tagIncest/TabooUncle Joe's Busted!

Uncle Joe's Busted!


Joe was forty five years old, his wife Amanda was no longer interested in sex. He hadn't gotten her clothes off in or out of bed in about five years. He had stayed faithful because he loved her, but he couldn't take much more.

It was the weekend, Amanda had gone to her parents til Sunday night. He was alone so he pulled out his regular mastrabating material, a small photo album of his niece Tiffany.

She was his wife's niece and she was gorgeous. She'd turned eighteen around the time his wife stopped having sex with him.

Over the past few years he'd managed to get some pretty intimate photos of her at the pool and in his in laws hot tub. She wasn't shy at all, so he'd just appear with his camera and snap a few photos. Sometimes she'd even pose.

His favorite photo was of Tiffany in her royal blue thong bikini. It was taken in the hot tub last winter.

Tiffany had leaned over the edge for a towel and her ass was in the air. He'd snuck that photo. The next photo was taken the same night in the same bikini. Her big blue eyes screamed Fuck Me!

Joe stripped down and settled into his favorite chair to please himself. His cock was erect from the photos, so he got right down to business. Stroking himself, he closed his eyes.

He could picture Tiffany's body, her tits bouncing. If he wasn't already married, he'd be fucking her for sure.

When he got close to the edge, he pumped his dick harder. Murmuring her name, Oh Tiff. You know you want Uncle Joe to fuck you baby girl.

Uncle Joe? He turned to the door frantically. His niece was standing in his den.

She was wearing a tight tank top with no bra and a short black mini skirt. He thought about whether she was wearing pantys.

He looked for something to cover himself with, but had no luck. He was frantic now and Tiffany wasn't moving from the door.

He looked down to the photo book in his lap. He used it to cover most of his cock. Uh, Tiff, it's not what you think.

She smiled, So Uncle Joe, you weren't just jacking off to pictures of me? You didn't just about cum all over yourself thinking about fucking me?

His face was a dark red, he looked at the floor. Don't you knock? he asked.

She smiled, I thought it was exactly what it looked like. So what's next?

He was flustered. He tried to move past her, but she wouldn't budge. No Way Uncle Joe, you got explaining to do!

Tiffany, I have to go get dressed.

She laughed, No you don't! You're going to do what you wanted to do or I'm calling Aunt Amanda right now and telling!

He gasped, would she really tell? Did she really want to have sex with him?

While he was still thinking, she sauntered over to him and planted her lips to his. While she was kissing him, her hands moved down to toss aside the book.

She whispered into his ear, you don't need that book when you can have the real thing right here.

He lifted her onto his desk, pushing her skirt up and revealing her pussy. He was right, she didn't have anything under the skirt. Her pussy glistened with excitement.

You want Uncle Joe to lick you? he asked. She smiled and pulled his head down to her cunt. He took that as a yes and began lapping his nieces pussy.

She moaned and bucked her hips. His lips and tongue worked over her bare pussy. Soon she was cumming in his mouth. She tasted so good.

When he'd gotten her off, she sat up. It's my turn Uncle Joe. She didn't say another word, just dropped in front of him to come face to face with his cock. She licked him all over before taking his entire cock deep into her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down. He couldn't believe his niece was really giving him a blowjob. He reached for his camera. He wanted to add this to his album.

As if anticipating the photo, she looked up and deep throated him for the photo. He almost came in her mouth. She cupped his balls and jerked him a few times. He warned her that he was close to cumming in her mouth.

She stood in front of him now, do you want to fuck this pussy Uncle Joe?

He nodded yes. She pushed him into his chair where moments before he had been jacking off to her photos. She climbed over him and lowered herself onto his cock.

He pushed her shirt up revealing her bouncy tits. She was amazingly hot and he was fucking her. He grabbed her hips and rapidly bounced her on his cock. Her tits bounced in his face.

Before he could cum, she was out of breath. She whispered, You're going to have to bend me over and fuck me now.

With that, she got onto her knees on the floor. He bent between her legs, his cock resting over her ass. He teased her a bit first, rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. Then he slipped between her legs.

He didn't enter her, yet he had her cumming with his cock. He slipped the head over ther clit making her cum again and again.

When she could take no more, he spread her a bit then entered her. His pumping motion over and over in her had him so hot. He went deeper into her before exploding. His cock filled her with cum.

When he finished, they got into the chair. She collapsed into his arms with her head on his chest. He liked the feel of this. His niece, his new lover.

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