tagErotic CouplingsUnconventional Awakening Ch. 05

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 05


I wanted to finish what I started. Correction, what we started! Would Paul be able to get hard again? I hoped so. But for now, I wanted to feel Paul's cock fuck my mouth, getting closer. I wanted to feel his cock twitch and throb as it filled my mouth. I have come to enjoy pleasuring my husband orally, but this was different. My desire now was purely driven by a lust I never had known, one my husband had wished I had. Why now? Why with someone other than my husband. How would my husband react if I was doing to him what I wanted to do to Paul? My desire to want to swallow my lover's essence.

Paul was getting close, his breathing was getting deeper and more rapid, and he was getting more jerky. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and his cock throb. Paul groaned as spurt after spurt of thick sticky salty cum erupted from his cock.

I swallowed as much of his essence as I could. I wanted it all. I felt this desire to be able to swallow all of his cum, to not miss a single drop. But that was not to be as I couldn't swallow fast enough and some of his cum oozed out of my mouth and down my cheeks. I continued to suck on his cock until his cock stopped throbbing, and no longer dribbled droplets of a much less viscous nature. I enjoyed feeling his still hot cock soften in my mouth. Feeling the hardness melt away into this very suckable, spongy, warm, soft, pleasure stick. I continued to softly suck his cock until it was clean.

He rolled off and to the side. He was spent. And I was all sticky and gooey. It did feel sexy to be glistening and coated with this white sticky, gooey covering, and I enjoyed the scent of his cum on me. It was a musky type scent, and I rubbed his cum all over my face, neck, and breasts.

My breasts were very sensitive and the feeling of rubbing his cum all over them made me buck against Peter's mouth as he continued to eat me with abandon.

I slid up a bit so my head was back up on the bed, and I felt a huge wet spot from where Paul's cream had overflowed. It felt very cool and very stick. Houseservice was going to earn their keep. I blushed at the thought!

I gently moved Peter's head between my thighs, and enjoyed seeing his very wet face. He once again grasped my ankles and pushed them upward until my knees touched my chest. He once again slipped his tongue from my clit down, into my pussy and tongue fucked me a few times before slipping down lower, licking and teasing me. Until he reached my ass. He did not disappoint. I wanted his tongue fucking my ass, getting it good and wet. I was now able to concentrate on what he was doing to me, and I wanted to feel something filling my ass.

He slipped his tongue from my ass and worked it back up to my pussy. It was extremely erotic to have his tongue go from my ass to my pussy, and felt oh so good. But it was time to do more to my ass. I wanted to feel it being filled. I told Peter to start using his fingers and finger fuck my ass.

He began with one and pressed the tip against my wet rosebud. My rosebud parted with a little persuasion and I felt his finger slide into my ass, while his lips and tongue were busy pleasuring my pussy. I was getting so close. Peter continued to enflame my ass with one finger, and then I felt the pressure of a second finger trying to slip in. After a moment of resistance, this second welcomed intruder pressed forward. It felt incredible as his two fingers sawed in and out and parted and explored different areas within me. My ass was developing an itch that would surely need to be scratched, unlike anything I ever felt before.

Peter continued to eat my sopping wet pussy and finger fuck me. I didn't make it easy for him as I bucked harder and harder as my orgasm approached. I could feel my pussy muscles begin to tense as did my chest muscles. And his fingers continued to pleasure my other orifice. It was a matter of time before I exploded. I pulled his face tighter against my pussy rubbing my clit against his lips moaning as I came, begging him to eat me and fuck me. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me, and Peter was drenched.

As my orgasm subsided, I slowly let go on my grasp of Peter's head. Had he been able to breath? He came up for air, gasping but the smile told me he enjoyed the ride. His cock told the same story. The bed was in shambles with big wet spots. The room had the unmistakable scent of sex. So this is what sex smelled like. It was definitely heady.

Peter climbed up on the bed and his cock grazed my body. I wanted to fee his cock in my mouth and pulled on it. He brought it to my lips and I pulled him into my mouth. I sucked half of his cock in one stroke, before gently biting down. His balls slapped at my chin. I sucked on his cock for a few minutes and wondered if he wanted anything else.

I was rewarded. He wanted to fuck me. And I wanted to feel his 8" piece of meat fill my pussy. Paul's cock was semi hard again, but for the moment, he was content to watch. This was fine with me. I wondered what it felt like to be a porn star, and it was adding to my arousal to have another person watch us make love. Another first for me, and as I continued this walk on a side I had never dreamed I would ever be taking. Would I or we have any regrets?

To be continued -

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