tagNonHumanTwo Worlds: Land of Ice Ch. 02

Two Worlds: Land of Ice Ch. 02


Author's Note: I decided to post this without editing so sorry for any mistakes! I just wanted to get it out quickly since I hadn't posted in awhile. I've started on chapter 3 already and hopefully will have it done soon.

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Nathaniel Rutheford sighed as he put down the seemingly never ending paper work he had been going over and ran his fingers through his black wavy hair. He wished he could just hand it down to one of his Betas but unfortunately this was information he needed to know and decide on for his company and his pack. Leaning forward, he rested his head on his desk, trying to get rid of the headache he could feel coming on. The door opened about then and he looked up before his face broke into a huge smile.

"You always know when I need you." He said to the beautiful long legged blonde who just entered the room.

"What kind of mate would I be if I didn't?" She asked as she walked over and sat on his lap. He pulled her close and kissed her passionately, stealing both of their breaths away. His hands slipped up to grope her breasts firmly, causing her to moan lightly as she slid her fingers into his hair. He smirked into the kiss as he felt her nipples perk up and started to rub them through her shirt. She moved slightly to straddle him and ran her hands down his chest. When she got to the edge of his pants she unbuttoned them and pulled his shirt up and started to draw circles on his stomach.

"Minx." He moaned before kissing down her neck and then latching onto her left nipple. He sucked it lightly as he slipped his hand under her skirt. He groaned as he was met with her skin and wetness and nothing else. She moaned before she suddenly found herself bent over the desk. He stroked her ass before spanking it lightly, causing her to squeal slightly. He then crouched down and looked at her beautiful wet lips, his mouth watering. She moaned loudly as she felt his rough, half transformed tongue lick along her lips

"Fuck. You taste so good my mate." He moaned before attacking her cunt with a vengeance. He avoided her clit and lapped up all of her delicious juices, sliding his tongue into her a few times. She moaned loudly and bucked against him.

"Please mate! I need you!" she moaned a few minutes later. Nate chuckled before standing up and sliding his pants down. He then slid his dick into her slowly, torturing them both and making them both moan.

"Mine." He growled before starting to pump into her as she clawed at his desk. She moaned and whimpered and egged him on as he fucked her faster and harder. He started to feel his knot form and quickly slid it into her before it got too big. Just then there was a knock on the door and he growled loudly.

"Unless you want to die I suggest you go away!" He yelled at the door. His pace stayed just as fast but his thrust grew shorter because of his knot. He leaned down and nibbled on his mate's neck as they both grew closer to mutual satisfaction. He reached down and rubbed her clit as he thrust into her harder. She cried out in a glorious orgasm as he bit into her neck, his slightly shifter teeth cutting into her skin. He growled as he tasted her blood before he howled as he joined her in bliss. He laid there panting for a moment before growling as someone knocked on the door again.

"Someone obviously wants to die today." Rachel chuckled.

"I'm sorry Alpha but it's important." He heard one of his betas say outside the door. He growled before sighing.

"Give me ten minutes." He said to his beta before nuzzling his mate's neck. "Sorry love. Duty calls."

"I know love. I have some things to attend to anyways." She sighed before stretching out. Nate slowly worked himself out of her before grabbing his pants and pulling them back on. Rachel pulled him close and kissed him passionately as she straightened his tie.

"I'll see you tonight love." He dropped another quick kiss on her lips before heading out the door. He walked down the hall and into the security room where his betas were waiting for him. Only his betas and a few thetas that worked the computers were in the room.

"Alright. What's so important?" He asked them.

"It's a video that was sent by Alpha Richards. You definitely need to see this." Wesley, his second in command informed him.

"Put it on the big screen." Nate turned to the screen as a news report of a fire started up. The whole forest seemed to be on fire around the mountain.

"Is this Calif- oh my..." He started to ask before he saw a man run out of a cave followed by three other creatures. Everyone else in the room gasped slightly as they saw them as well. "Can you zoom in on them?"

The image zoomed in on the three halfling creatures and the picture cleared a bit. He looked them over, noticing every detail and realizing exactly what they were.

"Alpha Richards asked for a worldwide Alpha video conference in an hour Alpha." Dean, his third in command informed in while still gapping at the screen. Nate nodded, still examining the creatures on the screen and trying to absorb what this meant for their kind.

"I'll be back in an hour. Don't speak to anyone else about this." He told his betas before going back to his office. He sat down at his desk and pulled out a notebook, writing down some questions he wanted to bring up during the conference.

"Damn..." He muttered about twenty minutes later as he looked over his questions. "This isn't going to be easy..."

He tried to work on a few other things and jot down questions when he could but mostly he just wanted to get to the conference. When there was only 15 minutes until the conference he decided to head back to the security room.

"Anyone not a beta needs to leave the room now." He commanded to the room. Everyone immediately followed his order and he was left in the room with his five betas. "You all know the drill. Al, sign us in." Al nodded and then turned to the computer, quickly signing in to the conference.

"Alphas." He said in greeting as the others began to appear on the screen. He looked around at all the faces as they all said their greetings.

"It looks like all we are missing now are Collins and Francisco." Alpha Trenton pointed out.

"Indeed. Hopefully they will join us soon, although I understand that Collins may be having a bit of trouble getting to a computer from where he is. So it is possible he will not be joining us." Alpha Richards informed them.

"Bonjour." Came Alpha Francisco's voice as he finally signed in.

"I have Alpha Collins on the phone." One of the other Alphas said.

"Alright. Then we may begin. I have called this meeting to discuss the video I have sent to all of you and what we plan on doing about it. This video was taken in and was caught by a live news helicopter. The humans are beginning to panic about it and it will soon be national news if it isn't becoming so as we speak. Soon the world will know about these creatures and will want to do something about them. I have attempted to talk to the Governor of California but he has already sent a group of soldiers into the caves to round up the rest of the creatures. I don't doubt a blood bath gentlemen." Many of the Alphas began speaking or growling at this point, cutting off Richards' explanation. Nate growled and started pacing as his betas looked at all of the arguing Alphas a little nervously.

"We must stop them from testing on them! We must save these creatures!"

"Why? It would just cause problems for us and possibly force us to reveal ourselves. Let the humans have them."

"Let the humans have them?!" Nate suddenly growled very loudly, turning to the screen with a ferocious look on his face. "Do you not know what they are, Anderson? Have you forgotten the stories?! Have you forgotten what are ancestors were?!!"

Several of the Alphas on screen froze up as they realized what he meant but a few of the younger and newer Alphas looked confused. Nate sighed and ran his fingers through his hair before turning to Dean.

"Go get me the Book of Luna." He told him. Dean nodded and then quickly ran out.

"You can't be serious Rutheford. Those are just fairy tales." Anderson scoffed before yelping in pain as someone suddenly hit him in the back of the head.

"Haven't I told you not to disrespect the tales of our ancestors' boy?" His father chastised him. Anderson growled slightly but then shut up and Nate tried not to feel immense pleasure in it. Dean finally came back in with the book and handed it to Nate, who quickly opened it to the right page.

"In the beginning there were humans and wolves and Luna watched over them all." Nate began reading the page.

"Si, si. We all know the story of how we became lobos. What is the point, senor Rutheford?" Alpha Rico interrupted.

"I'll skip to the important parts then. The queen of the humans grew jealous of the wolves and the time they spent with Luna and began to hunt them down. She viewed the wolves as horrid and disgusting creatures and would lead the hunts and pile all the bodies to leave them to rot in Luna's eyes... Finally one night Luna could bear no more and descended from the Heavens to confront the queen... Luna realized the queen would not see sense and decided that she needed to be punished. She cursed her and all her children into a form between wolf and human, combining her with the creature she hated the most. The queen took one look at her reflection in the water and could not bear her appearance. She saw the beautiful silver fur covering her body as ugly. She saw the big bushy tail coming from her spine as a deformity. She saw the pointed ears on top of her head as disgusting. She looked at the claws at her fingers and toes and plunged into the sacred stream, never to be seen again."

"I'll summarize the rest: One of the queen's descendents saw the beauty in the wolves and ran away to go run with them but they would not accept her because of her form. She had also fallen in love with a human but was rejected as well. She prayed to Luna for help for the first time in her life and in her bloodline since the queen. Luna granted her the ability to change back and forth between the two forms of human and wolf."

"We all know how the story ends. We all know how we came to be. But what does that have to do with these creatures?" Anderson asked, sounding like he didn't truly care. His father hit him on the head again.

"Did you not listen to the description of the creature the queen became boy? Read it again if you would, Alpha Rutheford while we all replay the video." Elder Anderson asked while nodding his head respectfully at the Alphas, even as he glared slightly at his son.

"She saw the beautiful silver fur covering her body as ugly. She saw the bit bushy tale coming from her spine as a deformity. She saw the pointed ears on top of her head as disgusting. She looked at the claws on her fingers and toes and plunged into the sacred stream, never to be seen again." There were a few gasps as Nate read and the Alphas watched the video again.

"How can this be?" Alpha Veal asked.

"Even if no one truly believes in the old tales themselves, there is a bit of truth in them." One of Richards' Elders pointed out.

"So these creatures are like our ancestors then? But then if they mate with humans they may become weres!" Anderson exclaimed.

"Now do you see why it is so important not to leave them to the humans?" Richards asked.

"What do we do about it though?" Nate asked.

"I'll talk to the Governor about taking the creatures into my care. He sees me as a general and will hopefully hand them over. We will take them under our wing until they are able to take care of themselves in this world."

"And what of the humans? They know of these creatures. They won't just let the issue go." Alpha Gerard pointed out.

"What does this mean for our kind? In protecting them must we reveal ourselves?" Alpha Trenton asked worriedly, causing some of the others to look worried as well.

"We will do everything we can to not do so but we shall discuss it if it becomes an issue. As soon as this becomes international news for the humans we will discuss this further. We must see how the humans react to this news. Perhaps they will surprise us and not call for brutality." All the Alphas nodded at Richards wisdom.

"Until next time then. May Luna's light guide you." Richards concluded.

"May Luna's light guide you." All the Alphas responded before signing off.

"Al, keep an eye on the news feeds. Let me know how the humans react to this news and how they report it. Contact me the moment it becomes international news." Nate told his beta before sighing and rubbing his neck.

"And as stated before, none of this leaves this room." He commanded. His betas nodded before going to work. Nate sighed again and then left the room, trying to remember what else he had to do today. He looked at the time and then sighed.

"Fuck it." He mumbled before turning away from his office and heading down the hall. He walked down the stairs and out of the main house, heading towards one of the other buildings on the compound, not paying attention to the snow or the fact that he would be freezing his ass off if he was human. He smiled as he heard children's laughter as he got to the school room they had on the compound and walked a bit faster. He got there just in time for the kids to come running out.

"Daddy!!!" Came his favorite two voices as they came running at him. He picked up his daughter and swung her around before picking up his son in his other arm, laughing happily.

"And how are the two most amazing kids in the world today?" he asked with a huge smile.

"Daddy, look at my painting!" Zachariah said while holding up a piece of colorful paper.

"Wow! Look at that! Is that your mommy?" Nate asked, still slightly amazed at his five year old son's artistic abilities.

"Yeah! You think she'll like it?" he looked at him hopefully and Nate chuckled.

"I know she will."

"Daddy I read a storybook all by myself today!" Liliana chirped happily.

"Oh really? What was it about?"

"It was about a puppy and how it was always last but then it was adopted and it was the first puppy!"

"Hello Alpha." Maria called as she caught up to them. "I can take them back to the house if you wish."

"It's alright Maria. I want some time with my kids today." He said with a smile as he looked at his kids.

"Yay!" they both cheered happily. Both Maria and Nate chuckled before he lead his kids off back to his house.

"Can we play in the snow?"

"Can we go for a run?"

"Can we have some mac and cheese?"

"Can we paint more?"

Nate laughed as his kids fired off questions as they got to the front porch of their house.

"How about we start off with any homework you have?" He said sternly. The kids pouted but agreed. They didn't have much to do and it went by quickly since Nate was helping them. After only about a half hour they were done and dashed outside, stripping off clothes as they went. Nate followed them and watched as they jumped off the front porch and shifted mid jump. They started wrestling around as wolf pups and then chased each other around as Nate stripped off his clothes.

"Alright, here I come!" He said before jumping off the porch and changing. The kids yipped and then ran off, Nate on their tale. They chased each other around in the snow, yipping playfully and soon others from the compound joined them. The kids started chasing and playing with some of the other kids and Nate sat down to watch them.

Hello love. His mate said as she rubbed up against him.

Thought you had work to do?

Already finished it love. Although I know you didn't finish yours.

I'll do it in the morning. But for now... Nate got up and nipped at her hindquarters playfully.

You better run love. He growled lightly in a smoldering tone. Rachael yipped back playfully, shaking her tail at him before running off.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1. Here I come love!


My eyes slowly opened up and I tried to keep my head from spinning as I saw nothing but darkness. It took me awhile to register the cold and the fact that I was buried in snow. I groaned lightly as I sat up a bit and started to unbury myself and feel around for Riz or one of the flashlights. I finally felt one of the flashlight and quickly grabbed it and turned it on. I looked around and finally found Riz.

"Riz!" I crawled over to her and started to unbury her. She groaned and then cried out as she started to wake up.

"Hold still for a minute." When I finally removed the snow off of her I went to help her up but she fell right back down as she cried out in pain.

"I think I twisted my ankle..." she whimpered. I bit back a curse as I shivered and looked around to see if there was something around to help me get her out of here. I looked up then and did curse as I saw just how far we had fallen.

"There is no way we are getting out of here without rope or something..." I sighed.

"What?! You mean we are trapped here?" Riz asked frantically.

"Unless there is another way out of here..." I started to look around me more, shining the light down the dark paths she could see.

"It looks like there could be a few tunnels but it might be smarter if we stay put. Your parents will notice we are gone in the morning and might come looking for us. If the snow doesn't cover up the hole they should be able to find it and help us out of here." I continued looking around and really hoped that what I was saying would be reality. I was doing my best not to show it but I was panicking a bit inside.

"Mina..." Riz suddenly whispered.

"Yeah Riz?" I was shining my light down what looked like a tunnel and then started to look around, walking in a circle around her.

"Mina..." she whispered in a higher tone.

"What?" I asked, finally looking at her. She was looking behind me with wide fearful eyes and then she pointed, her hand shaking and I had a feeling that it wasn't just because of the cold. I turned around slowly and was met with a wall of white fur. My view followed it up before I dropped the flashlight and suddenly everything went dark.

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