tagIncest/TabooUncle Bob Ch. 01

Uncle Bob Ch. 01


Chapter 1 – Discoveries

"What are you watching, Uncle Bob?"

Shit! I grabbed for the remote, but the damned thing wouldn't respond. I knew I should have replaced the batteries sooner.

Stacey was standing in the doorway in her short nightshirt, staring at the screen. On it, a big-tittied blonde was taking one guy's cock into her throat while some black guy was fucking her from behind with a dick that must have been a good nine inches long. I had the sound turned down so as not to wake her.

I realized that I was still holding my own dick in the other hand, and quickly tried to slip it back inside my pants. Stacey stepped into the room and plopped down beside me on the couch.

"Mommy won't let me watch porn at home. This looks real good. Can I watch it with you?"

"I – I …" I didn't know what to say.

"It's okay. You can jack off while you're watching if you like. I won't mind." She smiled at me sweetly, pulling her long, skinny legs up on the couch.

To be truthful, Stacey was the main reason I was sitting there, jerking off to a porn movie at nearly midnight. See, she's just eighteen, skinny and lithe, and heart-breakingly, dick-achingly pretty as only teenage girls can be. Whether she realizes it or not, and I'm sure she does, she's the most accomplished cock-teaser I have ever met. She runs around in tiny shorts or even tinier skirts over miniscule thong panties (I have looked, of course) and skimpy little tops. She has such a cute, innocent little face with a button nose and big baby-blues. Long, pale blonde hair that she ties up in little bunches. Skin so silky you could make stockings out of it. Whenever I have to baby-sit her – which is quite a lot of weekends because my asshole big brother, her dad, is seeing some new broad and her bitch of a mommy is trying to trap a new man, when they're not both working 24-7 – I tend to walk around with a boner you could use to drive nails in.

She's my fucking niece, for fuck's sake! And just a kid. I've known her since she was a baby. My bro and my sis-in-law trust me to look after her and protect her. And now when she's around, I fantasize about systematically fucking every little hole in her sweet little body. Am I depraved, or what?

So, this is really the biggest fuck-up in my entire fucked-up life. Stacey's sitting on the couch beside me in a little pink t-shirt top that just – only just – makes it past her hips, some cute pink socks and what appear to be little pink panties, which she's making no attempt to hide.

And I was sitting there with a big pink boner in my stupid pink fist, watching a movie in which a hot blonde was getting a big dick pushed between her pink-lipsticked lips and another shoved into her wet pink pussy. Nobody would ever trust me with the little cutie again.

The fucking remote still wouldn't work, but Stacey took it out of my hand, flipped it over, and waggled the batteries around, then turned the TV sound up. The guys were grunting and the girl was moaning and I was feeling very embarrassed.

"Do you like girls with big boobies like that, Uncle Bob? I think they look a bit gross."

Actually, no. I prefer skinny little teens with pert little titties and… and all that stuff, but I could hardly tell her that. Or, come to that, anyone.

"Look, Stacey," I finally managed to say, "I'm sorry you have to see me like this. It's just not… appropriate. Look, you need to get back to bed and we both have to pretend like this never happened, or your Mom and Dad are gonna kill me – probably very slowly and painfully. Is that okay?"

"Sure," she said brightly with a sweet little smile. "Only, can I stay up and watch this with you for a while? See, I try to watch my dad's porn when he's out, but I've only been able to find two DVDs and I've watched them both. They suck; just fat guys with, like, moustaches and stuff and girls with huge fake titties. This looks much better." Then she gave me the soulful eyes – she knows I'm a sucker for that look. Shit, what was going on here?

"Stacey, sweetie, I really don't think we should be doing this. Look, you should go to your room right now!" I tried to sound strong and resolute, but Stacey could see right through me. I was pretending I had a will of iron. Actually I had a rod of iron and a will of putty.

She turned the eyes toward me again. What was worse, she turned the little pink panties toward me as well, her legs lifted onto the couch with those long, smooth, skinny thighs open in a V in front of her, her feet tucked under. Oh my god!

"It's okay, really, Uncle Bob. I won't tell a soul. I'll jerk you off while we're watching if you like?" Looking at her sweet smile, you could imagine she'd just suggested fixing us milk and cookies. And then she reached out and unfastened my pants.

My expression must have been a picture of confusion. On the one hand, I was terrified of what I was getting into here. On the other hand – actually, by now in her other hand – I had a rampant boner that I had always fantasized about using on my niece. Oh fuck, what was I going to do?

"Ooh, this is a nice one, Uncle Bob!" she said, looking at my dick like it was a pretty new toy for her to play with. "Not too small, not too big. And a nice shape. I like it." Like it was some new fashion accessory. She started stroking it up and down.

I let out a moan. So did the big blonde on screen.

Stacey looked up. "Ooh, now that's gotta smart!"

I dragged my eyes away from my view of Stacey stroking my cock to glance at the screen. The big black guy had now transferred his cock to the blonde's ass.

"Ricky says that all girls really enjoy anal sex, but I don't believe him. I can't see how having something that size shoved in your butt like that could feel good, can you, Uncle Bob? In fact, I think that guy would be too big even for my little cooze."

I could hardly comment, now could I?

"Uncle Bob. Have you ever – you know – put it in a girl's butt?"

Now, what sort of question was that for an eighteen-year-old to ask her uncle, even if she was jerking him off at the time?

"I – I …" I decided it was best to change the subject. "Who's Ricky?"

"Oh, he's, like, this boy I know in school. We've been making out once or twice, but he's always wanting me to try new stuff, and I'm like, 'whoa, how's this gonna feel good for me?'" And while she was telling me this she was stroking my dick, spreading the pre-cum around. Whoa!

"You've been… making out with him?" I felt a pang of jealousy, alongside the delightful sensations from my dick. "What… what have you been doing?"

"Oh, nothing much. He fingers me up and I jerk him off. Sometimes I suck his dick a bit. Trouble is, he's way big, so it's hard to keep my mouth open, and he keeps trying to shove it deeper when I'm not ready. Like, euch! And he keeps wanting to put it in me, but, like, I'm really not sure if I'm ready, or if I want it to be him. And now he's talking about anal all the time. So, Uncle Bob, you must know. How does it feel for a girl?"

"Er – well – it depends…"

"I figured as much. But, like, you've done a girl 'up there' before, right? Did she like it?"

My mind was immediately filled with an image of Cheryl. We'd dated for around six months. She was a bitch but a great fuck, and she loved anal. I didn't have to beg her for it as I'd done with previous girls. She suggested it, offered it even. And she clearly loved it and got off on it.

"I – I knew a girl once who really enjoyed it. One or two others – well, not so much."

That was just a slight understatement. Alice screamed when I stuck it in her ass, then she shouted at me for about an hour afterwards and left me two days later after a lot more shouting. Leanne made all the right noises while we were doing it, then told me she hated it and never wanted me to try it on her again. Chicks, eh?

"I could see how it might feel good if the guy wasn't too big, and he, like, stroked your pussy while he was doing it, but – I dunno. A boy'd have to spend like hours eating me out before I'd think about letting him do that."

The whole time she had been stroking my cock, talking about blowjobs and pussy licking and anal sex. It was like I'd suddenly dropped through some sort of wormhole in the space-time continuum to a world where sick fuckers like me get to fuck whoever they like. My brain could barely believe it, even though my cock was totally convinced.

Then the noise from the TV distracted us both for a moment. The blonde was now straddling the white guy and the black guy was reaming her ass, and abusing her loudly in this half-intelligible jive shit. (Why don't guys just shut the fuck up in porn movies and leave the dirty talk to the chicks? It always sounds better from a girl's mouth. Which reminded me…)

"Uncle Bob, this movie's made me real hot. Would it be okay with you if I touched myself too?"

Oh fuck! This was getting way out of control. I should – I should…

Without waiting for me to answer, she jumped up off the couch, pulled her panties down, and sort of snuggled in beside me like we were watching "the Simpsons" or something together. One hand went back to my cock, the other into her pussy, and I watched spellbound as her finger slid back and forth in her sweet little slit, the soft blonde curls of her pubic hair already glistening with her juices.

Her eyelids fluttered as her fingers found the spot. For a moment, I just watched like some stupid dumbass as my cute little niece stroked her pussy, right before my eyes. Then I could take no more – I had to act!

As I slid my hand across her smooth, concave little belly and under her own hand, she let out a little moan and leaned in against my shoulder. I turned to her, and she looked into my eyes, and then we kissed.

I've kissed my niece on many occasions, held her close when she was frightened, kissed away her tears when she was devastated by her parents' divorce. Like all kids caught up in that spirit-mangling machine, she blamed herself. How could I tell her that her daddy was an asshole and her mommy was a bitch, and as two hot-shot lawyers, their main pleasure – apart from making shit-loads of money – seemed to be savaging each other in court?

But this kiss was different. It started as an 'I love you because you're my lovely niece' kiss, and slowly it transformed into an 'I think you're sweet and incredibly desirable, and I really, really want to fuck you' kiss. Totally appropriate for the situation – except the situation was totally inappropriate.

And she responded. Boy, how she responded. It was as if no-one had ever properly kissed her before, and she was moving into this kiss as if it was some magical new country she was longing to explore. Before long we were locked into a soft, delicate, sensuous and very erotically-charged exchange of lips and tongues. And all the while I could feel her slim little body responding to the touch of my fingers in her sweet, wet pussy, and her little delicate fingers gently stroking my throbbing dick.

When at last we separated, she looked at me wide-eyed. "Wow, Uncle Bob, that was way rad! No boy's ever kissed me like that before. Can we do it again, please?"

We did, and I changed hands so I could hold her while I played with her pussy. Her mouth was unlike any other that I remember kissing. Cheryl had been so hungry, Alice's kisses hard and rather cold, Leanne's absent and distracted. Stacey's kisses were unlike any others I'd experiences, so innocent and yet so sexual. Oh shit, I can't explain it. It was just like the oral equivalent of how I'd imagined taking a girl's virginity would feel – not that I'd ever had that privilege.

This time when we broke, she suddenly jumped up, and I thought, "Shit, it's over!" But no, instead she pulled off her t-shirt in one smooth movement, leaving on only her little pink socks, and then she grabbed the TV remote so she could hit the OFF button.

"Uncle Bob, we don't need that porno any more when you can kiss like you do. Would you – would you please lick me 'down there', Uncle Bob? I'm creaming like crazy and I like have to come sooo soon! I'll suck you off after, I promise!" Her tone was almost pleading, and this was the point where my resolve finally snapped.

Fuck morality, fuck responsibility, fuck my stupid brother and sister-in-law. All I really wanted to do was to fuck Stacey, or do as much with her achingly-sweet body as she would allow. If her dad ever found out, I was a dead man, so can't a dead man have fun?

I stood up and stripped off my t-shirt, pants and shorts in record time. I just held her for a moment before gently laying her down on the couch.

She spread her legs and let out a long "Oooooooh!" as my mouth made contact with her sweet slit. And I mean sweet: smooth, silky, beautifully shaped, surrounded by the softest blonde curls, juicy and oh-so delicious. I went slow, using all of the skills I've learned over three failed relationships and a whole mess of one-night stands. But hey, Cheryl used to come like Old Faithful (quite literally; she would squirt all over me) when I spent some time eating her out, so I must've learned something. Every little gasp, every sweet little sigh that I extracted from Stacey's cute little mouth by licking at her cute little snatch was like music, and my boner throbbed even harder.

They say that guys should write the alphabet on a girl's pussy with their tongues. I used a Gothic font with serifs. Sometimes I went into bold type. Once or twice I underlined, then went back, rubbed it out and just penciled in lightly with italics.

When she came, it sounded to me like angels singing. She was pretty vocal, and I froze for a moment before I remembered I'd shut the windows when I put the porno on. I adored the way her slim little ass bounced up from the couch as she tried to shove her clit deeper into my mouth. And then her thighs clamped hard on my head and blocked out the angel-song for a chorus or two before she collapsed back onto the couch.

I gazed up the narrow expanse of her skinny, pale body, at her sweet, angelic little face, and was filled with tenderness for her. Then she said, "Uncle Bob, that was sooo fantastic! I came and came for like, ages! Can I please suck that nice big cock now? Pleeease?" And those big baby blues hit me hard, and the force of that blow hit me right in the crotch.

She sat up and kissed me again. "Ooh – I can taste my pussy on your lips, naughty Uncle Bob!" And then she was on her knees and her sweet, soft lips made contact with the knob of my cock and I was like – okay, officer, slap the cuffs on me now, I confess!

She slowly rocked her head up and down on my cock, taking me just a little bit deeper each time. Then she looked up at me with those sweet, innocent eyes and THIS WAS UNREAL! I've seen all the 'just 18' websites, the amateur 'point-of-view' blow jobs, the cute 'audition' videos, and they can be hot, but when you're watching them you don't generally get the sensation of a hot, sweet and remarkably skilled mouth on your dick. When she slipped me out for a tip-to-balls-and-back-again lick, she smiled up at me and said, "Do you like that, Uncle Bob?"

"You're – you're amazing, Stacey. How'd you learn – ah – to be so good?"

"Practice, Uncle Bob. I have sucked dick before, you know! And I've practiced on bananas and stuff. Hey, see what you think of this."

Then she opened wide and engulfed about half my cock, and then, to my amazement, kept going. I could feel the back of her throat. She slid up and down a few more times, from lips to throat, taking a large portion of my cock at each gulp.

"Like it, Uncle Bob?" she asked when she came up for air.

"Fantastic, Stacey. But I mean …"

"Hey, I haven't shown you the best bit yet!" she interrupted. She went back down on me, and with some hoarse, gagging noises, took me further. I couldn't believe it when that button nose nudged my pubes. Then she pulled back about halfway and did it again. Then again! And then, as she worked my cock head around in her throat, I felt her tongue come out and lick my balls. On the very edge, I looked down and saw her straining to look up at me. Those cute, innocent blue eyes met mine. And I came.

Not one of those short, dribbly little cums, you understand. It felt like the end of my dick exploded. I must've squirted maybe a quart of cum down that little girl's throat – that's what it felt like. And she just held on, still licking my balls until I was trembling with the release of so much orgasmic energy.

And when I finally pulled back, she grabbed hold of my dick and licked and sucked the end clean of cum. Well, that triggered another spurt and sensations on the verge of pain. She just smiled up at me. "Thank you, Uncle Bob," she said with this wise-ass grin, "I love the flavor of cum, but when a guy comes down my throat like that, I don't usually get to taste it much. Yours is yummy!"

Then she stood up and kissed me, now not so shyly, letting me taste my own cum on her lips. I held her so close, feeling her firm little titties pressed against my chest, her gorgeous skinny body so tiny, I felt my arms would go round her twice.

"Uncle Bob," she said softly in my ear. "Can we please go to your room now? I need to lie down for a while."

We collected up our clothes; I checked the DVD player was off and grabbed us some water, and we headed upstairs. She ran into my bedroom and jumped onto the bed, bouncing on the mattress. I was suddenly reminded of an eight-year-old Stacey bouncing on my bed, hitting me with a pillow at around seven in the morning and yelling to me to "Get up, Uncle Bob. I want to go to the beach!" And an even younger Stacey running into my room, squealing and terrified of a loud thunderstorm, falling asleep in my arms, sucking her thumb.

And here was a very different Stacey. She was no longer in cute pajamas and holding a teddy-bear, being my innocent little niece that I just wanted to protect from all the shit that the world throws at kids. And it wasn't her thumb she'd just been sucking. But she still had that same 'naughty but nice' smile that had melted my heart, almost since I'd first cradled her in my arms when she was a new baby and I was just fifteen. Only now it was also stiffening my cock.

Oh God, this is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! But then she said, "C'mon Uncle Bob. I need you to cuddle me for a while," and all I could do was climb onto the bed beside her.

Moments later she was resting in my arms, her beautiful, slender body pressed up close to me, her head on my shoulder. She was my lovely niece, who I'd doted on since she was tiny, who had confided in me, and cried on my shoulder when she was upset or hurt, who always let out a delighted shriek of "Uncle Bob!" and ran to hug me whenever I arrived. It often seemed to me that she was the only person in the world who was always pleased to see me.

Basically, Stacey's parents should never have had her. They're selfish, focused on 'success' as they see it – which means money and status above everything else. Privately I think of them as A and B – Asshole and Bitch – though I never admit this to Stacey. Me, I get by as what you might call a software geek, but I think relationships and people are more important than money.

Having said that, my relationships have all gone pretty pear-shaped – except for Stacey. She'd call me nearly every day to tell me about what she did at school. She used to show me the presents her parents had given her – to make up for the lack of love, I felt. And it was to me she had turned when she found out about the divorce. I remember holding her close as she sobbed and sobbed. "Please, Uncle Bob, please say you'll always be there for me?" she begged. How could I not be? I loved her.

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