tagLoving WivesTwo Women Surprise Husband

Two Women Surprise Husband


The two women, new friends, met down on Melrose, an eclectic area of bookstores, Turkish rug vendors, exotic jewelry, and designer boutiques where a yard of silk might cost a thousand dollars. Collette owns one of those boutiques – she designs gorgeous dresses, harem pants, slips of tops... all of the most beautiful fabrics that drape and caress you when you wear them. Collette, mid-40's, long golden brown hair and hazel eyes flashing, a gypsy through and through.

Sylvia is different... younger, Latina, dark hair and eyes, big breasts, curves that make men stop in their tracks to stare. Married, her husband quite successful, but he travels way too much for Sylvia. She is alive, aroused by life, attractive... but lonely much of the time. Of course, men approach her. But as desirous as she might be of their attention, romance, or let's tell the truth, just someone to fuck, she doesn't want any man except her husband.

Collette's husband is a mystery – he's in Europe; Collette can't remember the last time he was in the States. No matter – Collette is free-spirited and bisexual, and takes her love where she finds it.

Sylvia confessed her loneliness to Collette one morning, as they meet briefly for coffee before Collette has to open the store. Collette, sympathetic, had been attracted to Sylvia for a long time – she wanted to dress her in some silk and then undress her, and let passion take them where it may. But she doesn't offer this – instead, she invites Sylvia to come to the store with her and distract herself by trying on some new clothes "guaranteed to impress your husband when he comes home..."

They finish their coffee and walk the 2 blocks to Collette's boutique. "Make yourself at home" she calls to Sylvia, as she goes into the back to turn on the lights, some music, and to get them both a glass of wine. It's only 10 AM – too early to drink? - but it's noon somewhere, she thinks. Sylvia is walking slowly through the shop, caressing the silks, admiring the colors... and Collette hands her the wine and encourages her to pick out anything and try it on.

It's a warm weekday morning. People pass by, but only a very few people come inside. Collette's wealthy clients arrange private fittings in advance. Sylvia selects some harem pants – yards of fabric – and a tiny wisp of a top. In Collette's dressing room, she strips to her bra and thong, and then thinks twice and removes her bra. Why have anything between her bare skin and that gorgeous silk, she thinks. Collette comes to the dressing room door and helps her adjust the harem pants, and shows her how to tie the wisp of silk – see, this end ties here – so the bias drape accentuates Sylvia's beautiful breasts. Sylvia's nipples harden as the silk brushes over them. Collette notices, smiles...

"That top would look better with a skirt, I think," says Collette, "let me pick something out for you." She selects a long skirt, still yards of silk, and she enters the dressing room as Sylvia is bending over to remove the pants. Collette gets a long look at Sylvia and begins to get aroused, imagining all the ways she could please her young friend, if Sylvia was open to it... "Here's the skirt," she says. Sylvia slips it on. Yes, it's beautiful... Sylvia admires herself in the mirror. She knows she's beautiful, turning this way and back, her entire body reflected in the mirrored surfaces. Collette stands at the doorway, watching, then she says, "I have the perfect necklace for that outfit," and she goes to get it. She comes back with a huge amber stone on a chain – one of a kind – and she comes up behind Sylvia to slip it over her head. The stone falls between Sylvia's breasts, accentuating them. "There," said Collette... "what do you think?"

"Oh, it's a beautiful outfit," Sylvia says, turning toward Collette. Collette says she likes it, but wait, here's another drink – let me pick out a few things for you... and she does. Sylvia soon loses any inhibition she might have about taking off her clothes to change, as Collette brings in outfit after outfit, color after color, for her to try.

After the 3rd glass of wine, Sylvia is feeling loose and carefree. When Collette suggests that an outfit would look sexier if her nipples were harder, Sylvia agrees. Giggling, she pinches her nipples and turns for Collette's approval. "Wait... I have an idea," Collette says, then gets some ice from the back room. "It's a Vegas showgirl trick," she confides, "here, let me help..." as Sylvia pulls up the silk top and Collette starts to rub her nipples with ice cubes. Sylvia giggles – hey, it's COLD! – but soon her nipples are deep magenta and at full erection. "That's better," says Collette, and bends to flick one nipple with the tip of her tongue, smiling...

Sylvia is surprised, but she just smiles... she is aroused; she's been getting aroused all morning, since she's been almost naked and rubbing her body with silk for an hour. Her husband has been out of town for SO long, and what's the harm in a couple of girls fooling around? It's not the same as taking another male lover... her husband wouldn't mind, he'd like to watch! He's told her a thousand times that it would really turn him on...

So she says, "Hey, what about this one?" and offers her other nipple to Collette's tongue.

Collette obliges, her tongue flicking Sylvia's nipple and then she leaned in to give it a quick suck. The store is open – someone could walk in any time – but Collette doesn't think about it as she begins to stroke Sylvia's breasts, hands and mouth, all over.

Sylvia watches herself in the mirrors... she watches her face flush as Collette touches her... she watches herself get aroused and begin to respond. Collette is taking charge – she stands and kisses Sylvia and slides her out of the outfit she's in, then with fingers on each side of the thong, she slips that off, too. Collette gets on her knees to pull the thong off, at Sylvia's ankles. As she comes back up, she runs her hands up Sylvia's legs, stroking her thighs and just lightly brushing over her pussy. Collette feels the heat, and she stops to gently spread Sylvia's lips, to kiss her sweet clit. Sylvia watches her own reflection as Collette begins to tongue her clit... Sylvia rubs her breasts with some bit of silk that's nearby... rolling her head back against the wall as Collette's tongue and hands work their magic.

Collette stops, grabs a stool and drags it over. Then, getting back on her knees, she tells Sylvia to put one leg up on the stool. There... that opens her up for Collette's tongue, circling Sylvia's clit and sucking her, and then sticking her tongue in Sylvia's vagina to taste her sweet juices. With her mouth on Sylvia's pussy, Collette grabs Sylvia's ass to hold her close, and Sylvia rolls her eyes back into her head, moaning loudly, as she has her first orgasm in weeks, not at her own hands. She watched herself, watched her own reflection, the whole time...

A bell sounds – someone has come into the shop – and Collette must tear herself away from Sylvia's sweet pussy to take care of things. "Just a minute," she calls to the customer, as she gets up, "be right there..." Collette goes to the rest room... Sylvia collapses on the stool and stares at herself... wearing nothing but that amber necklace.

In a few minutes, Collette has gotten the customer out of the store and locked the door. She hung a "closed" sign in the window, and then came back to the dressing room. "Are you ok?" she asks... and Sylvia answered by rising to kiss her. Arm in arm, they go into the back room where Collette has a day bed, piled with yards and yards of silk. There, on the daybed, they spend the rest of the day, kissing and caressing each other, running yards of silk over each other's breasts and between their legs, up the crack of their asses, all over, anywhere it might feel good, then licking each other's breasts and sucking them... fingering each other to orgasm... and tonguing each other again and again.

Sylvia had never been with another woman before, but she caught on right away; it was the reality that had only been a fantasy before. She loved it.

= The women spent quite a bit of time together over the next couple of weeks. They would meet for coffee, shop a bit, gossip... and eventually, they'd end up on Collette's daybed or at Sylvia's apartment. They got very good at pleasing each other. Soon, though, it would be time for Sylvia's husband to come home. What would happen then?

= Collette waited at Sylvia's for Sylvia and Tom to get home. He was arriving back from his business trip today, and the ladies had planned something special to welcome him. Collette was naked and waiting in bed – she was masturbating a little, drunk with the idea of fucking someone she had never seen before. Her naked body in bed was going to be quite a surprise for him, she thought... I hope he likes what we have planned, she mused, tickling her clit and warming up to the idea...


Sylvia met Tom at the airport when his plane landed. The minute he kissed her, he knew something had changed. Concerned, he searched her face for answers, but she avoided his gaze and made small talk instead. "I have a surprise for you," she said, as he touched her breast in the car on the way home.

They dropped his bags inside the front door and he immediately grabbed Sylvia and began to kiss her, to undress her... "Wait," she said, "your surprise..." and leading him by the hand to their bedroom, she only smiled. He could smell the scented candles; he was angry for a minute to think she'd leave them burning while she went to the airport, but no, someone else was here... what the...?

There was Collette, naked, spread out like a sacrifice. Wine chilling, candles burning, soft music on the stereo... Tom wondered what the heck was going on, but Sylvia was whispering, "A little fantasy for you, darling... just relax and enjoy..." Collette said "Hello, Tom," and rose to kiss him, before resuming her pose on the bed... Sylvia, behind him, stroked his shoulders and said, "sit down, darling... a little treat for you..." and he did find a chair, which he pulled closer to the bed. Sylvia stood back and slowly stripped, taking time as she removed each piece of clothing, teasing both Tom and Collette. Collette draped herself with a few yards of silk she brought along, and watched Sylvia's tease. Tom watched in amazement as his wife climbed on the bed with the other woman as soon as she was naked... and they began kissing and caressing each other.

Tom started to take off his clothes as the women started tonguing each other. He was rock hard, watching his wife eagerly eating this gypsy, and watching her getting worked over as well. He got his clothes off, still watching, stroking his erection and wondering...what next? The women soon invited him to join them, and Collette started to suck his dick as Sylvia positioned herself over his face. The women had it worked out like a sexual ballet – one would move here, the other there, and each move only increased each person's stimulation and pleasure. At one point, he had hands full and mouth full of breasts, while the women French kissed over him. They tongued him and each other, all over. Together, the women sucked his cock – one sucking the tip while the other tongued him lower, over his balls, down underneath to that sensitive spot between balls and ass... he had to explode, and he did; and the women both tongued him until he was soft...

When he recovered, he dove down on his wife's wet pussy. Collette caressed his ass with the silk, while he brought Sylvia to orgasm... and then he grabbed Collette and tongued her, too... she and Sylvia kissed and sucked each other's tits while he tongue fucked them both... and then, erect again, he laid back on the bed and let each woman take a turn sliding her wet cunt on his big marble tool. Nice homecoming!

Later... exhausted and satisfied, the three of them rested. This little ménage continued for a long, long time...

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