tagNon-EroticTwo Wrongs

Two Wrongs


Carl was one of those mellow mannered types of men, he just lived his life contented most of the time.

He had sewn a few of the wild oats of youth but not much compared to some. There had been only two really close girl friends early on that didn't work out long term before he met his wife Kathy in a library of all places.

He had just one other sexual experience, he had gone to a massage parlor on a whim, not really knowing what to expect. The rather tired and bored acting older lady had reached down and masturbated him at the end, managing to cause a weak orgasm. Carl never tried that again, it just wasn't his kind of thing.

Then he met Kathy, she was so very young and exciting to him. She was also conservative, they dated exclusively for more than six months before he asked her to marry him.

Kathy seemed happy and gladly accepted, they made love for the first time that same night. She wasn't a virgin but then neither was he. Later that came up, Kathy told him about the one boy in her youth and how they had done it down by the river bank after a beach party one night. He told her about the three experiences he had in his own life, even the massage parlor experience that he really was mildly ashamed of.

So they started out their lives together with no secrets, and he was sure of her being completely faithful to him. He certainly had been to her.

It was more than a decade later that their lives changed.

Carl clutched the precious piece of paper in his hands, he could have just let the real estate people handle it but it was something he wanted to do himself.

He walked into the courthouse, handed the clerk the deed for recording. Free and clear, the too large house his wife Kathy and he had purchased a dozen years before was now paid for.

Kathy had fallen in love with the place, Carl had wanted a smaller starter type home but she insisted.

Carl made it work, though. He had pulled double shifts, weekends, a dozen years of that. Because Carl would work all day every day until dark and even well after without complaint, his boss always called him first for any kind of extra duty. It was rare that there were times when work was short, sometimes Carl found himself the only person working on one of the construction projects.

For all those long years there was food and the usual things, but barely. Each month there was the huge payment that took way more than half of everything. A few times Kathy had complained, but Carl took it in stride. Kathy also worked in a business office, the pay was low but it helped.

Sometimes she also worked late, Carl never really thought much about that. He helped out around the house himself when she was putting in extra hours, doing laundry, cooking some of the meals.

Of course women wanted nice things, he was doing his best though. Then when his Mom had passed, there was her home, some assets, the estate. Carl would have traded it all in seconds for his Mom still being there but life does what life does.

Things changed after that, Carl wasn't exhausted all the time for one thing. There was now time to relax, he even made an effort to improve their love life. Before it was just once or twice a month, so many times he was just too tired.

Kathy hadn't really seemed to mind that but Carl could tell when she would sigh and roll over and go to sleep. Now, feeling more relaxed than he had in many years, it was Kathy that was the one acting too tired.

Still, the new frequency was an improvement, but more than once Carl fell asleep, in the mood and wishing.

Barely 35 to Carl's 38, Kathy was still in fine shape. Somehow she didn't seem to have aged really, her short brown hair framed her pretty face. The high cheekbones gave her an exotic look, the description of her body would be sleek. Her bust was high and firm, and since she was not big busted there was no hint of any sag at all.

She even joined a local gym, that was just one evening each week for 3 to 4 hours. Carl didn't mind that, either, he didn't go himself since his job took care of all the exercise he would ever have any need for.

There were no children, Kathy had carefully taken the pills, a child would have been a problem, something they had decided early on. By the time things were more relaxed it was just too late, the years had gone by. They even talked about it, but they decided together that they preferred their life the way it was.

Carl was a little bit surprised at that, he had figured she would want a child, perhaps two. He knew he would not have minded at all, and was even thinking about how it would be with a son or a daughter. But she had screwed up her face, and said no.

"It will make your boobs bigger." He teased her.

"What's wrong with my boobs?" She asked.

"Not a thing, hon."

"Good, I like them just the way there are."

That was the end of that discussion. Once again, he accepted things the way they were.

Carl had never developed the middle aged pot belly, he just plain worked too much so he was also solid. He had needed to break down and buy new shirts several years before, he kept tearing out the seams at his biceps and couldn't button them at his wrists.

Carrying around a huge air nail gun all day and heavy drywall, then those crazy heavy cement boards had caused Carl to fill right out.

The palms of his hands were as thick as some men's wrists. It was a standing joke around the construction jobs that if they needed a forklift they just went and got Carl.

The social life had always been limited to a few weekend parties, a rare evening out with the one couple they were close to. Jerry was a large man, even larger than Carl, also working in construction. He was just two years younger than Carl. His wife Patrice was a extremely pretty gal, long flowing reddish brown hair, full busted with a sexy sway back and a round bottom that could be called booty. They all called her Pat, or Patty sometimes. Most of the time she was dressed in rather skimpy little outfits, Jerry appeared to like her that way and she always acted like she doted on him.

A few times Carl had wondered what it would be like if Kathy dressed more like that but she never did. It was always T-shirts or blouses with her heavy bra. Carl figured she wore that to make her breasts look bigger, Kathy was really rather small in that department. She wouldn't be caught dead in shorts or even a short skirt, it was always slacks or jeans.

Still, her looks and manner got attention, she could hold her own with any other woman without even trying.

The weekend parties at Carl's house were normally hot dogs on the grill and a pony keg with just Jerry and Pat there, the ones that Jerry threw were often much bigger, with a larger circle of friends. Some of the guests got a little bit drunk a few times, then they would get friendly with the women. Carl drank very little, more than once he had to discourage some guy from trying to cop a feel off Kathy, a time or two he also saved Patty from them. Most men took one look at Carl and didn't argue.

Jerry, he noticed, also tended to develop friendly hands when he got drunk, but he mostly messed around with the women that were by themselves.

Patty never seemed to even notice but there was no way she could miss some of the things Jerry did. He would casually slip his hand around some woman's waist, then innocently stroke her until he had his big paw on the side of their breast.

He did things like that right in front of Patty and she never showed the slightest reaction. Other than that, they were both fun to be around, so Carl just took the hijinks as normal and not any big deal like he did everything else in his life.

There seemed to be a lot more times that Carl and Kathy were at Jerry's than the other way around.

Now completely out of debt, the first few months were almost like a paradise. The 10 year old TV went, replaced by a big screen. Kathy bought some new clothes, in fact she bought quite a lot of them. Carl didn't mind that really, she had gone for a long time without. One surprise was that there were several dresses, he really liked the soft pink and brown one she bought that was partially transluscent. It actually had a fairly low cut neckline with a builtin padded front, and Carl was floored when she came out wearing that without a bra. She had on matching under panties, they didn't show much but Carl could make them out.

He had just never seen her looking like that before, he felt his face flush with desire for her. That night at dinner Carl noticed that Jerry was paying far more attention to Kathy than normal. He half expected Jerry to pull one of his little feel up jobs but he didn't. A few times when Kathy leaned forward in animated conversation her top gapped open and he could see quite a bit of her smallish breast and he knew Jerry could also.

Kathy didn't really seem to notice so Carl never said anything. But that night she was hot and even reached out to him, another thing that was different. It had been some time since she had done that.

Extra money to spend meant the old Toyota was replaced with a newer bigger machine, Carl was tickled when there was some government program that gave them way more than the old thing was worth. He also bought Kathy a new smaller car, she said she liked it because it was just the right size. It had batteries it ran on at low speeds, that was neat. It was fairly expensive, so they had to make payments, but there was enough money to cover that easily.

The first thing Carl did notice was Kathy still put in the extra hours, at least twice each week she worked late at her office. He mentioned to her a couple of times that she could relax and take more time off but she just told him it was part of the job and she didn't mind.

So Carl took that in stride, just like he always did. Those evenings he busied himself around the house, but in no time there was really nothing to do. He watched a lot of TV, another change. Before he would be off working until sometimes midnight, now he seldom did.

One Thursday his boss called his cell phone, they had a development that was running late, and he asked Carl if he minded some extra hours.

What the hell, it beat sitting around the house alone since he knew that Kathy always worked late on that evening.

"Sure!" He told him.

"Great, if you can get the two bedrooms finished inside that will catch us up."

Drywall was easy stuff, Carl had been doing it for years. He used a pair of short stilts when he finished the walls, it was way faster than running up and down ladders. He could whip the two rooms out in just a few hours.

He called Kathy at her office and told her he was taking the extra job and would be home late. He figured the job at around 4 to 5 hours, so sometime between 11 and midnight.

"OK, Honey. I will finish up here and grab a bite somewhere, see you at home."

Carl left the first project at 5:30 and drove over to the development. The first room went quickly, one glance at the stack of sheet rock told him he was way short of material though.

He called his boss and told him, there was a few choice words about the delivery being short, but nothing to do about it so he told Carl to call it a day and finish it up tomorrow.

Carl loaded up his gear and headed home, it was only 8 PM. He pulled into a sandwich shop and got one, and was walking out the door getting ready to take a bite when he looked up and Kathy's car went by.

Now what the hell? It looked like she might be headed out to the place where he was just working?

He picked up his cell phone and called her, it went to voice mail. He hopped into his car, pulled out after her. The big engine in the Impala SS he had bought would really move, in just a couple of miles he saw her little Prius way up ahead. He expected her to pull in to the side road to the new house he was working on but she drove right on by.

He was eating the sandwich as he followed along, two cars were in between so he couldn't pull up behind her and tap the horn.

She pulled into a small motel on the outskirts of town, Carl pulled in also and parked on the other end of the lot since all of the spots in front were reserved and had tow away signs on them. He got out of the car to walk over there and see what was up, when he saw her get out, lock the car and walk over to one of the rooms.

She just opened the door and went in, closing it behind her.

Carl stood there with a mouthful of his sandwich in surprise. For a few moments, it was total confusion, then it hit him.

He threw up the portion of the sandwich he had just eaten. Finally gathering himself back up, he got into his car and left. There was a small convenience store on the way, he pulled in and bought a pack of smokes.

Carl had quit smoking way back when he and Kathy had bought the house, no way could he afford to. He sat in the parking lot and lit one, in a few seconds he felt his head swim.

He was on the second one when he got back to the motel. Kathy's car was still there.

Carl got out, planning on walking over and banging on the door. The front curtains were drawn, but he could see the lights were on inside. He listened at the door for a few moments, he could hear the sounds of quiet music but that was all.

There was an alley that went around to the rear, curious he walked back there. There were some windows, the curtains were parted slightly. Carl stood on tiptoe and looked in, he could see Kathy's back as she stood in the main section, a wall was partially in the way. She was naked except for a pair of panties. Then someone's arms came out and wrapped around her. They stood like that for a moment, the man let go and she turned and crossed the doorway. He could see Kathy's bare breasts plainly, then the man followed her across the room.

He was naked, fully erect. Carl recognized him instantly, it was Jerry.

He threw up again.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you are doing?" He heard a voice behind him. Looking back, a very young man stood there, apparently the clerk.

"I...my wife...sorry." Carl managed, retching again.

"Oh! In there? Shit! Fuck, man. That's like harsh. Hey, want a key? You can go in and fuck the dude up."

Carl realized the man was smoking a rolled cigarette, probably dope.

"No. I have to get out of here." He waved the young man off, went out and got in his car. He sat there for a very long time. Then he saw the door open, Jerry and Kathy stood there, talking. Carl opened the window, pointed his cell phone, took the photo as they hugged, kissing.

Kathy and Jerry saw the flash, looked his way in shock as he started the car, Kathy was starting to head his way as he pulled out. Carl put his foot to the floor, the engine screamed as it went through the gears, he was jamming his foot at it in anger. He managed to get himself back under control and slowed down a half mile down the road.

The cell phone rang just as he pulled into their driveway, he pushed the button to shut it off. He left his car parked at the end of the short driveway and smack dab in the middle so there would be no place for Kathy to park.

He knew damned good and well that she was on the way.

Carl went inside, got out his suitcase, then thought better of it. He went back into the living room, locked the door and set the night lock chain. He did the same at the back door, then checked all the windows to make sure they were locked. He unplugged the phone from the wall, turned off the outside lights.

He was pissed off, even to the point where he was wishing it would rain so she would be standing out there in it, but no such luck there.

In the kitchen, he found a cold beer, opened it. Then he got one of their saucers to use as an ash tray, went in and sat down. He lit up the smoke, took a pull off of his beer. He turned on the TV, a talk show was on.

He was on his second beer when he heard the key in the door. It opened against the chain.

"Carl!" Kathy yelled. He ignored her. She banged against the door several times but Carl had installed that security piece himself, she was not going to break it, or the door, either.

He had cross bolted the heavy chain mounts to a full steel door frame, the door itself was steel reinforced with wooden lamination. She would need to use a truck to break it, he put that in to keep her safe while he was gone working on jobs.

He heard her swear, then it was quiet.

Soon she tried the rear door with the same results. Finally it got quiet again, Carl figured she must have given up. He scanned through the TV channels, some he had never even looked at. He found a porno movie that sounded interesting, so he hooked the phone back up to order it.

It rang instantly. He picked the receiver up, set it back and clicked the order on the TV. It went through instantly, so he took the phone back off the hook before it could ring again.

Carl opened another beer, settled in. The woman on the screen was beautiful, she also knew all the angles so that she could display all parts of her sexy body clearly. He even felt himself develop an erection as the male star moved up into position. The scene moved in very close as the woman's pussy actually rolled inwards and then back out. When the male star pulled out to spray his seed all over, that was somewhat of a disappointment, he would have preferred that the guy had finished where he was supposed to.

Then there was a pounding at the door, someone yelled "Police!"

Good grief, Kathy had called the police? Carl went to the door, opened it against the chain.

"We have a complaint that you won't let your wife in."

"What is wrong with that?" Carl asked him.

"She says she lives here, sir."

"I don't dare let her in, she seems to be very upset and she has a tendency to go out of control and become violent, it is best that she spend the night somewhere else to cool off. I am just trying to keep the peace."

Carl knew darned good and well that by now Kathy would appear to be hysterical.

"I see. Will you open the door, please?"

"I don't care to. Do you have a warrant, or am I under arrest?"

"No, sir. I am just investigating."

"Has anyone been harmed in any way?"

"No, sir, it doesn't seem so."

"Then sorry, you can't come in. Please explain to the lady that it is a civil matter." Carl shut the door, went back to his TV set.

Carl knew his civil rights very well, and he also knew if he let a police officer inside for any reason then at that point they had free reign to do whatever they wanted to.

Things got quiet after that. Actually, it was a bit of a surprise, he half expected the police to try and kick his door down, they might have actually gotten it done.

Police officers typically dislike failure to mind.

But he also knew they had no reason to, and besides, he didn't give a shit. He also knew that they knew they we looking at a half million dollar home, and it's not nice to violate constitutional rights of people that appear to have money.

Carl's mood was really strange, he wasn't mad so much as sick inside, but his natural stubbornness had popped right up, at the moment he would take on a Grizzly Bear bare handed.

He knew Kathy hated porn, or at least she pretended to after what he had just seen. She also hated smoking, so he grinned to himself and lit up another one. They tasted like crap but he smoked the things anyway. He even puffed a little extra and blew it out across the room.

Stink the place up, fuck her. Fuck everybody, he thought.

Carl finished the entire six pack, then went to bed. The next morning he felt like crap but he was still pissed off. He opened the safe and checked the paperwork he had filed a few months earlier on the house. He had noticed something odd, it was in just his name. Very likely a simple paperwork mistake at the time. He had plans to go down and fix that, just never got around to it.

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