Notice-If reading about celeb sex offends you, then you shouldn't be here in the 1st place. Also, if scat is offensive to you, don't read.

* * * *

I was lucky enough to get a trip to the set of "Batman and Robin. Alicia and Uma on the same set. They both have great sets too,(sorry.) I brought along a friend of mine, because he was infatuated with Uma. When we first met, I was tongue tied. I started to get comfortable and we started having a conversation like buddies. When I asked for a picture, she politely was for it. I put my arm around her shoulder and I was hoping she didn't see my hardon. I had my shirt over it, so I thought not. When that was over I was upset, but also VERY relieved. When our little "interview was done, I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a hug. God, this was embarrassing, my erection must have been right against her crotch.

"Meet me at my trailer in 15 minutes," she whispered in my ear.

I got back to my apartment and told my friend I needed to go back because I forgot something.

I drove up thinking what on earth Uma had in mind. When I arrived I found Uma's trailer and knocked on the door. Nothing. I knocked again. Nothing. Damn, she must have been playing with me, I figured. Then I heard a noise from inside. I looked around the trailer, and found a tiny window. Probably so no one can see her while she's on the road, I thought. I couldn't help peeking in. What I saw shocked me. Uma had a vibrator and was having a great time playing with it. "OH, yeah, that's it, fuck me with that big cock, Bob." WOW, she was fantisizing about me.

"Make me cum, you dirty boy." I want that sticky goo inside my horny wet pussy." OH, here I cum," she said as I noticed she had just climaxed. After she was done coming down from her excitement, she looked shocked. I noticed she had a mirror in her trailer and she was looking at my reflection, even though, only half my the only thing that was showing were my eyes. She immediately got herself under control and opened the door. "Um, Bob, I...UM...didn't expect you so soon."

"Well, I don't live that far away. I know it's only been 10 minutes." I was still a bit red from embarrassment from being caught.

"Come in," she said with no embarrassment now. In fact, was that a smirk on her face? As soon as I was in the door and we were alone, she looked at me and gave me a long wet kiss.

When are kiss broke, all I could say was, "What about Ethan?"

"That cheating ass, I am going to file for divorce as soon as I'm done filming." We kissed again. This time I got the balls to grabbed her ass. She responded by pulling down my pants. Boy she was horny. When are kiss broke, she unbuttoned her blouse. I helped her. Her pregnancy didn't make her belly any less attractive. I wanted to see those breasts, however. I put my hands on her bra and she helped me as I unclasped it.

Her bra fell to the ground and what I saw amazed me. 2 perfectly round breasts and tiny nipples. I hungrily devoured them. She wasn't going to be the only one naked. She put her hands around my boxers and whipped them down. I eagerly kicked them off as she unsnapped my shirt and pulled it over my chest. My tongue went lower until I was kissing her wet pussy.

"OH, yeah, fuck that nasty pussy," she said as she humped my tongue. She was wild with each thrust as her juices were coming all over my tongue. When her spum was done coming, I gave Uma a deep kiss, and gave her a dish of her own tastes. Were my tongue once was, I put my fingers inside. "Fuck me with your fingers. God, they feel so good inside me." She humped them with all she could muster. I was up to my knuckles in Uma. "UM, I'm gonna cum. Her juices poured on my hands. Again, I fed Uma her dessert.

Finally, she helped me relieve some pressure. Her lips felt wonderful around my cock. She put her hands on my ass, and helped me out. I was fucking her mouth like their was no tomorrow. "UM, I'm gonna cum in your mouth." Uma loved hearing that. She quickened her thrusts. "Here it cums." I must have come a pint. I was ready for her sex. So was she. "I want to feel you inside me."

I put my head to he lips and put myself inside. I thrust so hard that I could have split her in 2. "OH, fuck me," she howled. "You are so better than Ethan. You are so good. God, I'm gonna cum. Fuck me with all you can."

I could hold on for more than another five minutes. I came with piles of cum. She came at the exact same time. I turned her around. "OH, yeah fuck that asshole. I rimmed her puckered hole to soften it. "YEAH, lick my nasty hole. Stick your tongue inside me." I was more than willing. "Yes, fuck that asshole, lick me, you nasty boy." I was up very far inside, when I noticed she had a present for me. She could tell I noticed and grunted. Her present was moving. I pulled my tongue from her anus, and a fart emerged. WOW, that got my cock moving. Finally, I got a look at the tip of what looked to be a thick turd.

I didn't resist. I put my fingers on the mess. She told me to lick it. Disgusting, I thought, but yet VERY exiting. The taste of it was nasty, but the perversity of the act thrilled me.. She grunted one more time and a 5 inch log emerged. It hit the floor,(hard wood, so it didn't matter) and I grabbed a small piece and sniffed it.

"Eat it." I licked it again, and took a nibble. Again, it was nasty, but the excitement got me hard. Uma obviously enjoyed watching me eat her excrement. Not being a stooge, I offered some to her. I was even gracious enough to feed it to her. "Well, we can save this for later, I want to get an ass-fucking." I first cleaned of her hole with my tongue. I positioned my cock to her whole, and grabbed on to her waist. I inched in. She cringed at the pain, but shortly got into it. "Yeah, fuck that ass. Feels so good."

"Your so tight, you like this you nasty slut?

"YES, fuck me, stud." I had to do this once. I spanked her. "Yeah, spank that ass."

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