tagIncest/TabooUncle Derek's New Pet

Uncle Derek's New Pet


Polly waved as her parents drove off. She couldn't believe her luck. A whole month at Uncle Derek's house in the country. Her parents had nearly fainted when she'd given in without a fight. Normally, when they sent her to Uncle Derek's for only a week when they went away she would protest and sulk for days because it was so boring to be in the country. Polly was used to the big city. But this time she was quite happy and her parents would never know why.

It had started two months ago, at Easter. As usual, daddy had to go and work in some weird country and mom was going with him. Polly's boarding school didn't allow students to stay there during the school holidays so as usual her parents asked Uncle Derek if Polly could go there. Polly loved Uncle Derek, he was her favourite uncle, but it was just that place where he lived that was so boring. Since Polly was an adult now, Uncle Derek had had no problems with leaving her at home alone when he went on a date one night. Polly had taken the time to explore parts of his house where she normally didn't go. Uncle Derek was an architect and worked from home and when Polly visited he usually made sure he was going to be in all week. She'd gone through his office and found pictures of some of the buildings he'd designed. She'd gone through his closet and found that Uncle Derek had an interesting collection of leather goods. At the age of 18, Polly was still a virgin, but she'd heard enough stories to know what some of those things were.

The biggest surprise had been hidden behind a bookcase in the living room. Polly had found it by mistake. She'd been going through the books and had absent-mindedly pulled out a boring looking book about 17th century architecture when the whole bookcase started moving. It pulled forward and slid to the side and behind it were countless shelves filled with porn movies. On a bottom shelf were some DVD's that had been written on. Polly first thought that they were illegal copies of someone else's movies, but the titles had baffled her. They didn't have the same double-entendre titles that porn flicks usually have. Instead they each had the name of a woman and a date. Polly had put one in the DVD player and she'd then spent the next two hours watching Uncle Derek's home movies of himself fucking various women. Polly had been fingering herself the entire time, imagining what it would be like to have Uncle Derek's big dick penetrating her virgin pussy.

She'd put everything back in its place and then she'd gone in to Uncle Derek's room again and she'd located the four cameras that he'd cleverly disguised as other objects. Polly was sure that none of the women on his DVD's knew he'd been filming them. She'd spent the next two months planning her next move. She'd saved all her allowances and last week she'd gone to the lingerie shop and she'd bought some sexy garments to wear around Uncle Derek's house. She'd previously planned on losing her virginity to her boyfriend Jason; instead she broke up with him. The other day her mom had taken her to the beauty salon as a treat and Polly had had a bikini wax for the first time. She was now left with a narrow strip of red curls on her pussy. Now the time had come for Polly's plan to be put into action.

Being a virgin, Polly didn't have any experience of seducing the opposite sex so she had to go with her gut instinct. Her gut instinct told her that Uncle Derek liked big tits and skimpy clothes. Her own young and firm 36D tits were up the job and she'd packed all her most revealing clothes to come here this time. Now she just had to serve herself on a tray to Uncle Derek and surely he would try to seduce her.

Derek looked out of the window of his studio as his sister and brother-in-law drove off. He was stuck with Polly again, for four whole weeks. He loved Polly. She was his favourite niece, but he didn't enjoy being around her anymore. When she was little he'd loved playing with her and he'd even found her amusing to be with when she went through her awkward early teenage stage. But lately it had become more difficult to see her around his house. Not because she clearly hated being in the country, but because she'd turned into such a sexy young woman and she was forbidden fruit. Not only had she been under 18 until recently, but she was his niece and he was not supposed to feel that way about her. And at 45 if was not exactly the right age for her anyway. He'd been picking up busty young redheads in bars, taken them home, fucked their brains out and pissed them off by calling out Polly's name at the wrong time. Luckily she was now old enough to leave on her own so he'd be able to go and pick up some sluts in town and get a release for his frustration even when she was here. He was going to need it, or this was going to be four long weeks.

"Uncle Derek," Polly poked her head into the studio. "Is it alright if I sunbathe by the pool while you're working?"

"Knock yourself out, kid," he replied and pretended to concentrate on the task before him. Why had he built the house so that he had full view of the pool deck from his office?

Polly was annoyed. Uncle Derek calling her 'kid' sure wasn't part of her plans. She went to her bedroom and picked up the bikini she'd bought. She was lucky her mom hadn't insisted on going shopping with her or she'd never had allowed Polly to get this bikini. All it was was an elaborate set of strings, held together by three very small triangles to cover her nipples and her bush. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was 5'7" tall and of medium build. She had a pear shaped ass, round thighs, a skinny waist and big, firm tits. Her long, curly red hair was in a ponytail and her green eyes were smiling at the sight of her near naked body. The woman in the shop had winked when she told Polly that the white material of the bikini tended to go transparent when wet.

She carried a towel in one hand and a book in the other as she walked out on the deck. As luck would have it the sun lounges were all outside Uncle Derek's studio. She walked over to the window, pretended not to see him and then pretended to take her time to decide where the best sun spot was. When she'd made her mind up she spent a long time manoeuvring everything into place, making sure that Uncle Derek got a good view of her ass. She lay down and started reading her book, but when Uncle Derek still hadn't made an appearance after a couple of minutes she decided to step up a gear. She stepped up and walked up to the pool. Half facing the studio she dipped her toe in the water and then she pretended to shiver, knowing that she'd made her tits bounce. She dove in and swam a few lengths and then heaved herself out of the cool water, pleased to see that not only had the saleswoman been right about the transparency, the cool water had made her nipples erect.

Derek was fighting his urge to look at the near naked woman outside. What was his sister thinking when she allowed Polly to buy skimpy little things like that? When Polly stepped out of the pool he felt a stir in his jeans. She was practically naked now. He could see the outline of her dark nipples and her trimmed bush. He nearly panicked when he saw that she was heading for the studio.

"Uncle Derek," Polly panted. "The water is wonderful. You should take a break and jump in."

"Alright Polly, I'll be there in a second!" Maybe the water would cool him down.

Polly skipped back to the pool and jumped in. Uncle Derek soon came out, wearing baggy shorts and dove straight in. He started swimming up and down the pool. Polly started floating on her back, making sure she kept floating in Uncle Derek's way so that their bodies touched. It felt like being hit by electricity, Polly thought. Despite Polly's best attempts to get Uncle Derek to play catch in the pool the way they used to when she was little he wouldn't do it. Then he was saved by the phone and he spent the rest of the day talking on the phone and working. Polly sulked out by the pool for a while longer and as evening fell she had a shower. Her pussy was aching with the need for Uncle Derek's cock.

Uncle Derek and Polly ate their dinner in silence. Despite her deep cut t-shirt and push-up bra her uncle still wasn't falling for her. Polly decided that desperate action was needed.

"I'm kinda tired. I think I'm going to go to bed," she announced when they'd done the dishes and watched TV for a while.

"OK, I have a meeting tomorrow morning so I might not be here when you wake up. You can use the convertible if you want to go to the shops."


Polly walked off to her room and pulled out her nightie. It was a white, semi-transparent baby doll with a lacy push-up bra. She had no panties to go with it. She brushed her teeth and ran her fingers through her hair. It was show time. She found Uncle Derek at the dining table. He had a glass of red wine and he was looking through some papers.

"Uncle Derek," she whispered behind him.

"Mmhmm," he replied, not taking his eyes off what he was doing.

"I forgot to kiss you goodnight."

Uncle Derek leaned his head sideways and offered her his cheek. Polly placed her lips on his cheek, but instead of the usual peck she left her lips there, slowly caressing his rough skin.

"What are you doing, Polly?" Uncle Derek pulled away and turned his head to look into Polly's eyes.

"I'm kissing you goodnight, Uncle Derek," she smiled and placed her lips on his.

Polly licked his lips and parted them with her tongue. She might still be a virgin, but she'd practised kissing like this several times. She slid her tongue inside Uncle Derek's mouth and felt her way around. He still wasn't responding, but Polly could feel the battle of wills in his head. She straddled his legs and felt the cool night air between his legs against her wet pussy.

"Polly," Uncle Derek panted. "Polly! Stop this!"

"Why?" Polly said disappointed. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Yes, I did, that's why we have to stop it not."

"But you want more," she stated and placed her hand over the bulge in his jeans. "I can tell."

"Yes, but I'm not going to take advantage of you."

"But I want it too..." Polly took her uncle's hand and placed it on her wet pussy. He groaned out loud. "Please, Uncle Derek. Please fuck me. I want you to be my first."

She was a virgin? He'd nearly fainted when he saw her body in this outfit, even more so when he realised that she wasn't wearing any panties, but now she wanted him to take her virginity. The girl was insane. Painfully sexy, but insane nevertheless.

"I can't take your virginity, Polly. I'll hurt you. You should be with a boy your age."

"I've heard my friends talk when they've fucked boys our age. They didn't enjoy it. I want a man like you. I've seen your home movies. I know that you can satisfy women with your cock. Please fuck me!"

"You've seen my movies?"

"Yeah, I sort of found them last time I was here. I haven't been able to stop thinking of your cock since then."

"So you bought that skimpy bikini and these tight outfits to seduce me?"

Polly smiled. "Yes."

"You're a fucking slut, Polly. And do you know what happens to sluts?"


"Sooner or later someone will call their bluff. And then they have to decide whether to live up to their promise or be punished."

"Uh huh." Polly nodded, but didn't really know what to do next. She had no experience of being a slut. She'd just gone with what felt natural to her.

"So what will it be?" Uncle Derek stared into her eyes. "Are you going to do as you're told or am I going to have to punish you?"

"I'll do as I'm told."

"I'm glad to hear that. Now take that slut outfit off."

"You want me to leave?"

"Did I say leave? Take the slut outfit off. I want my whores naked."

Polly felt a tingle between her legs as she pulled the baby doll over her head and threw it behind her. She stood before Uncle Derek without a thread on her body.

"Now take my clothes off."

Polly pulled his t-shirt over his head and let it fall on the floor. She unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off. Finally she pulled his briefs off and was faced with his semi-erect cock. She looked up at her uncle's stern face.

"Come with me," he commanded her and pulled her up by her hair. They moved into his bedroom and he went around the room, flicking switches. Polly knew that all his cameras were on now. He was going to tape them having sex. Uncle Derek lay down on the bed and propped a pillow under his neck.

"Now you suck me off," he said.

Polly had never sucked a cock in her life so she wasn't completely sure of what to do. Uncle Derek noticed her hesitation.

"Do you see that crop in the corner?"

She nodded.

"From now on you'll start an account. Every time I have to repeat an instruction you earn one lash on your ass. Every time you disobey my orders there'll be one for your tits. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Uncle Derek."

"Good. Now suck me off."

This time Polly didn't hesitate. She kneeled on the bed, between her uncle's legs and started licking his cock. It was even bigger in real life than it had appeared in his home movies. She licked it like a lollipop, taking time to explore every inch of his fuck meat. She could tell from Uncle Derek's breathing that he was enjoying it. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue, eagerly tasting his entire mushroom. She let the tip of her tongue tease the tip of his cock, tasting her first pre-cum. Once again she let her tongue follow the veins to the base of his cock. Then she felt Uncle Derek pulling her head up by her hair.

"Go and get the crop, whore!"

She looked at him with a question in her eyes.

"The crop, you fucking whore! Get it NOW!"

She ran up and got it and handed it to her uncle.

"Bend over, slut. Show me your ass."

She did as she was told and winced as she felt the crop slamming against her ass.

"Turn around, slut!"

She quickly turned around and was met with a lash across her tits. Her ass and tits were burning and she could see a red mark appearing across her milky white tits.

"Now listen to me, you little whore," Uncle Derek grabbed her by the hair again. "You came here thinking that you could seduce me, but I've got news for you. In my house we play by my rules. I own your body now. You're my slut and my sluts do as I tell them. What did I tell you to do with my cock?"

"Suck it, Uncle Derek," Polly's lip shivered as she said the words.

"And what were you doing?"

"I was licking it, Uncle Derek, but..."

"No but, whore! Do NOT dare speak up against me again. I told you to suck my cock and you licked it. That was disobeying orders. What did you do when I told you to go get the crop?"

"I got it."

"Stop lying, you fucking slut! You will never lie to me again! You made me repeat my order. Did I not tell you that I don't want to repeat orders?"

"Yes, Uncle Derek."

"That's why I punished you with the crop. Now you've tasted it on your tits and your ass. You choose your punishment, whore. Make me repeat my orders, there's one for your ass. Disobey my orders, there's one for your tits. Speaking up against me, another one for your ass. Lying, your tits get it again. Have I made myself understood?"

"Yes, Uncle Derek."

"Now what are you going to do?"

"Suck your cock?"

"Good whore!"

Polly jumped back between her uncle's legs. His new tone scared her, but excited her at the same time. Her ass and tits were burning from the crop and yet she was wetter than before. Her uncle's cruel domineering was turning her on. She licked her lips and slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. His cock was so thick she could hardly move her tongue around as she sucked him in. He tasted great. There was more pre-cum leaking out on her tongue. She sucked him as deep as she could and held, then she let him slide out across her lips again. He was almost completely out when she lowered her head again, creating a vacuum around his thick meat. She repeated the action and wrapped her small hand around the base of his cock. Her head started bobbing up and down faster and faster. She sucked him as deep as she could and she could hear his groans of enjoyment. She let her hand jerk him along with her sucking. She kept going faster and faster, harder and harder. She tried to swallow his cock and was met with an even louder groan. She almost forgot to breathe, that's how hard she sucked him. Then without warning she felt Uncle Derek's hands in her hair as he forced her head down and his cock deep into her throat and with a roar he started shooting his cum straight into her throat. Polly gagged as his spunk was forced down her throat and it made Uncle Derek pump her face even harder. She was coughing as Uncle Derek finally pulled out of her mouth and some of his cum trickled down her chin.

Uncle Derek sat up and pulled Poll next to him by her nipples.

"What did I tell you to do, whore?"

"Suck your cock."

"And what did you do?"

"I sucked your cock, Uncle Derek."

"What did I tell you to do with your hands?"


"Then why did I feel your hand jerking my cock while you were sucking me off?"

"I thought it was..."

"Whores don't think. Whores do as they're told!"

There was another rap of the crop across her tits.

"How much of a whore are you?"

"I don't know, Uncle Derek."

"Put your finger in your cunt and show me."

Polly quickly dipped her finger in her dripping wet cunt and pulled it out for Uncle Derek to see. He grabbed hold of her hand and held it between them.

"Look at that!" he commanded. "Look at what a fucking slut you are. You've been sucking your uncle like a common whore, you've been punished for disobeying me and you're still dripping like a waterfall. Do you know what's going to happen next?"

"No, Uncle Derek."

"You're going to learn a lesson, you filthy whore. You are going to learn, once and for all, who owns your body. Do you want me to fuck you, whore?"

"Yes, Uncle Derek."

"Well, I'm not going to. You are going to have to go to bed with that dripping wet cunt and there will be no release for you tonight. And don't even think about sticking your fingers up your wet snatch because I'll be watching you. You're sleeping in there tonight."

Uncle Derek pointed at a big doggie basket by the window. Polly turned around and looked at him. He smiled an evil smile.

"Come on, slut. I dare you to say what you're thinking." His hand played with the crop and Polly swallowed her words. "Now go to bed. I've got work to do."

Derek stretched his naked body across the bed and finished his paperwork for tomorrow morning. Polly was finally asleep. She would make a fine pet for him. He wondered it he'd be able to keep her after the four weeks were up. His cock was aching to fuck her virgin cunt tonight, but he knew that he couldn't do that. A hard fuck and a goodbye was OK for the whores he normally picked up, but Polly was not just any whore. She was his special little pet and all pets had to be trained to please their masters. He chuckled to himself when he thought of tomorrow. The little minx probably thought that she'd be able to finger herself when he was out. She was in for a big surprise.


It took Polly a couple of seconds to remember where she was when she woke up the following morning. Her body was hurting after a night in the uncomfortable basket and she was cold. What had she gotten herself into? She'd been seducing Uncle Derek and he'd turned into a monster. Speak of the devil. Just as she thought about him, Uncle Derek walked into the room.

"Stand up, whore," he commanded, and Polly skipped to her feet, not willing to repeat last night's punishment.

"Hands behind your back!"

Polly put her hands behind her back and felt leather cuffs closing around her wrists.

"What are you doing?" she shrieked and was met with a hard slap on her ass.

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