tagGay MaleTwo Weeks Leave with Gene

Two Weeks Leave with Gene


After being assigned to the Army Finance Center in Indianapolis for training I was being reassigned to a team in Japan. We were required to have three specialties, and administration was one of my three. This was a new team being assigned to Japan, so we were going to have to establish the organization from the ground up. I was given two weeks leave before I was to report to the Oakland Army Terminal for transport to Japan.

When I was able to get my orders and clearance from the post it was mid morning and it was already getting hot. I left the post, duffle bad on my shoulder heading to I-70 to get a ride west.

I was fortunate to catch a few rides and was home early in the evening. This gave me time to spend some time visiting with my parents and a few friends that evening. It just made for a very relaxed evening after a day of travel.

The next morning I got up early and emptied the duffle bag to do laundry. Some of the uniforms were already worn and the remainder was winkled since I had just shoved everything into the duffle bag. I had no intention of wearing a uniform for the next 2 weeks, but I did want to make sure they were clean and ready to go.

As I was sorting through the laundry I suddenly thought about Gene and wondered what he might be doing. After I had the laundry started I went back upstairs and got Gene's phone number and decided to give him a call, it had been a little over a year since we hade spoken or seen each other.

I listened as the phone rang several times, then a woman answered the phone.

I asked "Is Gene available?"

She replied, "One moment please."

Then I heard his voice, "Hello, this is Gene."

It was a total surprise when I answered. I asked him how things were going and told him I was home for a few days. I was hoping that he would have some time where we might get together. I could almost see Gene's cock, standing proud, its size and the gorgeous head on his shaft. I liked his cock, it was straight and thick, the head was just the right size to look good on his shaft. The pee hole was located down on the head and was not puckered, but just a slit, seemed to be very suitable for his cock. I could put my hand around his cock and just feel the tips of my fingers touch, he had a thick cock. His balls were large and heavy, but not a lot of hair around them. They also seemed to be of appropriate size for his cock.

Gene asked "What are you doing later today?"

I replied, "Not a thing."

After we had made some plans I went down to check on the laundry to make sure it was ok. I felt good, excited and anxious all at the same time. Gene had been the first man I had ever been with, so it was special with him. I watched as the laundry tumbled around in the washer, my mind wandering with the thoughts of previous encounters with Gene.

I went upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. It was already hot and I could feel the humidity, it was thick and stifling, typical for summer in the Midwest. The shower felt good, just warm enough to stand there and enjoy, but not get so hot to start sweating.

I went to my old closet and picked out something to wear. It all seemed so long ago that I had been here. I looked at the clothes and thought to my self, someone should just throw this stuff away, I'll never wear most of it again.

I had just finished dressing when the phone rang. I answered it and there was a long silence on the phone, I repeated myself "Hello?"

Then the man on the other end wanted to know if my mom was home and I replied "No, she isn't here now, can I take a message?"

He answered "No, I'll catch up with her later."

I hang up, but I just thought it was odd the way he acted. I left a note on the kitchen counter that someone had called but would get back to her later.

I checked on the laundry and headed out the door to meet Gene. I was now more excited as I anticipated seeming him again for the first time in a long time. The thoughts were making me even hornier and I could feel my cock start to harden.

I met Gene at a café that had pretty good food, I was not only horny, I was also hungry. We talked about what had happened to each of us in the past year. Gene had been busy with his business, but still managed to have some fun occasionally. He seemed to enjoy the fact that his wife had taken a more active role in helping him with his business.

Gene asked "Would it be ok with you if we go to my place for a little while?"

I answered "Sure, that is fine with me."

Gene lived about 45 miles north of the town I lived in. The drive was nothing to brag about, flat corn fields were all that was to be seen. The time seemed to fly by as we arrived in the town. It didn't take long to get to Gene's house, it was on the South side of the town. I was really surprised when we pulled up to his house, it was a large brick, just a few years old.

We got out of the car and went inside his house through the garage entry. I could feel the air conditioning, it felt great today. I stood in the kitchen as Gene, took care of a couple of things. He called for me to go into the living room and make myself comfortable.

As I sat on the couch waiting for him to return I noticed some photos on a table, so I went over to look at them. His wife was a very attractive woman, seemed to be a petite woman sitting next to Gene. I noticed a family portrait, with Gene, his wife and a girl in it. He had never spoken of having a daughter.

Gene came back, having finished what he had to do. He hugged me, kissed me and told me that he had often wondered how I was doing. I could feel his cock harden as he held me close to him.

I reached down and very softly ran my fingers over his cock, feeling it harden even more. I had thought about this cock often, it was as big as I remembered it to be. I could feel him breath heavier as I touched his cock. He was now fully erect, his pants were bulging from his erection.

We sat down on the couch, he kissed me again, this time his tongue touched mine, causing me to open my mouth more. Our kisses were now deep and long, my cock was throbbing with the anticipation of what was going to happen. Gene was facing me, out bodies were pressing against each other. His cock was rubbing against mine, through our trousers.

Gene turned on the couch unbuckling his belt, and pulling his trousers down. He kicked them off of his foot, now in just his underpants. He had a huge wet spot on his under shorts, the kissing had had a good effect on him.

I pulled my jeans off and removed my shirt, now in nothing except my under pants and socks. I felt Genes hand run over my under pants, holding my cock through the cotton material. He pulled the front down and I lifted my ass from the couch letting him remove my shorts. I felt his lips softly kiss the head of my cock, God, it felt so good when he touched my cock. He positioned himself on the floor, right in front of me. As he started to kiss my cock again, I lifted my legs up and let them go over his shoulders. I could now feel his lips and tongue going down the shaft of my cock, ever so slow. It was making my mind go crazy, it felt so good. His tongue was running around the head of my cock, then over my pee hole.

I started to move my hips with his motion, developing a rhythm with him. He would go down the shaft of my cock, pressing him lips and nose into my pubic hair. He was gently squeezing my balls as he sucked my cock.

With my legs over his shoulders I felt him slide his finger along my anus. I was on fire and his touch made my cock jump. I could feel his finger enter my ass, slow but up into my ass. He started to stroke my ass as he started to suck my cock a little faster, still working the head with his tongue. I could feel my balls and stomach tighten, my mind was racing and I knew I was going to cum soon.

I told him "Gene, I'm going to cum."

I could feel him speed up his motions and sense that he was anxious for me to cum. My stomach tightened more and I felt my cock spasm as I shot my load. It seemed to go on forever, my body convulsing with every spurt. Then it slowed and I could feel it was over. I must have shot 6 or 7 large spurts before I started to slow down, I felt sated and exhausted. My body shook at Gene's touch now, the head of my cock was so sensitive. I had to stop him, it was just too sensitive.

As I lay back on the couch, my cock now flaccid, I began to recover from the mind numbing orgasm. I reached down and felt Gene's cock, still very hard and the head was wet from his precum. It still amazed me how large his cock was, not just the length, but the diameter. Yet, it was a very attractive cock, it was very straight, no curves in it, just a very edible cock.

I slid down on the couch, licking the head, tasting Gene's precum. I heard him moan as my tongue licked his nectar from the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth and took his cock inside, running my tongue around his head. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth again.

I let his cock slide inside further, feeling his pubic hair touching the tip of my nose, then slowly sliding back up his shaft. I teased the head again, running my tongue around it, playing with his pee hole. Then I slid back down his shaft, attempting to make my mouth please every inch of his cock. The softness of his erect cock, the warmth of it just felt so erotic, as I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock, all the way to the head.

I slide my finger in Gene's ass and slowly stroked him. With each thrust into his ass he would rise up to meet my hand. I let my hand bump his balls with each thrust into his ass. I tried to make sure I has his cock fully in my mouth each time my finger was deep inside his ass.

After a brief time I heard Gene's moans become a grunt and knew he was very close. I increased the speed and pressure on his cock and his body tensed. I knew he was there and then suddenly his body convulsed. One hot spurt after another shot into my mouth as I tried to swallow all of his hot jizz. I wanted desperately to empty his balls that day, and he kept cumming. Then his body went limp and with each touch of my tongue on his cock head his body jerked. I left his cock, now going flaccid and kissed him, knowing that my lips would still taste like him.

We lay on the couch with each other for some time, recovering from the fantastic pleasure we had just experienced. I felt my cock harden again, as we lay kissing and touching each other. It was rubbing his thigh and I could feel Gene's cock start to harden. As we kissed and held each other our cocks now touched, rubbing against each other.

We moved more onto the couch, Gene was now between my legs and his cock was rubbing the head of my cock. I moved my legs to expose myself more, letting Gene get between them. I put one leg up over his shoulder and the other leg on the back of the couch. I could feel his cock touching my ass now and knew I wanted his to fuck me. I moved my ass, just slightly in a rotation, touching his cock with my cheeks. He gently pushed into my ass hold as we played, I could feel the pressure of his head entering my ass.

He was able to get the head in and I felt the slight pain as it entered my tight ass. He let it stop there and I was able to relax feeling the pain go away. Then he started to push his cock up inside my ass as I moved my ass up and down to let him enter easier. I felt his balls against my ass, knowing I had him inside.

As he started to fuck me we were able to get into a rhythm, as he was thrusting into me I would rotate my ass slightly, squeezing his cock at the same time. I put both of my legs around Gene, pulling with each stroke into me.

I watched his face and knew from the grimace he was going to cum. I felt his cock spasm and then his body convulsed with each spurt as he shot his load up into my ass. I felt as though I was so special at that time, the feeling of being a whore for Gene and milking his cock was overwhelming, it felt good.

As Gene slowly relaxed, his orgasm was over and his cock was soft as it slipped out of my ass. He lay beside me, attempting to recover for the fuck we had just had. We must have lain there, not saying a word for several minutes.

Suddenly a woman's voice broke the silence, it seemed to be like a electric shock to me. I jumped, not knowing what to think, but Gene was on my leg preventing me from moving more.

Gene replied "Hi, didn't know you were home"

The woman answered "Just got home, didn't want to disturb you"

Gene and I sat up on the couch, our clothing scattered all over the floor. I was very uncomfortable, not knowing what to think at the moment. My cock was now completely soft and my ass was filled with Gene's cum. The euphoria of feeling like a whore had suddenly gone.

The woman left the room and I grabbed my clothes and got dressed. Gene went into the other room, still naked and they were talking. When I enter the room Gene introduced me to her, I recognized her as his wife from the pictures in the other room.

We all talked for a little while then Gene went into the other room to get dressed. His wife and continued the conversation, mostly just small talk. She was reading the mail and slowly moved close to me as she sorted through the letters. We were standing just inches apart from each other and she leaned over and kissed me. My head was spinning, not sure what to think at this time.

Gene returned to the room and said he was going to drop me off, but would be back in a little while. His wife smiled and continued to sort through the mail.

We drove back south, making conversation about various things. Gene told me that his wife knew about us and that she liked me. I was not sure where this would lead over the next couple of weeks, but it was exciting.

When we got to town we made a date to meet again in a couple of days.

I went into the house and checked on the laundry I had been doing several hours ago. My mom had already dried part of it and the rest was in the washer. I went back upstairs and asked her if she had seen my message. She seemed to be flustered at the question, but replied that she had.

I went upstairs to shower and get ready to meet some friends that evening.

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