tagIncest/TabooUndeniable Need Ch. 2

Undeniable Need Ch. 2


It was amazing to finally be this close, this connected to her Father. She snuggled up to his warm softness and reveled in the soft penis as it laid weightily on her thigh. He was breathing deeply, a huge smile on his face and her heart sang knowing how totally happy he was with his baby girl right now. All he could think about was how at the same time his cock felt tingly and numb with the hot fucking that just took place, how perfect these moments had been with his darling daughter. He looked her and saw the peaceful, contented look on her face and whatever remaining feelings of remorse, or doubt, vanished before he even knew he had them.

Her breasts were absolutely lovely. He gently caressed one, gazing at it in wonder that he had a part in creating it, and now he had a part in loving it so intensely. All of her, from her head to her toes was his in ways known only to a parent and child. Sighing in deep pleasure he hugged her tight and close and was rewarded by her purr of joy. Never had she felt more cherished than at this time. Her pussy was still on fire for him, still pulsing from her Daddy's cock and she nestled her damp pussy lips on his hard thigh. Shifting in position slightly, she managed to spread her legs around his leg, opening the pink wetness and resting her sensitive clit on his flesh. She was so wet again, just the slightest sway of her hips moved her pussy along his skin, sending shivers of hot lust inside her.

He felt his daughter rub her pussy against his leg, and immediately remembered times when she was a little girl and had done the same thing, unintentionally when he used to kiss her and they played horsy. There was once when it nearly got way out of control to the point where he nearly fucked her no matter who was around. She was just a pre-teen and had demanded to have a horsy ride with him. He told her she was too old for it, too big now, but she gave him such an intense look that made him get so hard he had to please his baby girl. It was a summer afternoon and they were outside in the backyard. They were both wearing shorts and she straddled his leg with her golden young girl legs, sitting close to the upper part of his thigh – putting her full weight onto his leg. He felt her heat immediately and just got so super hard, his hands were shaking as he held her hips steady – he couldn't look her in the eye.

"Come on now Daddy" she said in a girly voice "Bounce me like you used to!" It took all the self-restraint he had not to moan when her own leg pressing into his balls and dick –he simply gripped her hips tighter. He looked down and saw her spread open around his leg, saw her cunny lips outlined through the shorts and started to bounce his leg up and down for her. Her hands rested on his shoulders and as soon as the movement started he felt her hands squeeze him tightly. He risked looking up slightly and saw her puffy's engorge before his eyes – she was braless –didn't even have much of anything to fill up, they were so slight but puckering with the physical reaction of her little girl pussy pressing onto him. It was too much of a turn on to watch in either spots, so he closed his lids. This was even worse, because now the sensation of her cunny on his leg was hotter, and he could feel the wetness seeping through the material.

"Daddy, this feels real good" she said breathlessly. There was that wonderful pressure building in her special area, the good special feeling that she always got from her Daddy. Wiggling around, she adjusted her position so it felt even better – her face was a mask of concentration and joy, she wasn't really paying attention to her Daddy that much now, but she thinked he liked it because his hands were holding her tight against him – he always did that when he wanted to hold her close. "Harder Daddy, bounce me harder!" she squealed.

He couldn't believe how much this was turning him on. He want to crush her to his chest, kiss her deeply and finger her cunny right then –but he didn't get so overwhelmed that he forgot his wife was inside the house, and the hell that he would have to pay – so he maintained his grip on her hips and bounced harder for him. The pleasure was excruciating because the harder he bounced, the harder and faster her leg rubbed against his cock as well. His leg was dripping with her cunnys excitement and the aroma of her girl-pussy was just way too intense for him. He started to climax, his balls all but jetting out his cum with a force he hadn't experienced in a long time, if ever while he bounced her harder, and harder – until she shouted out in her pleasure and his sac was empty. "Daddy!!! I love you Daddy!" she cried. "I love you to baby" he replied as she slumped onto his chest, spent with the wild horsy ride.

He was jolted out of this memory when he felt his daughter sit up and tug on his arm. "Daddy, I have a favor to ask of you" she softly uttered.

"Honey, you know I would do anything for you" he lovingly replied, sitting up with her and placing his arm around her shoulders. He just loved the sight of her sitting there – her hair mussed up, her thighs still slick with his cum and her juices, her tits a little rosy from all his suckling.

"Do you remember when you and I used to play horsy?" she asked. Laughing a little, he said "I was just remembering that when I felt your beautiful pussy on me right now. " He looked down with her at his semi-hard cock and they laughed a little. Then she looked at him with that familiar yearning expression, and he instantly melted and got completely hard with the knowledge of what she was asking him. "Yea Baby girl" he moaned out softly and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

She stood in front of him, and looked at him for a moment. Noticing the silver streaked hair, the familiar face she loved so dearly. Loving how his cock was hard already – for her! His daughter! The naughtiness and passion of the moment came over her and she parted her legs, slipping one hand down onto her cunt, spreading the lips open wide as she straddled his leg. The feeling, it was sooo intense. His skin, pressing against her cunt – the crisp and lighlty sprinkled hairs creating a pleasant contrast to the silky smoothness of his legs skin. She watched his face as she slid her mound up and down, with ease because of how wet she was, and saw the lust deepen in his expression. She clung to him, pressing her chest against his and they kissed deeply, tongues hungry for the taste of each other. This is how he always wanted it, his Baby – naked in his arms, his lips eating her up, his hands gripping her ass as her pussy rode him – rode him like she had all those years as a little girl. It didn't take long for her to cum, and it was incredibly intense – all the physical memories in her mind pooling up, and she rode her Papa's leg with abandonment once again, his kisses touching her heart. Breathing heavily, shaken with the force of her orgasm she licked his shoulder and pressed soft kisses onto whatever part she could reach while she cooled down for a moment clinging to him. He just held her, and they shared the moment both had longed for all those years ago.

His cock remained hard, her pussy was still hot and moist against his leg and he knew that whatever came next he couldn't wait. She leaned up slightly and pressed gently on him to lay back on the bed again. He scooted up as she made moves to straddle him.

His cock was bobbing with the weight of his hard-on as he moved, and a drop of pre-cum oozed out just as she took him into her soft hands. He felt the softness of her hair pool around his lower stomach and hips, as her head lowered and he nearly jumped in response to the suddenness of feeling his cock taken deeply into her mouth. "uuugghhhhh... Oh, Baby Girl... mmmmm... oooohhhh... " he was incoherent with the pleasure of being deep throated by his beloved child. Her tongue was soft, her mouth juicy and warm as she licked and sucked his cock. She would dip down every now and again suckling his balls, caressing them with kisses and moist licks only to draw her tongue to the head of his dick and then thrust down liquidly taking him deep inside. Looking at her, looking upon her hungrily blowing him was mind-boggling. Like his deepest fantasies come to life, but so unreal in their reality he couldn't believe it, even though he was feeling his daughters mouth suck his cock.

She gentled the sucking, and was overcome with a powerful need to fill herself with her father. She had to have his cock spreading her lips wide right now. She straddled him higher, above his cock and holding its hardness between her hand she guided the head into her hungry pussy. She slid slowly down his shaft, incredibly slow. They looked each other in the eye and acknowledged the rightness of it once again. He cupped her breasts in his hands, kneading and squeezing them – her nips poking out between his fingers while he watched her watching him. She was only an inch down onto his cock, and slid up slowly again, almost to the tip and began the wet descent again, over and over. He saw her tongue slip out and moisten her lips, saw her lids half close with the weight of her desire. After a time, she slid slowly down halfway and began sliding upwards again repeating the motion, his hips followed her undulation. She was soo hot, so tight and sweet. He never in his life had a fuck like this one – not emotionally, not sexually.

She couldn't seem to get enough of him. It was crucifying to be so slow in her movements, she was almost to the brink of orgasm just knowing it was her Fathers dick inside of her!! She never wanted this feeling of connection and lust to end. "Daddy, your cock is so fucking hot" she groaned and slid down onto him abruptly, taking his shaft all the way into her tight wetness, her ass slapping onto his balls. She placed her hands under his ass and pulled up on his hips, arching her back inwards to suck his cock up as deep as she could into her pussy.

He felt like he was such a stud in this moment, in all the moments with her. His cock was hard, harder and fuller than it had ever been. They fit together as if molded for one another, and knew that they were – his seed had created her body – she was his and she loved it. There would be no tender fucking this night, it was rough – rough with years of catching up to do, rough with the intensity of their love and passion for one another. She rode his cock hard after this first deep grind, pistoning herself onto him, spearing her cunt with his hard dick. Her breasts bounced everywhere and his hands once again found their niche gripping tightly to her sweet ass.

He fingered her anus this time, his middle finger flicking against the sensitive rubbery opening. Every movement downwards of her pussy pressed the tip of his finger inside her ass as her lips gobbled up his cock. Just the knowledge that he could touch her anywhere, do anything with her and be loved – lusted over – god it made him so hot.

She never had anyone finger her ass before, and to be broken into a new sensual realm with her Father, she fucked him faster and harder for that. Her cunt felt like it was on fire, a never ending sense of having to find release – a wet hot quest to cum. When the first inkling of her orgasm hit her, she ground down so hard onto his cock their pelvic bones touched. She reached down again to cup his ass tightly to her cunt, slid her fingers into the crack of his ass in a hard grip. She returned his fingering of her anus by resting the tips of her finger into his hole while his fingertip slid into her ass to the knuckle and the tip of his cock hit her cervix over and over again. He could feel not only her ass clenching around his finger, but her pussy pulse as her orgasm hit her hard. "Fuck me Daddy. FUCK ME!" she shouted out.

In a frenzy of passion, he yanked her head back clutching a silken handful of hair, kissing her forcefully in biting nips at her neck and shoulders and shoved his index finger up into her ass as well – arching his hips to dig his cock into her even harder as she met him by grinding her pussy as hard as she could onto him – they were as deep as they could go but she still felt like she needed more! She spread her thighs open wider to fuck him deeper. Her hands grabbed at his ass as she rode her fucking Father to the edge and over, with a massive climax. She felt his cum shoot deep inside of her, tickling the inside of her pussy walls with its thick pulsing stream and loved every fucking minute of it.

* Thank you in advance, for taking the time to enjoy this erotic story and voting. Although I am not writing from experience, it seems to be an arousing subject matter. *

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