Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

byTx Tall Tales©

"Not even in the same league. If you're a ten, there not even five's. Hell, I might have to come up with a whole new scale." I rose up on my elbows, looking down at her. "That was mean, Mom. Completely unfair."

She looked at me puzzled. "What?"

"You've ruined me! I thought what they did was pretty spectacular. I loved it. I couldn't believe how hot it was coming in Aunt Marie's mouth, and watching her swallow my cum. And the first time Penny sucked me, the sensation was so new, I could barely contain myself. Now I know better. I'll be comparing every blow-job I ever receive to yours. How are they ever going to measure up?"

She smiled, sucking me for a bit, before answering. "You know what the worst part is, Jeremy? That wasn't even a good one. I'm going to blow your mind, once we've gotten you past your hair trigger." She grinned, climbing up the bed, and settling into my arms. "So you've got your naked Mom in your bed, and she's willing to do anything you want, this once. What are you going to do now?"

"Anything I want?"


"I want to be on top of you, to start," I explained. "I want to see you come on my cock."

She smiled, and kissed my chest. "That's sweet. I want to come on your big fat cock." She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs.

I climbed between them and she pulled her legs back, exposing herself to me. I gazed between her legs at the smooth flesh, curving into twin mounds, with that mysterious slit in the middle. A small wrinkled line of flesh occupied the center. "Uhh, Mom? I changed my mind."

She raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Really?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind, I want to go down on you."

She giggled. "Please, be my guest. I don't think you're going to find too many girls who are going to say no to that offer."

I lowered my body, examining her smooth pussy up close, kissing her inner thighs. "I'm new to this," I explained hesitantly.

"Shh. Don't worry. You'll do great. If you need any guidance, Mommy will make sure you get things right."

I had to taste her. I just had to. I needed to feel her with my tongue, open her, revel in the texture, the taste. I licked her slowly, parting her lips, working from bottom to top. I pulled back, opening her with my fingers, seeing her up close. The smell was intoxicating, and I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with her glorious odor. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her, tasting her wetness. I peeled back the hood at the top, seeing her little bulb of flesh. It was smaller than Aunt Marie's. I touched it softly with the tip of my tongue. "Is this your clit, Mom?"

"That's it baby. Be gentle, Ok? That's particularly sore today. Your father gave it a serious working over last night."

I teased it carefully, running my tongue around it, seeing how it reacted. I moved closer and took it between my lips, sucking on it lightly, teasing it with the tip of my tongue.

"Not right on top of it, baby. Suck the skin around it," Mom said softly, brushing her hand across my hair.

I backed off, blowing gently across it, while I slid a finger inside of her, feeling her warmth and wetness. I had her squirming nicely.

"You didn't tell Dad we had sex, did you?" I asked, still unable to get the thought of her confessing what we did to him.

"After I told him I wouldn't blow you, I guess he assumed that was as far as it went, and I didn't volunteer any more," she said softly, reaching down and pushing my head back between her legs. " I have to be honest with you, baby. If he had asked, I don't know if I could have lied to him. I just can't."

"I understand." I played to my heart's content, sucking on her lips, sliding my tongue inside of her, teasing her clit the way she'd told me, all while fingering her. I practiced what Aunt Marie taught me, and I seemed to be getting a nice result.

"He was on top of me, fucking me like it was 18 years ago, hard and needy. He made me tell him everything we talked about, about our past. I told him what we had discussed, of course, and it seemed to drive him wild. I hadn't seen him like that in a long time." She was talking softly, breaking off when I did something she particularly enjoyed.

When I pushed her legs back and pressed my tongue against her little brown star she gasped and went quiet. That was something I came up with on my own. Aunt Marie meant it when she said that area was off limits.

I found if I stiffened my tongue and pressed hard, I could get the tip inside of her, making her moan. My Mom's sexy moan. I loved that sound.

With the talking out of the way, I concentrated on what I was doing, seeing how I could get her to respond to my actions, each additional moan, groan, whimper or squeal driving me on.

It wasn't long before I had a finger in my Mom's ass and was pumping her while I licked her pussy for all I was worth. I felt a new change come over her, her body tensing up, her butt-hole opening up for a second finger, her pussy getting wetter. I moved up and sucked on her clit. It felt larger now, swollen, and I used my tongue to play with it. Her legs stiffened and closed around my head, her fingers in my hair pulling me harder against her.

Mom cried out loudly, crushing my head between her legs, while her ass clenched down on my fingers like a fist. She drove her hips up against my face, hard, while she came, trembling. When she started to relax I eased up on her, pulling my fingers out of her butt, and licking her slit.

I had made my mother come on my tongue.

It was without a doubt the best thing I'd ever done. I felt God like. I'd made Mom come. Huge.

She was breathing heavily, her hand caressing my head. "Now, Jeremy. I need you inside of me."

I moved up between her legs, my stiff rod more than ready. I pressed the head against her slit, and she pulled her legs back, opening for me. The sight of my cock head pressed against her swollen pink lips was far better than any porn, short-circuiting my brain. I pushed the head inside of her, then pulled it back out so I could watch it open her again. After a few seconds, I pressed a little further, watching the first couple of inches disappear inside of her. I was enthralled with the view, and fucked her carefully, with short little strokes, slowly opening her up, driving further, feeling the sensation of her hot channel allowing me in. I thought about the fact that I had come out of that mysterious space, amazed that it would even be possible. She was too tight with my cock only halfway in.

I giggled.

She rose up on her elbows looking at me. "Something funny?"

"Not funny. It's just hard to believe that 18 years ago, I came out of here. Now I can barely get my cock inside of you, you're so tight. How could I ever have come out of this?" I was still sliding my cock back and forth, watching it as if my life depended on it.

She laid back. "It wasn't easy, I assure you." I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock, making me groan. "Those are some naughty thoughts. Thinking about your Mom like that, while you're sliding your thick cock inside of her."

I pushed hard, burying the entire length inside, stopping when I was balls deep. "It's just so amazing. You and Dad doing what we're doing, ending up in me coming out of here 9 months later. It's all so incredible."

"Does it bother you?" she asked tentatively.

"Bother me? Are you nuts? It's the most wonderful thing in the world!" I leaned over her, my arms extended on each side of her chest. "You and Dad doing this. Making love, and making me. You made me. You brought me into this world and cared for me. I love you so much, Mom."

I dropped to my elbows, and started driving inside of her, feeling my full length penetrate her repeatedly. It was too much to comprehend. Mom, who had done everything for me, who had given me life, now giving her body to me completely. I felt myself tearing up, and turned my face away.

Her hands reached up for me, turning me back. I could see her eyes were moist. "Don't turn away, Jeremy."

I brought a hand up and brushed the tears away, sniffling. She pulled my face down to hers, kissing me softly, and then more intensely. My movements had slowed but I sped up again, pounding into her, trying to push more and more of myself back inside of her.

She turned her lips slightly away from mine, gasping. "Like that, baby, don't stop. You're going to make Mommy come."

I held her face in my hands, our lips barely touching, my tongue exploring her lips and teeth, while I drove into her, long strokes, as hard and fast as I could.

Her mouth went slack and I was breathing hard, gasping as I felt the impending need to come build inside of me. I closed my eyes, concentrating on fucking her, intensifying her own need, determined to last long enough to satisfy her.

I was at my limit. "Mom, I'm going to come," I gasped.

She whimpered, humping back at me, her hands grasping my biceps, digging into them.

The urge burst upon me, and I slammed down, my insides turning to lava and flowing into her. I pulled back and pounded into her again, making her cry out. Her legs flailed at my thighs, while I filled her. Her body turned to stone, every muscle clenched and she threw her head back with a cry. I fucked her all the way through my orgasm, stream after stream pouring into her, until I was spent. She was still coming, and when I slowed I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock. Her upper chest was flushed, and I started screwing her again, short, fast strokes, for as long as my stiffness would hold out.

I felt her body start to relax, and she opened her eyes, looking around until they slowly came to focus on me. "Jeremy," she gasped, and I was astounded to see her eyes roll back, and her body stiffen up again, tiny senseless noises escaping her lips.

It was the most amazing, most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Mom was coming on my hard cock.

I couldn't keep up the blinding pace with which I'd been fucking her, and slowed down, giving her longer strokes, at a less breakneck speed. My arms were tired, my thighs were burning, and my lower back was straining. Still, I pounded her, pulling her through her orgasm, and only moments later setting her off on another.

My mother was multi-orgasmic. Unbelievable.

I rose up onto my knees, pushed her straining legs back almost to her chest, and with the change of position the pain faded and I went back to driving into her as fast as I could, my hips a blur. Somehow my hard-on had maintained itself throughout, and I was again as hard as ever.

Mom was blowing like a buffalo, coming off her latest orgasm, when she screamed out, coming hard like she had the first time. I was starting to get worried for her. Her face was bright red all the way down to her perfect tits. She was holding her breath, and then gasping for air. I slowed down to an easy pace, released her legs and leaned over her.

She was slow to come to her senses after the last one, her entire body shaking, her legs spasming uncontrollably.

"Shh," I whispered, caressing her face. I leaned down and kissed her softly, and I saw her eyes focus on mine again. "No more," she gasped.

I slowed to a stop, still hard inside of her, and lowered my body onto hers, letting her feel some of my weight. I was physically incapable of stopping, but the motion of my hips was now minimal, working away at her slowly, with only a few inches of back and forth motion.

I kissed her gently, while she relaxed completely.


She was gasping through her mouth, her chest heaving. My mother was staring at me, her eyes wide open, as if she didn't recognize me. I slowed further, pushing deep. She groaned softly, and a smile turned up the corners of her mouth. "Wow! That was unexpected."

"Everything Ok?" I asked.

She swiveled her hips beneath mine before stretching her entire body, her back curving deliciously, her breasts pressing up against my chest, her arms stretched out over her head, pushing against the headboard.

"Kiss me, baby boy," she asked softly.

My lips pressed against hers, and we shared a long warm kiss, gentle and exploring, our tongues playing together. I ground my hips against hers, moving in circles, playing inside of her.

She abruptly hugged me close, pulling me down onto her, her arms squeezing tightly. Her calves wrapped around my rear, pulling me tight and slowing our screwing to a crawl.

She released me, and I rose up over her, my cock still buried, amazed at how good she looked.

"Remember how I told you about the time your father wore my ass out and then fucked me silly? The first time I really enjoyed sex?" she asked.

"Sure, one of the hottest things I ever heard. That and tying a bow on your ass to give him your anal virginity."

"I haven't come like that since then. That was incredible. You were incredible."

"Inspired. I am with the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world." I gave her a long hard thrust.

"Mmm," she sighed. "Now that you've fucked your poor mother senseless, what are you going to do with her?"

"I...I'd really like to do you from behind, if it's Ok."

"After that, I don't think I could deny you anything. So you want to do my butt?"

"Uh, not yet. I just want to see your amazing ass, and hold your soft cheeks while we do it."

"So you want to fuck your Mommy doggy style, fill her pussy up with your sweet cum again, and then fuck her in the ass?"

"And then do it all over again," I told her with a smile.

She grinned for me. "Sounds like a plan. So what are you waiting for? I'm yours. This body is yours. Position me however you want me. Do whatever you want. I'll never say no to you, baby."

I pulled out of her, kneeling tall. "Let's start with that talented mouth of yours around my cock for a bit."

She got on her hands and knees and crawled to me, her mouth open, and taking half my length all at once. I pulled her hair to the side so I could get a better view of her pretty face full of my cock.

"Suck me like you sucked Dad last night," I urged her, thrusting into her mouth.

She pulled off gasping, a string of saliva stretching from my cock to her lips. "Are you sure you're ready for that?"

I grabbed her head, and pushed my cock back into her mouth. "Do it, Mom. Suck me off, make me come for you. Then get me hard for you all over again."

She pulled away again, and then pushed me to the side. She quickly climbed on top of me, straddling my face. "This is how I sucked your father, Jeremy." She engulfed my cock again before lowering her crotch down to my face.

Mom was a demon. She sucked me feverishly, fast and deep, her hands teasing me. I gave it my best effort to return the attention, licking her soaked slit, and playing with her rear, but she was too good, too demanding with her mouth. Each time she took me down her throat, it was like a cattle-prod to my nervous system. I could feel the hitch in her motion, and the tight penetration, driving me insane.

She pushed my legs apart and licked my shaft before working on my balls. First licking and sucking, I groaned when I felt one slide into her mouth, her tongue rolling it around like a marble. Then she was working on the other one, her hand stroking me the whole time. She managed to get both of them in her mouth, sucking and licking, before she went back to tending my cock, taking me deep.

She pulled off, gasping. "Your father can stay hard for me for a long time, no matter how hard I work him. Ten minutes is common. He's made me suck him for upward of an hour at a time." She pounded her head up and down on my pillar, freeing it from her mouth with an audible 'pop'. "Do you think you're going to be able to hold out, baby? Are you going to man up and make Mommy earn it?"

I reached down and pushed her face onto my cock, forcing it down her throat. "Suck it," I demanded, pressing my face back into her pussy, distracting myself from the action below, while I tried hard to make her come for me. I'd show her how much of a man I could be.

It worked for a bit, while I concentrated on what I was doing, my tongue working over her sensitive clit. I was feeling proud. I may not last an hour, but I wasn't going to shoot off in two minutes either.

Then Mom cheated. She slid her finger in my bottom, pushing in deep, and had me keenly aware of everything she was doing. She took me down her throat, pounding on my cock for what seemed an eternity, before pulling up and gasping. As soon as her mouth left my cock, her evil finger started stroking inside of me, sending shockwaves through my body.

I'd brought a knife to a gunfight. No way I was winning this one.

I completely forgot about my efforts to pleasure her, and her mouth slid straight down my cock to the root again, her tight throat massaging the head, her wicked teeth scraping my shaft, that unavoidable finger doing things to me that I couldn't fathom.

With a loud groan I lost any semblance of control I had, shoving my cock upward and erupting. I was as far inside of her mouth as I could reach, and when she swallowed, ripples of pleasure ran down my cock, milking me dry.

I gasped, my world suddenly gone black, as if I'd stood up too quickly. I closed my eyes, grabbing onto the sheets, oblivious to her cleaning me up. I could hear my pulse beating in my temple, hammering away like a sledgehammer, my heart racing, ready to burst within my chest.

I swear I was within moments of passing out completely. I opened my eyes slowly, to see Mom looking down at me, with a teasing grin on her face. My eyes tracked down to that miraculous mouth which I'd never be able to look at the same.

My mouth was dry, and my tongue sore. I opened my lips and croaked, "Wow."

She laughed a little, bringing her moist lips down to mine, brushing them lightly. "Not quite ready to replace your father in my bed, are you, sweetie?"

I reached for her, and she slid into my arms, letting me hug her. I tried to speak, but nonsense sounds came out at first, making her giggle.

"I would never want to replace Dad," I eventually was able to reply. "Never."

She hummed pleasantly, her hand softly stroking my cock, which in spite of my professed desires to do her all over again and finishing inside that mysterious back door, was down for the count.

"No? Then what are you trying to do?" she asked.

"I just want to love you too, Mom," I confessed. "Love you as much as him. Have you love me just as much. Show you my love as intensely, as thoroughly."

"Your father's a special man, Jeremy. He's going to be a difficult one to compete with." Her tone was very serious.

"I don't want to compete with him. I want to share you with him."

She rubbed her crotch against my hip, nibbling on my shoulder. "Now that's a thought. Being shared by both of you. Two huge cocks, one at each end. Or one in back and one in front. Jesus, that would be wild. Marie would be so jealous," she murmured.

It wasn't what I had in mind by sharing. I was thinking more one-on-one, and keeping my end of it a secret. But her words had me envisioning her lying on my father, riding him, her perfect ass sticking up in invitation. Dad reaching up and spreading her cheeks for me, as I climbed onto their bed, my hard cock in hand. Mom looking back at me in anticipation, her desperate need portrayed on her pretty face. Sliding in behind her, seeing where my father's shaft was spreading her open, pressing my cock-head against her other opening, and pushing it in firmly.

"God, you're bad," Mom teased. I felt her hand wrap around my new erection, stroking me. "Where were you in that little fantasy you just had?" she asked.

"In your bottom," I confessed.

"And your father?"

"Underneath you, all the way inside you, holding your ass cheeks open wide for me."

She sighed, her hand caressing my hardness. "You know, don't you, that of all the ways this thing we're doing could possibly work out, that's about the least likely scenario possible."

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