tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTwo is Four Ch. 02

Two is Four Ch. 02


Disclaimer: Dark Angel doesn't belong to the author, but to James Cameron, etc. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: A simple smut piece with little story. Post Freak Nation. Ben and Sam are alive and well and have managed to find their way into Terminal City. - Continued

(Apologies for spelling and grammar. English isn't my first language.)

A/N: I know the characters aren't exactly in character, but I've tried written it that way and it was terrible. Which is also the reason why there aren't much of a plot ;)


Max slowly woke up with a strange feeling that she couldn't place immediately. She felt warm and rested, which was unusual for her these days. Then as she shifted her body slightly and everything came crashing down on her, the feeling of a warm body, a distinct male body, behind her. She remembered what had happened and she probably wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't felt the body behind her, and the very real male organ that was pressed against her lower back.

Her movement cased Alec to move, draping an arm over her before returning to sleep. Max had suddenly become wide-awake, her eyes widening as he drew her to him and felt his hard body pressed against the length of her body. She froze, not knowing how to react as she felt his cock slowly starting to harden in his sleep. Her body, remembering the incredible sensations from last night responded by own accord, the tingling warm sensation returning.

Max laid at the side of the bed facing the wall and couldn't see the rest of the room without turning around, but she heard breathing from two more individuals further back on the bed, which meant Sam and Ben were still there, sound asleep by the sound of it.

Then she drew in a breath as she felt Alec starting to move very slowly against her, moving his hips against her. Her breathing quickened as Alec slowly humped her in his sleep. Then suddenly he stopped dead, and Max held her breath for a second realizing that he had awakened. She felt his hands move over her body as to make sure she was real and she felt herself getting hotter.

"Max," he said rhetorical. Max turned her head towards him and their eyes met and held for a moment. They saw desire in each other's eyes, and Alec moved his erection against her, watching her reaction, her mouth opening and eyes fluttering.

Max thought she must have gone insane. First fucking with Alec... fucking with Alec in front of her clone... and now soon fucking Alec after a whole night to get to her senses together. But she didn't resist as Alec lifted her leg and positioned himself behind her. She felt the head of his cock rub against her entrance for a moment before slowly pushing into her. Max gasped as she felt him stretch her open again, her pussy a little sore from all the work, but he slid easily into her damp pussy. He stopped about halfway in and held himself there as he used his hands to massage her body, her ample breasts, her tight stomach, and she couldn't prevent a small moan from escaping her lips.

After a while she started moving her hips back against him, which Alec took as a signal and pulled back and thrust back into her, setting a leisurely pace, each thrust going just a little bit further up into her. He kept going until he had managed to work his whole length into her, and she could hear him groan as he held himself as deep as he could into her, her pussy clenching around him.

"Oh fuck, Max," he said hoarsely, pulling back and thrusting back into her, a little harder this time, making her gasp. Now instead of going deeper into her, he started going just a little harder with each thrust, his pace slowly accelerating until he was driving into her quite forcefully. Max arched her back and leaned her head back against his chest, crying out and moaning as he pounded into her.

He wrapped an arm around her waist for leverage as he pushed his cock hard into her tight, wet pussy, and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He let his hand wander down to clit rubbing it while he slammed into her. Almost immediately he felt her pussy starting to flutter as Max started to whimper. He couldn't hold himself back, grunting loudly as he with a few hard thrusts erupted into her.

Max screamed out as she felt his warmth fill her, seeing white as the heat flooded her body as she came.

As she drifted back to reality she heard clapping in the background and she turned her head and looked back over Alec's seemingly unconscious form and saw Sam sitting on her heels looking at them with a smile, Ben laid in front of her on his side, both of them clapping.

"That was quite a show to wake up to," Sam said teasingly as she stopped clapping. "I though you would have had enough after last night, but I guess I was wrong," she continued as she reached forward and grabbed Bens cock, already hard from watching the show, and stroked it a couple of times.

As Max seemed at loss for words as Sam continued, "Maybe we should return the favour?" she said and looked at Ben who smiled back. "So what kind of show would you like to see?" Sam asked turning back towards Max. "Anything you like."

Max looked at her sister and saw that she was being serious. It took a while before the words had sunk in Max's head, and then she was a little shocked when she realized the thought turned her on a little, being in control. "I want to see you suck him." she said almost before her brain had processed it.

Sam smiled again and quickly moved her body so she lay down between Ben's legs looking up at him as he put his hand behind his head and enjoyed the sight.

Sam held his cock in one hand as she closed the distance and sucked in the soft sack at the end, making Ben groan as she sucked it skilfully. Then she continued drawing her tongue slowly up along his length until she reached the head, kissing it with her full lips before she looked up at him and wrapped her lips around it, sucking it into her mouth.

Max and Alec had now repositioned themselves, laying comfortable and watching the pair. Max enjoyed the view as Sam continued sucking Ben's hard cock like she had never done anything else, alternating between sucking it into her mouth, and letting her tongue run around his length as she massaged his balls with her hand. Her other hand was at her pussy rubbing it with the same intensity as she sucked Ben.

Although Max found the sight incredible exciting, she wanted to see more. "Now ride him." she said as Sam came up for air.

Sam and Ben wasn't about to protest and quickly followed her command as Sam stood up on the bed putting a leg on either side of Ben who turned so he was facing Max.

"No, turn the other way," Ben requested as Sam faced him. She followed his command turning around so she was also was facing Max and then lowered herself over Ben. Max and Alec got a perfect view of Sam's amazing body, her pussy and Ben's cock pointing straight up towards it intended target. Sam grabbed him again as she guided him to her entrance and then sunk down on him with one long thrust. Her legs trembled a little as Ben's big cock stretched her.

Sam leaned back on her arms as she started grinding up and down on his cock, moaning loudly. She put her feet on his thighs as she started bouncing on him. Ben held her hips, helping her up and down, occasionally giving her tight ass a little smack making her yelp.

Max watched mesmerised as Ben's cock disappeared and reappeared in her clone's tight pussy. It looked incredible hot. She continued watching intently as Ben started using his hips to thrust back up into Sam. First he used just a little force, but gradually the control shifted from Sam pushing up and down to Ben pounding up into her. He was using his transgenic strength to pound up into Sam's soft body and Sam could only sit there and take it, her breasts rocking wildly with his hard thrusts, as she cried and moaned in pleasure.

They too couldn't last that long and after a few moments they came together. Max watched as their mixed juices started to drip down his along cock and Sam collapsing back on top of him.

Sam rolled to her side and then lay there entangled with Ben's arms and legs. Alec had draped an arm over Max who also lay on her side watching the now unmoving couple in front of her, reeling from their orgasms. Her eyes widened a bit as she felt Alec move slightly behind her, feeling his once again hard cock rubbing against her back. Apparently he had found the sight just as exciting as Max had, watching their identical clones fuck.

After a while she felt Alec move his body, feeling the loss of his body heat.

"Lay on your back Max," he commanded. Max looked up at him as he grabbed one of her arms loosely as she didn't move and pulled her gently further up on the bed, and she let him guide her not knowing what he was thinking.

Max laid down on her back watching questionably at Alec as he moved over to Ben and Sam. He smiled towards Sam as he lifted her limb body, making her yelp as he lifted her in his arms. Max watched as he moved towards her and then put Sam down on top of her in the opposite direction, her front pointing downward, Sam's pussy ending up right in front Max's face, and vice versa.

Max mouth fell open as she realized what he had planned, staring at Sam's newly fucked pussy. Max had never spend much time studying her own pussy and was somewhat mesmerized of how soft and tender Sam's pussy looked like, coated by Ben's and Sam's mixed juices.

"Ohh!" yelped Max as she felt Sam's tongue go down on her clit and she arched her back as Sam pushed a finger into her hot pussy. She managed to gather her senses a bit, feeling Sam's gently touch exploring her depths, and flicked out her own tongue, hearing Sam draw her breath as Max tasted her delicate juices.

It didn't take long for Max to get into it, licking and caressing Sam's slit as she got the same treatment herself. She had her eyes closer and jumped a little bit as she felt someone move over her head. She opened her eyes and saw a thick hard cock pointing straight towards Sam's opening as one of the men kneeled over her. Max saw that it was Alec, recognized him on his slightly different hair cut, knowing it must be Ben who at that moment placed his cock at her opening as Sam removed her fingers, feeling the large head rubbing against her tight hole.

Max gasped as Ben's cock stretched her tight pussy, sliding into her slowly and unrelenting until she felt his balls press against her ass. At the same time she saw Alec slide his length into Sam, hearing her moan in pleasure. Alec's soft sac came right above Max face as he paused over her, and Max acted on instinct, her tongue flicking out against the large sac letting it run in circles over him. Max heard his groan and she smirked to herself, only to be snapped out of it, crying out, as Ben drew his cock almost all the way out, then slammed back in hard. He then set a strong pace, and soon he was slamming into her with at least the same vigour he had with Sam earlier this morning.

Max moaned loudly as she felt Sam rub her clit as she got fucked in earnest. Max extended her tongue, flicking Alec's balls each time he thrust forward into Sam. Max found the view so hot, seeing Sam's tight wet pussy stretched around Alec's cock, watching it disappear and reappear faster and faster.

Max was now whimpering as Ben hammered into her with a force no one had ever done before, shockwaves of pleasure flowing thru her body as he hit his cock against her insides. And with a few more thrust she was gone, blacking out as she came hard, barely noticing Ben's balls slapping against her ass and the surge of semen as he came deep within her with a few racking thrusts. And she didn't hear Sam wailing as Alec too came into her contracting pussy.

When all was spent they collapsed in a heap of limbs, heavy breaths and quivering bodies.


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