tagIncest/TabooUncle Bart Visits

Uncle Bart Visits


I get home from university in time for dinner. My mother has set the table nicely and is fussing around with food, a glass of wine at hand. Bart – Uncle Bart, my father's half brother (we have a complex family) – has arrived and is at the table with my father. I haven't seen him since a cousin's wedding four years ago. Most of my father's family lives 2,000 kilometres away in another state and we rarely see any of them. Bart called a week back to say he would be passing through on his way somewhere and asked if he could break his journey here, stay one night. Even though my mother doesn't much like him, my father agreed.

Dinner is a bit weird. My mother has drunk a bit too much and is overly solicitous. My father pretends nothing is wrong and Bart makes small talk. He is at least 12 years younger than my father – maybe 35 or 36 – and quite a spunk. Unruly brown hair, pale blue eyes, olive complexion, tall with a good build that is becoming a bit heavy. He looks at me from time to time and I know what he's thinking. A couple of times his foot presses mine under the table and I give him a coy look. Hey, a girl likes to flirt, you know! And anyway, I feel a genuine sexual attraction to him – something that rarely happens to me with strangers.

At the end of the main course my mother heads to the kitchen and my father goes to get another bottle of wine. I start clearing away and when I get to Bart's side of the table, rest my hip against his shoulder and lean across him to get his plate. I watch him glance down the front of my blouse at my fairly meagre cleavage, pleased that he takes a good look. As I move away, his hand brushes my backside and I get a stirring in my belly.

We play footsies a bit more during dessert and after dinner he gets in a quick hug as we pass in the hallway. I work late on an assignment and, after turning out the light, think about Bart and rub my cunnie to a nice cum, a plan forming in my mind. I drift off to sleep wondering what it would really be like to screw a guy nearly twice my age...

The next morning I wake early to the sounds of my father getting ready for work. He leaves at 7am and a few minutes later I hear a horn toot and then the door shut as my mother goes out to get in Audrey's car. On weekday mornings they drive to a nearby river and walk for several kilometres, have morning coffee at a cafe and walk back. My mother won't be home for at least two hours, probably three.

I make a decision. I get up and go to the bathroom, freshen up, brush hair, clean teeth. A critical inspection – shortish black hair cut in a bob, brown eyes and long lashes, straight nose (though freckled), cute bow shaped mouth. Lean sporty bod (though my butt is bigger than I like). Wish it was summer already and I had a bit of a tan, but some guys like pale skin. Back in my room I change out of my flannel PJs and into just a long light t-shirt that goes to mid thigh. I like the way it hugs my breasts and shows my pointy little nipples. A dab of perfume and a touch of eye shadow.

Bart is sleeping in the study at the other end of the house. I pick up my teddy bear, pad down the hall way and push open the door. The spare mattress is lying in the middle of the study and Bart is sprawled across it, one leg out from under the doona. His eyes flutter open and focus.

'Want a morning cuddle?' I say breezily, hugging my teddy across my chest. He smirks and lifts the doona in invitation. He is wearing only a singlet and boxers and I quickly slip in beside him, leaving my teddy on the floor and not minding that my t-shirt rides up to my hips. He glances at my bare pussy before dropping the doona and pulling me against his warm chest.

'Well, look who's not wearing panties,' he chuckles, hand sliding down and squeezing my bum. He has a self-assured smile that crinkles his eyes and makes his mouth look real sexy. I let him kiss me and our tongues play.

'And look who's got a morning woody,' I reply, touching the outline of his hard cock through his boxers. Actually, I'm really nervous and nearly didn't do it, but he smiles lustily and I squeeze the warm bulge.

He pulls me to him for another kiss and we wrestle a bit, getting rid of clothes, until he is naked on top of me. We kiss again, more seriously, and I enjoy his weight on me, his hand pressing my boob, and his cock nudging between my thighs. He reaches down to slot his dick in my wet quim, but I put a restraining hand on his chest.

'You got a condom?' He grunts and shakes his head. 'Hang on a minute then,' I say and get up. I go down the hallway to my parents' room. The bed is unmade and I step round pillows and pyjamas on the floor. I know from snooping that they still use condoms but there are none in the drawer in my father's bedside table. I look about and see the empty box torn on the floor and in the bin a used rubber from the night before. Jesus! The randy buggers have been through a box of twelve in about three weeks! (Less the one I took for the date last week with Ashley – though what a waste of time that was. Not just a self-obsessed wanker but a lousy shag as well!)

I pad back to the study, the air cool on my naked body. Bart is lying on his back, braod hairy chest rising and dropping with his breathing, thick thighs spread. He is tugging lightly on the foreskin of his hard tool and gives me a hot look. God I want him!

'No luck,' I say, walking over and standing foot either side of his belly. I squat and hold his cock at the base, then lower myself until the head of his dick is just in my cunnie.

'Don't come inside me,' I warn, giving him a serious stare, then drop slowly down and take him all the way inside. His dick pushes the walls of my vagina wide and I sigh as he fills me. I like fucking this way and he is good – hands alternately on my hips and breasts, urging me on and telling me how beautiful I am. His cock is touching the right spot inside me and in only a short few minutes I feel that warm tingling in the pit of my stomach. I lean forward, breasts over his face, and ask him to suck my nipples. He smiles knowingly and does so, shifting from one to the other, sucking gently but firmly. I'm getting closer and his hands go round my bottom as I lift and drop, and a finger rubs at my anus. I groan and squirm.

'You like?' he asks. I grunt an affirmative and he brings his finger to my mouth. 'Make it wet,' he says. The finger smells a bit of arse pong but it only makes me hotter and I suck his finger then cover it with saliva. He goes back to sucking my nipples, I continue lifting and dropping on his cock and he presses that slick finger at the centre of my brownie. I gasp as it pushes through my sphincter. It feels a bit strange, his finger worming away in my rectum as I screw him, but after only a couple of minutes I'm suddenly on the brink of orgasm. I feel him rubbing his finger in slow circles, then I'm cumming in an intense shuddering and clenching. I've never cum so hard and fall forward on Bart's hard chest, panting and moaning.

I am barely aware of him shifting me about and he gets me onto my back on the floor next to the mattress and starts fucking me missionary. My orgasm rolls on and on and I lift my legs to ease the intensity. Bart's heavy body is thudding against my parts and I put my hands high up on his arms, feeling his biceps and tracing across his shoulders. He is beginning to sweat and I stroke his broad back and kiss his forearms. I am gradually coming down and start to buck back against him, getting the occasional lightning bolt from the thuds against my clit. We're both sweating now and after another couple of minutes I feel his thrusting getting irregular.

'Don't cum inside me,' I remind him.

'How about inside your mouth?' he says with that sexy grin. I get a surge of lust and, though I normally wouldn't agree, I nod. He gives another couple of hard thrusts, making me groan then he's out and kneeling beside my head, hand stroking his very red and glistening cock. I open my mouth and he slots it in. I suck and he rocks. I have only just got past the flavour of my pussy juices when he grunts that he is cumming. His dick pulses and then the warm salty jizz jets along my tongue and against the roof of my mouth. There are several sprays and he grunts each time, then falls back on his haunches, his cock already softening against his thigh.

There's quite a lot of semen in my mouth – don't know how long he's been storing it up! I sit up and let it dribble from my lips onto my breasts, then smear it around, leaving my tits and belly all shiny. Nice and quite sexy! He is watching, eyes narrow, breathing heavily through his mouth from the exertion. I take his hand and hold it against my boob and he joins me in smearing the cream around.

We shower and wash each other. I love his body and wish we had all day to fool around. But time has passed and my mother will be home before long. Anyway, I'm going to be late for class and just grab some fruit and stuff it in my day pack. Bart gives me a last kiss and says goodbye, saying maybe I can think about visiting him up north.

I'm late home that night – volleyball training followed by a study session with my best friend Annette. I tell her about shagging an older man and how it set me off when he stuck his finger in my butt. We laugh and she says she's going to try it on her next date with her bf.

It's about 11pm when I get home and I'm surprised to see Bart's car still outside. A thrill of anticipation goes through me. The house is dark and I go to my room. My mother comes in and we talk about our days as I unpack my bag and chuck my sports gear in a corner. She is sitting on my bed in a gown and says that Bart is staying another night, some change in his arrangements, and is leaving mid-morning. She asks me to try and get up in time to say good bye.

The next morning I listen again to my parents – first my father off to work then, a few minutes later, the toot of Audrey's horn and the patter of my mother's shoes on the front path. I go through to the bathroom, wash and brush hair, then walk naked to the study. Bart is asleep until I lift the doona and snuggle in beside him. We kiss, hands stroking.

'Wow! Another morning woody!' I say, fluttering my eyelids as I grasp his hard cock. Then I curse myself because I didn't expect him to be here and didn't buy condoms. 'I don't suppose you bought any rubbers...' He shakes his head and we both shrug then laugh. He kisses me then kisses his way down my front – neck, breasts, belly button, belly, cunnie. I like his mouth on my parts but what I really want is to fuck and after a couple of minutes I pull him up and help him out of his boxers.

We start off missionary and again I love the way his heavy body covers me and the way his hips thud against mine. I love the way he talks during sex, telling me how nice my breasts are, how he loves pointy nipples, how sexy my legs are, how he wants to kiss me all over. I shift and twist a little until he is mashing my clit with each thrust and soon that warm tingling starts deep inside me.

'I want to fuck you from behind,' he says after several minutes, with that big goofy grin, beads of sweat along his hairline. 'Do you like it doggy style?'

'Sure do!' I reply and roll onto my hands and knees. We both groan when he slides back inside me and we settle into a rhythm. He is talking as his cock strokes in and out, telling me that he loves the view of my butt, my beautiful cheeks, my deep crack, my little pink bum hole. His hands stroke and squeeze, his thighs thud against mine, as he talks.

'You wanna put a finger in my bum again?' I say before I've really thought about it. He doesn't let this invitation pass by and I feel him dribbling saliva into my crack and a finger spreading it over my pucker. More saliva and then the gentle probe and push of his finger and again that weird feeling of a digit in my rectum.

'OK?' he asks.

'Uh, yeah, I guess so.' He starts to finger fuck me in counter time to his cock. I feel again the start of the orgasm that was building earlier. A couple of times he dribbles in more spit and then I feel him work a second finger in. It's very snug but OK and my orgasm is suddenly closer. I start to push back on his thrusting cock, panting and gasping. I feel his fingers sawing back and forth in my shitter and then I am there, moaning loudly as I cum, unable to keep kneeling and sliding forward onto my front. Bart rides me down, fingers easing out but cock still in place, his weight settling on top of me as I lie prone. He gently rocks his cock back and forth as my orgasm subsides and kisses my neck and shoulders. The orgasm wasn't as intense as yesterday, but still easily the second best cum of all time.

Bart starts to fuck again, putting his hands on either side of my shoulders to give himself more purchase. I smell my arse on his fingers an inch from my nose and get another little surge of the receding orgasm. After a couple of minutes Bart pulls me back onto hands and knees and starts to fuck me doggy again, hands tight on my hips. I like this part of sex with a guy – after I cum my parts are all soft and open and it's comforting having a cock sliding in and out. I come pretty easily during sex, but only the once, and like to enjoy a guy continue to fuck me, the sheer physicality of it, waiting for the signs of his orgasm. Now, after a few minutes, I feel those signs in Bart. I twist back and look up at him

'Don't come inside me,' I say seriously, just like yesterday. He smiles reassuringly and stops, running his hands over my butt and lower back.

'How about I come inside your arse,' he says and traces a finger lightly down my crack, lightly rubs my bung hole. 'You wanna do it anal?'

'Uh, OK,' I say, again without really thinking it through. 'Yeah, I guess that's OK.'

He leans forward and kisses my shoulders, bites my back lightly making my cunt clench round his cock, then eases out of me.

'You haven't done it before, have you?' I shake my head. 'We'll need some lubricant,' he says. 'Got any KY or Vaseline?'

'Uh sure,' I say and get to my feet. I go through to my parents' room and to my mother's dresser. I know that in the second side drawer is a large plastic tub of Vaseline. I've sometimes wondered why she has it. I thought at first it was because she maybe doesn't produce much natural lubrication, but they use lubricated condoms; and she wouldn't need Vaseline for anything else since her only vibrator is a small golden pencil thing that surely wouldn't need to be lubricated. Now I take the lid off the tub, see a couple of tiny brown flecks, sniff and smell a faint but unmistakeable tang of arse. I get a surge of lust picturing my mother dipping her finger in this tub, greasing her browneye and holding her cheeks wide for my father to bugger her. It makes me feel that what I'm about to do with Bart is part of being a sexually mature woman.

Back in the study I hand Bart the tub and go to hands and knees. His cock has lost its stiffness so he kneels by my head and while I suck him he reaches back and dabs Vaseline in my crack and fingers my butt. I'm surprised (and a bit relieved!) at how easily he gets two fingers in through my greased sphincter. Then he's back behind me and I watch over my shoulder as he coats his dick with Vaseline and shuffles into position.

But there's something not quite right – the angle perhaps – and each time he tries to penetrate me I can feel it is wrong and tell him to pull back. He tells me to lie on my side on the mattress with one knee up. He kneels between my legs, cock at the same level as my anus. This time there is no problem and his greasy tool pushes my ring wide then enters my rectum. I clench in reflex but there is so much Vaseline that it has little effect on his plunge into my bum. We both let out long whooshes – I didn't even know I'd been holding my breath – and he strokes my flank.

'OK?' he asks. I think a second then nod and he leans forward. I like the feeling of his hard cock surging up into my bowels. It's an amazing feeling of fullness. On the other hand, I have a tentative feeling deep inside and the relentless stretching of my sphincter is not comfortable. I look up at his tense face and get a real sense of intimacy. He thrusts a half dozen times and is all the way in me. I feel like I need to poo but after a few more thrusts the feeling goes and I relax. Bart rubs my cunnnie as he thrusts and tells me how tight and hot my butt is, how he loves my tight ring sliding up and down his cock, how it makes his balls churn. I begin to feel that, despite the unfamiliar sensations in my gut, this is actually really sexy. I get that image again of my mother holding her cheeks wide waiting for my step father to jam his cock up her pooper and feel a flood of warmth in my belly.

'Let's try it from behind again,' I say. Bart eases back and his cock swings in the air, a smudge of brown on the pink glans. I can smell Vaseline mixed with arse – my arse – as I roll onto my knees. Suddenly I feel all slutty. I reach back, hold my cheeks wide, look over my shoulder and say, 'Put it back in me Bart. Fuck my arse!'

He's infected by my horniness and squats high behind me, fits his cock just inside my stretched pucker, clenches his knees against my hips, puts his hands on my shoulders, and rams deep. We both groan at the intensity then he is fucking me hard, riding me like a jockey on a horse, his cock pummelling my gut, both of us grunting and gasping.

His weight on my shoulders forces my head to the mattress and, relieved of the need to prop myself upright, I reach back and rub my horny cunt. I'm still not sure I like his penis up my bottom – part of me wants him to take it out and relieve the irritating pressure – but something about it is making my lower body glow. It's an incredibly physical shagging and Bart is shaking every bone in my body with his pounding. We're like a couple of rutting animals. God I love the way he is using me! At first I feel like I'm able to do little more than passively receive his cock slamming up my shitter – my rear end is just physically overwhelmed and seems like a mere receptacle. But after a few minutes, and as my cunnie begins to tingle, it seems a bit more under control and I feel able to push back at him, then squeeze my anal muscles. He grunts and increases the pace.

'Oh yeah!' I gasp. 'Fuck me harder!' Bart immediately responds, grunting that he's gonna fuck me so hard I'll beg him to stop. Well, I'm determined not to, even though there's still a nagging irritation in my rectum. It seems that his cock is skewering right up under my ribs and I really clamp down hard each time he pushes forward and pulls back, trying to choke his dick and make him force his way into my bowels each time. Jesus, I'm loving this contest! We are both panting now and Bart gasps that he is real close, that he's going to shoot a big load of jizz right up my gut. This pushes me over the edge and, with one lust flurry of fingers over my clit, the orgasm hits me. I shudder and feel my whole lower body clench. Then Bart is cumming too, jamming into me so hard that I slide full length onto the mattress. He continues to hump for a few seconds then rests his full body on to of me, his breath rasping in my ear. My arse clenches and pushes out his softening cock and I feel relieved the invasion is over.

We are both sweating and still heaving a bit and we stay that way for a couple of long minutes. Then Bart rolls off and lies front up beside me. I feel my anus gaping in the cool air and even though I am glad his cock is out of me, the smell of penetrated arse gives me a kind of primal reminder of how sexy the experience was.

I shift on top of him, our sweaty torsos still heaving a little, his greasy muddy cock against my belly. We kiss and I tell him he's the best fuck ever. His ego is suitably stoked and he hugs me and we kiss deeper. Actually, I wasn't fibbing. I've never cum twice before and never felt so physically replete.

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