tagGroup SexTXQ - 7 on 7 on 2

TXQ - 7 on 7 on 2

byTx Tall Tales©


The 7-on-7 football all-stars take on two of their biggest fans...

Just a quick little glimpse of a naughty ride home after winning the tournament.

Tx Quickies (TxQ) are short little one shot tales. Quick reads which I have no intent to continue.

All characters are 18 or over.


The tournament had been a huge success. Our team of DFW 7-on-7 football all-stars had won the final game, getting plenty of press, and even a $10K cash bonus.

Although not officially sanctioned by the high-schools, 7-on-7s, sometimes call Passing Leagues, were the latest craze. A modified version of flag football, each team had five receivers, a center and a quarterback, to go against seven defenders. Forty minutes of play, forty yards to go for a touchdown, four seconds to pass the ball. Fast, furious, all action, highlighting the skill players. It was the rage.

Our select team made up of the best players from nine different DFW schools was a powerhouse. Not much of a surprise, since our schools were dominant in the first place, but it allowed us to pick the best of the best.

We'd won three games easily on Saturday, and two more games on Sunday morning to get into the final. It was nothing like real football. No crowds, no hype, minimal announcers, just go out and play hard for forty minutes, then get ready to do it again ten minutes later.

We had a few fans. Some parents, siblings, friends and girlfriends had made the painful four hour drive to cheer us on. In the huge stadium, their screams and shouts were barely audible background noise. Still, it was nice to know they were there.

Not everyone had expected us to make the finals, not in our first tournament. We lost a couple of carloads of fans who hadn't planned on staying all day Sunday. Making the finals added a minimum of 3 hours to the trip. We were expecting to get back home after midnight.

I'd had been a pretty good day, if I do say so myself. We won every game by at least a touchdown, blowing out our opponent in the final 48-23. As the quarterback of the team, I was getting more than my share of attention from the scouts and our fans. It was great.

Only fair to mention I had some of the best receiving talent in the state catching my passes, and an outstanding defensive corp shutting down our opponents. We had at least one interception in every game.

It was a little odd. Guys I played against in the regular season and playoffs, suddenly on my side. Terrel Paris, stupidly quick off the line with 4.3 speed. Darrel Alexander, 6'3" with arms so long his hands damn near reached his knees. Andy Hendrick, 6'4", 250 lb tight-end built like a mack truck. Bobby Harris, unassuming at 5'11", 180 lbs, whose father had played in the NFL and who never, ever dropped a pass he could somehow get a finger on. Of course, there was my go-to guy, Juwan Douglas, with the whole package, height, speed, great hands, and perfect routes. My regular season number one target. Ours was the only high-school with two players on the team, Juwan, our one receiver, and yours truly, nationally ranked QB, and waiting for the right college offer to come in. This tournament was supposed to help.

Officially, we had 12 players on the team. Two quarterbacks, but I was the only one on this trip. One lineman/long snapper. Nine receivers, mostly wide receivers, with one running back, two tight ends, and one defensive specialist. Only ten had made the trip, packing our "12" man passenger van solid, including the coaches on the way to the game.

Afterward, we hit the local Denny's for a late dinner, and straightened out travel arrangements. We lost two of the players who'd driven down with us when they decided to return with their families, taking side trips instead of heading straight back. Coach Anderson also took leave of the group, staying for a coaches meeting the next day.

All good news. The van may have had three rear benches, with seatbelts for four, three and three, but we weren't little 5'5" 120 lb waifs. Seven in the back fit much better than ten. I, for one, was excited by the win, but exhausted from seven hours of play in two days. A nice nap on the way back would do the trick.

What I wasn't figuring on was Mrs. Harris and her daughter Kelsey begging a ride, since the car they'd come down in had headed back early.

When coach made the announcement, he got a loud groan from most of us. Not only were we back to being uncomfortably full, but it was going to put the damper on our conversation for sure.

I wasn't complaining. Mrs. Harris was a stone-cold fox. A gorgeous trophy wife. I felt a little sorry for her daughter, who must have gotten her looks from the old man, plain and pudgy, it was hard to believe she carried the same DNA as Bobby's stunning Mom.

Loading up the van there was a lot of complaining in the parking lot. I ignored it, and climbed in to the rearmost furthest seat. The back row was a foot wider than the other benches, and I wanted the seat where I could lean against the side for a nap. Eric, our assistant coach thought that the women should sit on one bench together. Bobby was encouraging his mother to take the passenger captain's chair up front. I watched Juwan move into the row ahead of me, on the end like I was. The second of the best three seats taken.

Mrs. Harris was arguing vociferously. "No. I won't. It's not fair. We're the ones intruding. I saw her pretty head pop in, and she climbed into the back row next to me, scooting close. "Hell of a game, Alex," she said smiling, making my stomach do flip-flops.

"Thanks Mrs. Harris. Bobby didn't do so bad either. Two TDs in the final."

She grinned. "You made him look good. Don't think for a second I don't appreciate it."

The van was finally loading up after all the arguing. Darrel, huge, and black as night took the seat on the other side of Mrs. Harris. Kelsey climbed in and Mrs. Harris insisted she sit in the middle seat next to Juwan. Andy, all 6'4" 250 lbs of him, squeezed in next to Kelsey. I felt a little sorry for her, wedged in tight between our two biggest players. Terrel, the smallest guy on the team, and Brandon, our long-snapper had the front bench. Bobby had taken the seat he'd offered his mother, with Coach Eric handling the driving once more.

We weren't on the road five minutes, before Mrs. Harris asked me to hold her tote bag. I kept it in my lap while she leaned over it, eventually pulling a large bottle of Gentleman Jack out of the bag. She passed me the bottle, while she closed up her bag, wedging it back under the bench.

She looked over at me expectantly. "Well? Open it already."

"I think Coach will have a cow," I told her, opening the bottle anyway.

She rolled her eyes at me. "Have a little faith, Alex. It's a big day. There's not a young man in this vehicle who didn't improve his chances of a Division I full ride today. It's time for a little celebration."

I opened the bottle, and held it out to her. She gave me a look like she was a little irritated with me, and waited, looking at the bottle. Tilting the bottle up, I took a sip. It burned on the way down, and I had to stifle a cough. She grinned and took the bottle away from me.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

I shook my head, and watched her take a long swig. She passed the bottle to Darrel who was gracious. "Thank you ma'am," he said and took a sip himself. He started to pass the bottle forward, then hesitated, looking back at Mrs. Harris. "Of course. That's what it's for. We wouldn't want to seem greedy now would we?"

We talked a little about the game while the bottle made it's way down the van. All the way to Bobby in the front seat. He had his share, then offered it shyly to our coach, Eric. They talked for a second, and I couldn't hear it where I was, but he took a sip and passed it backward without looking.

It was passed all the way back to me, where I took a longer drink. The bottle was a good third finished already. I passed it to Mrs. Harris, who grinned. "Now you're getting with the program. Time to let your hair down a little." She took her sip then turned in the seat a little, leaning up against me.

Darrel had the bottle and it was moving along again.

Mrs. Harris reached down into the foot-well, and pulled out her tote bag. She searched in it for a bit, then came up with a thermos. She took a sip, and without even looking at me, passed it over her shoulder. I accepted it, and took a sip. More of the same.

I reached over her, my arm on her shoulder. "Damn, Mrs. Harris. You came loaded for bear."

She giggled, wiggling back against me. "Jean, Alex. Call me Jean." She took another sip, and I knew she was determined to get good and drunk at the rate she was going.

She passed the bottle to Darrel, and he took a small sip.

"That one's just for us, big guy," she said softly, taking it back. She lifted her leg and rested it on Darrel's lap. Then she held up the thermos to me. I had another small sip, reaching over her again to pass it back. When she took it, I left my arm over her, and draped it across her upper body. I let it fall diagonally across her, between her breasts.

She grabbed it and held onto it.

I pulled her closer, almost into my lap, moving my lips to her ears. "What's going on, Jean?"

She sighed, turning her head. "I'm attractive, aren't I Alex?"

"Gorgeous," I confessed.

"Then why would my husband stay back home with his secretary, screwing her brains out, when he could have me? I'm good to him. I never deny him anything."

"He'd have to be an idiot," I told her.

She snuggled into me. "It's not the first time. Not by a long shot. He used to be discrete. Now he doesn't even care. She's been at our house since 10 minutes after we left."

"How do you know that?"

"I'm having him watched. For two months now, he's banging that 22 year old bimbo every chance he gets. In his office for Christ's sake!" She seemed on the verge of tears. She took another long drink from the thermos, and passed it back to me.

I took a drink, looking around the van. I could hear lots of giggles coming from in front of me. I reached across her and passed the thermos to Darrel. I saw he had her shoes off and was rubbing her feet.

Jean sighed. "Look at that. My damn daughter gets more action than me. I haven't been laid in 2 months." She turned to look at me, her eyes smoldering. "Nine fucking weeks, Alex. His bimbo gets it almost every day. I'm chasing Kelsey's boys out of our house at all hours of the night. I end up alone. It's not right."

I pulled her back into my lap, gazing into her face. "That's the damn truth," I told her. I pressed my lips to hers and her mouth opened eagerly, tongue spearing into my mouth.

"God, you're beautiful, Jean," I told her.

She smiled. "I'm not going to be lonely tonight, am I Alex? You're going to take care of me?"

"I'd love to, but here?" I asked.

"Yes, here. Please."

I figured she knew what she was asking for. I kissed her again, then reached down and pulled her shirt off. She raised her arms to give me easy access. Her bra had a front snap, and within seconds she was naked from the waist up. I played with her tits, sucking on them, then noticed her hands down around her waist, opening her pants.

I kissed her again, and she hung onto my neck. I felt her shifting and glancing over I saw she was lifting her hips, and Darrel was pulling her pants down. She had a tiny red thong on. That and nothing more.

She struggled into my lap straddling me. She looked in my eyes, and I could see a little nervous apprehension. "Take care of me, Alex. Don't let me get hurt tonight, Ok?"

I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her close. "I will. Anytime you want anything to stop, just call out my name," I told her.

She giggled. "That's a terrible idea. I have a feeling I'm going to be crying out your name a lot tonight." She kissed me softly. "I want you first, Alex."

She climbed off of me, and leaned over my waist, working on my sweats. I lifted my hips and she succeeded in getting them off me. She smiled when she saw my erection. "Perfect. I thought I'd have to get you ready, but you're more than ready, aren't you?"

"God, I want you right now," I told her.

She smiled again, straddling my hips, pulling her thong to the side and sliding me inside her. "Is that what you wanted? Such a gentleman. Giving in to a lady's needs so kindly."

She started rising up and down on my cock, arms on each side of my head. I grabbed her hips helping her. She gave me a sweet little moan, and I pulled her down, holding her, my cock buried inside her. "Gentleman. You need to stop for any reason, call out Gentleman. Understand?"

She nodded slowly. "Thank you. I...I've never done anything like this. I'm nervous."

I hugged her. "Me either. I'm nervous too, but excited as hell." I looked over her shoulder, and saw her daughter was taking turns kissing the guys bracketing her. I was getting the better deal.

"Kelsey's up to no good," I mentioned.

Jean laughed. "She's a little slut. I tried to raise her right. I guess she takes too much after her father."

"Looks and morals. It's a shame."

She was moving slowly, grinding against me, rolling her hips. "God you feel good, Alex. A lot bigger than my husband."

"I'm glad you like it."

She sighed, leaning against the back of the seat in front of us, letting me play with her breasts. She had her eyes closed and was smiling.

She sat upright, and I pulled her close. "I need to fuck you, Jean."

"You're not?"

"No. This is play. I need to fuck you hard."

"How?" she asked.

"On your knees, on the bench."

"Whatever you want me to do tonight, Alex, just tell me. I'll be anything you want. Do anything you want."

"On your knees, Jean. Now."

She shivered, then climbed off my cock. I looked over and saw that Darrel had his pants off. When Jean got on her knees, he pulled her head toward his lap. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Suck him."

She turned away, and I heard him moan as her face lowered into his lap.

I got on my knees behind her, pulling the thong roughly to the side. I lined up my cock and sank into her all the way. Damn, she felt good. I grabbed her hips and started the fucking I needed.

She pushed back against me, taking me all the way, while Darrel held her head. From my vantage point, I could see over the bench in front of us. Kelsey was down to her panties, laughing, playing with the guys she was sitting with. I was surprised. She didn't look half-bad naked. Nice full tits, a little thick around the waist, and wide hips.

I turned my attention back to Jean, enjoying her. I couldn't believe what was going on in that van. I was a little nervous. Now that it had started, I imagine everyone, except maybe Bobby would want to get in on the action. Seven men, maybe eight. Just Jean and Kelsey. I hope she knew what she was getting into.

It was all too exciting. I only rode her for about 5 minutes or so, and I could tell I was going to finish soon. I looked down and saw her head was resting on Darrel's knee, and she was moaning. Darrel's cock was loose, and shrinking. She'd gotten him off first. I grabbed her hips and pounded her as hard as I could, and I felt her trembling. I didn't think I could last long enough to get her off, but I wasn't really worrying about it. She'd get more than enough cock for that, I was pretty sure.

I groaned, slamming home, and erupted deep inside of her. She pushed her hips back against me, welcoming me, while I pumped myself dry.

She pulled herself off my cock, spinning around, and sucking my cock. "Another one, Alex. I want another. Now."

She suddenly stopped, scooting toward me, and grabbing her tote bag. She came up with a huge box of condoms. She handed it to me. "Nobody goes inside me uncovered."

I wanted to tell her it was too late for that. She grinned. "With one notable exception. Take care of me, Alex. You promised."

I took the box from her. A 24 pack. She knew what she was getting into. "What about Kelsey?"

"She can take care of herself. She always has."

She went back to sucking me, and I could see why she was nervous. Darrel was stroking his cock back to life, lining up behind her. I opened the box, and took out a rubber. I tossed it to Darrel.

"No way man," he said.

"It's that or nothing," I told him.

He glared at me, then opened the condom. "Shit," was all he said.

Jean was still sucking me, when a few seconds later Darrel started on her.

"Way to go, Mom!" I heard Kelsey say. I looked up and she was leaning over the back of the bench, with Juwan pumping into her. She was rocking with the movement.

Jean pulled off of me, grinning. "You're not shocked?" she asked her daughter.

"Surprised. Miss goody-two-shoes. About time you got some. Dad's an asshole, cheating on you."

Jean reached back, slowing Darrel down, leaning on one hand. "You knew?"

"Shit, Mom. Everyone knows." Kelsey seemed to take the cock pounding away at her in stride, even when the guys switched places. She was obviously not new to this.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jean asked.

Kelsey shrugged. "Didn't want to rock the boat. I figure you had to know, it's not like he even hides it anymore. He's such a dick."

Jean closed her eyes, moaning, while Darrel picked up the pace, pounding her hard. She grabbed my hips, hanging on to me. Terrel had gotten up out of his seat, and was kneeling next to the bench, watching Darrel, stroking his cock.

I grabbed another condom and tossed it to Terrel. He took it, smiling, and slipped it on.

Darrel was doing a good job with his second time, and I felt Jean's first orgasm. I slid down into the seat, holding her. "Good?" I asked her.

"Oh, Alex," she moaned. "God yes."

She had her hand on my cock, clutching it, not making much effort beyond that. She whimpered when Darrel went for the finish, grunting, hammering at her. He gave a loud groan, and I heard her whisper, "Yes!"

He pulled out of her, and Terrel wasn't 10 seconds taking his place.

Jean grunted as he started in.

"Who?" she asked.


"Protected?" she asked.

"Of course, Jean. I'm going to take care of you tonight."

She nodded, pushing back against her newest partner. "I..I'm gonna - take care - of you," she grunted to me, looking up at me and smiling.

Brandon followed Terrel, and didn't want to put the condom on. "Don't. None for you, more for us," I told him.

"Fuck you, Alex. Who put you in charge?"

Kelsey stopped getting spit-roasted for a second and tore into him. "Mom did, that's who, asshole!" she snapped. "No more pussy for you if you can't follow the rules. From me either."

He finally relented, putting on the rubber. Why he was pitching such a fit, I had no idea. You'd think he'd be happy enough to get a turn with Jean. When Terrel finished, he climbed in place, and went right at her, fucking her hard. He slapped her ass loudly. "Like that, bitch?" he laughed.

I was getting tired of his shit. I sat up and leaned over Jean, pushing him in the chest. "Fucking treat her right, or I swear I'm going to kick your ass," I snapped.

"Right! You and what army?"

I'd had enough of his shit, and pulled Jean off of him, and started climbing past her. He swung at me, haphazardly, but before I could get to him, Darrel had pulled him off the bench and onto the floor.

"Fuck!" he yelled, and then I was standing over him, my shoe pressed between his legs, against his balls.

"Give me one reason," I told him.

He looked up nervously, with both Darrel and I standing over him. We were hunched over in that narrow space between the two forward benches and the side of the van.

"I was just fucking around," he whined. "You know she wants it."

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