tagNovels and NovellasUnconventional Awakening Ch. 15

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 15


The elevator doors close and my husband hugs me close to him, and as he does so, his hand seems to naturally settle on my bun. But it was not by accident, as his fingers begin to tease my butt through my jeans. Suddenly his fingers slip past the waistband slip inside my jeans. I am in shock, thinking what happens if the elevator doors open. But that was precisely what my husband was hoping would happen.

What would anyone see? I wasn't sure, but could only imagine the worst. In reality, they wouldn't, but from my perspective, the whole world would see my husband playing grabass with me, and being most forward and taking liberties in public. He enjoyed my mortification. So, apparently I wasn't totally uninhibited.

After a moment, that seemed more like minutes he slowly removed his hand from inside my jeans and we decided that maybe I should walk into the café alone, and he would walk in a few minutes later. This would give me time to greet Peter and Paul. He would walk in, see where we were seated, and then very casually come over to our table. I would then look up surprised and after blushing for a period, introduce him to what probably be two astonished men. Hopefully they wouldn't go screaming from the café.

I walked into the café as planned, and saw Paul and then Peter seated in a booth. How fortuitous I though. I walked over and sat down next to Paul. We greeted one another very warmly and we were just placing orders when I saw him.

My husband looked around as if searching for someone, and a smile crossed his lips as if he saw who he was looking for. I wasn't sure if his smile was for me, or if he was smiling because he approved of the company I was keeping. He casually strode in our direction, taking his sweet time. The waitress was just finished taking our orders and turned to leave when she bumped into my husband. The waitress was flushed with embarrassment, but my husband just grinned and said it was his fault. She had a questioning look as he took a seat next to Peter. Peter and Paul had equally questioning looks and my husband was enjoying the situation.

My husband broke the ice by saying that I looked marvelous and that maybe I should go to more conferences. He then introduced himself to Peter, and then Paul, who sat there in stunned silence. He asked the waitress for a glass of water and she was glad to slip away.

My husband looked at Peter and Paul, and said that he just arrived in Chicago, and was glad to meet them. He wanted to thank them for being there to help me come out of a shell. It took Peter and Paul several minutes to take this in. They soon realized that he was not only okay with what had happened but wanted to share some time with them too.

When the waitress put the glass of water in front of my husband he immediately knocked it over spilling it all over the table. I knew that this was not by accident, as he had done this the very first time we met, but that time was quite by accident. This had the desired effect. It broke the ice for all, as we all laughed, and the waitress went to get us some towels and a new glass.

Peter, Paul and my husband were soon engaged in "guy" talk. Paul wanted to know if my husband wanted to trade places with him, so that he could sit next to me. My husband said that he should enjoy my company and hoped that we would all enjoy my company more fully before we all left for our ways home. The twinkle in his eyes seemed to be noticed by the three of us, and a bond seemed to be forming.

Before we knew it lunch was over, and plans were set for getting together for dinner. My husband shook hands with Peter and Paul, and encouraged me to hug our friends before they departed for the afternoon. I had forgotten that I had removed my bra, and saw the glint in his eyes as he knew I suddenly was aware of this. And I knew that as soon as Paul embraced me, that he too knew, and a small smile crossed his lips. He gave my husband a quick appreciative glance and stepped aside as Peter hugged me. Peter too gave notice and looked a bit sheepish. My husband just laughed quietly and said that he hoped that we could all get together for dinner this evening and maybe a "nightcap." It was the way he said nightcap that had Paul and Peter twitch just a bit, but the playful twinkle in my husband's eyes suggested that he would very much enjoy sharing that with them.

For my part, I too jumped just a bit when my husband used the word "nighcap," but his hand on my side let me know that he was looking forward to time with all of us. His hand was softly caressing my hip moving in wider circles to caress my butt. The message was clear. He was open to the possibilities.

Paul and Peter left chatting with one another in a more animated way than I had seen earlier. I wondered what they were discussing? Were they comfortable with the surprise at lunch? Were they looking forward to dinner? And beyond? I know I was wondering what my husband had in mind, I knew that whatever it was, tonight was going to be the beginning of fulfilling some long held fantasies. Fantasies that I was just beginning to eagerly become a more active participant in. I had no idea how active a participant my husband had in store for me. But I was going to find out. And looking back, my only regret is that I had not been open to his dreams earlier. Where would we be now? I could only begin to ponder that.

My husband brought my back to reality by suggesting that we go back to the room before I head off to my class.

Once in the elevator his hand once again played itself on my hip at first, but only as a start for being a brat once again. We hadn't begun to ascend before his hand was once again inside my jeans, this time inside my panties, caressing my ass. His boldness had an effect on me that I believe he hoped it would. My nipples stiffened up and were now two visible bumps in my sweater. And my pussy was beginning to ooze its sweet juices. I was afraid that a wet spot would be soon apparent to anyone who would see me. All the time my husband was acting so innocently, enjoying my dilemma. Fortunately or unfortunately no one else got on before we reached our floor.

We made it to my room, umm, our room now, without incident.

Until we were in.

My husband quickly embraced me and began to kiss me with a passion. His hands were all over me. First caressing my nearly bare boobs, hefting each one in each hand and gently squeezing them, before he lifted my sweater over my head. With my sweater still covering my head, I felt his lips taking my left nipple into his mouth and sucking it hard. He pulled on my now engorged nipple until it was stretched to its limit, and I could feel my breast being pulled on. He released my now sensitive nipple and began to kiss and lick the underside of my breast before sliding his tongue across the valley to the underside of my other boob. His tongue snaked from the underside to my nipple and he pulled on this nipple until it was stretched taunt. He then kissed and licked his way up leaving a trail of wetness all the way to my chin. My knees were getting spongy and then all of a sudden he stopped, and pulled my sweater back down.

He told me to take off my jeans.

Then my panties.

I did, and then stood there naked from the waist down. He admired my haircut, and said he was looking forward to a closer examination after class. He then told me to turn around. I did. And I felt his hands firmly grasp my buns, and massage them. He whispered in my ear that my full sexy ass was going to be pleasured tonight. His fingers then slid around front to feel the growing wetness. He chuckled as he slid a finger into my lubricated pussy, letting it slide as deep as possible. My knees felt like they were going to give out on me, and I just leaned back into him, feeling the growing hardness against my bare ass. A hardness, that in time would be finding a warm inviting spot in me. His finger soon had a companion snaking in and out of my now sopping wet pussy, and we both laughed at the squishing sound his fingers were making as he finger fucked me. A sound that was new to him, as before this past weekend, I had never become this wet, oozing so copiously. I had to admit that I felt both uneasiness and arousal simultaneously, when my pussy was in this state. But at this moment, with his fingers being so intimate with me, I was enjoying this new experience. His fingers felt so good as they explored me so wantonly.

Suddenly my pussy was empty, and his fingers were brought up to my lips. I could smell the scent of my desire along with the more musky scent of the release of other fluids. I must admit that I found the combined aromas to be erotically stimulating, and when his fingers touched my lips, they instinctively parted and his wet aromatic fingers slid into my willing mouth. The combined taste of my juices mixed with the tangy other offering was not what I had expected, and I found myself eagerly sucking on his fingers as they slide in and out. And then it hit me – who was this woman enjoying being finger fucked orally.

Without any hint, his fingers left my mouth with a popping sound.

He turned me around and his lips met mine and his tongue danced into my mouth. Could he taste what he had started? His hands were once again firmly kneading my ass, pulling my buns apart, exposing my rosebud to the air. My wet pussy was pressed firmly against one of his thighs, as he rubbed his thigh between my legs, teasing me. I could feel my wetness leaving a growing spot on his jeans, and knew that was precisely what he had intended.

And suddenly he pulled back. With a devilish smile he told me to get dressed. He whisked my panties out of my hands as I was about to put them on and told me that I was going to class without wearing any undergarments. I tingled as I realized the implications of this. Would anyone notice my attire or lack of certain attire? Would any of my fellow class participants notice the sway of my unrestrained breasts or the lack of a panty line as I moved about. I was a bit nervous, but did as he requested, and once I was dressed, I felt a tension building as my nipples rubbed against the fabric of my sweater, causing them to reveal themselves in a manner I wasn't accustomed to, but found stimulating to contemplate. And the feel of bare skin against jeans in places where there was usually material in between was cause for a constant stream of micro tremors. I felt a bit light headed and flushed. But also naughty. Who was this woman?

I was just about to leave when my husband asked me "Aren't you forgetting something?"

With a puzzled look on my face, he came over to me and with a smirk on his face, kissed me and said "See you later honey," while rubbing my breasts. He laughed softly enjoying my confusion, knowing that the afternoon will be a long one as I contemplate what everyone is seeing. Why was this different than Sunday, when I dared to want to venture out to dinner sans bra. Then I didn't know anyone, and the knowledge that I was a stranger added to the excitement. Little did I realize where that excitement would lead.

But this was different. It was not I making the choice. And my fellow classmates and instructors were no longer anonymous. The rustle of the fabric across my bare breasts and the feeling of jeans against my bare ass and pussy added to the feeling of wanting, and trepidation. Would the gentle undulations of my unrestrained boobs as I walked be noticeable? Would my posture reveal a lack of undergarments or unrestrained fullness above and below the waist? Would men glance backwards and women think I to be trash? The mixture of feelings were fueling a growing anxiety.

With one last caress of my boobs and my ass my husband said he hoped my afternoon was productive and I heard the devil in his voice. I slowly opened up the door, and with a deep breath stepped out, and met the afternoon.

To be continued...

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