tagMatureTwo Days After We Met Ch. 02

Two Days After We Met Ch. 02


I got up from his lap, leaning over and kissing him once more before walking away. I put one finger up and said, "wait." And I turned and went into Lo's room. In there I got blankets and pillows and piled them on the dresser while I got changed. I left my black G-string on, put pulled a cheerleading tank top on over my naked chest. Damn, I knew I looked hot.

I walked out and told him to stay where he was while I made a make shift bed. I was teasing him by bending over to spread the blankets out on the floor all the while my pussy lips were being spread and he was getting a great shot at my hot ass and my very wet young little pussy.

While I was doing this...teasing thing, I was not only getting him harder, but ended up getting myself soaking wet as well. Not that that was a bad thing, but I was embarrassed that it would be noticeable against my black G-string. But, just as I was thinking about worrying about dripping my juices all over the bed I was just finishing making, he came up from behind me. I only noticed because I could see that his feet were now right behind mine as I was bent over adjusting the pillows.

I smiled to myself knowing that I had just gotten this man so hard and horny that he had to come to me. I slowly slid my body down and turned around so that now I was kneeling on the ground in front of him with my legs bent at the knees and spread wide open for him. I was balancing on the pads of my feet while looking right into his eyes and found that he was looking right back.

Then slowly his eyes left mine and started their downward journey over my entire body. As his eyes fell, so did the rest of him, and he was soon on his knees and in-between my spread legs. He started to take his clothes off, and of course I didn't help, I wanted to watch him strip for me, and he did.

I was leaning back on my elbows watching his skin come into view. He had broad shoulders and his skin was a perfect golden sun-kissed brown. His upper arms were well defined with just the right amount of muscles and his torso flexed as he lifted his shirt over his head. I could feel my juices leaking out of me, soaking through my G-string and running down my inner thighs. I knew then that I had to have been dripping all over our bed, and I didn't care he looked as if he was mesmerized by the sight of my pussy leaking for him. There was a wet spot on the front of his jeans that didn't go unnoticed either and I was glad that his precum was leaking out of his hard cock.

My nipples were hard and pressing into the cheerleader tank top that I was wearing and I couldn't help but notice that his nipples were just as erect as mine. By the time he had undone the button and let down the zipper of his jeans it took all the restraint I had not to jump on him and just start fucking. Instead I licked my lips very slowly and leaned forward and proceeded to stuff his beautiful cock deep down my throat and he let out a low deep groan as I devoured his manhood. When I thought he was close to cumming I stopped fucking his cock with my mouth and sat back up wiping the spit from around my mouth with the back of my hand.

Kneeling in front of one another the air was thick with lust as he grabbed the bottom of my tank and pulled it up over and off of my head. I hadn't put my bra back on so now he only had my G-string to remove. He wasted no time in pushing me onto my back sucking on my throat dragging his tongue from my collar bone to the lobe of my ear and sucking on it gently. He continued his way back to my collar bone and down to my breast and teasing my nipples while he removed my drenched panties. He slowly released my nipple from between his teeth as he watched his hands pull at the sided of my panties. The center of the G-string clung to my pussy lips from being so wet with my pussy juice that it was the last part to cling to me as he rolled the panties down and off of my legs. I moaned when I felt myself completely nude and utterly open to him. I didn't know what he was going to do, and I didn't care. I just wanted him, needed him deep inside of me.

He spread me open even more for him, I felt as if he could see deep into my cunt as he slowly licked from the base of my swollen aching little pussy to my hard throbbing clit. My back arched as my hands went to the back of his head while he ate my pussy. I moaned and groaned and looked down at him and couldn't believe how good it all felt. But, I couldn't take anymore of this teasing and I needed him inside of me badly. So I pulled on his hair softly but enough so he knew what I wanted and he started to make his way back up towards my face. Dipping his tongue into my pierced belly button and giving a little tug on the ring on his way up past my breasts and onto my mouth where he kissed me deep and hard and with a passion I had never known before this, before him.

He sat back up and asked "do you have a condom?", and I surprised him by telling him I was on the pill and to not worry about it. He was kneeling with his ass resting on his heels and he laid down on top me and started an easy push forward inside of my tight little pussy. I told him to go easy because it had been a few weeks for me, and he said that he would and that it had been a while for him as well, so he needed to go slow. I figured he just didn't want to cum to quickly.

It was a very tight fit. As he was working his way slowly inside of me he sat back up leaning back on his heels not once leaving my pussy. He pulled me up onto his lap and I started to ride him. He felt so good as he slipped further and deeper inside of me. I leaned back so that I was supporting my upper half on my extended arms but never stopped riding him and he started a deep hard thrust that started the begining of one of the hardest orgasms I had ever had. My cunt started grabbing his cock pulsing and contracting and he thrust harder and faster deep into me. There was an urgency that we could both feel and I knew that he was close.

We didn't speak just looked into each others eyes as we continued this amazing fuck. I was the first to let go, and I did with loud deep cries and grunts and it felt to good to be embarrassed at the time. He came right after me and flooded my pussy with the fattest load of cum my cunt had ever had, well it was the first load my cunt had ever had without the protection of a condom. But, it was huge, and when he released he grunted and sweat was pouring from his body and he slipped from my contracting pussy and onto the top of my body where the last remnants of his cum dripped from the tip of his spent cock.

We lay silent and breathing heavy into one another's ears and finally as he was pushing himself up and off of my body we looked at one another and smiled. I let out a laugh and said "wow" and he mimicked me before rising up and going into the bathroom. I laid there with his cum still deep inside of me, and relished the feeling of it oozing out of me and into the crack of my ass and onto the blankets below me.

It felt so hot leaking out of me as it cooled as a result of the contact with the air in the room. He came back and laid next to me still naked as I was still naked as well. I got up and felt him start to pour out of me and couldn't help but think 'god, I hope there are more times just like this' it felt so good to have his cum inside of my body dripping out and down my thighs. I never thought that it could feel so good.

Flushing the toilet I went back out and laid next to him. He was already half asleep as I laid my body down. I asked him if he needed the alarm set, and he said no. We lay with me on my back and him on his stomach his face turned away from me. We fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was Saturday morning 6 am and he was getting up and leaving dressed in the same clothes that he had come over in the night before to go to play in a golf tournament.

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