Two Weeks


What had I gotten myself into? Where was my mind when I agreed to this? Were they even still here in the room, or had they left?

I shifted position slightly, feeling the coolness of the room on my naked skin. There was no sound and yet there was so much. I could hear the hum of the air conditioning, the faint sounds of a TV somewhere else, but nothing that said they were nearby.

My knees ached and my lower back was painful. I wondered how I looked, kneeling naked, hands crossed at the wrists at the small of my back, thrusting my full breasts out, my legs spread open to his view. Did he like my body? Was I too fat?

I wish he had not put this blindfold on me. The darkness was hard for me. He knew this, but he still did it. I concentrated on my breathing, calming myself. Why should I panic? I was only kneeling stark naked in a room with a man I had never seen before. Trust. Trust in my friend had brought me here. She alone knew of my desires and she had arranged this. She said he was very highly respected and after this week I would know if this was the life I wanted or not.

Breathe. Control the fear.

"You say she is completely untrained?" his words were so unexpected that I jumped and then forced myself back into the position I was expected to keep.

"Completely." There was something cold and unfamiliar about my friend. How well did I truly know her? What if this man were some sort of ax-murderer?

"She controls her fear well enough for now." I could hear him move closer, walking around me. I tried to stop from trembling, but I knew I was shaking like a leaf. I felt his fingers lift my chin, "Why are you here girl?"

I tried to speak, but my mouth was dry, my voice gone. I tried again and my voice cracked and shook, "Please...." what should I call him? I didn't know his name even, "Please, Sir. I want to know...." I had to take a deep breath to continue, "...if.... the dreams are really me or not."

He released my chin and paced. I could feel tears wetting the blindfold. "And you are willing to place yourself in my care for 2 weeks to learn this? Knowing that I will own you completely, that I will do with your body as I please? That I will force you to be a slave and force you to submit?"

This was what I wanted. This was what I had dreamed of so often. So why was it so hard to answer him? "I think so Sir. I mean, I know it is what I have dreamed of since I was a child, but I can't promise anything more than to try my best."

"Mmmmmmmmmm." He paced more. There was a rustle of paper. "I see you signed the contract for these two weeks. Well then, girl. I will give you two weeks. Not because you come to me like this, but because you truly want to know. If you had begged to be made a slave, I would have refused you. I can see your fear and your desire to run from here, but I can also see your need to know for sure."

There were more noises and then the touch of cold metal around my neck. I must have jerked from it, for my movement was met with the quick snap of a crop across my back. "Hold still!"

The tone held me trembling as he locked the collar around my neck and then a leather cuff around each of my wrists. He fastened them together and pushed my knees further apart with his feet.

"I'll be back in two weeks, honey!" She laughed as she left. I heard the door and was alone with him. Alone and bound.

"Catechism time. What are you?"

"Sir?" The abrupt shift confused me. The crop danced once on my breasts and I jumped, struggling to hold the position.

"I will repeat it one more time. What are you?"

"A human being, Sir?"

The crop landed again, harder, "No, you are a slave. Bend down and rest your head on the floor, don't move your legs."

I obeyed, displaying my ass to his crop and with my legs splayed, my cunt too.

"What am I, Slave?"

"You are my.... Master?"

"Good, you may not be so stupid after all. Now girl, what is your purpose?"

"To serve you, Sir."

"Good enough for now." He fastened cuffs to each of my ankles and then attached a bar between them. I could not have closed my legs now no matter how hard I tried. he added a chain from the collar around my neck to the bar. I could not move at all from this position. This panicked me for some reason and I must have whimpered or struggled for he laughed long and deep.

"Gods, girl. You are a tasty treat like that. I can taste your fear," the crop caressed my ass and I trembled, feeling my arousal dampening, knowing he could see it, "I can smell your arousal. You will be a masterpiece when I am done with you. You will be a slave completely, for it is in you to be so. You dream of chains and cages, of men stronger than you, You dream they will take you down to your deepest fear and use you again and again. So I will."

He thrust into my wetness hard, using my body for his pleasure and not mine. I cannot explain the sensation of agony and pleasure. The realization that what he said was true and he was doing it already. He kept thrusting and then pulled out. He left me there, bent, dripping his cum on the floor. I heard the shower going. I dozed and woke in my darkness.

What was I thinking to get myself this way? What would I find at the end of the two weeks?

I heard him enter and stand near me, watching. I wanted to speak, but the contract had specified I would not speak unless asked to.

I heard him moving, opening a drawer and then the sound of something moving sharply through the air. A whip? The crop from before? I tensed against the pain I could only imagine. I had never been whipped or flogged before, other than that small correction earlier. I feared this part of my submission, yet I was excited to try it.

A knock on the door startled me. I was in direct line of sight of the door. He wouldn't answer it, he wouldn't do that to me.... I heard his steps move toward the door and it open. I tried to move, but I was helpless.

"Hi Ken, how did it work out?" A deep voice asked, "Oh there she is, God's what a lovely ass!"

This couldn't be happening. This was hard enough with just him. Fear took over me and I struggled frantically to free myself of these bonds. There was nothing I could do.

"Silence!" the crop lashed my ass sharply.

I had not realized I was saying anything, but I bit my lip and tried to keep the scream of fear that was building in me.

"Untrained, but gods, she looks good. I think she will mark well if that was any example." The other man said with obvious pleasure. "Is she tight?"

"Yes, " Ken, my Master, replied, "I doubt she had gotten any in a long time. I plan to start anal training as soon as possible. It is one of the things she fears most, so I bet she will be exceptional at it."

I tried to lift my head to beg that he not do that to me, but I couldn't. I whimpered in fear. I thought he had asked my fears so he would not go there. This was not what I had planned on.

"I could help." The other man offered. "Dierdre is not well, so I have no playmate for the night."

"I'll get the oil. Warm her up. I was just about to give her 20 when you came over."

"No! Please No!" I screamed, struggling again, "This isn't what I thought... please no!"

A few moments later my helplessness was further increased by a thick gag shaped like a penis shoved into my mouth. It pressed back far, almost gagging me.

With no warning the second man began to thrash my ass with the crop. Hot licks of pain spread over me. I screamed into the gag, struggling to escape the lash, never succeeding. There was a pause and then some words.


"She marks well. I will have to be careful not to give her too much."

Cool oil dripped over my hot skin and then there was pressure against my asshole. I struggled, but hands pulled my hair hard to keep me still. It was too big, it wouldn't fit.

"Relax, slave, push and then relax."

I tried to obey and he pushed in as I relaxed. Too big, oh gods, where was Sarah? Why had she allowed me to do this? Deeper, thicker he entered. I was being torn in half.

And then he began to move, slowly at first. The oil kept it from hurting too much, but the sensation was overwhelming. The penis in my mouth and the other in my ass. My body burned from the whipping and from need.. Oh god, it hurt, it felt good. What were they doing to me. The agony and pleasure lasted forever. My world narrowed to the two penises in me, I sucked the gag in time with his thrusts and felt him stiffen and thrust one hard time, filling me.

He pulled out with a deep sigh of pleasure. "Gods that was something else. She is going to be something else when you are done with her."

I heard them talk some more, share some coffee, leaving me like that, the cool air soothing my body. After some time, he left. I was alone again with my Master.

When he touched me again, I jerked in fear, but he was tender now, whispering softly in my ear as he removed the bonds and lifted me in his arms. He carried me into the bathroom and gently put me in a tub of warm water. He bathed me, still speaking soothingly to me like I was a spooked horse. Still, he did not remove the blindfold.

When he was done, he lifted me up again and carried me to another room, lying me on a bed. He rolled me onto my stomach and began to massage my back and shoulders. They ached from having been bound in one position for so long. He rubbed me until I purred in comfort and relaxation.

I felt him lie next to me, one arm over my body, “What are you girl?”

“Your slave,” I whispered softly.

“And who am I?”

“You are my Master.”

“And what is your purpose?”

“To please you, Master.”

“To please me in all things.”

“To please you in all things, Master.”

“Do you think you pleased me tonight?”

I did not see the verbal trap, “I think so Master.”

Quickly he moved my hands to the small of my back and snapped metal handcuffs on me. Unprepared for this, I did not resist.

“You told me No. You dared to order me and then think you please me?” The anger in his tone rose and I began to tremble.

He got up and moved around. There was the swish in the air and the sharp hot pain of leather on my already tender skin. I screamed and rolled over to protect myself, falling to the floor. The leather fell again, on my front now, striking my breasts, burning my nipples, ripping a louder scream. He did nothing to stop my movements, but gave me lash after lash. The leather found my breasts, ass and cunt no matter how I moved or curled.

The whipping stopped and I lay sobbing on the floor until he forced a ball gag into my mouth and pulled me by the collar around my neck. He actually managed to lift me from the ground and toss me into something. I could feel the cold metal under me and around me. It was a metal cage. I heard the door slam and a lock snick into place.

“Sleep well”

There was the sound of a shutting door and then nothing. I freaked. I screamed behind the gag and shook and threw myself against the sides, door and roof, not caring how much it hurt. Eventually, I lay exhausted on the floor of the cage, sobbing myself into sleep.

His hands woke me, pulling me from the cage, carrying me into the bathroom and sitting me on the toilet. Desperate, I peed, knowing he was watching. Why fight it?

“Good girl.” He removed the blindfold and gag. I blinked and squinted in the sudden light. This was my first time seeing him. I don’t understand why, but after being in the dark, seeing him was a relief and comfort. He was older looking than I had thought, his temples graying, laugh lines etched his face gently. I guessed him to be in his late 40s.

“You survived your punishment I see. Today is a fresh day. Today, your training starts. Each morning you will come here and I will see to some of your preparation. Your body is for my pleasure, so you will prepare it well. I will shave you and give you an enema and then you can shower and do your hair.”

“Enema?” I jerked back from him.

A frown crossed his face, “Did I ask you a question?”

“No, Master.”

He nodded and I knew later there would be some punishment for speaking out of turn.

He had me bend over and grab my ankles and proceeded to pump me full of warm water. He kept adding more and more water until I thought I was going to explode. He then moved me to the counter and began to shave me and I struggled to keep the water inside me and not twitch at the cramps. By the time he had my cunt completely naked, I was ready. He watched me lurch for the toilet and when I was done, crying silently again he patted me on the head, “Shower and when you are done, come to the kitchen.”

Humiliated I crawled into the shower and let the hot water cleanse me. When I realized I couldn’t stay in there all day, I finally got out and dried off. There was no hair dryer, so I brushed it and left it loose about my shoulders. On the counter were the leather cuffs for my wrists and ankles. They had not been there earlier, so I surmised I was to “dress” in them.

Like a condemned man, I walked to the kitchen. He was there, sitting at the table reading the paper and sipping coffee. Carefully, I knelt by his feet and waited. I already had one punishment for speaking out of turn coming and I didn’t want another. He read, pages turned and he ate. I had had nothing since lunch yesterday, but after the humiliation this morning, I wasn’t sure I could eat anything. He had taken every bit of privacy from me and crushed it. With the air touching my freshly shaven body, I felt more than naked. Silent tears kept creeping from my eyes. I kept my hands behind my back and did not brush them away.

“You have been very good. You learn quickly.”

I looked up, surprised to be so warmed at his praise.

He put a plate on the floor and a mug. “Eat. You may use your hands, but don’t make a mess.”

The plate held a slice of toast and the mug some plain black coffee. I glanced up at him and then back at the food.

“Isn’t it good enough for you girl?”

“It is wonderful, Master, thank you!” I assured him quickly, worried he would take away the food if he thought I wasn’t grateful. I ate it quickly and drank the coffee. It was bitter and odd tasting.

“Clean the dishes and then meet me in the living room.” He left after watching me finish my food.

I jumped up and quickly washed the dishes, dried them and put them away. He was at his computer when I came in and again I kneeled and waited. He finished something, saved the file and snapped a leash onto my collar.

“After breakfast, you will be exercised to keep you in good shape. When you return, you will make lunch and serve it to me. Make a portion for yourself. If you deserve it, you will get it.” He tugged the leash and I rose and followed. At the door, he fastened my hands behind my back and opened the door, motioning me to go out. I balked. He was going to take me outside stark naked?

He picked up the crop from the table by the door and gave me two quick swats on my ass. “Do not balk again, girl.” He shoved me out the door. I stood, half curled to hide my body and the crop smacked me again, “Stand up straight!”

Correcting me the whole way, he prodded me across the walkway between several condominiums to a common room. I was surprised as we entered to see maybe 10 women there, naked, collared, some chained, all exercising with great concentration. Walking around the room with a wicked looking whip was a tall, heavyset woman in black.

Master took me over to her and motioned for me to kneel. I did so, daring a quick glance up and then studied the floor.

“Looks like she wants to bolt at the first opportunity,” the woman commented with a dry laugh.

“She signed on for a two week training. She may want out of it, but I promised it to her and damn her, she’s going to get it. Vic, I want you to work her hard. She’s got too much baby fat on her still. Don’t give her an inch. Two weeks is not really long enough for what I have planned. Send her back with one of the other girls.”

As he left, I looked at him desperately. He wasn’t going to leave me here with this other woman. The look he gave me made me drop my gaze quickly.

When the door shut, Vic swung the whip across my back so hard it knocked me to the ground.

“Now bitch, you are mine. One bit of disobedience and I will make you dread every morning of your life.”

She hauled me to my feet and got me on a treadmill. Attaching my collar to the bar, she released my hands and got the machine moving. Faster and faster until I was having to run to keep up. She stood there watching and then started to yell at me to get my knees higher. I tried, but she laid the whip into my skin until I had reached a height that pleased her.

The woman was a sadist and took great pleasure in torturing each of us girls there with exercise. It was like PE in hell. She was careful not to push any of us too hard, but keep us to the edge of fear with her whip. At the end, I was so exhausted, I could barely stand. The toast and coffee were long gone and my stomach growled with hunger. Nausea swirled around me each time I stood.

“Pool time!” She barked, herding us out to the pool. The other girls moved quickly and dove into the water, swimming and splashing. Vic, or Mistress Victoria as one of the girl called her, pulled me over and pushed my head into her crotch. “Lick me slut!”

I had never done this before and I wasn’t about to start with her. I struggled and she backhanded me into the pool. Another girl held me in the water, trying to staunch the blood running from my nose.

“You okay?” she asked softly, “I don’t think anything is broken. Be especially careful around her. The Master’s don’t seem to realize how mean she really is.”

“Master’s? You are all slaves?”

She laughed and smiled, “Yes, this is a place owned by a local group. They rent the condos out to full members. It provides a place for training and such without having to worry about the neighbors. Master Ken didn’t explain it to you?”

“No,” I checked my nose. The bleeding was stopping. Mistress Victoria had another girl between her legs and looked rather relaxed.

“By the way, I’m Monica.”

“Kelly,” I kept moving to the far side of the pool, away from the crazed woman.

“You are new to this aren’t you?”

“Yes…. I wanted to know…. That is….”

Mistress Victoria let out an animal grunt and stood, “Out of the pool. Dry off and line up for inspection.”

“Move quickly!” Monica whispered and we both hauled ourselves out of the pool. Towels were there and we dried ourselves off. I followed the other girl’s examples and knelt by the edge of the pool, eyes straight ahead, thighs parted. Mistress Victoria came and looked us each over. One girl was given 5 swats for dirty fingernails, another 2 swats for slouching. I got 10 for untidy hair.

We were then dismissed. Mistress Victoria attached the collar to my leash, fastened my hands behind my back and hauled me back to Master’s place. He seemed surprised to see her there.

“I wanted you to know that your girl was clumsy and fell. I fear she will have a nasty bruise on her face.” She handed over the leash. Her voice was so sincere. I kept my eyes down and said nothing. Why would he believe her over me?

“Hmmmm…” he pulled me into the house and released my wrists. “I’ll talk with her. She will be more careful tomorrow. Go make lunch. girl.”

I hurried into the kitchen where he had left a note of what he wanted served. When he came in, I was dishing up the soup. The sandwiches were on the table and a pitcher of iced tea sparkled in a glass pitcher. He seated himself and I knelt at his feet. He ate in silence. Finally he pushed his bowl aside and lifted my chin with his hand.

“What really happened? Remember, I expect the truth.”

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