tagErotic CouplingsTwo Heads are Better

Two Heads are Better



She never would have said it under any other circumstance.

But she was drunk. And he was so close. 

And it really just kind of fell out of her mouth.

So to speak.

It happened when he was talking about a previous girlfriend. How he hadn't had a good blowjob in a long time and his last girlfriend really didn't like to give them.

She was trying to be polite. She said she wondered how that could be so. She hinted that she, in fact, enjoyed giving blowjobs. He said that he would sometimes debate it with his old girlfriend but by the time he convinced her to do it, it just wasn't any fun.

Then she said:

"Well, she must be crazy. I would give anything to do that to you. I think about it all the time."

He stopped short. You could almost hear the screeching brakes in his head.


"Uh," she said.

"I mean," she started.

She turned red.

"You're kidding me. Come on," he said.

"Well," she said, again hesitating.

She looked at him then, not sure what to say, looked in his eyes, looked at his mouth, felt his leg close to hers. Felt that they were the only ones left from the company happy hour and were sitting close together at a table where no one was really paying attention. Felt him close.

"Of course I'm just kidding," she said. But they both knew she was lying. 

After that, the conversation continued, but it was...different, somehow. His leg got closer. His hand was on her back more. Her hand was on his knee more.

"The problem is, there's no way you can give an excellent blow job if you don't love to do it," she said, looking right in his eyes.

"It is just not going to happen. It's mechanical. It's how long do I have to do this until I can stop. And you can forget swallowing. Most chicks I know who hate blowjobs won't swallow ever. To be honest, for me, it depends on the circumstance, but if I'm really, really into it?" she said, again, not letting his eyes go. 

"If I'm really into it, you'll have trouble prying me off you," she said, at that point, deliberating using her pronouns.

She could see he was hanging on her words now.

"Here, let me give you an example," she said. And caught his fingers of his right hand in hers, interlaced them, bringing them to her mouth.

"Here's the chick that hates the blow job," she said. 

Pushing his middle finger up, she slid it into her mouth, mechanically, in and out a few times. While it certainly was mechanical, the feeling of her wet mouth and tongue on his finger jolted heat through him. 

She stopped.

"Ok, you felt that. Now here's the difference. Here's the chick that loves giving blowjobs. Or, more specifically," she said, again looking right in his eyes, "Here's me."

Again, she lifted his middle finger to her mouth, and watched his eyes, until hers closed, and did it differently than the first time. Not for long. But long enough. 

He tried to sit still watching this, feeling her tongue, warm and wet, but of course, there was no way he was not thinking of it somewhere else.

"You see the difference?" she said, not letting go of his hand, not caring now, squeezing her fingers in his.

"Ah... yes. Yes I see the difference," he said, and she laughed.

The tension remained though. They could laugh about other things. But now it was there. Getting drunker certainly didn't do anything to lessen it. The more they drank, the more they both thought about what she had said. What she had shown him.

By the time she was ready to go, in more ways than one, he said, "Should we get out of here?"

She caught his eye, and said, "I was about to say the same thing."

They left the bar and it was pouring rain. The rain that almost hurt it was so hard. 

They were both soaked before they even began walking back to the hotel they were both staying at. Separately.

One block and he pulled her into an alley, just to get out of the rain, of course. Under an awning.

They were slightly out of breath. Both soaked. Her shirt clung to her. He licked his wet lips. She stared at them.

Then she kissed them. She had to. Her lips met his, both wet and warm, and she moved her tongue into his mouth to find his. Her hands crawled under his arms and around his back and her fingers dug into his shirt, into his back. His hands held the sides of her face, softly, kissing her back. 

Then she pulled away, not far, looking into his eyes, and her hands moved down, over his pants, to feel him, feel him hard, holding him in her hands, feeling him get harder, harder.

And he was taken off guard, and was ready to say stop, when she moved down onto one knee, then the other, looking at him.

"No! You can't," he said, looking around. People were walking down the street passed the alley. Some glanced over, one guy smiled, but they kept walking. The rain kept them moving.

He tried to pull her up as she unbuttoned his pants.

She slapped his hands away. She slapped them hard. He was surprised with how hard.

"Seriously, stop," he said, again trying to pull her up. He was embarrassed. Looking around, he knew people could see. 

But now she had his pants open. And he had a feeling he was really going to have to knock her unconscious to get her to stop.

She found his dick. And despite his protests, he was hard. Getting harder. And feeling her hands on him, it felt so good.

All that talk over drinks, he had been thinking about this. He had been wondering. He leaned his back against the bricks, and gave up. Let people see. 

As she insistently stroked him, touched him, he just didn't care where they were anymore. 

 He felt her tongue on the tip of his dick as her hands stroked him, felt how hard he was, stroked his balls, and holding him, she slid him into her mouth. Slid him slowly into her mouth, and his head tilted further back against the wall as he felt her tongue.

Now all the way into her mouth, her tongue moved back and forth, back and forth, under him, her lips working him tighter and letting go, sliding him slowly all the way out again, her tongue working him the whole time.

She smiled feeling him get harder, and she worked him faster, her tongue making crazy circles on the end of his dick each time she got to the end, her fingers around him, stroking him, licking him and sucking him.

Pulling him all the way out of her mouth, her tongue licked his balls and then back on him, rolling him into her mouth again, his hands now in her hair, and he could feel it rumbling within him.

Each stroke of her tongue, each time her fingers tightened around him, licking him, her mouth wet, hot, relentless, going faster now. Just the right speed. And he could see her face, see how delirious she was, lost in swallowing his dick, purely attentive, loving it, just loving it.

And more, more, she went faster.

Now, she did not stop, but just swallowed him into her mouth, that mouth that would not stop, in fast, hot strokes, over and over, and he thought his knees would buckle with how hot it felt, and still she got faster, each time he thought, "Faster, more," it was as if she read his mind.

And she moved her mouth, turned her head now, side, to side, so her lips moved in a circle as she slid his dick in and out of her mouth, faster, faster, faster, hotter, wetter, deeper into her throat, her tongue all the while feeling him pulse, feeling him get harder.

And it was coming now, it was only a matter of seconds, and he took her hair, held it tightly, pulled it, fucking her mouth now, letting her hair go, but she pushed his hands back, wanting him to fuck her mouth to finish, wanting him to force her mouth as hard as he could, force him as deeply as he could, and it was tight.

Wet, hot, hotter, and here it was, and she worked the bottom of his shaft with her tongue and he knew she could feel him start to jerk, start to spasm, and he did not care at all who saw as he came down her throat. And he came for what seemed like a long time, and she swallowed it all, greedily, hungrily, lapping at him when he was done, wanting more, more. 

She licked her lips and felt her sore knees but did not care.

And he lifted her, trembling, her legs shaking, and she wrapped her arms around him, burying her mouth in his neck to jealously protect every drop of him from being washed away by the rain.


His first realization as he woke up sleepily was the sound of the rain pounding the window behind his head.

The second was of his dick sliding into her warm mouth.

He drew in his breath and closed his eyes.

They had barely slept but he was not tired. Both naked under the covers, he felt her tongue working him, twirling around the tip of his dick and then slowly under him, sliding him as far into her mouth as she could get him, And then slowly, slowly, out. 

He felt her hair tickling his body as her mouth worked him. She looked up at him, awake now, and smiled, pulling away, moving her mouth up his body, stroking his hard dick with her soft skin, never far from it, now moving down again, pushing it between the weight of her warm breasts, stroking his skin with her hard nipples, moving up his body again, her mouth always on him, her tongue finding his nipples, curling around them, working them.

Then with her hand now stroking him, finding his mouth with hers, and giving him such warm, wet kisses that he was breathless from them and her hand on his dick, and pulling her hot mouth away from his again, she moved down, down, again stroking his dick with her body all the way down, feeling it against her belly, again against her heavy breasts, and now her mouth found him again. He held on tightly to the sheets, now his hands in fists, as her tongue, with his dick in her hand, made merciless circles around the sensitive tip.

Round, and round, while slowly stroking him, up and down, and he could see her eyes fluttering from getting off on doing this, and he couldn't tear his eyes away from her, her hair wild and messy from the long night, partly over her eyes, but he could still see them.

He could see them glancing at him in almost animalistic heat.

And slowly, finally stopping those slow circles, she moved her fingers in a circle down his dick as her mouth slowly, slowly swallowed him and she could feel him getting harder still. He couldn't believe how hard he was. 

And she was still so, so slowly, moving him in....and out....

And then in.....and out of her hot, wet mouth, her tongue moving around him, teasing him, torturing him, sliding so strong, back and forth under his dick, all the while, her lips holding him, her fingers holding him, stroking him, stroking his thighs, finding his balls, moving her mouth off them to lick and gently hold them in her hot mouth, playing with them with her tongue.

And he could not breathe now, he was trying, but it was so hard to catch his breath, and she knew and smiled, and never stopping her tongue, working him, working the tip every time she let him slide out of her mouth, so warm, so insistent, getting wetter because she was so hungry for him, hungry to taste him, and he knew that, knew it by looking at her, knew it by how she was sucking his dick that she wanted it. Wanted it bad.

Still, she started sighing the more almost imperceptibly faster she went, and he was amazed to see it was hard for her to go slow too, because she wanted it that bad.

Again she pulled off, and moved her mouth up his body, and holding her breasts in her hands, she rubbed the tip of his now throbbing dick, wet from him and from her mouth, in a circle around each hard, sensitive nipple, and sighed more, and the sensation was unbelievable to him, and he wanted those in his mouth, and still she moved up again, and found his mouth, tongue first this time, seeking only more heat, more wet, more tongue, and whispered into his mouth, taking his hand, guiding it between her legs... 

Feel how wet sucking your dick makes me...she said, and he almost came right there, because his fingers found her, and opened her pussy, and it was soaking wet, almost as wet as her mouth that was working his tongue, and he tried to open her, wanted to touch her, wanting to find her clit, because he wanted her to come, she was so close.

No...she said. No...that's for later.... I'm not done yet ...and she pulled her mouth away, pulled her pussy from his hand, and he wished she had more than one mouth because he wanted it everywhere, he wanted to feel her tongue, suck her tongue, while she sucked his dick and licked it. 

He could not get enough of her mouth, and again, feeling her hard nipples down the delicate skin of his stomach while she stroked his dick yet again, she moved her body over him and just for a second, she moved her dripping pussy over him, and he was so hard, that he almost fucked her without even trying, but instead, she held him in her hands..

And rubbed him against her, feeling how hot she was, how wet, that feeling was too much and he bit his lip to keep from crying out, and he could not catch his breath and rubbing him against her, she sighed again, louder but she would not stop, and leaned to slowly, excruciatingly slowly slide him into her mouth. 

He was like a rock against her tongue as she stroked him with it, teasing his balls still with her fingers, she started, started to go faster now. He saw she could not stop.

And now faster, her tongue working him faster, in, and out, and in, and out, so hot, so dripping wet in her mouth, her tongue still working the tip of his dick every time he slid out, but now she could not let him out that far, and he saw, saw she started to moan as she got faster.

Now, every time she slid her mouth down the shaft of his dick, she would rotate her mouth so her lips swirled in a circle with each movement.

Her tongue was driving him crazy, harder motions, harder strokes, faster and faster her hungry mouth swallowed him, and he saw, as he was so close, that she was coming, she was coming from sucking his dick, and heard her moaning into his dick, felt her fingers tightly into his thighs, and now she just sucked him, so fast, so unbelievably fast, in, out, in, out and she felt him tremble, saw him unable to control the guttural moan that escaped him, as his head went back, his back arched, and he came.

He came, and came, and she did not stop, she worked her tongue under him, wanting to suck every last drop of him, still licking and sucking as he felt the aftershocks of his orgasm and was unable to focus his eyes for a moment, as she finally relinquished ownership of him, and curled up in between his legs, with her head on his thigh, and softly stroked him.

Licking her lips and holding him in her hands, until he pulled her gently to him, up into his arms, she stroked his face...

Are you tired, she asked.

No, I'm not tired. 

You're not? she said.

She still softly stroked his dick, which he was amazed to see was responding to her. She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

Will you fuck me again? she said.
I love the way you fuck me. 

And, with the rain still pounding against the window, with the night sky barely opened by a hint of morning.

The End

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