tagRomanceTwo Dreams Ch. 07-08

Two Dreams Ch. 07-08


Chapter 7


Shasta was still rushing around when the doorbell rang. Oh, she’d wanted to be ready to greet him calm and collected, but then why stray from her usual pattern just to impress him?


He stood waiting, and waiting, his nervousness building. He wanted the night to be perfect. His mind and body wandering to thoughts of what might happen that night, building the anticipation. She opened the door, and his mouth went dry. This woman was beautiful. The dress fit her snugly from shoulder to hip and then spread out falling to her heels. She didn’t seem to mind his looking so he took his time. The V neckline showed off more then just her curve. Her hair was down, and formed waves around her shoulders. Her make up light, the way he liked. He took a step toward her, changing his mind about taking her out. He wasn’t taking her anywhere.


She grinned as she saw David’s reaction to her body. She took it as a compliment, even though the words had yet to come out. As he stepped towards her, she slipped past him and out the door. She was ready to be spoiled and wasn’t going to let him into her house or get into her dress that quickly. She grabbed his hand, walking down the stairs and out the door.


He would have preferred having her to himself but now that she was leading the way he would be a faithful puppy dog and follow her anywhere. He almost forgot that he was the one that had made the plans for the evening and would need to drive her to their restaurant.


The restaurant was at the top of the tallest building in town. She slipped her arm through his as they made their way up, and to their table. She stopped as she saw the lights of the town some close and some far. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful evening, and her heart surged with joy.


He watched her as her face lighted up from the sight before them. She was more beautiful than any view he could imagine. He didn’t deserve to have this woman on his arm but here she was. No waiter disturbed them until they moved silently to their seats.


”This is beautiful, thank you David!”

“You are beautiful!” David responded.

Shasta noticed the white wine already on table. David poured.

“To you,” David toasted.

“To us,” Shasta corrected

“To us!” And their wine glasses clinked.


They ordered their food. David remembered Shasta’s desire to taste his food and choose a cheese dish he had heard her mention before.

While they waited for their food David asked, “I’m interested to know when you first started to get interested in me.” He had wanted to share his dream with her tonight but wanted to hear her side of the story first.

“That’s so funny you would ask me that because I brought something I wanted you to read tonight,” she reached for her purse as she spoke, and handed the handwritten notes to him. “I had a dream about you and I wrote it down.”

He read her story of her dream and was surprised that she’d dreamt of him.

“When was this dream?” David questioned.

Shasta giggled before she answered, “Hmm, it was the night before we got assigned over at Daytolla Elementary School. Remember what happened that evening?”

Their food arrived and broke up their conversation. David wondered if it was possible that it was the same night as his dream.

“I had a dream about you as well. I was going to tell you about it tonight.” David continued. “You won’t believe this but it was the same night as you say your dream was.”

He told her about his dream, about how she had seduced him on his lap and then how amazing it was that she had ended up on his lap that very next night. David felt his excitement growing as he looked at this sexy woman and imagined that night in the van.


Shasta could totally imagine herself acting like he had imagined her. She took a bite from David’s plate as she ate and listened. Her leg brushed up against his and instead of moving away she kept it touching his leg, rubbing it slightly with her toes.

“So, you and I both had dreams about each other the same night and then ended up in each others arms that next night? That doesn’t seem possible. I don’t know if I believe you?” Shasta didn’t think he was lying but couldn’t believe it at the same time.


“I can prove it. The same day you wrote this dream I typed up my dream on my computer at work. I can show you.” It was starting to sink in to David that something had been drawing them together.

“So where did these dreams come from? I certainly always thought you were a great guy but you always seemed to have so many friends and I just never let myself get my hopes up about you. We were just friends.”

“I felt the same way about you. You always look so happy, and I never see you socializing outside of work with other workers so I figured you had a hot boyfriend keeping you distracted. So I never asked.” David felt good admitting that he had wanted to ask her a long time ago.

Shasta felt like it was a compliment and didn’t know what to say. “There hasn’t been a boyfriend for a while.”


”Until now right?” David asked with a wink.

“Until now,” she repeated and leaned in to give him a kiss. They grabbed hands and held hands as they ate. Her foot, now making larger strokes against his leg, was distracting him.


Shasta glanced out the window, and noticed the rain was making visibility difficult. “It’s raining.”

“You had me so distracted I didn’t even notice.” David replied only glancing out the window. He stroked the skin on her hand with his thumb. In his mind he was stroking more than just her hand. “Did I already tell you that you are beautiful?”

“Well, the dress and make-up make a big difference.”

“I think you look sensational tonight, but you are always beautiful. I bet you are beautiful even without that dress. A sight I dream about, by the way.” He smiled and poured her third glass of wine.

“Are you trying to loosen me up?”

“I’m trying to enjoy a beautiful evening with my beautiful girlfriend.”


She wished they were sitting closer so she could touch him more, and more. He was so far away on the other side of the table.

“I love you David.”

“I love you Shasta.”


It seemed so right. He fit so well into her life. She would ask him to her place tonight and see if he would come. His question intruded on her thoughts.

“So why did you leave teaching?”

“I was disillusioned for starters.” Shasta shared her story of how she was feeling that she was leaving her life’s calling but was so disillusioned that she had trouble facing work day after day. She loved the children but regulations, and time constraints and poor leadership made each day feel like a baby sitter rather then a teacher. Each class had one or two parents that made life difficult. She had also needed more money than teaching provided to allow her to give money to her mother after her father died.

David listened well. She appreciated that as she got tears in her eyes remembering how it had hurt to leave and how it had hurt to stay.

“This job has been a good fit though,” she ended.


As Shasta talked David realized that she was still a teacher at heart. He wanted to help her get back to her passion, and help her find a way to make it easier on her. Maybe a better school, maybe working part time. He also wanted to continue having Shasta in the same office. He had noted how strong that table looked while in the conference room.

“What about you?” She interrupted his thoughts. “What’s your story.”


”I tried some other jobs but nothing has fit me at all like this job and I want to stay here. I did some computer work in a small office, then tried a big office. But just sitting at the computer all day wasn’t my interest, although I love working with computers. This job allows me to interact with people and computers and allows me to do unique problem solving.” David smiled as he talked about his work.

Shasta’s leg started rubbing against his again and he was immediately distracted.


Shasta wanted this man. She wanted him tonight. She wanted to share her love with him, to give him her gift of herself. She stood and walked around to him and whispered in his ear.

“How about eating me for dessert at my place?”

“Are you sure?” He forced himself to ask because once they started he didn’t think he’d be able to stop.

“I’m sure!”

It was still raining and they ran through the rain to his car. The thunder clapped louder than they heard in the restaurant as he started the car.


A blast of cold air came out of the heater before the heat came out and Shasta shivered through her wet clothes. David leaned over to kiss her and heat them both up.

They again ran through the rain towards her house, holding hands. They were both dripping as they entered the door. Was she shaking from the cold or from excitement? He kissed her immediately after closing the door needing her to warm him, to surround him.


Their kiss was long and deep. Their tongues entangled. Their hands searching frantically to feel everything they could feel. Her body was sandwiched between the closed door and David’s body. Her wetness growing, not needing words, only groans to express her feelings.

She pulled off his shirt and he massaged her breasts. Their hands reacquainting themselves with places they’d previously explored. She pushed him, gradually moving him towards the bedroom. She had kicked him out of the room once. This time she was certain she wanted him with her.

“Please come in,” she gave her invitation and he followed her in.

Movements becoming more frenzied, needing more, needing to give and receive the passionate heat that was roaring like a fire between them. She undid his pants while kissing, wishing her will alone could make the clothes separating them disappear.


He had wanted under this dress the first moment he saw her in it. His leg started lifting the skirt to her hips, then his hands took over. The dress lifted as his hands explored higher and higher, barely skipping around her wetness. Their moans matched as the dress fell to the floor and they saw each other naked for the first time. Their hunger grew.


She lay on the bed opening her legs in the best welcome he’d ever received. Their skin was still damp. Her long hair was still wet and stuck to her skin in places. He crawled onto the bed on all fours, moving towards her. They kissed some more while their naked bodies tested touching each other for the first time. He stopped kissing her lips and started moving lower. She wondered why the rain and thunder still seemed so loud even thought they were inside. She looked around and saw the window wide open, the floor by the window forming a puddle, and a light fog forming. No way she was getting up now. The thunder seemed to heighten her feelings.


The rain pounded loudly in his ears, but he could still hear her moans. She was calling his name in a low sexy voice that was driving him crazy. He kissed her neck, her ear lobes, her breasts, sucking each one. He wanted the night to last forever but he also wanted her now, immediately.


Her fingers were combing through his hair as he enjoyed her hard nipples and smooth skin. Her leg rubbing against his leg, their skin touching everywhere possible.


He pulled away from her breast wanting to watch her face as his hand reached down; suddenly burying itself quickly between her legs. His fingers taking on the slickness of her desire. He carressed the lips lightly, the pressure of his hand increasing. He felt goose bumps forming on his skin from the cool breeze blowing from the window and watching Shasta’s body respond to his touches.


She held her breath as he touched her. His hand felt so large as he mixed up her juices. One finger finding it’s way inside her and the rest of his hand placing pressure on her clit. She couldn’t keep her breathing steady, and her words turned into whimpers.

“I’m wet and ready for you David,” she spoke between whimpers. “I want your thickness inside me. Filling me.” She lost track of her thoughts solely focused on the sensations he was creating inside her.


He wanted her wetness surrounding him as well. He shifted his position preparing himself to penetrate her but before he could she grasped his shaft.


She couldn’t resist this. She thought to caress it but her movements were rough feeling the softness of it but the hardness of the interior. She loved the feel of his length and width and that it was all just for her. She let him go, only because she wanted what was coming next.


He reached down guided himself to slide into her. The rhythm slow at first as he just enjoyed watching her with her eyes closed, licking her lips. When she starting arching her hips to meet his, he increased his speed. His mind never more aware of his body, of the heights it could reach. The sight of her breasts bouncing increased his breathing even more.


She squeezed around him stalling his movement for a moment until he plunged deeply into her, their bodies colliding. There was nothing except here and now, him and her. Her grunts and moans weren’t intentional but came as if she had no control over them. She rocked her hips, then swung her legs around him, their bodies coming together as one.


Mutual delight. He moaned her name, the only thought that could penetrate through his bliss as the dam was released and he exploded inside of her as he ground into her.


Her breath had already been stolen almost from the start. Her mind was stolen as he entered her. Now he stole her soul as she felt his heat rush into her, as she heard him call for her, and waves of pleasure surged through her body. Her body was thoroughly taken up.

Chapter 8

They both let out a sigh as he slid out of her, their bodies remaining close. His arms now encircling her as they lay side by side still naked catching their breath.

“Shasta, that was...perfect.”

“Perfect,” she agreed before kissing him.

They had become one, shared something so intimate, so special, they would never be the same.

As the breathing slowed she started to be aware of the continued rain outside, and the cool air filling the room. As she shivered snuggled closer to David stealing his warmth.

David for the first time noticed the open window and rain soaking the floor. He kissed Shasta and jumped out of bed as quickly as he could.

Shasta pulled up the blankets, and quickly moved under them but leaving them open for David to join her. Shasta slid completely under the blanket and David followed pulling the blanket fully over them. It was mostly dark under the blankets and they felt around to find each other. They faced each other, legs intertwined, hands grasping.

“Stay with me.” It was a question and a request and a statement in one.

“This is my house, I’m not going anywhere.” Shasta replied with a giggle.

“No, I mean STAY with me,” he asked again.

“For how long?”

“Forever.” David had never felt this in love and wasn’t going to let Shasta get away.

“Forever!” She replied as she snuggled close to David wanting his kisses. Their lips found each other in the dark.

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