tagIncest/TabooUncle and Niece

Uncle and Niece


Susan had waited for her mom to leave. As soon as the coast was clear, she went to her mom's bedroom and got out the vibrator from the night stand. At 18, she had been doing this for a long time.

Her mom and dad had split up years ago and mother and daughter had been on their own ever since, and they liked it that way.

Back in her own bedroom, Susan quickly took her clothes off and lay back on the bed with her little plastic friend. She opened her mouth and pretended the vibrator was a real cock. She licked it all around, closed her lips around it and then let it slide into her throat. She had done this many times but never to a real one. In fact, she had never even seen a real one, but that was all right, she had a good imagination.

She took the vibrator out of her mouth, turned it on low, and let it make contact with her nipples. She had very large breasts which she would have thought the other girls at school would envy, but instead they made fun of her.

"Um," the vibrator made her nipple hard. She figured she didn't need the girls anymore than she needed the boys. "Uh," the vibrator soon had both of her nipples hard.

The vibrator seemed to have a mind of its own as it made its way slowly down her stomach and rested on her reddish-blonde pubic hair. She could feel the gentle vibration all through her. Even though she still only had it set on low, it felt good.

Her hand slid the vibrator down lower so that is was just touching the outside of her pussy. The gentle vibrations felt delightful. Her clit was starting to tingle and a delicious heat had started to spread through her.

"Umh," Susan sucked in her breath as the vibrator gently touched her pussy lips. She spread her legs a little as the vibrator made contact with her clit. "Oohh, that feels good."

She was always wet by the time she had the vibrator at this point and a long sigh escaped her as she slid it inside of her. The vibrator made its way in slowly, gradually, a little at a time. The pleasure would build agonizingly slow, a hair's breath away from painful.

Susan closed her legs with most of the vibrator buried deep inside of her. She reached beside her bed and grabbed her headphones. Turning her music on, she slipped her headphones over her ears. With her vibrator filled pussy sending ripples of pleasure through her and her music filling her head, she closed her eyes and played with her nipples. This was how she had planned spending her afternoon and she was contented. Her mom had wanted her to go shopping but she told her she had plans. She just didn't tell her this is what they were.

Dan was the baby of the family. Ever since his big sister and her husband had split up, he had been the one she depended on to fix things that broke. He was pretty good except when it came to plumbing, for some reason he just couldn't do it.

She had asked him to come over and clean out her furnace and ducts. She replaced her own filter but she hated the smell that came out when you switched it from cooling to heating. He loved his sister and his niece, so he guessed there were worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

He let himself in and headed through the house to the basement and the furnace. He used to have to explain to his sister that without the right kind of equipment he could only clean so far. He had gotten tired of having to say the same thing every year, so he just bought the right equipment. It had turned out to be a pretty good side business.

With a puzzled look on his face, he stopped and listened. What was that noise? No one was supposed to be home, his sister and niece were out shopping. All of the rooms were on one floor of the house with an unfinished basement that contained the washer, dryer and furnace. He stopped outside of Susan's bedroom, which he had just painted a month ago. The noise was coming from in there but he still couldn't figure out what it was.

He opened the door and just stood there staring. There was his 18 year old niece lying in bed, she was totally naked and was playing with herself. No wonder he didn't recognize the sound, she had a vibrator inside of her.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her. The longer he stared at his niece the more he wanted to look, she was pretty! He had never noticed it before, and her tits were huge! Damn! When had that happened? He had noticed she was big on top, of course, but never associated his niece with sex and just didn't think about it.

He went over to the bed and just watched her playing with her nipples. With the headphones on her and her eyes closed, she didn't even know he was there. It was a complete turn on.

Susan was really getting into what she was doing. Her vibrator fill pussy was throbbing and she had her nipples standing at least an inch out from her breasts. She would have to turn up the speed on her little plastic friend before long.

Dan reached down and took one side of the headphones away from her head. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Her eyes snapped open and Susan screamed! She didn't know that her uncle was coming over today, but there he was. She started to take the vibrator out and stand up so she could grab her clothes.

"Don't you dare, just stay the way you are Susie."

She closed her eyes and felt the tears as they made tracks on her face. She was embarrassed and could feel herself blush from her head to her feet. She had no clothes on and still had a vibrator inside of her, and her uncle was looking at her. It didn't even feel good anymore. She could just imagine what he thought of her. She was in so much trouble. What would he say to her mom? What would her mom say to her?

The side of the headphones he had moved had repositioned itself over her ear. She kept waiting for him to yell at her. She knew she had it coming but still liked the way he had called her Susie. That was something special between them; her mom didn't even know he called her that, it was always Susan when anyone else was around.

She felt hands on her breasts. Her eyes snapped open again and her head turned toward her uncle. Her eyes bulged out of her head. There, only inches away from her face, was her uncle's soft cock. He was standing next to the bed, leaning over to touch her, and he had no clothes on.

Her mind told her she should scream. Her mind told her she should be alarmed and upset. As her nipples sent out waves of pleasure, her mind told her she was an idiot if she didn't take advantage of this. She reached up and her fingers started to gently explore. A soft moan escaped her as she felt his fingers still caressing her nipples. She liked it a lot more than touching herself or even using the vibrator. The vibrator that was still in her was starting to feel good again.

She could see him starting to react to her touch. Her fingers played and explored her very first cock. She took her other hand and cupped his balls. This was so cool. She was no longer worried about what her uncle thought of her and she wasn't worried about what he would tell her mom. She knew the answers to those questions as he got harder.

Susan took the headphones off and brought her mouth to his cock. Her lips closed around the head. She was taking in his smell and how he tasted. Her mind was alive with all the new sensations.

Her tongue licked and licked. She would alternate between licking and trying to suck him. Her pretending and sucking the vibrator had helped get her used to relaxing her throat. She managed to get quite a lot of him in her mouth but it was sure different than the vibrator. His pubic hair tickled her nose.

She felt his hands on her shoulders gently pushing her. She reluctantly stopped sucking and laid back down for him. She watched his cock standing out from him and smiled at the thought that she was responsible for it being that way. He lowered his face to her breasts and one of her hard nipples.

It was the first time she had experienced it. "Mmm," she liked having her nipples sucked. She wove her hands into his hair and held him to her.

This caused him to suck harder, "Do you like?"

"Aahhh yes," was all she could say. More moans softly escaped her as he switched from one to the other. She had never thought of her uncle and sex at the same time before, she had a feeling that was changed.

Dan pushed himself away from his niece's magnificent breasts. He could have stayed sucking on them and playing with them for hours. He moved to position himself between her legs, this made her have to spread her legs and of course the vibrator fell out.

Dan hungered for his niece. He picked up the vibrator and turned it off, "I don't think you will need this Susie."

Susan saw his face as he stared at her; no one had ever looked at her that way before. Suddenly her mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts. "Uncle Dan?"

Dan saw the worried look on her face, "What's wrong Susie?"

"I want you, but I've never had anything but that vibrator."

He smiled at her and dropped down to kiss her. "I'll be gentle."

Susan was full of conflicting thoughts and emotions. His lips on hers sent a thrill through her. She felt his need as his cock rubbed against her leg and his lips pressed on hers. Her own body had those same needs as she returned his kiss. Breathless, she parted her lips accepting his tongue in her mouth.

Susan had longed for a real kiss. She had pretended and imagined and lied to herself that it wasn't anything she missed in her life. She desperately wanted her uncle, her body burned with desire and need. "What about protection?" she asked, her voice strained with passion.

Dan was lying on top of her and he propped himself up on one arm to look into his nieces eyes. "I have had a vasectomy, and I haven't had sex with anyone for 10 months. Do you know what that means?"

Susan wondered if he thought she was stupid. "Sure, it means you can't get me pregnant..." Then what he had said sunk in. "...and you aren't going to give me some disease." She was panting with the hunger of her own desire, "The perfect fuck."

Dan laughed, "I wouldn't exactly put it that way."

Susan was on fire, this time she kissed him, sliding her tongue past his parted lips, something she had pretended many times. She pulled him fully on top of her and her hand snaked between them until she closed her fingers around his cock. With her mouth making demands of his, she guided his cock to her pussy.

With his niece's tongue dancing with his in his mouth, and her hand urging him on, Dan thrust his hips forward.

Susan moaned even as she wrapped her legs around him to make him go in as far as he could. It may have been wrong, but at 18 she eagerly accepted her uncle inside of her. She was so wet his hard cock slid in easily, filling her young body with delicious feelings.

She had never even thought about what she was now doing. Her fantasies never took her where she now found herself. Her body was holding her uncle with her arms and legs, making him keep his cock in her.

Dan felt just how strong his niece was as she held him to her. She was pure passion and the heat coming from between her legs was incredible. She was so tight that he felt her muscles contracting around his cock. He felt her slowly ease her hold on him and he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her, only to plunge it back in. Over and over, he continued slowly, unhurriedly.

Susan was lost to the pure sensations of being fucked. Pleasure she had never believed possible filled her, surrounded her. Each thrust into her sensitive vaginal flesh sent shock waves coursing through her. Each time he slid it back her body cried out for it to return.

She put her lips to his ear, "Please, I can't stand it." She felt her uncle slam himself in hard and deep. "AAGGHH," as soon as it was all the way in he took it back out only to slam it back in. His speed picked up steadily, driving her out of her mind.

Her head tossed making her hair flip everywhere. Susan was having trouble breathing, she was having trouble seeing. Her body took over when her brain stopped and she instinctively returned his thrust, making his cock go in deeper and harder. A constant stream of incoherent noises came from her; they were a mix of moans, screams and parts of words.

Dan had never felt anything so hot before. It felt so good it was almost painful. His niece had turned into a blast furnace.

With her eyes closed tight, her arms held onto her uncle with the passion she was feeling. Susan experienced her first orgasm with a cock not a vibrator. It started as an explosion and grew more intense from there. Her body demanded that his cock keep it up, give her more. Higher and higher, her teenage body convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy as the waves of pleasure kept growing, crashing into each other as they coursed through her.

She collapsed totally spent. She couldn't even raise her head from the bed if she wanted. She shuddered in the aftermath of her shattering climax even as she felt her uncle pounding and pounding into her. It felt like nothing she had ever thought of, when she got off before she just stopped the vibrator. Her body was trying to calm down while trying to make him have the same pleasure as she had.

She was experiencing a different kind of desire. A whole new world of love making was opening up for her. She felt her muscles griping his cock but she wasn't making them do it.

He slammed into her again and again, harder and harder, then suddenly he grabbed her and thrust as deep into her as he could. With an "AAGGHH," he stopped and held himself deep.

Susan concentrated on his cock and felt him jerking inside of her. Absently she wondered what it looked like with his cum shooting out. He held himself in deep for a long time, then she felt him getting soft again and as he did his cum started to ooze from her pussy.

She found his lips on hers and returned his kiss. There was no passion now, they were both exhausted. A gentle warm feeling was still present and it was nice. She didn't know how but she would be making this happen with him as often as she could.

Dan felt the tenderness in her kiss. He wondered how he was ever going to have then energy to clean the furnace.

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