tagIncest/TabooUncle Vern Plays With Me

Uncle Vern Plays With Me


I was just 18 when I remember Uncle Vern getting friendly. I was still in high school and didn’t have a job or anything. I never had any money for makeup or to go to the movies, so Uncle Vern would give me money whenever I needed it. I just needed to ask.

I would go to Aunt Cindy and Uncle Vern’s house every Friday night. Actually, they were my great aunt and uncle. They never had any kids and I was like their adopted daughter. Aunt Cindy worked late on Friday’s so Uncle Vern and I would watch TV together waiting for her to get home. Uncle Vern would love it when I sat on his lap to watch TV. Even tho I was a grown teenager, even legal age now, he still liked me to sit with him. Most times I would have to wiggle to get myself comfortable. His lap was always hard and I come to learn that it was his cock that was hard.

“Toots, go take your bra off for me. Just wear your tank top. I’d really like that.” he said. So, I listened and went into the bathroom and took my bra off. I felt embarrassed because my nipples were hard and showing, but Uncle Vern wanted me to feel comfortable when I was with him. I sat back down on his lap to continue watching the movie. He said to me, “Boy, your nipples sure are nice looking through your shirt. Let me just touch one, OK?” Uncle Vern said very quietly.

“No,” I told him. “It just isn’t right.”

“Say, Toots, did you like that pair of jeans we looked at the other day? If you let me look at your nipples, we can go get them for you tomorrow. I promise.” He whispered to me. His mouth was very close to my ear and I could feel his breath on my neck.

“Well, Uncle Vern, I suppose you could just take a quick peak and that would be OK.” I said. Uncle Vern sat me up and pulled my tank top completely off. I never expected that!

“Hush, Little One…I’m only going to look at your nipples and your tits. Nobody can see us anyway. It’s just you and me. Just sit close to me and I’ll keep you warm.” he sternly stated. “There…there…you see, everything is fine. I just want to look at your perky tits and watch your nipples get hard and stand out. My, they look mighty good for a young girl. Ever have any guys play with your nipples.” I nodded a negative. “No? Well, Honey, you are missing out on a very good feeling. Ever have a guy just touch you like this?” he questioned. Then Uncle Vern took his fingers and flicked them over one of my nipples. I sat up and looked at him with surprise.

“Uncle Vern, don’t do that. You only said that you wanted to look at them. Please don’t touch them or I’m going to put my shirt back on!” I said.

“Oh, come on back Angel, and I’ll keep you warm. I’ll just look at them while we watch TV. But I want your nipples to stand out too, so I might need to just touch them a little bit so they stay out, OK. I won’t touch much, just enough to keep your nipples out. It is OK. I won’t hurt you. I’ll only do it if your nipples aren’t hard and sticking out. That would make me very happy, just to look at your tits and nipples…those hard, jutting nipples.” Uncle Vern tensely said. I started to relax and sit into Uncle Vern’s chest while we watched the movie. His arm was around me and his other hand was on my arm. While we were watching the movie, I felt his fingers rub across my nipples. I jumped a little and he held me close to him.

“Your nipples were going down, Hon, and I just needed to perk them up a little bit. Remember me telling you that I’d only touch you if your nipples needed to perk up. It’s OK. It was just a little touch and nothing more. Here, let me touch them once more to make sure that are hard too. They need to be hard if I am to watch those tits of yours. Now, come on…nobody is here but you and me. You can let me just touch them a little bit. Just enough to get them hard again.” Uncle Vern started kneading my young, firm tits and twirling my nipples between his fingers. “Now, Toots, just let me keep doing this. I really like doing this. Your body is telling me that you like it too. Just sit back and let me enjoy myself.”

I felt very uncomfortable with him playing with my chest, but it wasn’t hurting anything and he was enjoying it so….and so was I but I wouldn’t let him know that. I started leaning backwards a little enjoying the attention that my young tits were getting from him. I didn’t know that a man that old could make me feel so squirmy. He leaned over and put his lips on my tit and twirled his tongue around my very aroused nipple. I just sat straight up and tried to push him away. “Now, Toots, you just lay back like you were and just enjoy this. You know it feels good. Just sit back and stop this!!! I am going to lick and suck and nibble your nipples and I’m not going to put up with you pushing me away.” I sat quietly back and did what I was told to do. Uncle Vern had me then sit on his lap facing him with my legs on the outside of his so he could push my chest into his face. Oh my God, he was sucking and biting and kneading my tits. He started to pant hard. I was breathing heavy. I didn’t know how much more of this I could handle. Pretty soon, he stopped and we continued watching TV. He continued playing with my nipples every now and then and I had stopped protesting.

Then the phone rang. It was Aunt Cindy saying that she was going to work a double shift and wouldn’t be home until very late. She only did that a couple of times a year and it was getting closer to Christmas and they had orders to get out so everyone was working a double.

Uncle Vern returned to his chair and had me sit on his lap again. “Oh, Toots, where were we. Come on and lean back. There, are you comfortable now? You nipples aren’t hard anymore. I’m going to perk them up again, so just sit back and enjoy it. This is making me so happy. We will have to go get those jeans tomorrow. I want to see you wearing them.” He started rubbing my tits and twirling my young nipples between his fingers. “Come on Hon, face me again for a few minutes like you did before. Come on….shove those little titties in my face. There you go. Hold onto my head…yes!” Uncle Vern let go of kneading my breasts and put his hands on my hips. Slowly he started to slide my shorts down.

“No! No! Don’t do that.” I said.

“Hush, Toots, nobody is going to know but you and me now. You have your panties on. I want to see your panties. I want to feel your panties. It’s the same as your shorts only a little less material. Yes, you have on red panties. Hmmmm. OK, Little One, just sit back down on my lap again. There….” Uncle Vern finished removing my shorts and took a long look at my bikini panties. I settled back down on his lap again and he continued playing with my young breasts. I was really getting excited, but I didn’t want him to know that. Every once in a while his hand would rub my belly and his fingers would just slid along the waistband of my panties. I would have to move his hand away quietly, but his hand always returned.

“Toots, you know that cute 2 piece swimming suit you loved so much? Let’s pick that up tomorrow too along with the jeans. How about that?” he said. Boy, I really loved that swimming suit and I really wanted it. Of course, let’s pick it up. I was so excited.

Uncle Vern’s hand and fingers continued to roam and not just on my breasts, but running his fingers inside the band of my panties. “There you go. Just relax. My fingers are not hurting you at all. They are only making you feel better. You want to feel better don’t you? I thought so. Oh, I can feel a little hair. That’s nice. I like that. I want you to feel real good. I can feel your heat. Relax now. I’m going to go further and I don’t want you to stop me this time. Stop trying to move my hand. I’m going to feel your bush. Yes. It’s nice. Lay back a little. There you go. Yes!!!! Your pussy is so wet Baby. Yes!!! Don’t push me away. Stop it right now. Oh…you are so wet!” I couldn’t help it. It was feeling so good. I wanted him to stop and then I wanted him to go further. He plunged his finger in my pussy. Oh, God it felt so good. He stuck his finger up my hole and went in and out. Then he brought his finger up and started rubbing my clit. Wow, did that do something to me. He had never done anything like this before.

“Toots, get up now. I want you to go on the couch and lay down.” he sternly said. I went over to the couch and he followed me. He knelt down and started to suck on my tits again and put his hand in my panties and keep rubbing my clit. He then went down to my panties and pulled them off. “There, that will make it a little easier.” He spread my legs a little and started pumping me with his finger. He just knelt there staring at my young pussy while his finger went in and out. “Such a beautiful pussy. What have you been hiding from me all this while. It is beautiful; so juicy, so pink, so young.” he said with his voice full of lust.

He spread my legs open a little farther so he could get a good look at that hot, wet cunt of mine. It was beginning to throb. He put his face down between my legs and started to lick me. My God what is he doing? Whatever it was, it was heaven!!!! He darted his tongue in and around my clit. It was so aroused and swollen already. He kept pumping his fingers in and out of my pussy. I felt my hips moving up and down. He just kept his tongue on my clit and pumped harder and faster and my hips moved faster. Pretty soon I was feeling myself tense up. I was ready to cum and I was going to cum all over my uncle’s face. “Oh, God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop. I’m cumming. OH, GOD!”, I screamed.

As my orgasm subsided, he pulled out his fingers and licked them off. “Now, Angel, didn’t that feel good? I knew you’d like it. We’ll have to do this again. I want my little Angel to feel good. I want you to cum for me again. I love it when you are this juicy. Now, get dressed and we’ll wait for Aunt Cindy to get home. But leave your bra off cause I still want to play with you some more.” Uncle Vern said with authority.

So this was the beginning of many Friday nights with Uncle Vern. I was really enjoying cumming for him. I really increased my wardrobe that summer.

# # #

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long-time fave

I first read this story probably 10 years ago, when I stole the (well-loved) print-out from my older brother's drawer. I don't know how many times since then I've read those pages. This story was a significantmore...

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loved it - was approached by my uncle at young age - i said no - but always wondered what could have come of it had I given in and let him touch my nipples - also had another family member that tried tomore...

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