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Uncut is Better


If you were to tell Judy she had a fetish, she would probably say you were crazy. To her a fetish is a man who wears panties or maybe a woman who flashes in public. However, if you were to ask one of her really close friends they would say she defiantly had a problem. For you see Judy has a thing for uncircumcised men almost to the point of refusing to fuck a man with a cut cock. She is famous among her friends for the way she cops a feel before she will go out with guy. She tries not to be obvious but if she can't happen to bump into him, she just reaches out, and grabs him. If she can feel that corona around the head of his dick, it's see you later Charlie.

Most of her friends will tell you Judy is a great girl and always a lot of fun to go out with no matter where. She laughs easily but not loud and obnoxious, also she has no problem with being a friend's wingman when needed. Although not many would call her beautiful she is cute, and with her dainty body and her perky smile, she has no problems attracting men. Her light blue eyes and dark hair set off each other well as she likes to say, "Blondes attract boys and brunettes attract men."

As for the fetish she claims she doesn't have, I believe it started out as a novelty with the first uncut man she fucked. Judy had already been with quite a few sexual partners before her first uncircumcised encounter and to her; a dick was merely a sexual device to get off with and nothing more. To tell the truth she didn't pay that much attention, she didn't really care if the man was big or small, as long as it wasn't too big or too small. As long as the man functioned, she was happy and even if he was having problems getting it up, she never minded doing her part. Giving oral was not something she particularly liked to do but to get a guy hard it was not a problem.

All that changed the night she met a guy from Germany named Rolf. Truth be told the main reason she agreed to the date was his name, it just cracked her up to say Rolf, as it sounded like something a dog says. When they went out Judy hadn't planned to have sex with him but in the end she decided she liked the way he looked and invited him up to her place. His strong features were softened by his blond hair and his European style made him seem suave and confident. They ended up in her bedroom and when he pulled a condom from his pocket, it made her happy to see he believed in safe sex. Almost as a reward for his thoughtfulness, Judy volunteered to put the rubber on him. This was something she seldom did and she hoped she didn't mess it up. She was sitting on the edge of the bed as he stood before her.

Judy was just ready to rip the package open as Rolf dropped his pants. She sat there staring at Rolf's cock in amazement; of course, she had heard of uncircumcised men and had even seen a picture or two. Yet here was Rolf uncut in the flesh, so to speak, and standing right in front of her. Her staring embarrassed him and he apologized for not warning her that he was uncut. Judy told him it wasn't a problem and it was just she'd never seen one before. Judy would never remember whether she asked to touch it or that Rolf offered her the chance but she'll never forget the thrill she got the first time she slid his foreskin back to expose the gland. She giggled as she repeated the move and soon she was actually jacking him off. When he warned her, he might climax if she wasn't careful, she pleaded with him to allow her to make him cum, and when he said yes, she increased her movement vigorously. Rolf the perfect gentleman told her as he was about to shoot and all Judy did was put her face closer as a target. When he came, he shot all over her face, it even got into her eyes and made them burn.

They never did screw that night because after he got hard again she wanted to give him a blow-job instead. As she put him in her mouth, she noticed first how firm the gland was as compared to the soft foreskin below it. Somehow, this intrigued her and she enjoyed feeling the differences in texture. When he came, she swallowed without giving a second thought and although she didn't care for the taste, she found she didn't mind it at all.

She and Rolf dated steady for the remainder of his stay in town and Judy found she was sad and disappointed when he left. This had not been love, it had been about sex, and both were well aware of what their relationship meant. Judy went back to dating but found herself thinking about Rolf more often. She found that she now had a bigger interest in a man's cock than before but as yet; she hadn't realized her interest was in uncut over circumcised.

The following summer the fates smiled down on our heroine and sent her another uncut male for her enjoyment. Again, she was enthralled with his dick, as she couldn't keep her hands off the poor man. Although the sex was great, the man was nothing like Rolf had been and was a total bore so she didn't go out with him again. It was then she had her epiphany, it wasn't that Rolf or even the other guy were great sex partners it was their uncircumcised dicks that turned her on. From then on, it became her quest to date only uncut men. She decided that way even if the guy was a lousy lay she could at least have fun with his foreskin. Although Judy still dates circumcised men, if she could choose all her dates would be uncut.

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