tagErotic CouplingsUnconventional Awakening Ch. 10

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 10


As we walked to the elevator, Paul once again draped his arm behind my back. It felt so re-assuring. I didn't feel like a one night stand. Peter was right beside us, on my side. It felt good to be in between them. I felt safe. And wanted.

We chatted about our day, and they were glad to seeing me looking refreshed. I wish I could have said the same about them. Both Paul and Peter looked tired, their eyes puffy and red. I thought that tonight might be just dinner then a quick good night, and thought that might not be all bad. They looked like they could use a good night's sleep. And I had thoughts running through my head. I could use some alone time to just try and put things into perspective. I realized I did not regret anything that we had done in the past 24 hours. To the contrary, with Paul and Peter so close, I felt good about us. Our public appearance seemed to be one of good friends. What happened behind closed doors, well, that too hopefully was the interactions of three people who were thrown together by serendipity and the chemistry was such as to cause a chain reaction. One leading to new bonds formed.

We seemed to enjoy one another's company, not just intimately, but as friends. And this was important to me.

We took a cab again, so as to be free to enjoy the sights a bit, and I think so that Paul and Peter didn't feel a need to be behind the wheel in their sleep deprived state. I could have driven, but Paul had made arrangements at the front desk for a cab. Tonight's ride wasn't as stirring as last night's, although I did enjoy being between my two friends once again. I felt very secure.

Once again we were seated in the same small room as last night, and the time flew by as we enjoyed our dinner. I could see that both of my new friends were feeling the effects of age and lack of proper rest, and felt a bit guilty for that, but Paul and Peter let me know by small gestures and lingering smiles that they were glad that we had accidentally met, and taken a chance last night on going to dinner. I didn't feel a need for a Daiquiri tonight. Tonight would be different.

Although I was dressed for possibilities, I did enjoy the feeling of being braless and the sensations of my sweater rubbing across my bare hardened nipples, which caused my pussy to ooze just a bit, I sensed that the time wasn't right to be more forward. Tonight was just a night to enjoy each other's company, and the casual conversation of three people getting to know one another.

When we left, we were not the only people left in the small room, like the night before. The cab ride back to the hotel was without incident. Once back at the hotel, Paul was once again at my side, his arm in it's by now familiar position around my lower back, resting very comfortably on my hip. Peter right beside me. This seemed to be our way of walking in public. It didn't strike me as odd, or unusual. Which in itself should have felt unusual. I was changing.

We rode the elevator back to our floor in a reflective silence. I wondered what was going to happen when we got to my room. I could feel Paul's body heat next to me and it felt good, and reassuring. Peter was close by, but it was Paul who had come to be the closer more intimate one in public. The elevator door opened pulling me out of my reverie.

We arrived at my room, and the moment of truth. I asked them what now? I looked into their faces, and sensed that maybe tonight we should all go our separate ways. They needed to get a good night's sleep. And I had thoughts to ponder. So, before anything could be said, I kissed them both gently on their cheeks, and said I that they owed me a good breakfast! They laughed and the tension was broken. I felt good knowing that our relationship was building and that we were interested in more than just a quick fling. Paul and Peter both kissed my lightly, and gave me a warm hug. A hug just a tad bit more than casual and friendly. Ones that suggested to me, a secret.

I watched Paul and Peter as they slowly walked to their room just a few doors down. As Peter slid the electronic card key into the lock they both looked back, and smiled and we entered our rooms together.

I closed the door, and just leaned against it. My head was a jumble of thoughts. I realized I hadn't talked to my husband since I arrived! I wanted to talk to him. I needed to. I wanted to thank him for allowing me to come to Chicago alone, and to tell him what had happened. I thought he would welcome the news, as he has had fantasies of me being involved with another man. I doubt very seriously if he ever thought it could go as far as it did, and wondered if he would enjoy my tale.

As I dialed I hoped he was home, and if he was, would he answer? After all, I was using a calling card, and with caller ID, our calling card doesn't identify the caller.

After the third ring, whew! The phone was picked up, and I heard a familiar voice. And I began to tremble, as the reality began to hit me. He asked me how I was, and was a bit worried as I hadn't called him last night.

To be continued...

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