tagIncest/TabooUltimate Taboo Ch. 01

Ultimate Taboo Ch. 01


Jerry was 18 years old. At a height of 5'9 and a weight of 158 lbs., he was fairly average for his age. Light brown hair and hazel eyes completed his average looks.

Through out his school years he had few friends. John was his best friend. He was athletic and exceptionally handsome, everything Jerry wasn't. They spent every weekend together going to movies or just hanging out with other kids. Then John began dating. Jerry was a little shy and hesitant about asking out girls. He tried a few times but the girls usually didn’t take him seriously. They all thought of him as more of a little brother. Sure they liked him, just weren't really attracted to him. This bothered Jerry somewhat. John tried to get him to go out on double dates with him and his current girlfriend, but Jerry always had an excuse of why he couldn't go. Not wanting to admit to John that he just couldn’t find a girl to go with.

One day in the locker room all the guys were talking about girls. Jerry just stayed in the background with a few others, but listened intently to the conversation. He heard John talking about his first sexual experience. Bragging of how good he was as the others laughed and compared details. This made Jerry feel as though he was really missing out on life. He worried of how he'd be so far behind the others.

That night he laid in bed and thought of what the guys were saying. As he thought of it he realized he was getting aroused. He had been masturbating for several years now but really wanted the real thing. He threw back the covers and took his semi hard cock in his hand as he thought of the girls in school that were having sex with his friends. Then suddenly his mind wandered to Sherry.

She was quiet and withdrawn as he was. He had thought of asking her out several times, but had never really worked up the nerve to do so. He thought of her with her long black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She wore little makeup if any, and he knew she'd be beautiful if she were more outgoing. But looks didn’t really matter to him. He liked her for who she was, because she was like him. She was in a few of his classes and had hardly ever heard her voice. The teachers seemed to look over her as they did him.

He realized his cock was now fully erect and he started stroking faster, thinking of Sherry. Thinking of being with her and kissing her soft lips. He began stroking faster and faster. He was just about to cum when his mother knocked on his bedroom door and turned the knob. He quickly pulled the covers up just in time and sat up to cover his erection. She had come to bring in the laundry. "Jerry you should clean this room up", she said. "You know after I get home from work I'm just too tired to have to worry about your room as well as the rest of the house and make dinner. It's just you and I, we have to work together to keep us going. Please try harder to help me". "I'm sorry Mom, I'll start doing more around here, I promise", said Jerry.

He noticed his mom was indeed looking tired. She was only 36 years old. Still young, she had him when she was only 18. He knew how hard she had worked his whole life. Knew how hard it was on her to be a single mom all those years. He never knew his father; he had left his mother before she even had the chance to tell him she was pregnant. She told Jerry she tried finding him but to no avail. So she had raised him on her own. She was so young and at times it was like they had grown up together. He remembered spending a lot of days with neighbors who watched him while she worked. He really seen very little of her when he was young.

He continued looking at her as she put his clothes in the drawers. She really was beautiful. Blond hair and green eyes, though they had a tired look in them, he could see the sparkle was still there. She was shorter than he was at 5 foot 6 and weighed close to 150 lbs. But she was attractive; he didn’t understand why she never dated. She said she was too tired for such nonsense and would rather spend her free time at home resting. So he didn’t question her about it too much.

Just as he was watching her she bent over to pick up some of his dirty things. He couldn’t help but look at her nice tight ass. He felt his cock stir again, coming back to life after the sudden interruption earlier. He was shocked of the feelings he was having from looking at his own mother. He quickly turned his head feeling guilty and ashamed. When he turned back he noticed his mom was looking at him oddly. He looked down and saw the covers had moved a little and she could see his semi hard cock sticking out. He quickly covered himself as she turned towards the door. She stopped and turned back to him with an embarrassed look on her face. "Goodnight Jerry, sleep well", she said as she left the room and shut the door.

He lay back against his pillow and again threw back the covers. He moved his hand down to his balls and held them as he thought of what had just happened. It didn’t make him feel ashamed now, he had seen a look on his moms face. Not one of disgust, but one of interest. At least he thinks that’s what it was. He slowly moved his hand up his balls to his now once again fully erect cock and began stroking it thinking this time of his mother. Up and down, up and down faster and faster as he pictured his mother bent over and imagined he was fucking her from behind. It wasn’t long till he felt his orgasm explode and his cum flew up his chest, some even getting on his chin. Damn, he thought, he had never came that hard before. He reached under the bed and got an old T-shirt he kept there just for such an occasion. He wiped the cum off of his chin, chest, belly and sides. Then noticed his navel was full and cleaned it out as well. Then he wiped off his still throbbing cock. It hadn't even went down yet. He had to admit that was the best time ever. He was sure it wouldn’t be the last.

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