tagLoving WivesTwo Dongs for Her

Two Dongs for Her


I got home from school late one afternoon, and was looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. My friend was staying with us while his house was being built, so it was just me and him. My wife gave me a call to see what I was up to, and wanted to do when she got off of work. I told her I didn't really care, just wanted to relax. She said that was cool, and decided she was going to hang out at her friend's house for a little while after work.

She told me that me and my buddy should come over and hang out too. I asked my bud and he was down for it since he didn't have to go to work the following day. My buddy, Rob, has been good friends with me for a long time. He's known my wife for a long time too.

Well by the time we got cleaned up, stopped and got beer, and finally got there everyone else was pretty tipsy. My bud decided it was time to catch up, but I was taking it easy since it looked like I would have to drive us all home. My wife, Jenny was a little fucked up. Everyone hung out for a couple hours, and things started to wind down. Jen was pretty wasted by then, and was dropping hints that she wanted to get home soon to party some more.

We decided we'd drive my truck, and just come back the next day to get her car. It's a small truck and we told her she would have to ride in the back seat. She said she'd rather sit up front between us since it was a short drive to the house.

Not 5 minutes later she was already passed out. She had her head rested on Rob's shoulder, and he was holding her up. Me and him got to bullshitting about how horny she had been acting before we left. I told him how I loved fucking her, but that we also liked to spice things up. He asked me to explain, and I told him how we had been in several threesomes with girls, and even one with a guy. He was a little shocked by this. I don't think he's ever been in a relationship that open.

I started dropping hints on how Jen thought he was hot, and how I could tell he liked her too. He finally admitted how he had always been attracted to her, but never would have said anything or acted upon it. I told him that it might not be a bad thing if he did act on it. I think he was starting to like the sound of this. I caught a glimpse of his bone through his pants. He was making no attempt to hide it either. Maybe because he had a lot more to drink than I did. I told him not to worry, but we were going to let him do some messing around too. He was a little nervous, but said he wanted too.

We worked out the details on how I was going to start fooling around with her on the couch and he would "accidentally" disturb us on his way to the bathroom. He laughed, and said that would never work. I explained that Jen was always open for a little extra fun, and she wouldn't mind. Shit, for all I know he could have already laid his pipe because they were alone at the house plenty. I doubt he would do anything like that though. I've seen him turn down chics because they had a boyfriend, even when they obviously wanted it.

Once we got home, Jen woke up and we all went inside. She was well rested and tried to get Rob to hang out and drink a little more. He declined and headed off to bed. In no time Jen and I were making out on the couch, and I had two fingers buried in her puss. To our surprise Rob walked out on his way to take a leak. He said sorry don't mind me, and Jen giggled as he walked into the restroom. I told Jen that we should ask him if he'd like to join. She said no at first, but it took little convincing. I told her how he had gotten hard when she was sleeping on him in the truck.

Rob was headed back to his room when Jen asked where he was headed off to. He said he needed some sleep. She told him he didn't even have work the next day and should hang out for a while. Me and him looked at each other, and kinda laughed a little. Jen's drunk ass acted as though she was not being obvious as hell that she wanted to fuck him. She told him how his body looked really nice in just his boxers, and asked if he worked out a lot. He laughed, and told her he did.

Well, after the small talk things finally got going good. We decided to play strip poker, but since we had very little clothing Jen was naked quickly, and Rob next being just in his boxers. Our rules are that if you're naked you have to perform something sexual on the winner if you're the loser. Rob was first loser and I was the winner, but since I was a guy the default winner was Jen. First up was he would have to please her with his hands.

This was the end of the poker game. Once he buried his fingers in her twat she was really getting into it. This wasn't our first friend to have sex with her, so there was no being very nervous or holding back. She was fully enjoying playing with Rob. She reached down grabbing his cock. It's about the same as mine, but has amazing girth. I could see her eyeing it, as though she was going to really enjoy it. She finally screamed for him to quit fucking around and lay it in her. He obliged and got it in pretty quickly with all the wetness accumulating. She reared back with pleasure, and bit her bottom lip. I whispered in her ear that I had been waiting for this for a long time, and that we were going to wear her out. She looked back and smiled a wicked looking smile.

She enjoyed her fucking for a while, and was receiving multiple orgasims in no time. He told me that he wanted me to fuck her so that he didn't blow his load too quickly. He laid back on the couch, and she eagerly made her way to his dong. She took it in her mouth quickly, and was really doing a terrific job on it. I could see him doing his very best to control it. I entered her from behind, and gave her a real good fucking. In less than two minutes I saw her swallowing the best she could, but it must have been a huge load. Some escaped and oozed down his cock. She regained her bearing and licked all that cum right up. I was still having a great time, but wished that Rob had lasted a little longer.

We laid her on her back, and he made out with her while I continued to fuck her. Eventually, he regained his hardness, so he could take over the fucking. I relaxed and she sucked me until I came in her throat. He said that he didn't think he could go again, so we all went to our bed to crash.

I did wake up about thirty minutes or so later to him and her going at it. I just acted like I was asleep, but was really enjoying watching this. He must have fucked her for an hour without hardly pausing at all. No wonder he's in such great shape. I heard her tell him that she had to stop because she was getting so raw.

That was last week, and to my knowledge nothing else has happened. He had to switch to the night shift and we both work the day shift. Hopefully, we can enjoy him a little more before his house is finished.

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