tagMatureTwo Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 1

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 1


I tossed and turned all night...alternating between anticipation and nervousness of the forthcoming day. I was going to spend the day aboard a sailboat, with a man I hardly knew. Not exactly a situation where one could just walk away if it turned sour.

Let's see if I can explain this so you would understand. Recently, I went to a meeting of a group that I had belonged to for a number of years. The meetings were held in the early afternoons, which prevented me from attending, since I was working at the same time. Then, I left the area for several years. On a visit back, I made it a point to attend my first meeting.

When I walked into the room, there was a man standing by the door. He looked at me and asked if he could help me. I was frozen in place, by the sheer electricity that I felt. There was no reason for this...I had never met the man before, didn't even know his name and, promptly forgot it the instant he shook my hand. I stayed by his side, meeting people and then sitting by him during the meeting. I don't think I even was aware of what was going on...these feelings were intense. There was NO indication that he was even aware of me, other than making a newcomer feel welcome. After the meeting and a few minutes of chit chat, he shook my hand and he was gone.

However, I knew I was going to be on his email list for any news concerning the group. Again, very generic messages, all business...had I been totally wrong? Then, little by little...a word here and there, and I began to realize that he had, indeed, felt the same attraction.

I don't know where the plans came from, about going out on his sailboat , but I knew I would go and I knew it was right. We both love the water and the sun I just had to be with him.

And the day came - the weather was predicted to be perfect. I was SO nervous, but more from anticipation of what the day was to bring. I didn't know how much space he had aboard, so I wore my swim suit under a tshirt, and a cap with a brim to it. I was to bring the food, and he was going to bring the drinks, which left me with some mischievous ideas.

You have to know that this man loves the sun. He is tall and bronzed from the sun, with short white cropped hair. However, he has a beautiful smile, with many laugh lines around his eyes. His eyes, though, are incredible...I think they are what is known as "bedroom eyes". Brown, and they can be dancing, or mischievous, or deep with feeling, but always with a sense of drowning in them. When he looks at me, I feel like he is seducing me with just his eyes...not even a touch...just a look...and I melt inside.

He changes while we are in the cabin together. I was putting things away in the galley. He said he hoped I didn't mind his changing in front of me. Not exactly in an area where he could do this on deck. I couldn't help peeking at him out of the corner of my eye. Ohmigosh, he had NO tan lines. This man really loved the sun...unbroken tan from the top of his head to his feet. Just to let him know I was okay with his changing, I reached over and gave him a tiny pinch on his butt. He almost fell over from surprise, as he had just lifted one leg to slide his suit on. He stood up, when he could, gave me that melting look, grinned and said something about "payback".

It was turning out to be an incredible day. The sky was a deep blue, with white puffy clouds just floating by. A slight breeze that cooled off my skin...not from the sun, but from the electricity that was flowing between the two of us. Magical day, no sense of time...a world that centered just on the boat and the two of us.

Once the boat is out into deep water and the motor is shut off, I knew he could then turn his attention from the boat. Hmmmm...what to do next? I was sitting at one corner of the cockpit, which was large enough to hold six people comfortably. I was stretched out along one side, to stay out of his way, while he sat at the stern, guiding the boat with the tiller.

I waited for his first move, and I didn't have to wait long He beckoned to me, indicating I should come closer to him. Without any thoughts in my mind, I went into his arms, and his mouth reached for mine. With a groan, it was deep and hard and pressing. Oh, I had kissed him goodbye before, but nothing like this. This was a hungry kiss...a kiss from a man who knew what he wanted and knew that we would share everything today.

There was no need for words...our lips and tongue searched each other. His hands were on my breasts, feeling...exploring, squeezing...letting me know that he liked what he felt. I had no hesitation about spreading my legs wide, for him to stroke and explore. Oh, how much more I wanted!

I broke away from him and stood up, breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling as I tried to catch my breath. I wanted to picture in my mind, this absolutely gorgeous man...mine for the day. He was reclining against the back of the cockpit, one hand on the tiller. He had a wide grin on his face, and his eyes were dancing with delight, as he waited to see what I would do next. I couldn't get enough of him. He was stretched out, relaxed and comfortable. He had the legs of a runner, tight and muscular. His chest though...dark hair which contracted with the white on his head. Short and dark and lying flat on his skin. Two beautiful hard nipples...ones I needed to feel and suck on.

I nodded when he made the comment that I had too many clothes on. I agreed and spread my legs, balancing against the slight rocking of the boat, as I slowly pulled my tshirt off my swim suit. I said that now we were even - we each had only one piece of clothing to take off. Who was going to go first? With a wide grin, he didn't even answer me. He didn't even get up. With his free hand, he lifted his hips and his swim suit was off in a flash.

I stood there, momentarily frozen, as his entire body was now exposed to me. I knew he enjoyed going to nudist beaches and I could see why. His body was totally seductive, tanned from head to foot. His penis was rising, and it was so beautiful, I just had to kneel down, inbetween his legs, and kiss the tip. I wanted him in my mouth. I wet my tongue and just circled the tip of his head. But then...no...he pushed me away.

I stood up in surprise - what had I done wrong? He laughed at the puzzled look on my face. He chuckled as he reminded me that HE had taken off his one piece of clothing and wasn't I going go reciprocate? He wasn't going to let me partake of ANY goodies, until I matched him. Okay...that made sense. Well, let me see if I can make this a bit more interesting.

My feet apart, against the motion of the boat, I reached up and slid one shoulder strap down over my arm. One breast popped into view. I knew the nipple was hard, even before I did this. I wasn't going to let him think that I was going to do this quickly so, before he could say a word, I took one step forward, quickly put one knee on the seat beside him. I used one arm to brace myself on the other side of him. With my other hand, I lifted my breast and place the nipple against his mouth.

Surprised, he opened his mouth to protest, but it was too late. He had a hard hot nipple in his mouth. He knew exactly what to do with it. I had started out with the intention of teasing him, but the payback was on me. He cupped my breast with his free hand and bore down on the already sensitive nipple. He sucked me into his mouth...I felt shock waves coursing through my body. He held me to him, so I couldn't pull away. I moaned with sheer delight at what he was doing to me. He molded my breast, he pulled and twisted and all the time, his tongue was dancing on my nipple, his teeth were grazing the stiffness. I felt heat between my legs and I knew I was wet and getting more so.

With a gasp, I pulled away from him, and stood up again, my eyes glazed - I know he mentioned something about payback for pinching him on the butt earlier. I shook my head to clear it and stood there for a second, thinking...okay, let's do this again. I repeated my former action...this time with the other strap...now my second breast was free. I could see by the look on his face, that he was expecting me to repeat my former movement, and he reached for my other breast.

Ducking under his hand, I quickly knelt between his legs and, using my hands to push my breasts together, I wrapped them around the stiff pole his penis had become. His hips acted automatically. He thrust them up so I reached my tongue to the end of his head as it poked through between my tits. I could tell he was pleased with what I had done. His penis got harder and harder as I stroked him through my rounded globes. After a few minutes of this, I could taste the pre-cum that was oozing out from the slit at the end of his head. My tongue went into that slit, tasting and scooping it all up.

His hand reached down under my breast and pulled me up to his mouth again. This time he had secured the tiller with a bit of line, so both his hands were free. One hand holding each breast, fitting into his cupped palm, and he sucked on first one and then the other. My hands reached for his nipples and I twisted and rubbed them to rock hardness. I knew my mouth would have them a bit later.

Again he pushed me away, but not before he slid his hand up inbetween my legs. He grinned as he commented that it seemed pretty wet there. I had soaked through the crotch of my swim suit. He reminded me again, that it was time to take the rest of the suit off.

This time, I did not stand in front of him. I said I had to go down to the cabin for a minute. He could watch me from where he was sitting, as I slowly peeled off my suit. I came back up the ladder, with several items in one hand, which I placed on the seat. I returned to my spread stance in front of him...but not touching him. I could see a slight puzzled look on his face as he had NO idea what I was going to do next.

Looking directly into his eyes, I reached for one of the items on the seat. It was a tube of lipstick. Not saying a word, just looking at him, I reached for one of my breasts and slowly, enticingly, applied lipstick to my nipple and aureole. The redness stood out in contrast to my white skin. I could see his penis jerking...I knew this was affecting him. Still locked into his gaze, I repeated the same to my other nipple.

After I put the tube of lipstick back down, I placed my hands under my breasts and lifted them, twisted them, turned them, pointed them at his mouth, pointed them at his penis, rolled them around, again and again. With one hand, I traced the line of my body, down along the groin, and parted the lips to my pussy. That did it! he leaned forward and pulled me down on top of him. No more teasing. He grabbed my breasts and shoved the nipples in his mouth, one after the other...the reddened tips and my playing with them had driven him wild.

I was kneeling on either side of his thighs, just enough for his penis to feel the wetness that was coming out of me, coated it, and ran down the insides of his legs. No penetration yet...that was coming but, for now, it was the touching, the teasing, the fondling and oh, the sucking and the licking. I would pull away, and then back again, without pulling out of his mouth. I was literally fucking his mouth with my nipples.

I whispered to him that if he would like to stop, I had another surprise for him. He shook his head...no...but then his curiosity got the better of him and he stopped. Both my nipples had lost their red color but they were incredibly hard. I told him that it was the perfect moment for the next step. I reached for the other package - we had talked before about nipple rings and this was MY surprise.

I had gotten adjustable nipple rings, with little pendants hanging from them, and with connecting chains, two of them. He held the jewelry in his hands, while I read the instructions to him, still kneeling on each side of his legs. I KNEW he was intrigued, because his penis kept jerking against my pussy. Every ounce of my being wanted to sink that penis inside me, but there was plenty of time.

He carefully spread one of the rings open. The instructions said to pull and twist on the nipple, until it could be stretched out about a half inch. With a grin, he followed the instructions to the letter. Next, he was to slide the ring over the nipple and pull it through Oh yes, that was okay also. Next, he was to use his teeth and carefully tighten the ring around the nipple. Which he did. Then, he leaned back and sucked in a deep breath as he saw the nipple end plump out, and the pendant swinging back and forth with every breath I took

Definitely this was a good move. He didn't need any instructions to attach the other ring and then the two chains that connected them. He had me stand up so he could look at both of them. He reached up and pulled on the chains and my two breasts came together and then swung wide again, the dangling pendants sparkling in the sunlight. Using his finger on the chain, he pulled me back onto him, his mouth and hands eagerly searching and feeling the strange newness of hard and soft together.

I told him that if he really enjoyed these new sensations we could later explore more of this jewelry. I told him that chains could be attached to a neck collar, as well as draping down over the stomach and attaching to non-piercing clit jewelry. He shook his head in amazement and said that we just might have to try it, as the nipple rings were a definite turn-on.

To Be Continued...

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