tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersUnconditional Love Ch. 07

Unconditional Love Ch. 07


After that night when Alison and I finally crossed the line, things started to look up quite a lot for the two of us. I was happy to have allowed her to do what she had done, I had no regrets and obviously, she was satisfied with the outcome as well.

In the few short weeks that had gone by since that night, we had been fucking like rabbits almost every other night, we' would go at it left and right. Sometimes I would fuck the hell out of her and other times I would be more then' happy to bend over and let her pound my ass until I came all over the place.

It took a while for me to adjust to the hardcore poundings that she seemed to enjoy giving me, but I was definitely getting into it by now.

The week where we were going down the shore had finally arrived though, and I was pretty' excited for a number of reasons. Getting out of the city was one of them and getting time away from classes was an even bigger reason then' that.

Mostly, the idea of an entire week alone in a motel room with Alison really turned me on and I knew we were going to have loads of fun.

It was Sunday morning, we were leaving in just a few short hours and we were just trying to get everything in order. Jamie had come over to my house, her car had broken down so I offered to let her drive out there with me; yes, that's' right drive with me. I finally got my driver's license, which means that Alison no longer has to drive me everywhere.

I'm' also in the works of getting an actual job, which I should hear back about by the time we get back from the shore. Anyway, Alison would be driving out in her own car with Christy and Jamie and I would be in my car. It was around noon when I helped Allie load the last of her luggage into her car and the last of my own into my vehicle and now it was time to get on the move.

"So your sure you know how to get there," Alison asked me.

"I'm positive," I replied.

She laughed as I leaned against the car door and she moved closer to me, kissing me lightly on the lips. It started as a simple kiss but right away, we were getting a bit more passionate about it until Christy cleared her throat trying to catch our attention. We both laughed, glancing over at Christy who had a suggestive grin on her face as she ducked into the front passenger seat of Alison's car.

"I'll be fine," I assured her.

"Okay then...I'll see you out there,"

One more kiss goodbye, and Alison climbed into the driver's seat of her car turning the engine on and slowly backing out of my driveway and heading down the street. I was waiting on Jamie who was using the bathroom, before we could actually head out as well. I got in the car and started it up, flicking through the stations on the radio looking for 933 WMMR and some good rock music to blast during our drive.

I looked up just in time to see Jamie coming out of the garage, smiling at me as she walked towards the car. Once she was in, seat belt on and the door shut tight behind her I set about backing out of the driveway and starting our trip out to Wildwood, New Jersey.

"Hungry?" I asked.

"Yeah a little," Jamie replied.

I was considering stopping off at Wawa before we hit the bridge over into Jersey, neither of us had eaten anything so far today and I hated making long trips on an empty stomach. I followed my grumbling digestive system and within five minutes' we were' parked outside the closest restaurant heading inside to get ourselves a couple sandwiches.

Once we had everything we needed, we were back in the car again. I sat there a few minutes while we ate our food and talked about how much fun we were hoping to have while on vacation. As soon as I had finished eating, I got out of the car to throw my trash out and got back in turning on the engine and continuing to make my way towards the bridge.

"So how have things been with you and Alison?"

It had been a while since I had talked to Jamie about the complications of my relationship with Allie mostly because the majority of those complications seemed to be gone. Sure, we had the issue with me wanting to try anal sex, but I never really confided a lot in Jamie about that. Maybe once or twice, but I definitely did not make it a habit, it just seemed too awkward for that.

"We've been better actually," I replied. "Things are looking really good."

She smiled, taking a swig of her soda and glancing back over at me. For some reason I knew what she was going to ask before the words even left her mouth, and I laughed shaking my head waiting for her to pop the question.

"So? Have you guys tried it yet?"

She was talking about the anal; the few times we had spoken about it, I could tell she found it funny but not in the sense where she was making fun of me. More so in the sense that the idea of me bending over and getting' fucked in the ass by a girl who had a bigger dick then me sounded funny to her.


"Oh my god, that's crazy! How was it, did you like it?"

"Jamie...your making me feel' like a fucking girl who just lost her virginity."

"Well you might not be a girl, but you got the virginity part right," she laughed.

I couldn't' help but laugh as well as I tried to focus on driving up the on ramp onto the bridge and fumbling around in my pocket for the two dollar toll that they would charge me once we got to the other end of the bridge. In my distraction from our laughter, I forgot they only charge you when you are heading back into Philadelphia.

"Yes, I enjoyed it Jamie; honestly I uh...don't know why I waited so long."

She giggled, "Well, how big is her um...you know. If you don't mind me asking,"

"Oh," I said trailing off for a moment. "She's maybe about eight inches,"

"Holy shit Mike...you can take all that?"

"Let's just say it was uncomfortable the first few times. I adjusted though."

She shrugged her shoulders, still smiling as she must have been thinking some sick perverted thoughts, but I simply laughed and ignored it, continuing to focus on the drive. We fell silent after that and I turned up the radio a bit as an old AC/DC song came on, "Highway to hell," one of my favorites. With the windows rolled down, air blasting into the car, speeding down the highway with my best friend sitting next to me this vacation already kicked ass and we weren't' even in Wildwood just yet.

Jamie's POV

We'd' gone a few minutes without talking now; Mike turned up the radio as Highway to Hell by AC/DC came on. I knew it was always one of his favorite songs and I laughed remembering how many times he had sung it at the top of his lungs in the hallways at school just for the hell of it.

I guess he had thought that I found the majority of what we had been talking about to be funny. Truth be' told I did, I won't lie, but some of it I just laughed so he wouldn't' see how weird I felt about it; and I do feel weird about it too. Not because I don't' like Alison, she's' a great girl and I can see she really makes him happy. I don't' know why honestly; these feelings were new to me.

I had only recently started to feel like I wanted to be around Mike all the time, but I chalked it up to the fact that he was my best friend and I hadn't' really been seeing a whole lot of him lately. I figured I just missed him, It felt different as the days all went by though, like every day I felt like I missed him more and more.

Then every time I saw him with Alison, I started to feel this feeling in the pit of my stomach, like nervousness or something. Was I starting to feel jealous? No, there was no fucking way. I was NOT that type of girl, the kind of girl who obsessed over a girl who had a girlfriend that made him happy and then eventually would let it ruin our friendship all together.

I was really' good friends with Allie too, I didn't' want to lose my friendship with Mike or Allie because it would hurt to have that happen.

So I couldn't' have a romantic relationship with Mike; so what? As long as I still had him as my friend, that was all I really cared about I suppose.

Still, the idea of him sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass when I had spent so many nights in our high school years fantasizing about him fucking my wet pussy; it just seemed really weird to think about. He seemed like he enjoyed it though, so that was the most important part I guess.

Alison's POV

We had arrived in Wildwood about ten minutes ago, and I hadn't' heard anything from Mike or Jamie just yet. Not that I was worried or anything, it just meant that Christy and I had time to hang out by ourselves and discuss the so' called "Plan" for this week before Mike arrived. So' we drove up to the nearest ramp leading onto the boardwalk and I parked the car, we got out and walked up onto the boards.

The cool ocean air felt great and it smelled great too, the sound of the seagulls and the tramcars were so familiar. It had been a few years since I had been down here last and I was really' happy to be back.

We decided to stop and get a snack and talk about what we planned to do while we were eating; it was Christy's idea and I was up to it. We stopped in a small shop that was famous for their funnel cake, ordered two cakes and a couple of sodas and sat down at a table. As relieved as she was to be down the shore, I could see just by looking at her that Christy's main' focus was our little agreement.

Hell, she hadn't' stopped talking about it since she asked me and I had said yes, it was kind of starting to bug me but at the same time I was just as excited as her.

"So, does he know?" Christy asked me. I shook head smiling, and leaned across the table.

"He has no idea; wasn't sure how to ask him. I don't know if he'd' find it weird or if he would be totally cool with it or what, but I didn't want to chance getting into some kind of argument if I asked him."

"So what are we going to do?"

I thought for a few seconds and leaned back against my chair. To be honest, I hadn't' come up with a plan just yet. Other then the obvious that is; the obvious being that Christy wanted to have a threesome with me and Mike and that I was okay with the idea. We just had to establish how we were going to lean Mike into going along with it without him flipping out or anything.

"I'm fairly confident he'll be cool with it; he's adjusted to me fucking him, and I've seen him looking at you a few times. I think he'll go along."

Christy laughed blushing and I looked under the table and could see the lump in her pants from the outline of her penis. I chuckled, shaking my head and continued.

"I say we wait until we're all drinking and kind of just seduce him or whatever; sound like a plan?"

"He's your boyfriend," Christy said. "Whatever your' comfortable with,"

I liked the idea, and I was definitely sure that he wasn't' going to lose his cool over it or anything. He might be a bit confused at first and would probably be wondering if I were pulling some kind of test on him, but once he realized I wanted it too, I was sure he'd' be cool.

After we finished up, we made our way back to the parking lot and sat in the car for a little while continuing to talk. I wanted to know what exactly Christy wanted to do to my boyfriend, not out of jealousy or because I might say no to any specific things.

I actually found the idea of her doing certain things to him to be quite arousing.

"So tell me, what do you want to do to him?" I asked outright.

"Oh if only you knew,"

We both laughed as girls do when talking about that sort of thing of course it differed from typical girl talk because unlike most chicks we had dicks.

"Firstly I want a piece of that sweet ass of his you keep telling me about all the time. Then I was looking forward to a little bit of oral action, maybe we could double team him; I'll take him from behind and you can shove your cock down his throat and we'll switch it up."

I felt my cock stir in my pants just thinking about it; all the times I had been sucked off by Mike and the few times I had fucked his ass since he handed it over to me a few weeks ago, I always loved everything we did together. The idea of having someone else thrown in the mix though, that really turned me on quite a lot.

"I like it," I replied, smiling at her.

Just then, my phone beeped signaling that I had a text message. I pulled it out of my purse and the message was from Mike telling me that he and Jamie were about five minutes outside of Wildwood and would meet Christy and me at the motel in at least another twenty minutes or so.

"Their almost here," I said starting up the car and pulling out of the parking lot. I started driving towards the motel, I figured I might as well get us all checked in at the office so that when Mike and Jamie arrived we could just make our way straight to the rooms and start unpacking.

When we got there' I saw Joe's car was already in the parking lot, he must have gotten there a while ago but he had said that he would be leaving earlier then we would be.

Sure enough, I found Joe sitting outside the office smiling at us as we approached him and he greeted us. He and Christy stayed outside to talk while I made my way into the office to the front desk. I told the guy at the desk my name and once he looked me up in their system all I had to do was provide my state ID as proof of who I was and pay and I received the key to the room that me and Mike would be staying in for the week.

Now it was just a matter of getting my luggage upstairs to our room and unpacking.

Mike's POV We pulled into the parking lot of the motel to find everyone standing outside the office just talking and seemingly having a good time already. Jamie and I got out of the car and walked over to them Alison greeted me with a kiss on the lips and flashed the motel room key in front of me.

"I've been looking forward to this vacation for weeks," she said in somewhat of a seductive voice.

I kissed her again and she handed me the key, smiling at me.

"Me too," I replied. "Let's get all our stuff in there okay?"

I popped the trunk open and we pulled out my suitcase before Jamie got her stuff as well. Then I helped Allie get her case out of her car and we made our way up the stairs to the third floor. We were in room 302 a one' bed apartment with a small bathroom and' kitchen area. Not a bad looking place and the room was ice cold as whoever stayed there last had left the air conditioner running.

That was fine though, it felt great considering how hot it was currently outside, almost one hundred degrees to be exact. Alison and I plopped our suitcases up onto the bed and started unpacking all of our things, and a few minutes later Christy came into the room moving about as her usual bubbly self.

"Your bathroom is bigger than mine," she said trying to start a conversation.

"Don't feel bad, you have something that's bigger then what I have," Allie joked and they both started laughing like a couple of school' girls. I just shook my head, with a smirk on my face.

"Listen, once we're all unpacked do you guys want to head up to the boards?"

"Oh, yeah of course," Allie said. "First I think we might catch a nap and then take a shower before we get moving though. We'll meet you guys up there."

"Okay, sounds great. Then I'll see you there,"

I noticed the seductive manner in Christy's voice and' also the odd look that she gave me as she walked towards the door and brushed past me. She seemed to take her time moving by me, and with me backed up against the dresser with the TV on it, her butt rubbed up against my crotch and I felt my cock begin to stir. I shook my head as she walked out the door and left Alison and I to our selves.

"What was that about," I asked.

"What's that?"

"Oh, I don't know; the tone in her voice."

Allie suddenly had a bit of an odd manner about her, turning her back on me and shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh, nothing..."

"Nothing huh," I said coming up behind her. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her up off her feet, she squealed as I did and I spun her around and tossed her onto the bed where she started laughing hysterically. I jumped on top of her, tickling her and' her laughter became even more uncontrollable, her eyes tearing up and I laughed with her.

"That's enough," she begged.

"Tell me what you two girls are planning first,"

"No!" she laughed and I continued my tickle assault.

"Okay, okay fine!" she shouted.

I sat back, stopping my assault and she sighed' still laughing and very much out of breath, She wiped the tears away and sat up running a hand through her hair and I waited' patiently for her to speak; my hands were ready to move back to her sides at any given moment if she did not follow through and tell me.

"You have to promise not to freak out or anything," she said becoming more serious now, but she still had that faint smile on her face.

"I promise."

"Okay well...see...um..."

I jumped and she jumped in surprise expecting me to continue tickling her, but it had just been my attempt at startling her into continuing and she laughed slightly as I leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

"Christy...wanted us to have a threesome,"

Well I hadn't' expected that; but I did not really know why she thought I would get mad either. Sure, the idea was a little...weird. Random too, but not something I would freak out about.

"Why would I get mad about that?"

"I don't know," she replied. "Cause it might be weird for you?"

I laughed and plopped down on the bed beside her, arms behind my head staring up at the ceiling. I started thinking about it, the whole idea. Me Allie Christy, and' a bed all to ourselves having a threesome. How would something like that turn out; I had the chance to do whatever I wanted with two women that were absolutely' fucking beautiful. Who would pass that up?

"Okay," I said.


"Yeah, why not,"

She seemed surprised she leaned on her elbow smiling down at me.

"Why are you so quick to agree?"

"Oh I don't know," I said. "Something about getting it on with two hot chicks at once really just gets me horny as shit."

She laughed, and lay down beside me, her head against the soft pillow and we became quiet for a moment. Something told me I was about to find out that it would not be done exactly the way I thought it probably would be.

"You do realize...you're the one who's going to get fucked in this right,"

Yeah, I figured something like that was coming. Still, the idea was somewhat thought provoking and not entirely something that ruined it for me.

"Okay...so what? How's it going to be?"

"How's it going to be?"

I laughed and propped myself up on both elbows.

"You know...bend me over and fuck my ass while the other one shoves their dick down my throat?"

She seemed amused at my attempt to make humor out of this situation. Really, I was a bit nervous and wondering if that really was what they intended to do a full on roast so to speak.

"I don't know...if that's what you want,"

"More like if that's what you girls want..."

I noticed the bulge in her pants and I knew that talking about this was probably turning her on. I smiled, leaning in and kissing her on the lips while running my hand down her stomach and over her groin teasing her cock through the fabric of her pants. Then I ran my hand back up and under her shirt to her breasts, fondling each breast and then moving back down once more to her groin and rubbing at her dick.

She moaned, leaning back into the soft bed and I moved over so I was practically on top of her and started kissing her more passionately. I groaned as she slid her tongue into my mouth and my own cock started to get really' hard as well. I knew what I wanted,

I undid her pants, pulling them along with her underwear down and her hard cock popped free, standing straight up at full attention. With me pretty much on top of her now, I pulled my shirt off and continued kissing her on the lips then started kissing her all over her neck.

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