tagErotic HorrorTwo Treats, One Trick!

Two Treats, One Trick!


The two teachers laughed as they sat in the teacher's lounge eating their lunch together. It was Halloween, which was always a fun day at the school, seeing what imaginative costumes the students might show up in. There was also the annual Halloween party that evening, usually hosted by one of the younger faculty members, and it was a rare chance for teachers to have some fun and let loose in a safe environment. The fact that Halloween fell on a Friday this year was even more cause for celebration!

"Did you try on your costume for tonight yet?" Denise asked Kelly as they sat there talking. "I couldn't believe how well mine fit, and how good it looked on me! And at half the price of most of those online costumes that only fit supermodels!"

"I sure did!" Kelly responded. "Mine fit really well too! And it came with everything...I am so glad I opened that e-mail and found out about these great costumes. And speaking of e-mails..." Kelly continued, "did you see the one about the party tonight?"

"You mean the change of address?" Denise answered as Kelly nodded. "Yeah, it was awful short notice, but apparently something came up at Coach Ball's house and he couldn't have it there I guess? I printed out the directions, do you still want me to pick you up tonight?"

"Sounds great De...I'll be ready at 6:30. I can't wait!" Kelly gushed as she ate the last bite of her sandwich just as the bell rang. "See you tonight!"

The rest of the day went fairly uneventfully for both of them. Denise drove home, made herself a bit to eat, showered, shaved her legs and pussy, wrapped herself in a towel, and walked into her bedroom to start getting herself ready for the party. The 36-year-old brunette history teacher looked herself over in the mirror and smiled. For her age she thought she had done a pretty good job of taking care of herself. Admittedly age had added a bit more to her curves, but she still felt like she was beautiful and desirable. She reached down to pick up the dress part of her costume and couldn't help but laugh at it again:

"I'm a Sugar Baby!" she giggled as she pulled it over her head, still amazed at how perfectly it fit her in all the right places. She sat on the bed and pulled on the sheer hose that had conveniently been included with the costume, slipped on her heels and took another good look in the mirror. The dress was admittedly quite short, but she thought, maybe that's why it appeals to me; it's the kind of thing I could never wear to school, but around a bunch of similarly dressed adults it would be fine, and fun besides! She did her makeup, decided to leave her hair down around her shoulders, and grabbed her purse, heading out the door.

As Denise started the fifteen-minute trip back into town towards Kelly's apartment, the 34-year-old blonde English teacher was putting the finishing touches on her own costume. She still couldn't believe she had found such a nice, well-fitting costume at such a good price! And the fact that she was able to get her best friend Denise in on the deal only made it that much better. The two teachers had been best friends for years, they had both attended the same school they now taught at, and had started teaching there the same year, and taught most of the same kids who found their way down the halls of the high school.

She adjusted the middle part of her costume and then the hat part, making sure it was all even. This really was the perfect costume for her; over the past decade she had really let her tummy go, not quite staying in the shape she would have liked, and the once 130-pound cheerleader was now a bit over 200. Too many Hershey's Kisses! Kelly laughed at the ironic thought she had just had as she checked her look one more time:

"A perfect fit!" Kelly thought as she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed her purse and almost skipped down the hall towards the door, opening it and greeting her best friend.

"Wow!" Kelly shouted. "Look at you! That costume looks amazing on you!"

"I could say the same about you!" Denise exclaimed. "Did yours come with the hose too?"

"Sure did! Who thinks to do that anymore? What a great idea! Well, are we ready?" Kelly asked.

"Definitely, let's go have some fun!" Denise let Kelly get out the door and lock it and then the two best friends got in Denise's blue Honda and followed the directions from the e-mail to the house where the party was.

It was just starting to get dark outside as the two teachers finally found the house number. "Are you sure this is the right place?" Kelly asked. "It's right at 7, and nobody's here yet..."

Denise checked the email and then the house number again. "Yeah, this is 132 Irvine... I've never been in this neighborhood before but this has to be the right place."

"Okay...I guess everyone else will be here soon then. You know how it is, a lot of them have families, they're trying to get their kids trick-or-treating..."

"Right!" Denise replied as she parked in the driveway. "I always enjoyed that when I was a kid..." she sighed as they got out and walked together towards the door.

"Me too..." Kelly said, and then turned to Denise as they got the door. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Why not? It'll be fun!" And Denise reached out to ring the doorbell.

The two 'candy girls' waited excitedly for someone to answer the door. Finally after a minute, the door opened, and there stood a man dressed rather convincingly as the Joker from the recent Batman movie. So convincingly in fact that they certainly couldn't recognize which of their colleagues he was right away.

"Trick or Treat!" they both shouted in their most girlish, high-pitched voices.

"My my..." Joker answered in a cackling tone, "aren't you girls a little old to be trick-or-treating?" His eyes roamed up and down the two of them as they stood there in his doorway.

"Maybe a little..." Kelly laughed. "We're here for the party, of course!"

"Of course you are..." the Joker chuckled. "Come in, why don't you?" And he opened the door fully letting them walk in. "I do have a couple of treats for you girls, I'll be right back..." and he turned to walk away for a moment as they looked around in wonder.

The room was decorated like something out of Willy Wonka, with lots of pastel-colored decorations, most of some type of Halloween candy. And there was a quite strong aroma that was filling the room...chocolate! Wonderful, delicious chocolate...it was like they had both just stepped into a Hershey's factory! They both paused and breathed it in, it was just heavenly...and just then the Joker returned to the room.

"Sorry, my lovelies, but I couldn't find any more treats...but since I am the Joker, perhaps a trick would be in order?" he chuckled, watching their reaction and their eyes as he reached around Kelly to grab a line that was hanging there. Both the teachers turned their heads to see what he was up to, and their eyes followed the line upwards, craning their heads to the ceiling as the line ran through a few pulleys and ended on a bucket directly over their heads. They gasped as Joker pulled the line and the bucket tipped over, their eyes glued to the bucket to see what would pour out of it. Confetti? Water?

Meanwhile Joker had released the line and opened his palms in front of them as they looked up. Both of them looked puzzled. "I don't get it...nothing's coming out of the bucket..." Denise dumbly remarked.

"Of course my dear...that's the trick!" And Joker reached between their legs, his left hand on Denise and his right hand on Kelly, pressing the 'joy buzzers' he had concealed in his hands directly against their pubic regions through the hose.

"Ohh God..." Denise moaned.

"aaaahhhh..." Kelly gasped as both women received a sudden, unexpected and quite pleasurable buzz between their legs. The Joker began to laugh somewhat maniacally as he continued to press the buzzers, watching the shocked expressions on their faces with glee. He gave both buzzers a 'tap' and from within the buzzers extended a small lubricated vibrator which as it extended, pushed right through the sheer hose, almost as if there was a weak spot in the fabric right there, and between their quickly moistening lower lips and against both of their clitora...

"Ohhh my god!!!" was the simultaneous scream from both Denise and Kelly as their breathing quickened and their gasping and moaning increased. Their first instinct as they looked downward and realized their predicament was to reach down between their legs and remove the vibrators, but their pleasure mounted so quickly that all they could manage was a feeble attempt before their hands dropped meekly to their sides. The Joker gave a second 'tap' and wire shot out of both sides of the buzzer, wrapping around Denise's hips, and Kelly's, keeping the vibrators securely in place as he released his grip on them.

He stepped back and admired his handiwork. Both teachers were writhing helplessly in arousal, their eyes fluttering, chests heaving, and moaning excitedly.

"What a delicious pair of treats I have..." he mocked, "and so easily tricked...mmmm..." he walked back up to them, letting his hand run down Denise's front, then Kelly's, delighted at how quickly they had arrived at this state. "I can't wait to unwrap my two candies...and have a taste...see if you both taste as good as you look right now..." Both women gasped again as he finished his statement.

He stepped back again and opened a door behind him, and the aroma of chocolate grew a lot stronger as he did. He looked back at the two dazed teachers who were now leaning back against the wall, eyes fluttering, breathing ragged, both wanting nothing more at that moment than to feel release and total sexual bliss. As the stronger scent of chocolate hit their breath it sent another shudder through them. The Joker smiled as he walked back towards them. "I think you're both ready for the next step...now who gets to go first?" he laughed. "Eeny...meeny...miney...moe..." and his hand settled on top of Denise's head. "It's your lucky day, Sugar Baby!" he chuckled as his hands dropped to her shoulders, easily slipping the dress down to her feet.

Denise moaned as Joker took a moment to play with her sensitive breasts through her bra before he reached between them and freed them completely. His fingers teased down her trembling tummy before grabbing the top of her flimsy hose and ripping them away with one expert pull. Her grinned at her complete lack of hair as he lifted her out of her heels and then reached back between her legs again. He pulled Denise so she leaned forward, against him, as he whispered into her ear, "Nighty-night, my silly Sugar Baby," and he tapped the buzzer one last time.

Denise let out a scream of absolute pleasure as her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm, then she slumped against him, unconscious, as he slipped the buzzer off her. Sliding her unmoving body over his shoulder, Joker carried her into the other room and laid her down on her back, onto a slowly moving conveyor belt. He watched her shallow breathing as she started to move along the conveyor, and then he turned his attention back to Kelly.

"Mmmm...how I do love a yummy Hershey's Kiss!" Joker cackled as he unzipped Kelly's costume and pulled it away, admiring the blonde's plump and beautiful body as she stood there quivering from the effect of the vibrator. Her bra and hose came off just as easily as her best friend's had, and soon Kelly was placed on the same conveyor as Denise was on.

Then Joker went to the side of the large 'processing' room and watched in glee as Denise was carried into the central part of the system, which resembled a large rectangular box. The box closed around the pretty brunette as a switch turned on and rich milk chocolate began to pour all around her...

Denise awoke and rubbed her eyes, looking around her. She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep, but it was light outside, and she found herself in a strange bedroom, under the covers of a king-size bed. She looked to her left and saw her best friend Kelly lying there next to her. She poked Kelly a couple of times until her eyes popped open.

"Kel, wake up...come on Kelly, wake up..."

Kelly rolled over and sat up slowly. "De...what happened?"

"I'm not sure...my head...so foggy...I remember...the party...Joker..." Denise mumbled and then her nose picked up a familiar scent, "...chocolate..."

"Oh my god Denise..." Kelly yelled as she reached down between her legs, starting to remember, "...a vibrator...it's gone now...it's all a haze..."

Just then the door opened and both teachers turned their heads to see a familiar young man walk in. Simultaneously they shouted, "KEVIN?"

Kevin gave a cackle to them as he walked over to the bed. "Yes...you two had quite a night with the Joker, didn't you?"

Denise gasped as she recalled him: Kevin had graduated from their school a couple of years before, and the only reason he didn't make it into college was the poor grades he received in two classes. Denise's AP Geography class and Kelly's senior English class. Kevin smiled as he saw the realization dawn on both their faces.

"I see you two remember me...I had such high hopes for after school, until the two of you ruined any chance I had of a higher education. My only choice was to enter the workforce, so I took a job at the Hershey's plant across town." He smiled at them as he continued. "They saw my potential right away, and put me on the design team. Not too long ago I was put in charge of the project to create molds for new, large, promotional candies. So I created these molds, you see, molds that are quite big, big enough to fit a person inside..."

Kelly stopped him. "I don't know what all you did last night to us, but you are so in trouble, young man!"

"Tsk tsk, my dear Kelly...I don't think so...I think I hold all the cards right now..." and he walked over to the side of the room, where a large brown cloth was covering something large. They both watched curiously as he whisked away the cloth.

Standing there were two boxes. They were about 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Inside each box, wrapped in cellophane, was a chocolate covered woman! The one on the left looked exactly like Denise, while the one on the right resembled Kelly to a T. Kevin smiled as he saw the shock on both their faces.

"Still think I'm the one in trouble?" He laughed as they continued to stare wide-eyed at their chocolate doubles. "I don't think the school would look kindly on a couple of their teachers posed in the nude as chocolate treats, do you?" They both dumbly shook their heads. "I have the molds in a very safe location, so if anything should happen to these tasty treats, I'll just make more!" He laughed.

"This is madness!" Denise cried. "All this over a couple of bad grades?"

"Well...yes, as a matter of fact. This is something I've been plotting for some time now. And wow, I must say the two of you fell for it about as easily as I could have dreamed! You bought my discounted candy costumes, you accepted the change-of-address email, you wore my 'special' pantyhose...and you fell for my innocent little trick!" The teachers both blushed hard as he made them feel quite like a couple of dim-witted bimbos.

"I don't understand how-" Denise began.

"Why don't the two of you watch the little video I made...I think it will explain everything..." And Kevin directed their attention to a widescreen across the room as a video started to play. The teachers blushed as they watched themselves walking up the sidewalk, knocking at the door, being let in, and then falling so easily for his little trick. Their attention was glued to the screen as they watched themselves submitting to the power of the tiny vibrators. Kevin watched triumphantly as the two teachers and best friends pushed the covers aside and started to caress themselves while watching their own previous defeat. They watched, panting, as their bodies were loaded onto the conveyor and into the mold machine. Then they witnessed the part they hadn't been awake to see: their bodies covered almost completely in chocolate, lying on the same kind of foil used to wrap candy bars in, and being licked by Joker/Kevin into another blissful orgasm.

Just as it looked like they were both about to go over the edge once again, the video stopped. Kevin appeared back in front of them, his jeans down, his throbbing member covered in chocolate. Both girls licked their lips as he asked, "Now now...who wants the first taste?"

The End (for now?)

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