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Two To Three Times Daily


My name is Jason and here is my story. This is my first time writing in this manner so it probably won't come out the way I want it to. If that is the case, then I'm sorry.

I'm a 22-year-old guy in college. This should be the time of my life. I'm living in the dorms, I'm away from my parents and I can do pretty much whatever I want.

Well it isn't. I'm not saying my life is horrible, but it is nowhere I'd like it to be. You see I don't have a girlfriend. You are probably saying, big deal not every guy has a girlfriend. Ok you're right, but I have never had a girlfriend. In all my 22 years, I've never dated a girl. I'm not a total freak, although I wouldn't call myself the best looking guy on campus. My main problem has got to be my shyness. I am a total dud when it comes to girls. I can barely talk to them other than to get the assignment in class. It is almost as if I wasn't born with the gene to talk and flirt with them. It sucks and I got to find a way to get over it.

This story isn't supposed to depress you, but mainly to inform you of what a shy single virgin does to satisfy his sexual desires. If I could sum up my whole sex life in one word, it would be masturbation. I'm guessing this isn't too big a surprise for anyone.

My first time I masturbated it was due to me thinking of a really hot girl in one of my classes. I basically didn't know about masturbation or sex and once I got this feeling in my cock I instinctively began humping my pillow. The first time was a mixed bag. It felt awesome. The best feeling that I've had in a long time. I was also confused. I was specifically confused about the stuff in my underwear. What the heck was that stuff? I initially thought it was urine, but after further experiments I deduced that it wasn't.

Thus began my wacking off career. I had to have more and by golly I got more. I was a maniac at wacking off. I also wanted to know more stuff about sex and by accident I came across a book in the public library about sex. I read it with fascination. All my questions were answered. I was totally normal even though at first I thought I was the first to discover masturbation.

Another time at the library I found a book that changed me even more. It was a book by Nancy Friday called, Men In Love. It was a collection of letters from men about their sexual fantasies. It had every kind of sexual fantasy that a guy could have. It had stuff on straight sex; masturbation, homosexuality, incest, some weird sci fi crap and a whole lot more. I'm kind of ashamed to say it, but I used to masturbate in the public library while reading the book. All I had to do was just sit on the chair a certain way and move back and forth and I'd get off.

I don't want to give you the impression that all I did was go to library and wack off to books. I had friends, loved sports, went to youth group and had a relatively normal life. I'm just focusing on one aspect of it. They say the normal guy wacks off anywhere from once a week to twice daily. Over the years I've pretty consistently wacked off two to three times a day. I've done it in a lot of different places too. Most of the time it is in the bathroom on the toilet or once I got a computer in my room. I've also wacked off in many of public bathroom. I've done it in church, and even in the classroom. You are probably wondering how I pulled the last one off. It is pretty much the same way as I did it in the library. I remember one time where I was in a study group and this absolutely beautiful girl was right in front of me. She was a hottie. She was also wearing a pretty low cut top where you could see her breasts when she bent down. Needless to say, she bend down quite a lot one day and my pants got filled quickly. Nobody was the wiser, although I always was afraid of getting caught. I even once wacked off in a woman's restroom. It was evening at my college and hardly anyone was around. I was getting horny as usual and had a wild idea. I decided to sneak real quickly into a woman's bathroom, enter a stall and masturbate. Well I did. I felt so naughty being in there. The wall even had sexual writing on it like in a men's bathroom. One of them asked for another girl to join her man for a threesome. To make a long story short, a lady walked in and went to the bathroom and I proceeded to have one of the biggest orgasms ever. I eventually snuck back out and no one knew I was there.

In the beginning my normal sexual stimuli were certain books, the Sears catalogue, and my imagination from my days adventure admiring the ladies. Then came the one thing that changed everything. What is that one thing? The Internet! You all know where I'm going with this. Porn. That's right, porn. I had a crappy Mac computer that could barely download pictures, but I was still able to have the patience to wait for those awesome pictures of naked beauties.

Today I'm in the dorms and that means I have access to a T1 line. I can get pictures of hot naked women in a blink of an eye. This is indeed a dangerous time. Internet porn has opened up a whole new chapter in my masturbation saga. Usually every day I go to my regular sports and e-mail sites and after that when I'm alone I explore the red light district of the World Wide Web. In this new world I have been introduced to Jenna Jameson's ample tits, Nikki Nova's smooth ass and many amateur college co-eds posing for the camera. Like most red-blooded males, lesbians are dear to my heart. I scour the thumbnail galleries for pic after pic of hot naughty blondes with their tongues deep into the dripping wet pussies of their best friend. Literotica and web sites like it gave me the opportunity to read about women's first time lesbian experiences.

One of the kinky things I enjoy finding on the Internet has to do with incest. Not so much pictures as they are usually fake, but the erotica. While I'm not interested at all in my own mother, I do like to read about the exploits of a young nubile son and his recently divorced mother. Or the slutty daughter that seduces daddy to get what she wants. My main incest fantasy is between mother and daughter. This kind is not as abundant as the ones mentioned, but they get me going in no time. I've even taken it upon myself to write some mother-daughter fiction.

Another type of porn I am increasingly enjoying is gay porn. That's right, sex between two men. In real life, men hold very little interest for me, but online it is all about getting off and the thought of a taboo subject such as homosexuality gets my motor running. I enjoy stroking my cock to images of two men kissing and fondling each other's muscular bodies. I love to watch short gay movie clips of men sucking each other's long hard dicks. The view of a nice bubble butt ass gets my cock jumping. Reading about different men's experiences gets me so hot that it I'll cum in no time. One time was viewing a site that listed the places gay men go for some action. I clicked my city and browsed through the different spots. One play guys got together was at my college in one of the restrooms. It just so happens that I had a class that semester in that very building. One day I was getting a little turned on by a female classmate and decided to head to the bathroom to take care of business. Once in the stall, I whipped out my cock and began stroking. Through the crack of the stall door I see eyes. Just like the website said, this man stood in the doorway watching me wack off waiting for me to invite him in. Being the pussy I am, I got scared and stopped. He soon left and I had a little bit of regret in not taking the man up on his offer.

Another fantasy I have is similar to gay porn. I am a big fan of she-males or Transsexuals. I've already told you that I love the female form, add a cock to that and I'd be a happy man. This is one fantasy that I wouldn't mind trying once in my life. It's always been a fantasy to suck a nice cock at least one time in my life. To run my tongue across the tip and slide my lips over the shaft. To taste the epitome of manhood would be awesome. The only way I'd ever get the courage enough to do it would probably be with a tranny.

Cybersex. Like most compulsive masturbators, I've done this as well. I started my experience on AOL when I came across one of the many seedy chat rooms they have. I tried to pick up on women, but to no avail. It is pretty sad, but even online I suck at talking to women. So I turned to the gay chat rooms to see if I could have any better luck. With so many horny men, of course I was able to find someone. We'd describe each and every sexual act we wanted to do to each other. Lots of "ohhhh, ahhhhh, yessss". The session would usually end when one of us climaxed. Wham bam thank you man!

The next level of cybersex came when I discovered Yahoo's chat rooms. Not only were they seedier, but also you could make up a couple different nicknames to chat with. If there are any women reading this, yes I am one of those guys that pretends to be a female. Once in my cyber-female form, I'd travel to the lesbian rooms and try my luck. Women after women chatted and cybered with me. It was awesome. Later on, I'd find a pic of a cute lady and put it on my profile. This increased the number of ladies willing to "chat". I'd also get tons of guys bugging me for cyber. I can tell you that there are a lot of guys with little or no social skills online like myself when it comes to girls. It is pretty pathetic and I sympathize with the ladies. When I was bored I'd cyber with these poor dudes.

One time as a "lady" I got a message from some girl asking if I was interested in a threesome. I check the girls profile and she was a really a nice looking lady. We chat some more and she begins telling me about her boyfriend. I didn't really care about him, but from the stuff she was telling me, something was not right. I started piecing things together and realized that she might be talking about my old high school friend. She then sends me her boyfriend's profile and sure enough it is he. His pic is up and everything. I also get the feeling that I'm not talking to his girlfriend either, but actually my friend. I feel weird doing this, but I continue to chat with him/her. I try to make sure it is really my friend I'm talking to. He/she chats some more and the way the conversation is going, I am now sure I'm talking to my friend. My friend is pressuring me to come down and meet the two of them. He even sends me a couple naked photos of his girl. She is definitely a looker. He wants to cyber. I'm kind of aroused at this point and curious how far my friend will go. Since my friend is pretending to be a lady, I have no problem saying how I want to suck on her hard nipples and finger her pussy. My friend tries to bring himself into the mix. "She" asks me what I'd like to do to her boyfriend. This is where I draw the line and pretend I'm mostly a lesbo. I tell "her" that I'm not too interested in him, but I'd love to come see her for a little fun. Of course we are two men pretending to be women and that just isn't going to happen. It's kind of funny when I look back at it. My friend will never know that he cybered and shot a load with a one of his male friends.

The last thing I'm going to talk about is the conflict between this taboo lifestyle I lead and what I believe about pornography and lust. You see I happen to be a Christian. I sincerely believe that my lusting and compulsive masturbating is wrong. I know many of you are rolling your eyes about now, but I'm not trying to preach. This conflict is between what my flesh wants (instant gratification) and what God wants. Obviously by writing this at this site I'm currently choosing my flesh. I'm not saying that masturbation is wrong, but I do believe that when you take it to the level I have it is. Although no one would guess that it affects my life, there are things that I'd like to do that I never get to because of the desire to wack off. Things like reading a book, creating my own website, learning how to cook, and so on. You could probably label me a sexual addict even though I'm a virgin. My goal is to cut my wacking off from 2 to 3 times a day to a couple times a week and maybe even eventually stop completely. Moderation is key in anything that is pleasurable.

I know that this has been one long ramble. I hope it gave you an insight into my life. I'm hoping some people can relate to some of the things I've done and felt. Drop a note if you feel so inclined. Read some of my other stories too. I got to go and wack off. Thanks!

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