tagRomanceTwo Good Turns

Two Good Turns


Mark was driving the car and Callie sat in the passenger's seat. She had been looking forward to this evening, but now she was just too wound up to relax. She was looking out the window. He had the radio on, some talk jock blaring bullshit and ignorance masquerading as wit. She reached over and turned it off. "Can't listen to that now. Had a bad day. Tired of stupid. Do you mind?"

His head tilts and he says "Not at all. Let's hear something good."

She smiles and puts in some music. "Better. Thank you." She's restless and jumpy, though, and not comfortable with the quiet yet. She thinks a little and then says "I'm not your wingman! I'm a girl. Say something like you're paying attention to me or I am just going to find someone else to charm me." Her voice is light and playful.

He's concentrating on driving, so he has to ignore her briefly before pulling into a parking space and stepping around to her side of the car to open it for her. When she steps out he blocks her way briefly and kisses her. "I know you're a girl, stupid. You have breasts. Haven't you noticed? I have."

She's smiling now and holds his hand as they walk in to dinner, giving their names for the reservation, Mr. and Mrs. He looks so good as she waits behind him giving their names to the Maitre d' she changes her mind and says "You know, you're right. You don't have to talk. You're just so pretty I'll just look at you. Never mind what comes out of your mouth."

His lips twitch as he pulls out her chair and kisses her on the top of her head as she sits, shoving her chair in toward the table that she fears she'll be crushed and holds on out of reflex. The chair stops before internal injuries result. He says "That's so sweet" and moves over to his side of the table, seating himself and perusing the menu.

They talk about the food a little bit and settle on their order. She thinks half the things on the menu won't be prepared the way she likes. He knows she's probably right. She has exacting tastes. Steak for him. She takes a chance on the calamari, hoping it won't be a disaster.

Resting her chin in her palm she looks at him and smiles "You really are a pleasure to look at."

He inclines his head and accepts the compliment graciously. "You're tolerable to look at from time to time."

She smiles sweetly. "Asshole."


Her eyes are adoring and her tone belying her words "Selfish bastard."

"Yes. One caveat though. I'm YOUR selfish bastard."

She smiles. "There is that."

Their food arrives and the waiter puts the plates in place. Callie thanks him effusively. Mark just nods, making sure there's room on the table.

She takes a bite of her food and chews with a dawning appreciation. The calamari is GOOD. Her eyes roll back in her head. "Yum. Okay, this is good. Yum."

"Stop trying to distract me with seafood. You look like you're having sex with the breading. It's embarrassing." He doesn't sound embarrassed.

She slips another bit into her mouth and smiles "But honey, it's so YUMMY. I can't help it." Her tongue slips out and she licks her lips.

"You're such a bitch." He's trying not to laugh.

"Yep. I'm going to have an affair with this calamari right here, you can't stop me. You can't even file for a divorce because of food sex. You have no grounds. Here I am, pleasuring myself and you're just helpless to stop it." She's almost worked herself up to the point of moaning and he nudges her foot under the table.

"Waiter. 3:00." He says, sotto voce.

She turns and smiles at a man who is staring at her slightly in awe. He asks in an almost stutter if they like their food.

She says "It's delicious, thank you. My compliments to the chef." She toasts him with one ring of calamari on the end of her fork and chews it matter of factly.

The waiter is still standing there staring.

Mark says "Thank you. No more wine for the lady, please." The waiter nods at him, hearing "the voice of authority" from Mark's lips, and practically runs away.

Mark shakes his head. "You smiled at him. That's not fair. The man might have had a chance in life, but you smiled at him."

She smiles "That's so nice of you to say." Callie reaches across the table and snags his wine glass, but she doesn't really like wine and hadn't ordered wine in the first place, so she hands it back. "Oh, yuck." She makes a face. "I swear you ordered that because you knew I'd hate it. You're so perverse."

He toasts her with the glass. "Self defense."

"Bring me back that waiter, I'll see what he has to suggest to drink. I'll give that a try."

Mark grins "No, I don't think so, he's probably gone home sick."

She looks offended "Are you saying I make men sick? That's so mean. I'm going to go get someone new. Someone who is nice to me. Someone who understands me and my abiding love for calamari."

"Are you about to say that you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain? Because this is a nice suit. I'm not about to ruin it, but I'll order you a piña colada if you'd like."

He stands and places his napkin down and she's watching his face, wondering what's coming next. She loves this part. Wondering.

He kneels down next to her and says "You are my queen, my lady and my love. You are my goddess and there is nobody else that can make me smile, keep me warm or keep me company. That place is always open at my side for when you choose to grace me with your presence. Your smile lights my mornings and your eyes darken my nights and they both make my heart pound in this weak man's chest. I am yours for as long as you will have me, for as long as I please you."

She holds out both hands to him and he kisses them one by one on the backs of her hands, and then turns them over and bites one her palms. She jumps a little in her seat but her face holds.

He smiles at her with tenderness in his eyes and says "There. Feel better?"

She smiles and nods graciously again, a queen to her knight. "Yes. Arise, Sir What's His Name."

He stands up and people at other tables are clapping quietly. There are a few "awwwwws" and a couple of jealous and wistful glances before everyone goes back to their meal.

He leans forward as if to whisper sweet nothings and says "You're just trying to get attention, and you're going to wear me out."

She keeps her sweet smile on her face and whispers back demurely "I only want to wear out your knees and elbows."

His smile is incendiary as he salutes her with a brow. "That is a great line. Keep it. Love that."

She nods regally and releases him to his seat, taking another bite of her meal and saying "I'll hold you to it, too."

He considers and says "Remind me to check if our insurance covers joint replacement surgery, I'm going to need it."

"I'll cast you aside if you fail me."

"I'm pretty sure I won't need a tongue replacement ever. Maybe a sprain. Do they have tongue slings?" He sticks his tongue out slightly and says "I mith hath to thalk like thith for a lithle bith."

She spits her food into her napkin with a short involuntary cough of laughter and tries to get herself under control as he eats his dinner without cracking a smile. He even looks at her like he has no idea why she's laughing and maybe the poor lady is a bit insane and he's just being polite. His foot comes to rest against hers under the table, rubbing toes.

She's still flustered and looks at him appreciatively and says "I'd best excuse myself before I completely lose control."

She puts her napkin down and nods to him, conceding this round and walking to the Ladies' Room, hips swaying and attempting to keep dignity intact. Her shoulders are shaking in a desperate "I'm trying not to laugh" way. It's subtle, but he sees it.

He smiles and puts his own napkin down, following her quietly.

She steps into a stall and doesn't notice he's behind her until his hand stops the door from closing and violently pulls it out of her hand. He slips inside the stall and locks it, leaning back against the door and putting a finger against his lips. He reached for her and yanks her back against his chest and she whispers in a schoolmarmish voice "Ladies room. LADIES."

He smiles against her ear and said lazily "Funny thing about looking like me. People have a real aversion to trying to stop me from doing anything I want to do. I think they fear for their health. But you're not afraid of me, are you?"

She shakes her head "no."

His voice is a satin-threaded whisper. "Sure you are. That's why you like me so much. I thought the idea of you losing control sounded like a good one. Don't you think it's a good idea?"

She shakes her head again "no."

He smiles "You're such a liar. Sure you do. Right now I think you're gonna think what I tell you to think."

She smiles and he's smiling with her. Her back is flush against his chest and their breathing gets a little harsher together. His hands roam lightly over her body and lift up her skirt. His hands caress her thighs until her first whimper and then he stops and says "If you make a sound, I'll stop what I'm doing."

She bites her lip and leans back against him, trying to turn to hold him and he keeps her still with his arm across her collarbone. "No. Show me. Show me what feels good."

She's a little slow to catch on, so he takes her hands and uses them to help lift her dress higher, spreading her palms against her breasts.

Biting her lip she starts to understand and strokes at her breasts, leaning her head back against him and pressing her hips back against his. He smiles again and arranges her the way he wants her. He takes his hands to show her. Her left arm is crossed over her body to caress her breast and his right arm crosses over that to trap her arm in place while he caresses her other breast. Her right hand is guided by his hand to her clit and his hand then reaches between them to enter rough and hard and ride her mercilessly. There's never a question she's ready for him. It doesn't occur to either of them that she wouldn't be. He whispers in her ear and holds her weight as she leans back and listens. She closes her eyes and bites harder at her lip.

He stares at her whitening lip and focuses there, pinching at her nipple and grinding her back against his body, his voice harsh, violent and quiet against her ear with his fingers violating her. "Come on honey, show me what feels good. This feels good, doesn't it? I know you can't talk. You don't want to talk because then I'd stop. You don't want me to stop, do you?" Her head shakes back and forth weakly twice and then she stops with a gasp. Her body trembles against him and her knees are getting weak, the trembles starting internally and spreading out like waves through her nerves and her skin. He watches her breathing get harsher, her eyes close, her lip get bitten almost to bleeding.

He says "Come for me honey. Show me. I'm right here and I want to see. Show me. Show me what feels good." Her orgasm bubbles out of her and then it's a torrent and he watches her shudder and try so hard not to moan, her breath exhaled in a long tortured expiration through trembling lips. He jerks her around and kisses her mouth to drink her in, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her while she rides the sensation and melts into him, breasts crushed against his chest and his hands stroking over her back possessively until she's melted completely in his arms and can't do anything but breathe hard. Then the breathing becomes softer, gentler and her legs get a little more stable. Enough that he feels like she could stand if he let her.

He kisses the top of her head and tips her chin up. "I thought you came here to compose yourself. You're a mess. What am I going to do with you?"

He shakes his head ruefully, unlocks the door and slips out with a backward comment "Lightweight."

She hisses spitefully "You could have at least leaned me against the wall!"

He excuses himself to the two women checking their makeup and gossiping and nods his head in greeting. "Ladies." At first they looked offended, now they're appreciative and busy watching him on the way out.

Callie is busy clapping her hand over her mouth and trying not to laugh, sliding down the wall and convulsing silently with laughter and pleasure and inside jokes.

When she manages to pull herself together, mostly, she heads back to their table and he's sipping coffee and pointing to a huge piña colada at her place setting. It's a monstrosity. A girlie drink gone bad. He smiles and says "I asked for extra pineapple and little umbrellas."

She stares at it and starts to strip the frou frou off and put it on a bread plate. She says "Now that's a nice touch. I'm…I'm…speechless."

He just stares at her with a little smile. She realizes what she just said and drops her pineapple.

He says "You have to try to keep up, honey. You're just embarrassing tonight. Way off your game."

She looks sorry and shakes her head while chewing on a piece of pineapple "I'll never be able to keep up with the master. I concede."

He chuckles. "Bullshit. Let's go." He pulls out her chair and they walk out arm in arm.


In the morning she's the first one up and Callie grins and turns off his alarm clock. Slipping under the covers she slides down his body and starts to play with his skin, running her hands over his chest, listening to him make sleepy moans. She rolls him onto his back while he's half asleep and his hand slides up to caress her shoulder. His eyes open and he smiles "Mornin' baby."

She lifts her head from his nipple and smiles "Good morning honey. I think you're sick."

He blinks once. "I am?"

She nods solemnly, her nose brushing against his nipple and his chest muscles tighten. "Yes. You have a fever. You're hoarse. You can't move out of this bed."

His brow raises and he looks at the clock that he quickly realizes she has turned off. "I'm also going to be late for work."

She shakes her head "You're not going to work. Nope." Her tongue slides out and circles his nipple and his breath is an indrawn hiss.

He leans back and says "I'm not going to work." He closes his eyes and leans his head back further until his head jerks up as an afterthought and says "Will there be waffles?"

She giggles against his skin. "There can be. If you don't put up a fuss." Her smiling mouth kisses his chest and she runs appreciative hands over his skin, shoulders and chest, hips and thighs, dragging her hair over his skin and rubbing her cheek against his abdomen. "Just lie back and take it easy. You're a very sick man and you need me to take care of you."

He swallows once and says "Yes, I'm a very sick man. Who needs waffles."

She bites his stomach once and spreads her hand out over the muscles tensing and twitching there. Her hands and mouth drift lower and her hands shift to his thighs, which are starting to tense. Her hands reach up to entwine through one of his. "I know you're sick, it's okay, I'll hold your hand."

His hands tighten around hers in a hard squeeze as her mouth drifts lower to his cock. He spreads his body out for her and strokes her hair with one hand. Playing with the head of him, she circles her tongue around and her teeth scrape just the lightest pressure until she kisses the head and draws back to smile at him.

He says "You're going to kill me, aren't you?"

She nods. "Eventually, probably."

He says "It's worth it. I will die a happy man. Even without the waffles."

She says "Remind me to check your life insurance policy and raise the benefit."

He echoes "Oh, honey, raise the benefit. Raise the benefit." His hand disengages from hers and pushes her back down until her tongue and mouth on him erase every thought and his muscles are taut, head thrown back and the only word on his lips is her name. She was right. He's got a fever, he's hoarse, he can't move out of bed.

With his fingertips tangled through her hair and his body cradled in her hands and lips, she tightens one hand around the base of his cock rhythmically and strokes his skin him with the other hand, his thighs, along the creases of skin, licking at him until he's sweating, teasing him with long languorous slides of her tongue and pulling her mouth to caress the head of his cock with just her lips until she can hear his body whimper under her fingertips and tongue. Having proven her point, she drives him deep into her mouth, back and fast, hard and tight and tuned to every cue he gives him, following every little moan until it gets bigger, turning every shudder into a gasp, and taking him whole into herself, until he comes for her and she devours him, tastes how good this feels for him, feels the spasm and weakness of his body for her.

Kissing a light, loving path back up his chest, she lays down next to him and puts her hand over her heart to feel the pounding there and spread his sweat onto her palm.

She smiles up at him and says shyly "Have I mentioned lately that I love you?"

He kisses the top of her head. "All the time, honey, but I never get tired of hearing it."

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