tagSci-Fi & FantasyTwo Worlds Ch. 04

Two Worlds Ch. 04


Octavia's hands rested on Neo's broad chest as his paws wrapped around her hips. His dark skin contrasting with her own brought on an entirely new wave of feeling and arousal for her. Neo leaned down close to her lips.

"Octavia I won't force you." his dark eyes locked with her own. Octavia moaned as she stood on her tipsy toes to reached his lips. Kissing him was so new and exciting to her, they were fuller as he licked at the seam of her mouth, asking for entrance as his palm came up behind her head to support her. A strangled groan came from her throat as she opened her mouth to his thick tongue, instantly invading and tasting her inner mouth Neo moaned out-loud. He fingered her breasts, teasing her already sensitive nipples. Their tongues danced, tasting and exploring each other for the first time.

"Octavia you taste so good." breathed the dark god.

"I like the way you taste to Neo, ohhmmmmmm." stammered the young woman as his fingers played with her nipples, flicking, pulling and plucking at them gently. Her hands followed the contours of his chest, his harden stomach, finding his stiffening cock beneath the soft cotton of his pants.

"Shall we move into the bedroom my little vixen?" Neo asked seductively. Nodding Octavia let him swoop down plucking her off of her feet and into his arms as he then carried he into the bedroom. Milody and Lutane were both reclined on small lounge couches on either side of the bed, Milody smirked when she saw Octavia's small form in her man's strong arms. Neo moved and gently planted Octavia in the middle of his bed. Octavia was buzzing with heat and passion, driven by new impulses and desires she crawled over to where Neo stood, her hands withdrew the waist band down letting it fall to his ankles.

"Ohhhh!" she gasped as his erection popped up at attention. Pointing right in her face, Octavia licked her lips wantonly. He was massive, his average 6 inches in length was not as noticeable as was how thick around his shaft was. Neo stepped free of the pants before crawling onto the bed with the little creamy nymph.

"Neo you're huge!" was all that Octavia said as she gripped his width and began sucking him as if she was love drunk, he sat on his knees, resting his ass on his heels.

"Ohhhhfuck!" he cried as her little hands and mouth enveloped him, so warm and wet as her tongue lapped and licked, her teeth scraping ever so gently, it took both of her hands laced together to stroke him while she sucked.

Lutane couldn't believe his eyes as his mate devoured Neo's massive dick, as if she had longed to taste him, slurping and suckling, her guttural groaning told him of her immense pleasure. Her pale flesh gulping at his dark rod sent a sensation of excitement threw Lutane as he watched.

"Stop stop oh Octavia stop or I will start fucking your tiny mouth".... panted Neo as he gently dislodged her face from his cock, he then flipped her onto her back spreading her legs..." I have wanted to taste those succulent nipples for so long my tiny nymph!" his warm breathe washed over the young woman. Octavia cried and gasped becoming submissive and pliable in his hands, his hands were holding her legs apart pushing down on her inner thighs while his mouth eagerly found her barbelled nipples.

"Neoooooooo ohfuck yesss yes yes yes!" she screamed as his big tongue lapped and twirled around each tender bud, suckling on them with soft yet determined lips, her pussy was aching, sopping wet as he continued to minister to her nipples.

Milody watched as her little cousin enjoyed her mate, loving every moment of it, her own nipples were hard with arousal as she gazed at the pair.

"So lushes my sweet nymph, you taste so good, your scent is driving me wild!" growled the big man as he thrust three large fingers deep into her weeping vagina. Her bucking frantic scream of indescribable pleasure echoed threw the house as Neo began to finger her tight slit. Octavia had never felt so sexy or hot in her entire life, her body was vibrating, thrashing, wild with pleasure. Her vagina clenched at Neo's fingers intent on never letting them go.

"Oooooo yes my tiny nymph feel my fingers, soon my big cock will be in there, hmmm oh yes little Octavia cum cum." his voice loomed over her, igniting her womb, sparking fire as hot as the sun within her. Her mews and cries of impending orgasm met their ears as she came. Neo loved the feeling of her walls clasping his fingers, feeling the ripples of her orgasm rip threw her little body.

Still holding her thighs apart, Neo helped her guide his heavy cock to her velvety lips, his gaze met her's as he began to push his oversized member into her.

"Ahhhhhfuck so big!" she cried as he slowly worked his way into her tight channel, her juices flowing heavily as he entered. Lutane's eyes were riveted on his friend's black dick being driven into his mate's small pussy, her body thrashed while her voice told of her utter bliss at his invasion.

"Damn you are so fucking tight my little nymph!" Neo roared as he finally seated himself to the hilt within her. He withdrew and thrust again without waiting for her approval, drawing a cry of passion from her lips.

"Oh Neo I'm so full, oh fuck me please!" she moaned as he withdrew again. Her body felt stuffed to the brim, what he lacked in length, Neo made up for in girth.

Octavia's hands were palming his chest, kneading his pecks like a cat, retracting and extending her fingers like claws... her nails biting into his flesh with every thrust.

"Lutane opened you well last night little nymph, but I'm going to give you the fuck of your life." Neo said as he felt her fingers knead even faster with encouragement.

Neo grunted as he picked up his pace, withdrawing then slowly inserting himself faster and still faster. Octavia's expressions of wonder and pleasure mixed with her body's unbridled writhing and trembling made him go all the faster. Her vagina squeezing his thick shaft with every shove in and out, soaking it with her inner cream. Neo glanced at Lutane, and found him stroking his own cock in time with Octavia's moaning, turning his face towards his own mate Neo discovered her playing with her breasts as she watched him pound another woman's pussy. Refocusing his attention on his new little nymph, Neo gave her all that he had; relishing her every scream of ecstasy.

Octavia gazed up into his dark eyes as his body claimed her own, she couldn't believe that she was actually being marked by another male, her heart swelled with emotion as she realized that she could love two men, Neo's steady gaze wasn't simply sexual, it was beckoning asking her to believe that his feelings were truth, that he did care for her, that he wasn't just fucking her body... he was asking her for love in return as he rammed in and out of her. She felt overwhelmed and in the same instant she felt calm, as her body enjoyed every tiny sensation that Neo gave to her, meanwhile knowing that he was likewise taking full enjoyment of her.

Octavia closed her eyes and let herself give in completely to what was happening to her, allowing herself to dream, listening to his moaning, so panting... their flesh slapping together with each thrust that Neo gave her...

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