tagLoving WivesTwo's a Crowd Ch. 09

Two's a Crowd Ch. 09


My skull resounded with the painful throb of my pulse. I must have returned to consciousness, but it was a reluctant and scattered affair. I needed a while to understand the situation I found myself in.

My body seemed numb; I could hardly move a muscle. The room around me was dark. It took me minutes to see the contours of furniture, the only source of light being a grayish square. It might have been a curtained window.

I guess what I saw was a bed. There were no blankets or sheets on it -- just a shapeless mound of pillows. The pale outline of a body lay stretched on it, forming an X. Two arms reached for the upper corners. Two legs were spread in the opposite way. She must be a tall person -- a woman, I thought.

I tried to move. It just made me groan.


The voice was Erica's. She was the woman on the bed. "Erica?" I said. "Is that you? What have they done?"

She moaned softly. "They tied me to the bed. I am naked."

"Why?" I asked, rather stupidly. "I mean, why would they...?" I interrupted myself. "Oh damn. Erica, I am so sorry. I should never...Dammit, I am such a stupid idiot."

At that moment a door opened. A shard of white light sprang into the room. It painted hard contrasts all over the naked body on the bed. Even in my dizzy distress I had to admire the sight. Then the silhouettes of two people blocked the light. One was of a man, the other a woman's.

The man's voice was Enthwistle's. "Lovely," he said and walked over to the bed. His hand ran over the black-and-white landscape of the tied body. Erica wriggled to escape it.

"You won't get away with this, Enthwistle," she groaned. He just chuckled. "Oh, but I shall, honey, don't worry." His fingers touched her mouth. He chuckled when she tried to bite him. "Ah, she has a temperament, I like it." Humming to himself he caressed her chest.

"You see, darling Erica," he went on. "You came here to get things done for Onslow. He needs my influence to get what he craves, so he wants to be on my good side. He'd never approve of you being difficult, would he?"

Erica wriggled and groaned as he pulled a nipple cruelly. "Bastard!" I think I understood. Enthwistle chuckled again.

"I like Onslow," he said, stroking her belly. "Now there's a guy who has his priorities straight." Grinning, he scratched the narrow strip of cropped hair that led to the top of her vagina.

"Now, Erica, honey," he went on. "Consider this a, well, ehm...less traditional way of continuing our business lunch."

Erica flinched. He must have reached her clit.

"Good girl," Enswistle said. "But I don't think I need to hear your side of the conversation anymore." He produced an object and started working on the woman's mouth. His back blocked the scene. I heard Erica's protests; she even yelled loudly. Enthwistle jumped back -- she must have bitten him. He cursed and shook his hand. Then he slapped her face hard, calling her a bitch.

I jerked at my ties. It was utterly useless, of course -- and quite pathetic. "Stop that!" I yelled. He just cackled his god-awful snicker.

When he moved away, I saw the dark blotch of a gag at the center of Erica's face. Straps ran to each side, keeping it tightly in place. Only her muffled moans could be heard. She arched her body in frustration.

"Asshole," I muttered. "I'll get you for this." I sounded as ridiculous as I felt. I was mad at myself for having allowed this to happen.

"Welcome back, boy," Enthwistle said, turning my way. "I hope you appreciate our efforts -- we go to great lengths to entertain our guests. Come in, Myriam. Meet your sweet ex and his latest conquest. Don't be shy, she is all yours. And he too, if you like."

The woman on the threshold entered. Her features were vague as she was mostly lit from the back. But her halo of reddish curls and the way she moved left no doubt who she was. Her short robe seemed sheer against the piercing light. It was all she wore.

"Erica," the old man said as his hand caressed an unwilling face. "Here's your lover's ex-wife. I understand you very much wanted to meet her. Believe me, darling, I do understand why."

Enthwistle chuckled and looked at Myriam. "Myr, honey," he said. "Please take your time to get to know Erica better. She must want you very much, as she has traveled all the way here just for you. She came for lunch, now it seems she is on the menu. Give her your best -- she's really earned your undivided attention."

Myriam shed her short robe and climbed naked on the bed, right between Erica's spread legs. She never looked my way. "Hello Erica," she said. She used the guileless, sweet-tempered voice of the girl I married -- eons ago.

Being tied to the chair had a strange effect on me -- and on how I felt about what happened in front of me. I had jerked and pulled at my ropes, only to see my frustrations shatter against a wall of amused indifference. No one seemed to care about me. Nothing I did had the slightest impact on what went on. In the end it made me a passive, almost distracted audience-of-one.

The floodlight from the open door drained most of the color. It created the black and white contrasts of a Japanese graphic novel. The bed hung isolated in the darkness around it -- like the center stage of a theatre. Or even a cinema screen.

The naked women looked like slow moving actors or dancers. They seemed engaged in a liturgical activity. It took their sexuality to another level -- a serene level, almost void of lust. It was as if I was watching a perverted sacrament.

I saw Myriam kneel between the spread thighs, bending forward. Her hand caressed Erica's face, clearing it of stray hair. Then she leant even further. Her dangling tits touched Erica's. A slow tongue licked the gag. I now saw that it wasn't a ball gag at all. A black dildo rose from the stretched mouth. Myriam sank her lips over it. When she rose again, the black cock shone in the bright light. A silver thread of saliva connected its tip with Myriam's open mouth.

"Ericahh," she breathed. "You are so beautiful."

The voice shook me out of the dream. A rush of shame entered my mind. Here I was looking at the woman I loved degrading herself with the woman who was my best friend. Two victims caught in a web of humiliation, partly of my doing -- forced to do things against their will.

And I just watched.

"Myriam," I croaked. "Don't do this. I love you, honey. You don't have to do..." A hand cut off my words. It smelled of soap and tobacco.

Myriam looked up. Her face turned my way. I saw the plastic travesty of her smile. I remembered it from a Dallas hotel bar. "It is all right, Bruce," she said. "I love you too, honey." And she returned her attention to the woman on the bed -- closing her soft sweet lips around a peaking nipple.


Weird is a word.

I don't know if it was the right word for my state of mind. I felt removed from what I had considered reality up 'til then. Reality is built from tangible, well known things -- things we are familiar with. We have an easy, intimate access to them. We live in them. Not that day, however. That hour I was a stranger to my own life.

There was the hand over my mouth, getting sweaty. There was the pornographic show on the bed in front of me -- conducted by my two most intimate friends. And there was this hard thing poking into the back of my head. No -- it wasn't a gun. When it moved I knew it was a man's erection.

It belonged to the hand that belonged to Enthwistle the Elder. It was accompanied by his chuckles and grunts. And it brought me close to throwing up.

"Aren't they something?" the man hissed. "Look at the slut's ass. I never saw a more perfect whore." He snickered. Then he rubbed his cock deeper into my neck. "And your chick. Wow man, you are one lucky bastard. Look at those legs."

His hand prevented me from answering, but I would not have answered anyway. I'd sooner have bitten the hand until blood poured out. Silly dreams, though -- he never gave me the chance.

On the bed Myriam had started eating out Erica's pussy. Her red nailed fingers were on the stretched thighs. There were groans and very wet sounds. Myriam's ass was high up, displaying her shaven cunt and the tiny pinpoint of her asshole.

I didn't even wonder about the rude terms I used for her in my mind -- cunt, ass hole. The way I saw Myriam had obviously changed dramatically. She had been Estelle, back at the Houston Hilton. But had she? She certainly wasn't now. She was Myriam and she had a cunt, and an asshole. She had pumped up tits and yes, she acted as much the slut as she had done back then.

But the most hurtful thing now was that she was Myriam -- gracious, sweet, but outrageously sluttish Myriam.

After a while Erica started to respond. She arched up from the pillows and began a slow gyrating movement. The natural urges of her body must be taking over. I could only imagine what happened inside her head. She was a warm-blooded lesbian. How could she withstand being eaten by an expert tongue? She was tied up; she had no chance.

Then Myr stopped. She lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling -- winking. Her tongue slipped out and circled her lips. She rose to her knees, turning towards me. She lifted her leg and straddled the bound woman. Then she started sliding her belly and her cunt back over Erica's chest.

Her tongue licked the exposed vagina two, three times -- very slowly. The long, curly red hair covered her actions. She looked up and grinned at me. Her lips shone with Erica's juices. Then she raised her ass. One hand crawled between her and her victim -- searching. She rose higher and sank carefully over the black dildo that stuck up from Erica's mouth. She shuddered. Then she sighed. "Oh God...so goooood."

Myriam started to slowly fuck the penis-gag in Erica's mouth. After a while she lowered her head to the bound woman's pussy and resumed eating her out. Her moans never stopped. The cock pressing against the back of my head throbbed. So did my own.

At times it is hard to be honest. This was definitely such a time. My mind felt disgusted, almost to a point of physical nausea. But my body had quite a different opinion. I guess I felt as torn as Erica did. Her body squirmed and arched under Myriam's tongue and sucking lips. It started shining with sweat. I am sure I would have heard her moan if her voice hadn't been so effectively muffled by the absurd dildo and Myriam's humping ass.

Body and mind -- nature has her tricks to separate them.

The ugly voice in my neck giggled as an embarrassing tent grew in my lap. "Healthy after all, aren't we?" he breathed. "Such a healthy boy." He cackled.

I closed my eyes only to open them when ecstatic screams originated from the bed. Myriam sat straight up, her head in her neck. The light dripped off her sweating body as it shook and shivered. She wailed her orgasm, almost choking on the intensity of it. Then she collapsed, falling forward. The silence was punctured by ragged panting. I had never seen Myriam as ecstatic as this. Not the Myriam I knew.

The man's hand left my face. I heard a slow applause. "Well done, slut," Enthwistle said. I had too much work breathing again to comment.

"Now crawl over here, honey," he said. "Your onetime beau needs your expert mouth. Look how hard you made him. Be quick, lil slut. He might come all by himself and you won't get a drop."

He snickered. The pressure of his lower body left me. He walked around me, taking off his jacket. He threw it on a chair. Then he unbuckled his belt and walked to the bed. He patted Myriam on the head the moment they passed each other. She crawled on all fours. I distinctly heard her sigh.

My eyes went from the man to the crawling girl and back to the man. I saw him climb on the bed. The pants slid off his ass. His hand pulled his boxer shorts down. He was right between Erica's thighs now. "God," I heard him mutter, "but you have a great cunt, honey."

I guess Erica protested, but her words came out as moans. Enthwistle collected a few pillows. He placed them under Erica's lower body to prop her up to a convenient height. Then he pushed his hips forward. He started a slow, humping movement. His grunts were that of an animal.

That was when I felt a hand undoing my belt and zipper.

"No, Myriam!" I blurted out. "Please, no..." She smiled and put a finger to her lips. "Shhhh..."

My cock sprang into her face. She looked at it with intense concentration. Then her eyes searched for mine. Time stopped. So did my breath. "Ah, Bruce," she sighed. "It has been so long."

But as her mouth opened and her head lowered itself over the swollen head, there was something else I felt. Her right hand was over my left wrist. Her fingers closed around the knot in the rope that held me to the chair. I had to tear my attention away from her incredible mouth. As I wriggled my wrist, chaffing the skin on the rope, I felt it slowly getting looser. And soon I could slide my hand out of the noose.

Myriam never missed a beat in the rhythm of her sucking. I was almost into her throat. I nervously looked up to see what Enthwistle was doing, but there was no need to worry that he might see us. I saw his ass tighten while he banged away into Erica. I guess even a cannon shot would not have disturbed him.

Myriam didn't stop. I groaned when I felt my cock head slip into her tight throat. With great effort I cleared my mind. I started at the rope that held my other wrist. Soon both of my hands were free. She grabbed them and held them to her face. Her sucking increased. The familiar dash of shearing heat tore through my cock, from my balls to the head and straight down her throat.

It felt as if I shot gallons of sperm. It also felt as if it lasted minutes. I may even have passed out. But soon I felt Myriam tug at my hands, pulling me up to my wobbly legs. My spent cock dangled free, dripping cum. I hastily put it away.

Myriam urged me to follow her. She went over to the jacket and fished a gun from a pocket. She gave it to me. Apart from harmless air guns, I had never really used a fire arm in my life. It lay heavy in my hand. The dull metal looked lethal. I didn't know about safety locks. I just stepped over to the fucking bastard and pushed the nuzzle into his back. I guess the sudden panic made him come, for when I pulled him off Erica he sprayed his whitish sperm all over her and the bed.

It didn't harm my efforts that his pants were around his ankles. He stumbled and fell as he tried to run. I grabbed an arm and turned it behind his back. Then I hissed I would shoot him if he tried to run or scream. I could never have done that, I don't think, but he didn't know that.

Myriam had found a key in Enthwistle's jacket. She used it to free Erica. She also freed her from the gag. As soon as the silly thing came away, Erica yelled. It was a scream that came straight from the bottom of her rage. It must have been building for a while, for it made the walls ring. She jumped off the bed and started kicking the man on the floor. At that moment the old pervert must have regretted that he let her keep her heels on. Especially after she found a way to his crotch.

I didn't see a need to stop her. But Myriam pulled her away. "We must run now," she said. "The gorillas may wonder. Your car is ready. Come, take this!"

She threw a robe to Erica and pulled one over her own nakedness. "Get his pants off his ankles," I hissed. Both girls freed Enthwistle of them. Then I pushed him forward -- the gun in his neck.

The hallway was empty. Myriam led us to a side entrance. We found our car. Erica slid behind the wheel. I pushed Enthwistle into the back seat and went in behind him. Within seconds we drove down the driveway. The bar was down, but Myriam yelled: "Drive on, drive through it!" The aluminum bar broke and bounced off our windshield. Then it scratched our top.

The guard came running from his booth, yelling. We tore onto the road.


We drove fifty miles before stopping. Enthwistle had wrestled and screamed as the guard ran to the car, so I slapped my fist into his skull. It was heavy with the gun. I might have easily killed him, but I didn't know or care at the moment. The silence was welcome.

"The guard may have our number," Erica said.

"I know," I answered. "Can't be helped now. Let's get away as fast as we can." The adrenaline made me breathe hard. "Stupid plan," I muttered. "Goddamn stupid plan."

Myriam turned around and touched my hand. "It worked, " she whispered. "Thank you."

I just stared at her. Then I looked at the slumped man. "Did I kill him?"

Myriam felt his throat. "I don't think so."

At one of those places so aptly called the middle of nowhere we turned right onto a dirt road. We hadn't seen houses for miles -- there were only trees and more trees.

After another mile I asked Erica to stop. I pushed Enthwistle out of the car. He had been conscious for about the last ten minutes, but he was still rather groggy. He only wore his shirt and his shoes.

"Please take his shoes, Myriam," I said. She kneeled before him and undid them. By then Erica had turned the car around.

"What are you going to do with me?" Enthwistle asked. "Don't shoot me." His voice whined. I saw a trickle of urine run down his thigh. It made my anger melt away.

I pushed him. He fell on his back into the dead leaves. "I should," I said, standing over him. "You goddamn pervert, you earned it. But I won't."

I jumped into the car and we drove off, leaving the half naked man in a cloud of dust and leaves.

"Goddamn pervert," I repeated.

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