyebrow up and said, "Oh, yeah, kinda the same way that I liked that you wrote poetry."

"Really?" Sarcasim in both of our voices.

"Yeah." Then he stood and made his way to the bathroom.

I just sat there thinking about what I should do next. When he came out of the bathroom I was almost done with my second beer and was putting on some lip gloss in the mirror behind the couch.

He walked right up to me and we both just went to eachother. We were kissing hard and yet it wasn't rough, it was 2 days of built up tension, I could tell by his urgency that he must have thinking about me these past two days as much as I had been thinking about him. We both wanted, no needed release. He pushed my back up against the couch kissing me harder, his big strong hands were on my waist and he was lifting me up to a sitting position on the back of the couch. My legs automatically went around him, and his cock was very hard and pressing into my thighs. There was this tingling in my pussy that I had never experienced before and I moaned out loud and into his mouth. Then we broke the kiss together and looked at one another.

I turned and slid my legs over the other side of the couch and sat down, this forced him to walk around the couch to get to me. I was taking the last drink out of my beer, he grabbed it and walked away returning with a new beer for each of us. He sat next to me again and we were silent. We were drinking our beers and glancing at one another. He finished before I did, but all he did was sit back and watch me, wordless. I lifted the bottle to my lips and ran my tongue around the rim, glancing over I could see the outline of his hard cock in his jeans. I opened my mouth so that my lips formed a seal over the entire mouth of the bottle and tilting my head back dipped my tongue inside while letting the rest of my beer slide down my throat and I looked at him put my head back down and swallowed.

As I was setting my bottle on the coffee table I looked back at him and I knew what he wanted. So, I sat back and he brought his right hand to my face and touched me, his palm on my jawline, fingers gliding over my face, and his thumb lightly brushing over my lips. I parted my perfect, glossy lips (they are perfect to, especially for sucking dick) and he ran the tip of his finger into my mouth just barely tugging my bottom lip down. Our eyes never left the others while my tongue came out to great its guest. That's when his eyes glazed over and then shut. Pulling his thumb back he put his index finger into my mouth and my mouth sucked it in. I ran my tongue along the underside of his finger while I was sucking it oh so gently in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly he took it away, I almost said something, but he beat me to it, "We don't have to do this, I can wait."

Oh shit, did he know how to get me or what, that was it I had to fuck him and I had to fuck him tonight. "Shh... this is what I want." That was all he needed I guess because I followed he descending hand even though I already knew where it was going. His hands were headed straight for his zipper. I watched as he went to pull it down, and tried to get his dick out of his pants but he was so hard and big that he couldn't get his cock out of its tight confines. Finally he popped out and almost smacked me in the face, I looked at him a giggled, and then sucked him in. Literally. I just went at it. He was wearing, or rather, not wearing any underwear and there was so much precum that it was stringing from his head to the inside of his jeans, where it had just came from. This guy was so fucking hot. While I mauled his cock he was getting harder. My lips had perfect suction and my cheeks dipped in while I sucked the fuck out of him. I looked up at him, but he didn't see me, his eyes were closed. Turning my concentration back to the task at hand I felt him pulling me up onto his lap.

Once straddled on top of him he lifted my white t-shirt off of my body. He brought his hands up to my breast and they came together at my breast bone 'click' he undid the front clasp and my 34C, my perfect titties didn't fall out, no, they stood out as the bra fell to the floor behind me. He groaned while he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him. Of course he immediately started sucking on my perfect tits and I arched my back and threw back my head. My hands were in his hair trying desperately to get him to suck harder. All the while I was grinding my wet ass pussy into his crotch. This is what finally made him stop what he was doing. I groaned in protest, but then for the first time since we had started kissing he spoke, "Is there somewhere we could lie down at?"

I got up from his lap, leaned over and gave him one more slow lustful kiss him before walking away. Then before he could protest I turned and held up one finger and said, "wait." And I turned and went into Lo's room. In there I got blankets and pillows and piled them on the dresser while I got changed. I left my black g-string on, put pulled a cheerleading tank top on over my naked chest. Damn, I knew I looked hot. Feeling and looking sexy, I headed back out to the living room.

I walked out and told him to stay where he was while I made of make shift bed. I was teasing him by bending over to spread the blankets out on the floor. I knew that he could see the shape of pussy lips, and I knew how wet my black g-string was from all of the heavy petting we were doing, so while I was bending over he was getting a great shot at my hot ass and my soaking wet 18 year old cunt. 'Damn, I'm such a horny little slut!' I thought to myself. I had just finished making the bed and was about to turn around and tell him I was all finished but he was already behind me. His hands on my hips and his huge hard cock was grinding against my tight ass.

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