tagCelebrities & Fan FictionUK Celebrities Ch. 2

UK Celebrities Ch. 2


OK, first things first. This is a continuation of my previous story. Secondly, the title of all my stories will be UK Celebs but some well known Americans are featured. Enjoy:

Christina who was sitting with Britney giggling about how good my fucking was walked over to the door, completely naked. I watched her little frame and her firm ass cheeks as she walked over to the door, and I could still see a little bit of my cum still resting on her leg. She turned the knob, and my heart skipped a beat as I was waiting in anticipation. The door swung open, and I saw both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Natalie Portman both completely naked.

Christina said, "Come in. The party's just gettin' started."

When they walked in, more women started to follow them in like Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Zhang Ziyi, Shannon Elizabeth, and Jessica Alba. All of them were fully naked and each holding a pack of condoms. I had seen all of their bodies before. Let's see...

Mandy Moore....yes, I met her on the set of her show, "Mandy" when I walked in when she was taking a shower.

Jennifer Lopez...okay. I covered the Puff Daddy Trial, and she begged me to write good things about her boyfriend so she gave me three blowjobs that left me winded.

Zhang Ziyi...haven't even seen her before.

Shannon Elizabeth...we both got drunk during the "Scary Movie" premiere, and she asked for a ride and I accepted. She asked me up for a few more drinks, and we got really drunk. We got down. I came in a cup and she drank it.

Jessica Alba...I saw her naked during the filming of a nude/love scene between her and actor James Van Der Beek in the new movie "Varsity Blues 2."

Zhang Ziyi I had always wanted to fuck, ever since her really cool action movie, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" came out. There was a love scene in which Chang Chen, slides his hands under her pants and we can guess that he fingers her, and she moans. It was really sexually charged, and I always wondered why they did include a nude scene in the movie. Anyway, she looks like a porcelain doll. Her long, jet black hair was down to her shoulders. She was impeccable white, and her little pink nipples looked perfectly circle. Her breasts weren't as large as many of the women present in the room, but she did make up for it in her petite beauty. I beckoned to her.

She said in broken English, "Yes?"

"Fuck me," I said shortly. She seemed to not comprehend, so I put my index and thumb into a loop and stuck my other index finger into the hole. A look of understanding was shown.


I laid on the bed, and she straddled me. She lowered her pussy over my cock, and then I entered like a plug. Her cunt felt extremely tight, and I could tell that she had never even been touched before. She was virgin, and I liked that. She started to ride my cock like a true professional even though I didn't know how she even knew how to. She was amazed at the size of my cock in her hole, and she was moaning softly.

Meanwhile, Britney had grabbed a video camera and was filming this scene between Zhang and I. Her other hand, however, was in her pussy, fingering it.

I put my hands on her small, but gorgeous tits and I rubbed them and pinched them. I instantly felt them become erect in my hand. I lifted my lips and started to suck on them like a little boy. I bit the nipple which made Zhang scream. Licking her breasts, Zhang began to moan and scream as if she was already cumming. However, I realized she had never had sex before and this experience would be totally new to her. A Chinese beauty was fucking me. As we fucked, she brought her mouth upon mine, and I felt her tongue and my tongue entwining in a passionate embrace. Then she spoke to me softly.

"I want you now! Please, cum in me now. I want to feel the rush of milky, white cum in my vagina, NOW!"

I was so turned on by this that I actually came. I felt my balls tighten, and the peak of a series of orgasms that rocked me. It felt like gallons of my jism was coming out of me. Mixed with my semen was a few drips of blood when I broke Zhang Ziyi's hymen. It proved to me that she was a virgin. Zhang was panting; a few drops of cum was sitting on the lips of her pussy. She used her index finger, scooped it up, and sucked on it.

"Very tasty," she said, savoring the taste.

I reached over for the phone and called room service. I said, "Send ten bottles of champange and thirteen packs of condoms."

I saw Jennifer Lopez shake her head. I said, "No condoms, just the bottles."

They were especially quick, and I handed the waiter who was no doubt starstruck. There nine really famous celebrities in one hotel room and all of them were fully nude. I handed him five-hundred dollars.

"Bring me some food."

I shook up the champagne, and let it pop. It went all over the place. Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman stuck their mouths up to the foam rushing out and the licked it up hungrily. Meanwhile, Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Lopez were being filmed by Sarah Michelle Gellar in a lesbian scene. Shannon Elizabeth held the bottleneck and proceeded to insert it into Jennifer Lopez's ass. At the blond singers' little party, they were playing with ice. Mandy placed an icecube on her tongue and put it into Christina's wet pussy. Mandy flicked her tongue around in there. Watching the scene with an intense look on her face, Britney was masturbating with an ice cube. I went over there and took the icecube from her finger and sucked on it, savoring her pussy juices.

Mandy then took out her tongue from Christina's pussy and Mandy rubbed the cube up and down Christina's body, around her breasts, inside her thighs, and around her neck. The nipples of Christina's tits were fully erect. Becoming hard again, I got a really nasty idea.

"Hey girls!" They turned toward me. "Jump on me."

Then all nine girls proceeded to jump on me. I could feel eighteen hands all over me. On my chest, on my cock, on my ass. There were lips all over my nipples, on my mouth, on my face. Then a hand went down to my cock and started to give me a handjob. They rubbed my cock, and I came right away. Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman came over to me and said to me, "Let's go somewhere private." I nodded.

They led me to another room in the suite. Right when we entered, Jessica and Natalie bent down and started to stroke my cock. It grew right before their eyes into its full form. Jessica then lay down on the carpet and spread her legs, inviting me to enter. She led my cock into her pussy. Natalie, meanwhile, proceeded to sit on her face. I started to pump and within minutes I was about to cum, but she told me to pull out. I was right about to cum, but she begged me not to. Jessica took a pack of condoms and ripped it open. Upon opening it, she unrolled it with her tongue and managed to set it on the head of my cock and then keep it on. It fit perfectly. She told me she didn't want to get pregnant. I started to pump in and out of her again, but she told me not to. A really dirty look came across her face and she told me to slip off the condom. Jessica went to get a glass and stuck it over my cock. Then she told me to pump my cock as if I was masturbating right into the cup.

I did this for a few seconds, and cum was in the cup. She told me to do it again. I did it at least two times before the cup was filled to the brim.

"Give it to me," she said.

I gave the cup to her and she took a drink from it. She swallowed it without any sign of pain or suffering. She seemed to enjoy it and quickly drank all of it and said it was tasty. When I asked her where she learned the trick from, she responded that she was still a virgin although she had experienced many forms of oral sex. I was suprised that a hot Latina girl like her with a great body had not had sex yet. She needed to get laid, and I was the perfect candidate. She guided me with lustful eyes, and when my cock entered her, her back arched and she moaned. I placed my head directly between her breasts and licked the center of it. She put her hand around my neck and moaned softly into my ear. I stopped an looked into her eyes and found myself experiencing something very different. I had a certain attraction toward this girl. It was the kind of sensation you felt when you met your crush in middle school. I found myself to want this girl not as a fucktoy but rather as a object of my affection. She seemed to sense it too because she leaned over and said,

"I love you."

I leaned over for a kiss, and I forced my tongue into her. We held the kiss for an eternity while our hands were roaming on the strange lands. If felt her breasts, her trim stomach, and her ass. Natalie Portman, meanwhile, was left out of our little sexcapade, and she entered the room where all the celebrities were.

Everyone in there had on thongs and were dancing to Sisqo's "Thong Song." Shannon Eliabeth in a neon green thong shook her ass in front of the room service waiter who was tied onto a chair. Zhang Ziyi and Sarah Michelle Gellar were on his cock, each licking a side. Mandy Moore had the hotel executive in bondage, and was fucking him all over. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears had the newest guest to their orgy: Prince William. Subject to many rumors regarding a relationship between Britney and he, William indeed did have a sexual relationship with Britney Spears. Their relationship was strictly sexual; they didn't go out on dates together, although they did go to strip clubs. All they did was invite each other over and fuck for hours and hours. This made the teenage couple very happy, and they rarely had disagreements. When Britney was about to be fucked missionary-style, and Christina was about to be eaten out, there was a explosion at the door. Four policemen walked in, and they immediately stopped the music. The girls who were having the sex of their lives were stopped with dicks hanging out of their mouths or dicks stuffed in their pussy.

"Okay, party's over, girls," he said. "We're taking y'all to the precinct."

The party was over; they were about to be arrested. Their careers were over, and they would be poor again...this caused them pain and panic. They were led off in handcuffs.


Sarah, Zhang, Shannon, Britney, Christina, Natalie, Mandy, and Jennifer were released from prison for prostitution. Their careers had ended. They had nowhere to go. The girls emptied out their bank accounts and bought some revealing outfits. At night they stood at street corners and turned into hookers.

Meanwhile, Jessica and I were sitting in Cancun, fucking each other 24-7. When I heard that they had been released, I gathered all of them into my beach house, where I proposed a plan...


If any one of you want to continue this story please do but send me a copy first please, so I can check it over! Good Luck.

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