tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersUnconditional Love Ch. 08

Unconditional Love Ch. 08


After a two' hour nap, Alison and I awoke and the first thing we did was make our way to the bathroom to freshen up. I started up the hot water and climbed into the shower and' once she finished relieving her bladder Allie climbed in with me under the hot water and we embraced each other.

We kissed as the water cleansed our bodies and I felt my cock getting hard again, pressing against hers as she reached down and groped my ass. We washed up nice and good, got' out dried off and put on some clothes before making our way out the door and heading up to the boardwalk.

We decided to head up there by foot rather than taking either one of the cars; better to get the exercise and enjoy the beautiful weather then drive up there and be considered' lazy.

The first place we stopped was one of the arcades, buying a shit ton of tokens we hit the games. One of the things I loved about Alison and one of the advantages of dating a girl like her was that she loved video games as much as I did.

After about an hour of gravitating between a few fighting games and the Terminator Salvation game, me and Alison made our way back outside to find that the sun had pretty much set for the day and night had fallen.

We set out looking for Jamie, Joe and Christy and found them down at Morey's pier waiting in line to pay for the tickets for the rides. Alison ran over to Christy and the two girls started goofing off while I stood next to Jamie and Joe.

Apparently, our first destination was the Log Floom one of my favorite rides and I was pretty' excited that we were going there first.

From there we went to one of the Roller Coasters followed by bumper cars. We stopped by a little snack stand next to the coaster and each bought our own stick of cotton candy I split mine with Alison to save money. We sat and talked for a while, and about an hour and a half of just bullshitting passed by before Alison tugged at my arm and I glanced over at her.

"I want to go on the Ferris wheel,"

I laughed, standing up and helping her up from her seat. She sounded like a little kid the way she said it and she gave me a big hug before we made our way over to the line. It was pretty' long and I was feeling a little annoyed that this meant we were probably going to have to wait for quite a while before we got to the front of the line and onto the ride.

I hated waiting; but I would put up with it because I loved Alison and I wanted to make her happy. Even if it meant doing something as stupid as getting on' the Ferris wheel. Okay, maybe that wasn't' so stupid, but this damn line certainly was the stupidest thing I had ever seen in my life.

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally reached the front. I gave the guy our tickets and we were' seated in one of the cars waiting for him to start moving us. It took all but about fifteen minutes before we were at the very top, with all the stopping and starting to let other people on in the process. Once we reached the destination though it really turned out to be well worth it as the moon was full hovering above the ocean.

Alison snuggled closer to me and I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Isn't it beautiful," she whispered. "It's like the moon is just hanging there."

"Always looked kind of weird to me,"

"It's not weird," she nudged my arm and I could not help but laugh just a little. Sitting with her here, overlooking the ocean, I felt as though I were completely at peace. I was glad the fighting that had gone on for months between us had finally come to a stop, and that we could enjoy ourselves.


I glanced over at her and she smiled up at me weakly and I had a feeling she was about to bring something up that had something to do with those old arguments. I just hoped it did not lead to any unnecessary drama,


"Can I ask you something?"


I waited for her to continue, nervous about where this was going to lead.

"When we get back to Philly, can you please tell your parents about us?"

It was not as bad as I had thought it would be but that didn't' mean that I was comfortable with the topic. I still had not talked to my mother and step-father' about Alison and the truth about her, I just did not feel ready to make that move. I could tell how strongly Alison felt about it though; I didn't' want to fight, not right now so I figured it best to talk. I saw no problem in at' least hearing why it meant so much to her that I come out to my family.

"Why is it so important to you; I'm not ready yet."

She shrugged her shoulders and pulled away from me but not in an angry manner, she leaned against the cage that surrounded the car we sat in and smiled.

"I don't know," she said. "I just figure it's' best if you get it over with now, rather than waiting. The longer you wait the more anxious you will feel about it and I know it's bothering you."

She was right of course; I had not said anything, but it was bothering me. I wanted to tell my family, I wanted them to know that Alison made me happy but that she was not quite like other women but that those things did not matter to me and they should not matter to them either. Fear was what kept me from talking about it though fear was something that always pinned me down when it came to making big decisions.

I had to get over it sooner or' later though. I could not run away from my problems forever.

"You'll be there with me?"

She laughed softly, moved closer to me and kissed me on the cheek, pulling me into her arms. "Of course I will silly,"

I relaxed and leaned' up giving her a kiss on the lips. If I knew she would be by my side, that at least made me feel a little less sick over the thought of coming out to my parents. There was no way I would be able to stand in front of them and tell them the truth without having someone support' me. The best support of all would be Alison herself, it meant a lot that she had agreed to be at my side; after all, it did partially involve her anyway, she should be there.

"Alright then," I said finally. "When we get home, I'll tell them."


"Yes...if it's what you want, then I'll do it."

"Wow, just for me? I want you to do it for you to Mike."

I sighed and nodded my head, I understood. This could not just be about her because the reality of it was that it wasn't' all about her; it was about her but it was about me too and most importantly it was about us.

"Your right,"

"Okay then...so you'll do it for me AND you right?"

"I will,"

I gave her a kiss and she slid over onto my lap kissing me passionately. I felt my cock stir but ignored it; horny as I was' I wanted this to be more about the romance for the time being. There would be plenty of time to get it on once we got back to the motel room we had all night and an entire week for that.

"One more thing," she said smiling at me. "You know it's been a while since you made me your bitch; it's all just been me fucking you." "Oh c'mon Allie; first you won't get off my back about wanting to fuck me, now your' tired of fucking me?"

She started cracking up laughing, and I even found the humor in my remark which' had started out as a serious comment but now had become a joke to the both of us. It was true of course, but I did see how funny it was after the words had left my mouth and she started laughing.

"Of course not," she said. "I never get tired of fucking you; I just miss your big dick in my ass."

"Well...how about tonight,"

"No, no tonight won't do; tonight me' and Christy have plans for you."

I laughed remembering what we had talked about earlier in the motel room before we ended up having sex. The threesome that Christy wanted to have with us and how her' and Alison both wanted to dominate me together and take turns fucking the living hell out of me. God, my ass was going to be sore as fuck in the morning, and I was actually feeling somewhat hesitant now.

"You know I'm not so sure about that," I said seriously but with a grin.

"Oh, well we'll have to talk about it when we get down on the ground,"

The Ferris wheel started moving again after a while and within a few minutes' we were back down below getting out of the car and making our way back to meet up with the others again. By about ten o'clock that night, we were all getting bored with the rides having been on just about all of them, and we decided to head back to the motel and spend the rest of the night having fun back there.

First, a quick stop at the closest bar to pick up some booze though, after all booze always made things like this much better,

We returned to the room with our alcohol, Jamie and Joe decided to just hang out in the room and watch TV for a while which left me, Alison and Christy alone in the room that me and Alison shared together.

I was feeling a bit nervous because I knew with the three of us by ourselves and' what those two' were planning, things were bound to get pretty' dirty; but I was still only just getting use to being fucked by Allie. Now I was going to get it from both her and her transsexual friend at the same time.

Nervous was not the right word that I felt could best describe what I was truly feeling right now, not at all.

"Now Christy," Alison said in a cheerful voice.

"Mike here seems to be a little nervous about this; we suggested maybe going back on his agreement."

"Oh' really,"

"Uh-huh; so what should we do about that?"

Christy laughed, sat down at the table from me and leaned back in her chair as though she were contemplating what she wanted to do.

"I have an idea," she said in a sexy voice. "How about we play a shot' game. You and me, one on one, whoever can take the most shots wins."

"What are the conditions?" I asked.

"If I win, you have to let me and Allie fuck' the shit out of you."

Can't' say I didn't' expect that one; obviously it had to work in their favor one way or another. The question was, how did it work in my favor if Christy just so happened to lose, though she seemed confident that would not happen.

"If you win...we still have a threesome, but me' and Allie are the ones who have to service you instead of you being our toy."

Sounded kinky and worth it to; I was nervous about being fucked by them both at the same time, but if the roles were reversed that would be a different story all together. Maybe it was something worth giving a try, and it sounded fun to; of course' I was not really all' that good at taking shots.

"Fine," I said.

"You shouldn't have said that," Alison laughed.

"Christy never loses these' kind' of challenges; she's like the queen of taking shots."

Not only would we be taking one shot after another, but' Christy was really going all the way I realized when she broke out a bottle of Jack Daniels. Now, Whiskey was always one of my best friends in the world so I had no problem resorting to JD, but the problem was I knew I was going to get' really fucked up really fast if I took shots of whiskey. Of course, that's' probably what Christy wanted though; I figured to hell with it though.

In reality, as nervous as I was, the bigger half of me wanted them to have their way with me and they would probably end up getting their way. This just made it all the more kinky and a lot more fun building up to that point.

Christy poured the first two shots and set the bottle down on the table; it was a brand new bottle, so we had all night to go back and forth if it came down to that but I doubted that it actually would.

Alison counted, "one, two, three,"

At the same time, Christy and me both grabbed our shot glasses and downed the alcohol slamming the glasses down on the table again at the same time. Alison poured more Jack into both glasses, counted again and again we downed the throat burning liquid before she filled them both a third time. In what seemed like no time flat, we had taken at least twelve shots total and were still going, but once I reached my fifteenth I really started to feel it.

The room was starting to spin and I was seeing double of both Christy and Alison who both seemed to find it funny, though I was laughing as well but I knew at the same time I was really' fucked up and I would probably wind up losing this little game any second now.

I reached for my sixteenth shot, downed it and slammed the glass down. Alison grabbed the bottle of Jack and was about to re-fill both glasses but she hesitated and smiled at me waiting to see if I would try to stop her.

"You want to continue?" she asked.

I thought it over for a few seconds, debating if I could actually stomach anymore even though I really did want more. I decided at this' rate I was going to lose either way, but if I kept going I would get' more fucked up and probably black out all together. If I was going to do this whole' threesome thing I wanted to remember if I enjoyed it come morning, if I blacked out then that was pretty much out of the question really.

"Time's wasting there, Mike," Christy teased.

"I give up."

I said it, I gave up threw in the towel and right away Christy jumped out of her seat practically knocking over the bottle of Jack Daniels and laughing as she gave Alison a high five and a big hug. Even I started laughing, burying my face in my hands knowing what was going to happen next but honestly, I felt excited. My cock was hard already and no one had even touched me yet,

Alison's POV

Well it wasn't' that I had not expected it, Christy was the Queen of games like this just like I had told Mike in the beginning but he did not believe me. The problem was this was going to end up being drunk' sex for the most part between the two of them considering the fact that Mike and Christy were both pretty messed up and I was completely sober still.

Where would the fun in any of that be? So I grabbed the bottle of Jack and took a long swig before pouring myself two shots one in Mike's glass and the other in Christy's.

They both laughed as I downed both shots and reached for a beer practically chugging it; maybe I was over compensating, trying to catch up, but I definitely did not want to be the only one sober in the middle of drunken sex between my boyfriend and best friend.

Before long I was starting to laugh, the room spinning as it was for Mike and Christy and I was feeling quite horny and excited to get going. We all laughed, joked and made dirty remarks towards one another. We' were not going to head straight into sex though apparently, Christy wanted to play a few more drinking games. What the hell was she thinking; we were all going to be completely obliterated by the time we laid down to fuck and by then we would end up probably just passing the fuck out or something.

I laughed when we started up a game of strip poker and in just a few minutes, Christy was half naked.' This was my game, I was always the one who beat the opponents in this one' and that was why Mike and I had only lost about 50% of our clothing while Christy was down to nothing but her panties. She walked over to the bed and dropped down on the mattress sighing as I started staggering, trying to carry the empty beer bottles to the trash can in the kitchen.

"I'm sooo horny," she yelled and started laughing hysterically.

I noticed from the kitchen, Mike making his way towards the bed and Christy sat up on the edge pulling him towards her. He had his shirt off and was only wearing his boxers now and Christy started running her hands down his sides hooking her fingers over the sides of his boxers and slowly pulling them down.

His cock popped free and I noticed the hungry look in my friends' eyes as she reached out and' grabbed his dick and started stroking it nice and slow at first. Just watching the two of them, I felt my own cock starting to grow hard, throbbing in my underwear and I sat down at the kitchen table and slid my hand into my underwear' and started stroking my hard cock while I watched. Christy wrapped her lips around Mike's cock and started sucking him off, and it felt strange to see and hear my boyfriend moaning while my best friend was going down on him.

I fought off the jealousy though and quickly got over it, continuing to stroke myself and I watched as she released his dick from her mouth and stood up kissing him hard on the lips. There was obviously some tongue action involved and Mike reached out and started pulling down her panties until I saw her big fat dick flop between her legs.

I hadn't' really gone into detail with Mike just how big Christy actually was, I had meant to but it had completely slipped my mind. If I was around eight inches long, Christy had to have been about nine inches and she was a lot thicker then I was to which made it a bit difficult sometimes when she had sex with someone for the first time. Needless to' say, virgins usually kept their distance from her, but Mike wasn't' exactly a virgin; he was just still an amateur.

Mike's POV

I wish Alison had of told me just how big Christy really was. I had sat down on the edge of the mattress and pulled her panties down, and there it was dangling between her legs semi-erect, a huge cock probably around nine inches or so and very thick. How the' hell was I going to handle this? Were they fucking insane? They had to be, because there was no way I could-

I was' cut off, given no time to contemplate my strategy before she grabbed my hair and shoved her cock all the way into my mouth gagging me in the process. I could feel my jaw stretching because of how thick she was and she started thrusting in and out of my mouth throat fucking me.

It was anything but easy and honestly, I hardly took any pleasure out of it at first, but I had to say she did at least taste good; she must have showered and used some sort of body lotion because the taste so far was the best part of the experience.

She pulled her dick from my mouth and I gasped for air, hardly able to breathe and not given enough time before she shoved back into my throat and I gagged again. She must have sensed my discomfort because she stopped and this time allowed enough time for me to recover my oxygen and clear my head before Alison got up out of her chair and walked over.

She grabbed Christy's ass and gave it a firm squeeze, smiling at me the entire time before her and Christy started making out right in front of me. I felt my dick getting harder just watching them; it was like watching two hot lesbians in action except they did not need a strap-on because they had the real thing.

Christy shoved her cock back into my mouth once again while making out with Alison for a few seconds longer, before they separated and Allie crawled into the bed with me. She pulled me back off the edge onto my hands and knees and Christy backed away for a moment, sitting down and slowly stroking her dick right in front of me while Alison got behind me.

I knew what was coming and I groaned as she started tonguing my asshole, licking at it and diving' her tongue into it, wetting it nice and good.

She inserted two fingers at once but I didn't' feel it as she started thrusting them both in and out of me while Christy continued jerking her cock.

As Alison prepared to shove her dick into my tight asshole, I watched Christy stand up and walk over to me once again. She ran her hands through my hair, gently smacking me in the face with her cock and I could feel Allie getting up behind me and grabbing me by the hips. She had applied the lube and now she was ready to go and as she prepared to push into my ass, I opened my mouth and welcomed Christy to continue throat fucking me at the same time.

As I sucked her cock, I finally felt Alison's dick push past my sphincter and I moaned at the feeling of warmth as she pushed into my bowels. Once she was all the way in, she started pounding me long and hard while giving me the occasional slap on the ass. With her fucking the shit out of me' and Christy being quite brutal about it all as well, I was really having trouble breathing.

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