Two Worlds Ch. 07


"Masu..." I groaned slightly as she continued to press back against me anyways. She turned around and looked at me with smoldering eyes of desire and I groaned even louder before kissing her passionately. She broke the kiss after a moment and started kissing down my neck.

"I want to make you feel good." She told me as she kissed down my shoulder.

"But we can't..." I started to say before gasping as she licked one of my nipples experimentally.

"Not mate. Just... Hmm... Jess explain..." she paused for a moment as if trying to think of the word. "Oral sex to me." She finally said before continuing to kiss down my chest. All my breath left me at that, my head fell back and every touch seemed to be magnified. Jess had pulled out from me about a year before she disappeared the fact that oral turns me on more than anything else. She apparently still remembered. I wasn't sure whether to thank her or curse her name. None of that mattered though as soon as I felt Masu's breath on my penis.

I looked down at her and saw she was just inches away from my manhood. Suddenly her tongue darted out and licked along the head slowly and my head fell back again as I moaned loudly. She licked along the entire length slowly as I shuddered in pleasure. She took her time in covering every part of my member with her tongue before she suddenly slid the head into her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned. Her mouth was so warm and wet and it felt like the most amazing thing on earth at that moment even with her fur tickling my legs a bit. I slid my hand into her hair and stroked her ears as she started slowly sliding more of me into her mouth. I moaned and my eyes almost rolled back into my head as she slowly slid as much of me as she could into her mouth without gagging. She sucked and licked on what she had for a few minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and started to move her head slightly to show her what I wanted her to do. She got the message pretty quickly and started to slowly more her mouth up and down over my manhood. After a few moments of this she started to move a little faster and I gripped her hair a little tighter.

"Oh god Masu..." I moaned as I got close. I quickly pulled her off, wanting this to last longer. She looked at me, slightly confused and worried before I pulled her up and kissed her and then flipped her around. She still seemed confused but then started to lick me again before I leaned up and licked along her slit. She gasped at that and I smiled before sucking lightly on her just slightly furry outer lips. She moaned and then started to lick the head of my member again as I nipped and licked her outer lips. I then licked slowly along her slit again and then licked down to her clit. I blew on it gently, making Masu shiver and then moan as she started to slip my manhood into her mouth. I moaned lightly as well and then licked her clit slowly. She stopped moving as a shuddered went through her body and she moaned before pushing back against my face. I smiled and licked along her slit then up to her asshole, probing it with my tongue lightly as she squirmed in delight.

I slid my tongue back down to her clit and flicked it lightly as she started to slowly slide my penis in and out of her mouth. She moaned and I continued to flick it lightly for a few moments, hoping to get her off before me. She started to move faster on my member and I moaned, feeling my orgasm quickly approaching. I put my lips around her clit and started to suck on it lightly while tracing her but with my fingers. I traced lightly where her tail met her body and suddenly she cried out and shuddered, squirting cum onto my face as she orgasmed. I liked up the rest and moaned at her delicious taste before running my hands along her legs. She shivered slightly and started to move on me again, sliding more of me into her mouth and moving faster.

"Oh fuck." I moaned. She continued to do this while reaching down and playing with my balls. I cried out shortly after and filled her mouth with my own cum. I lay there in ecstasy for a few moments before I felt her turn around. I smiled and kissed her lovingly, the taste of her cum and mine mixing in our mouths. We broke the kiss and she nuzzled my neck happily, settling in beside me as I thought about what just happened.

"I love you Keal." Masu said with a happy sigh as she started to drift off. I paused for a moment before realizing I really couldn't deny it.

"I love you too Masu." I said while kissing her forehead and stroking her back. She sighed happily and soon we both slipped into peaceful sleep.

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Great scenes, believable characters, whats not to love?

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