Two Halves, One Soul

byAlex the Cat©

"Danielle," she whispers into the night. What a beautiful femme I've encountered tonight. Wavy reddish gold hair that falls down just past her shoulders. Dainty little hands with short fingernails are perfect. Sea green eyes that sparkle when the light hits them just right. Such a beautiful smile with dimples and her small nose even scrunches when she laughs. To have her rear end touch my thighs at the pool table tonight, and to be leaning over her, ugh, I just wanted to devour her right there. And I knew that my breath just a half a centimeter from her ear was driving her crazy. I could feel her tremble and the scent of her body soap was intoxicating. Hmm, I wish I could figure out what was the scent of that soap. I know I've smelled it somewhere before. Jesse begins drifting off.


The phone rings. Dani springs up out of a dead sleep and grabs the receiver, from the nightstand, to make the noise stop. "Yeah, hello," she says sternly with her eyes still half shut.

"Hey, Dani, its Kris. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah," she mumbles. "I'm just so tired. I can barely think straight, and I still haven't opened my eyes."

"Is Jesse there?" Kris asks innocently.

"What?!? No. Of course she isn't here." Her eyes pop open. "You think I just meet someone and bed them the same night?"

"Dani, okay, okay. I'm sorry. It was just an innocent question. I wasn't implying anything. Forgive me."

"Okay, it's alright. Sorry, didn't mean to yell like that. What's up?"

"Remember you wanted me to show you the health food store that's near you since we both need to do some shopping. We planned on it this morning."

"Oh, yeah." Dani looks at the clock on the nightstand. 9:30am. Shit. There's no time. "Um, Kris, can we postpone it till tomorrow? I mean, are you in dire need for groceries?"

"No. I can wait."

"Thanks. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sleep in, but I came home around 2:30 and I was just exhausted, and Jesse asked me out again today. She's picking me up at noon."

"Oh, alright. You lucky dog. You see, I told you. I knew you'd have a great time. I'm glad."

"Thanks. Hey, I'll drive in tomorrow. Let's meet at the cafeteria right after work and head out to do groceries."

"That sounds good to me. Alright, have a great day with Jesse."

"Thanks. I think I will. Bye." She hangs up. Rubbing her face she calculates how much time she needs to shower and get ready and have some coffee, then she falls back on her pillow. Okay, just 1 more hour. I better set the alarm. God forbid I'm late to my date. Hee hee.


The radio turns on with U2 singing, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for". Jesse rolls over, and clutches the extra pillow to her chest. You have a date with a certain beautiful femme today, you devil. Jesse smiles into the pillow. She hops up. 8:30am. Alright, I have time to go to the gym, grab some breakfast, maybe, and look presentable by noon. She turns the volume on the radio up a couple of notches, and begins removing her boxers and tank top. She walks across the spacious bedroom and tosses the clothing into the hamper. From the dresser drawer she pulls out a sportbra, black T-shirt and navy blue sweatpants. Donning the clothing and finishing up with her Nikes, she checks her backpack for a swimsuit, towel, headset, and what CD's she has thrown in there.

Once at the gym, she heads straight for the treadmill for a 30 minute run. Afterwards, it's a 30minute workout on the weights, and then to the pool. She steps into the shower wearing her black one piece Speedo to rinse off the sweat and body oil. She then dives into the pool and takes in the cool refreshing water. Resurfacing, she takes a deep breath and begins the strokes. Forty laps later, she is back in her shirt and sweats heading home. Upon entering the kitchen she decides on making coffee before showering. She takes out the bag of organic beans from the fridge and grinds them up in the grinder. Water in the coffee maker and the filter in place, she pours in the grounds and turns the machine on.

In the shower she begins to think about Dani. The things I want to do to her. Hmm. I can just see her writhing underneath me, begging me to make her come. Then again, with her intoxicating scent, and gorgeously feminine body, I may beg her to make me come. She laughs to herself.


12 noon and Dani is in front of her apartment waiting on the steps. She decided on wearing jeans today, thinking it would be appropriate for sightseeing, along with a long sleeve white blouse, and her brown Doc Marten's boots. Again she wore light make-up, and decided on her small gold teddy bear earring studs. Her small brown backpack/purse completes her ensemble.

Within a minute of her waiting outside, she sees the black Nissan pulling up. She tries to walk down the steps gracefully, praying she wouldn't trip from nervousness and break her nose. She climbs up into the SUV, and the familiar scent of leather soothes her, along with another scent. It's somewhat spicy or musky. Hmm, what is that? Her mind lights up. Ah, patchouli. Hmm, I love it. God she smells so yummy. "Hi there," she quickly says.

"Hello," Jesse responds. "Nice to see you again." Damn, that scent of hers is like a drug. I just want to take her right here in the car. But, now, now, let's have some manners. What is it that I smell? Mint? Hmm, it's mixed with something else. Lavender. That's it. Yes. What a wonderful combination. "So, are you hungry?" I know I am, in more ways than one.

"Yes, very much." And not just for food. "I didn't have breakfast. Sort of woke up late." Dani responds.

"Do you like vegetarian food?" Jesse asks.


"Great. I know a nice diner in Boystown."

Dani turns and looks at Jesse with furrowed eyebrows. "Boystown? Like in the Mickey Rooney movie?"

Jesse laughs out. "No, no, I mean the gay neighborhood nicknamed Boystown because it's predominantly gay boys."

"That's awesome. I would love to go there." She thinks for a moment. "So is there a Girlstown?"

"Yep. It's further north of here."

"Really?! That's terrific."

"We can have dinner up that way if you don't get tired of me this afternoon." Jesse states hesitantly.

"I don't think I will get tired of your company. Dinner sounds wonderful too." Dani sort of blushes, wondering if she spoke too soon.


At the restaurant, Jesse orders the Tofu brown rice stir-fry, and Dani decides on the veggie chili with corn bread. They talk about their jobs, and all that the city has to offer. "So, what do you do for a living?" Dani asks first.

"I'm a vet."

"Really? That's great."

"I run the clinic just west of here."

"I bet it's nice not to have to answer to the boss about being gay when you are the boss."

"What about you?" Jesse asks.

"I work as a Technical Researcher in the Breast Cancer clinic at Northwestern Hospital. I help check patients in, assist with the initial visit, provide info, and assist with all the research. I like the contact with people, and I like that I'm involved with such a powerful subject."

"Do you have to be quiet on being gay?"

"Not really, but I'm also not flamboyant about it. There are two other women in the center, a nurse and one of the front desk workers, who are lesbians. They seem nice, but we haven't really just gone ahead and say, 'hi, nice to see you're a lesbian too'." "I understand." She looks at her watch. "Well, I thought we'd start our sightseeing at the Sears Tower. Have you heard of it?"

"Yes, sounds good."

At the Sears Tower, Dani is taken back by the gorgeous view of the city. With Jesse standing right next to her, she says, "Wow, Jesse, it's incredible."

Jesse points out the various buildings and what they represent in the city.

"This is like being up on a mountain, but instead of seeing out onto a valley of trees and greenery, I see the whole city."

Afterwards, Dani finds herself up on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. She can hardly believe the size of this ride. Being up at the highest point, in such a small cage like box, made her scared; and it was at those points that Jesse could feel her moving closer and away from seeing what's out there. At the second time of her inching her way against the taller woman, Jesse decides on taking her hand. Dani feels a rush of relief when the warmth of Jesse's hand covers her own.

"It's okay. I won't let you fall out," Jesse states.

She smiles, "Thanks. Being up so high in such a small space can be a little intimidating." She looks into cerulean blues staring back at her. Her eye color looks a shade darker, almost violet. I wish she would kiss me. This thick air between us is driving me crazy.

As if Jesse could read her thoughts, she inches forward and gently presses her lips against Dani's. Lips part a bit and the exchange of warm breath is exhilarating for both of them. Tongues meet in a slow dance. Dani feels a little lightheaded.

"Okay folks, how did you enjoy your..." the voice of the conductor trails off seeing the two women in a lip lock. They break off; realizing the outside voice is talking to them until all became silent. The car opens and Jesse steps out with Dani following. The man just stands there open-mouthed. As they walk a few feet away, they glance at each other and bust out laughing.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Dani exclaims. "I wonder if he's still standing there dumbfounded."

"I didn't mean for us to get caught." Jesse states.

"Oh, it's no problem. I don't care. I think it was worth it to see that guy's reaction. Plus a big city like this has got to be more tolerant than anyone back home."

"I'm glad you're fine about it. How about some skating?" Jesse asks.

"Sounds great," she answers with a smile.

They spend their time on the rink while the sun sets into the darkening sky. Laughing, carousing, and showing off. Jesse's effort of showing off while doing a back twirl lands her flat on the ice.

"Ohmigosh, are you okay?" Dani tries to hold back the chuckling. Jesse looks up at her, smiles foolishly, and they both bust out. She takes the offered hand to help get up. They decide to head over to the sidelines.

"Well, I guess I won't be trying something that stupid again," she says still laughing at the situation.

All of a sudden a rumbling is heard. Dani looks embarrassed. "Sorry, I guess I'm hungry."

"Well then, let's go. Do you like Mediterranean?"

"I've never had it, but I'll try anything once."

"Anything?" Jesse asks with a raised eyebrow.

A sinister smile spreads across the blonde's face leaving Jesse to wonder at the possibilities of what it means.


"Would you like to come up for a drink?" Dani asks.

Jesse looks at her watch. "I can come up for one drink."

Dani understood the implication and appreciated it.

"My place is small but it's cozy. Come into the kitchen. Take a seat. What would you like?" Dani feels the nervousness rise into her cheeks. She looks into the fridge. "Let's see, I have some iced tea, soymilk, and water."

"I'll have some iced tea."

"Sounds good." She pulls out the pitcher, a tray of ice and 2 glasses. Drinks prepared, she places one in front of Jesse and takes a seat across from her.

"This is a nice place," Jesse begins.

"It's not much, but I love it. It's just right for me, especially since I'm the only one."

"Did you paint it?"

"Just the bedroom. I'm grateful the landlord agreed to it. I couldn't stand the melon color it originally was. It's now a soft lilac color. I like the color of the rest of the place though."

"It's smart to put this here instead of trying to manage a kitchen table." Jesse adds.

"Oh, you mean the bistro? Yeah, I'm glad I found it. It works perfectly, and allows enough room in here."

Feeling the tension and depth of arousal in the room, Jesse finishes her drink. "I better get going." They stand, and Dani takes hold of the woman's large hand.

"Thank you for a wonderful day. I had a lot of fun."

Jesse couldn't help herself. She takes a step into Dani's space, which causes the small woman to reflexively take a step back against the kitchen counter. This is exactly where Jesse wants her. She quickly hoists Dani up onto the counter as if she were a rag doll. A yelp escapes the young woman's mouth. With her hands on Dani's thighs, she leans in to kiss soft lips. Tongues entwine without hesitation. Dani groans softly into Jesse's mouth. This urges the taller woman to close what little space is left between them with her strong arms wrapping around the smaller frame before her. Dani wraps her legs around the long slender body. Jesse begins kissing the lavender mint scented jaw line, then moves down to Dani's neck. Another groan escapes the smaller woman's throat. Her hands run through jet-black hair.

Out of nowhere, Jesse gains control of herself again. "Not yet," she whispers in a hoarse voice. She opens her eyes to get lost in those emerald greens. Dani loosens her grip, a look of slight disappointment on her face. "Patience," she whispers again as she brushes her lips against the sensuous ones before her. Breaking off the kiss, she adds, "I have a surgery early in the morning that I need to be completely alert for."

"I understand," Dani responds.

Taking a step back, Jesse then assists the strawberry blonde off the counter.

Dani comments, "I can't believe how strong you are. You pick me up like I'm a sack of oranges."

Jesse chuckles, "I guess it's from all that swimming and upper body weight training."

They walk over to the front door.

"Friday night..." Jesse begins but pauses for a second, "Friday night, let me make dinner for you."


"I'll call you this week to give you my address." Jesse lowers her head for one more passionate kiss. "Talk to you later."

"Okay," is all Dani could say.

The door closes, and she locks it. Fuck me. Literally. Goddamn I've never felt anything like this before. It was so primal. I better go sit down. Dani heads for her room and throws herself down on the bed. I'm so fucking horny now. Pulling out the drawer from the nightstand, she brings out her favorite dildo. Quickly tearing out of her clothes, Dani lays on the bed. She plunges the red rubber inside of herself and begins rubbing her slick wet clit with her free hand. Her thoughts focus clearly on Jesse. After her orgasm, she goes for another and then another until completely satiated. Oh, god, I want her so bad, I can hardly contain myself. I just know she will be unlike anyone else. I know it will be so hot and passionate. With the way she kisses, there's no doubt she is excellent in bed. I hope I can hold out until Friday. She lies there letting the light perspiration dry from her body. I better set my alarm and just go to sleep. Hmm, but I think one more orgasm is in order. She re-inserts the dildo, fucking herself forcefully on her knees and stroking herself harder until... finally she screams and collapses on the bed. The dildo is next to the alarm and Dani is under the covers fast asleep.


After masturbating a few times while thinking of a certain blonde femme, Jesse rolls over. A familiar photo stares back at her. "I miss you Tommy." I wish you were here to meet Dani. You'd like her. I'm sorry girl. Please forgive me for letting you down. She clutches the extra pillow to her. She closes her eyes to sleep.


"Hi Kris."

"Hey there."

"I'm so glad we are doing groceries. I didn't realize how bare my fridge was until I was trying to offer a drink to Jesse." They enter the parking garage elevator.

Kris turns to face her. "You had Jesse up in your apartment?" The doors open at the 8th floor.

"Oh, I'm here." They step out to the car. "Yes, and nothing happened. Well, I mean we didn't have sex. But she can sure kiss. Oh, god, there was so much passion emanating from her. I had to masturbate several times after she left."

Several times? Shit. She clears her throat, and hops into the car. "So, are the two of you going out again?"

"Yeah, she invited me over to her place on Friday night. Said she's going to make dinner. I'm actually rather surprised. I haven't known any butches who know how to cook. And I mean really cook, you know, not make macaroni and cheese. But we'll see what happens." They exit the garage.

Kris laughs. "Take Lake Shore Drive to Belmont and we'll go west from there. It's the simplest route. So, how do you like working at the center?"

"It's been great so far. I prefer working amongst a majority of women than men. All that testosterone makes me ill but that may be due to the testosterone level being so thick back home. I wish though that those other two lesbians would be friendlier. It'd be nice to be friends with them, you know?"

"They might be concerned that you are going to 'out them'. Some people are like that in the work place. I'm sure if you have patience, they may come around."

"Yeah, that's possible."

The rest of the drive is silent until further directions are needed.

"Oh, make a right turn here. It's just past the next light. You'll want to make a left into the parking lot."

Dani is in awe as she walks into Whole Foods. "Wow, a real organic health food store. We never had anything this big or came even this close at home. You just had to know where to go to get certain things and it was a pain in the ass." Dani walks down the soap isle. I wonder if they have the soap I like to use, or at least something similar to it.

"Are you finding what you want?" Kris asks.

Dani picks up a bar and sniffs it. "This is it. Yes, they have it." Turning to her friend, "This is the soap I started using a couple of months ago, and I love it. Here smell it."

She takes hold of it and sniffs it gently. "Wow, this is very nice."

"It suits her perfectly." A third voice speaks. They turn around.

"Jesse! What are you doing here?" Dani asks excitedly.

"Just picking up some groceries."

"Kris, you remember Jesse."

"Yes, of course," Kris responds smiling at the tall woman.

She nods with a, "Hey."

Jesse reaches over to grab a bar of soap. "I knew that was the scent I smelled from you yesterday."

Dani gently grabs her wrist to look at the name of the bar in Jesse's hand. "Patchouli, that's what you use. I knew it."


"I really like it."

"I'm glad."

Dani let's her fingers linger on the hard wrist she's holding.

"I'm going to get some waffles. I'll see you two later." Kris interrupts and walks off.

Dani let's go, and clears her throat. "You shop here often?" Making a face of pure frustration, she adds, "Okay, that was stupid and corny to ask."

"It's alright. Yes, I shop here regularly. Unfortunately I can't stay though. I need to get back to the clinic to check in on a pug and attend the monthly meeting."

"Oh, okay."

"Wednesday night, would you like to meet for coffee?" Jesse takes the chance in asking.


"Great. Meet me at the Kopi Café in girlstown at 8pm."

"Oh, yeah, I remember, okay."


Friday night is finally here. Dani is very nervous. In front of the mirror still wet from her shower, she is having trouble finding something to wear. "Damn it. Everything is ugly. What am I going to do?" Alright, calm down Danielle. You're just having dinner with a handsome butch at her place. We're not going to the Ritz-Carlton. Okay, black jeans. Hunter green blouse, and black Doc Martens high tops. "That should do it." And let's not forget the sexy black lace bra with matching panties. "Yes, I'm ready."

Dinner is almost ready. Jesse sprints upstairs. Looking at the clock she is grateful for having taken a shower before preparing the meal. She throws on a pair of black jeans over her Joe Boxer smiley face shorts. Black sportbra, T-shirt, and black button down shirt left untucked. Lastly she dons her black combat boots. Looking good Jess. As she glances towards the mirror.

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