tagErotic CouplingsUnder His Desk Ch. 04

Under His Desk Ch. 04


I was tired after the last intense orgasm. I rested my head against the hard plane window, and looked out at the clouds as the plane sliced through the sky. My pussy felt sticky, but I was actually enjoying the lingering reminder of the feel of Mr. Johnson's fingers that were stuffed there just moments before. I closed my eyes, sinking into the feeling of my body relaxing, my hummingbird's pulse slowing back down to normal speed. I must have fallen into a light sleep, because when I woke up, Mr. Johnson was back in the seat. His warm hand was resting on my thigh, and as I opened my eyes and looked at him, he squeezed it tenderly. He smiled at me, and murmured, "Good morning pretty girl."

My lips turned up in a gleeful smile. "Good morning. How was your lavatory trip?"

"Productive, I'd say." Mr. Johnson replied cagily. Seeing my eyebrows raise, he chuckled. "Very productive, as it were. Ahem."

I laughed. I loved his sometimes stiff manner of speaking. Not to mention other stiff things. As I laughed, he laughed too, and then brought his hand to my cheek to stroke it. "Such a pretty girl."

I blushed intensely, feeling a little uncomfortable. Not because I didn't like hearing those things, but because I liked hearing them too much. I cracked a joke to cover up the intensity of my inner reaction. "I'll bet you say that to all the girls. Many, many girls."

He pulled his hand away and in doing so, tugged on my hair sternly. "Brat," he snarled, and then smiled again. Suddenly, I saw his face break out into a yawn, and his eyes blink sleepily.

"You should nap," I suggested. "I'll nap too, and use your shoulder to lean on instead of the plane window, if you don't mind."

"Be my guest," he put his arm around my shoulder, and I snuggled in underneath his arm to lean in close, and we slept.

I woke up when I felt the plane touch the ground, bumping the passengers a bit as the wheels dashed along the runway. I felt excited at that moment, because I was officially on the West Coast, which I had always wanted to visit. My excitement only grew in intensity as we got off of the plane, picked up our luggage, and then got into a cab to head to the hotel. The cab ride was actually fun, because we got to travel through the city, and I could see the skyline -- the Space Needle of course, and a bunch of beautiful skyscrapers. My face was practically pressed to the glass of the cab window, when I suddenly felt a hand sneak under my skirt and begin to prod around. I whipped my head back to look at Mr. Johnson, who was grinning widely at me as he inched his hand closer and closer to my pussy, in the backseat of the cab. He mouthed at me, "Can you be quiet?"

Biting my lip as his fingers grazed my outer labia, I nodded vigorously, and then opened my legs a couple of inches to allow his busy fingers entry. Both of us took a glance at the cab driver in front, and though he could see our top halves from his rearview window, if we were careful, it didn't seem like he would suspect anything.

Mr. Johnson started to flick my clit with his middle finger, alternating rubbing up and down with more circular movements. My clit hardened in response, as if I was already primed to permanent and easy arousal. He then slid his finger inside, and found my G-spot, and started to rub it, until I felt my insides swell up, and begin to ache for release. My feet pressed into the floor of the cab, trying to gain some leverage as I leaned my weight a little bit on his hand, pushing back against his stirring finger that was dancing so intricately inside my increasingly wettening cunt. I felt myself get close to orgasm, but suddenly, Mr. Johnson removed his finger completely. I looked at him, frustrated and bewildered. He looked back at me, and inconspicuously ran his wet finger across his lips, and flicked his tongue out to lick my pussy juice from his lips. That little movement was so hot for me, a jolt of new arousal coursed through my body and twinged my pussy, which was begging for more attention.

However, I then noticed that the cab driver kept looking in his rearview mirror. He must have figured something was up. I looked at Mr. Johnson, and nodded my head toward the cab driver. Mr. Johnson looked at him, then narrowed his eyes. "He's jerking off," Mr. Johnson mouthed.

"Really?" I mouthed back incredulously. I studied the cab driver's face more closely, looking at him through the rearview mirror. I didn't believe Mr. Johnson until I saw the man's face grimace a little, and over the sound of running car I could hear a faint but constant sound that did sound like he was jerking his cock off as he drove us to our hotel.

The cab driver caught me looking at him, and suddenly, I heard him say in a low voice, "I can smell you."

My cheeks flushed instantly at the confirmation that we had been caught, but also that he was sexually aroused by what was happening in his backseat. Mr. Johnson suddenly reached over and kissed me hard, then broke the kiss, and swiftly jammed his finger up me, then adding another one, so that two fingers were busy stuffing and rubbing my wet and swollen pussy. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned, unable to quiet myself, in fact I felt egged on by the cab driver's reactions.

"Bet that feels good," the cab driver remarked as he switched his eyes between the road and the rearview mirror. "It sure smells good in here."

I was embarrassed but turned on by this course of action, and I could tell that Mr. Johnson was too, as his fingers worked me over. I could only moan an "Mmmmmmmmmmm," in response to his question.

"She always needs her pussy filled," Mr. Johnson broke in to the conversation. "She's a fun little slut." Hearing Mr. Johnson say that to me as he fingered my pussy expertly pushed me very close to orgasm, and I told him so.

"Oh, God... I'm getting so close." I fidgeted in the seat, and then, gripping on to the back of the driver's seat head rest for support, my hand brushed the driver's neck, and the driver moaned. I left my fingers on his neck, and I could feel his pulse racing and perspiration growing on his skin. I started to moan and gasp as Mr. Johnson pushed me closer and closer to cumming, and then, I heard the driver grunt as he came all over himself, and that was the last straw that pushed me to cum, as my pussy gripped Mr. Johnson's two fingers in hard spasms.

"That's it baby," Mr. Johnson encouraged, as he relentlessly rubbed my pussy through its orgasm. "You're so fucking hot when you cum like that." I sighed over and over as the waves of ecstasy rushed through my body.

Mr. Johnson slipped his fingers into my mouth and I cleaned them off eagerly. "That's a good girl," he said approvingly, "you're learning so well." Looking at him with my best smolder, I swirled my tongue playfully around his fingers, and then leaned back and laughed. This was all so over the top, I could hardly believe it.

"Here we are," the driver said as he stopped the taxi outside of the hotel. Mr. Johnson paid the fare, and said knowingly, "We can get our bags ourselves. So you don't have to get out of the car." I laughed again, and the driver looked embarrassed.

"Thanks," he said simply, and looked briefly at me, his eyes taking me in from my head to my toe in a quick once-over, like a laser scan. I think that I caught the briefest of glimpses of white streams of cum on his black shirt, but Mr. Johnson took my arm and led me to the hotel, and we walked away from the cab in which I had just been finger fucked while the driver had jerked himself off while driving. I shook my head in disbelief.

My pussy was still aching, even though I had orgasmed. My body was being greedy, because I had Mr. Johnson all to myself for a few days, which was still hard to believe. He checked us into the hotel, and we headed up to our room. I felt so adult.

The hotel was beautifully modern and airy. Our room had a large flat screen television, and a king-sized bed with crisp white linens. We walked into the room and Mr. Johnson pulled the door shut with a click. Suddenly I felt him lift me up into his arms, and throw me on to the bed with great force, before I had time to even react. I gasped as he climbed on top of me, his eyes wild as he straddled me, and with rough hands, he pulled my frilly pink top open with so much force that the buttons popped off and the fabric ripped. "Oh my God!" I gasped, "What are you doing?"

He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them, rubbing his thumbs on my nipples and then pinching them through my lacy bra. "Getting mine," he said dangerously, his eyes glittering. I was scared and incredibly turned on, all at once. His hands moved down my abdomen, to my skirt. He slid his hands into the waistband, and with another sudden forceful movement, he ripped my skirt off too. "Yes," he moaned, breathing raggedly, "there's that fucking bald little pussy I've been wanting so much." He grabbed my ankles and opened my legs wide, pressing his palms against my inner thighs. It was a harsh movement, but then he slowed down, as he slid his hands from my thighs inward to my center, and stroked my already soaking wet and shining bald pussy very gently with his fingers. Laying his palm flat over my mound, he pushed in and rubbed it in circles, and I arched my back and moaned.

"That's it, God you're responsive." Mr. Johnson reached up and tweaked my nipple with his other hand as he rubbed me.

"You make me this way." I said breathlessly.

"Maybe," he started, speaking very slowly as he went back to stroking me with his fingers, sliding the index and middle finger in just slightly, rubbing up and down my lips from my perineum to my clit, teasing me verbally and physically. "Maybe, I have a little something..." he slid in a little further. "to do with it."

I thrashed under his fingers. "Please," I begged.

Suddenly, he thrust them in all the way, and asked rhetorically, "This? This is what you wanted?"

I screamed as he fingered me thoroughly. He rubbed my G-spot and pushed me to a desperate point, where I thought my body would come apart, it was so taut and aching. "Tell me how much you like it." he ordered, but I could only moan in response. Then, he stopped the glorious thrusts of his hand. "Tell me how much you like it!" he repeated, leaning into my face and glaring at me.

"I love it!" I yelled desperately. "Please," I begged again.

"Please, what?" he looked down at me, his hand up in the air, and I could see the glistening coat of wet juices from my pussy on his fingers.

"Please..." I was embarrassed to ask, but so aroused by his forcefulness and taunting. "Please keep finger fucking my pussy."

He smiled widely. "Is that all you want? You've gotten that a lot today. I'm beginning to think that's all you need."

"No," I protested. "I want all of you."

"All of me?" He looked down at me, splayed on the bed with my legs wide open, my quivering body waiting for him to touch me again. Mr. Johnson looked so powerful towering over me. His eyes were intense as he unbuckled his belt, slid off his shirt and pants, and slipped his boxers off. Standing before me, naked, his body was smooth like a marble statue. My breath caught in my throat. "This?" He growled, as he gripped the base of his erection, and pointed it at me. "You want this?"

"Yes, please..." I begged, staring at his thick, swollen cock, practically drooling. God I wanted him to fucking pound me.

Mr. Johnson bent down and lifted me up off the bed, carrying me outside to the balcony, as he said, "I'm going to fuck you out here, where everyone can see what a cock-hungry slut you are."

"What?" I protested as I struggled in his arms. "No! Take me back inside... what? We can't do this!" I was hugely embarrassed by this sudden turn of events, what was Mr. Johnson thinking? It was the mid-afternoon, how could we have sex on the balcony?

"You know you want to do it, Kim." He spoke into my ear, licking my earlobe with his hot tongue. "I saw how you responded in the cab, you like doing things in public. Where other people can see... and enjoy. I know what kind of girl you are."

I stopped struggling but I felt conflicted. Mr. Johnson was right, that did turn me on. But this, wasn't this too much? He put me down, but held me in place with his strong hands, and turned me around so that I faced the street.. I gripped the balcony railing as the wind swept around us. We were very high up, on the 34th floor, and the cars looked like ants on the street below. Mr. Johnson put his arms around me, and clutched my breasts in his hands and pinched my nipples.

"I know exactly what kind of girl you are," he continued, interspersing his monologue with licks and bites to my earlobe and neck, and squeezes to my breasts, every one of which sent more intense aches and twinges to my by now absolutely sopping wet cunt. "My little fuck-crazy cumslut that gets off on nasty things. You like this. Being told exactly how fucking slutty you are. Getting finger fucked in the backseat of the cab while the driver watches in the rearview mirror and jerks off. Getting fucked on this balcony, where anyone could see if they just happened to look. That office building across the street? See how many open windows there are? I bet someone is watching right now."

"Noooo......" I moaned, voicing my inner conflict. Mr. Johnson's hands and mouth were relentless.

"No?" He questioned incredulously, and slid his hand down to my pussy and rubbed my copiously wet pussy lips teasingly, and my knees almost buckled. "This is saying yes. Your pussy gives everything away. I could take you right now Kim, my cock is so hard for you. I could fuck you anytime, and anywhere, I know how much you always want it. But I won't do it unless you tell me you want it."

I bit my lower lip as he stroked my pussy slowly. He was studiously avoiding my clit, which I wanted him to brush so badly, and this was driving me crazy. I was so aroused, but so embarrassed. Though they were tiny little dots, I could see people working in the building across the street, hunched over their computers in their offices going about the workday. What if one of them looked up and saw me? Mr. Johnson's fingers teased me, ever closer to but not touching my clit. "Oh, please..." I whispered involuntarily.

"What's that, Kim? I couldn't hear you."

"Please..." I tried to speak a little louder.

"Tell me exactly what you want, or I won't give it to you."

The words ripped from my throat. My baser instincts won out. "Fuck me, fuck me with your big hard cock. I can't stand it anymore, I need you to fuck me!"

Mr. Johnson laughed, and praised me. "Good girl. Now bend down, present that pussy to me. Grab the bottom of the rail."

I listened to his instructions, and grabbed on to the railing. There were thin metal bars holding the railing up, so that I almost felt like I was looking through prison bars, except the scene before me practically gave me vertigo, the heights were were at melding with my lust-intoxicated brain. My senses were in overdrive. I could feel Mr. Johnson working his cock head into my pussy, his firm hands on my hips as he slid inside me, and began to thrust his thick shaft into my swollen cunt from behind. Finally, finally I was getting the pounding I wanted.

"Uhhhhhhhh!" I screamed into the wind. Mr. Johnson laughed harder as he jackhammered into my pussy.

"Yeah, I knew this is what you needed, you fuck-crazy slut." I could feel him squeezing the flesh of my hips, and then his thumb, wet from his saliva, rub my asshole. My face was pressed against the cold metal bars, but I needed their stability to help me stand up to Mr. Johnson's thrusts. Getting fucked from behind this way was excruciatingly satisfying, but it was hard for my knees not to buckle as all I wanted to do was just open my legs wide and receive the torrent, those powerful hits against my G-spot which make me feel like I'm going to break into a million pieces.

Suddenly Mr. Johnson grabbed me in his arms again, pulling me up and turning me around, and picked me up into the air and slid me on his cock. I threw my head back and cried out as he spliced me with his dick, his strong arms supporting me as I writhed in his arms crazily. He sucked on my nipples, already taut from the cold wind, which sent more electric shocks into my pussy, causing me to squeeze Mr. Johnson's dick with my pussy walls. He groaned. I held onto his shoulders as he bounced me up and down on his cock a few more times, and then, hugging me close to him, he carried me back inside and tossed me on to the bed.

I waited for him to climb on top of me, to mount me and fuck me into oblivion, but he just stood there, looking at me, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths. I looked back at him, waiting. Finally, after a few beats, I couldn't take it. "More?" I asked simply, holding my arms out to him.

"You're so beautiful," Mr. Johnson murmured simply, appreciatively. I felt a warm blush radiate from my face through my neck and even to my chest; my skin was already flushed from our sex, so now my skin felt like a hotter temperature than the sun. Then he pulled my ankles, situating me over the side of the bed, and leaned over me, kissing his way down my chest, my stomach, down to my waiting mound, and he plunged his face in it, holding back nothing as he eagerly licked my swollen lips slick with the juices from my arousal. He sucked on them a little hard, and then ran his tongue over my clit, brushing that hard nub with the tip of his tongue, circling it as I moaned and writhed in appreciation.

"Mmmmm," he vocalized as his lips wrapped around my clit, sending vibrations into that little nub that made me cry out.

"Oh God, that feels so good," I gasped, running my fingers through his wavy brown hair, as he licked the insides of my sensitive slit, kissing and sucking my labia and clit intermittently, then plunging his tongue deep in my fuckhole like a little cock. I grabbed onto his head and moaned as I pulled his face into me, and he fucked my pussy with his tongue until I came right on it. I could feel a small hot stream escape my cunt as I squirted a little, right into his mouth, and he made a moaning sound that was muffled by my flesh.

As I came down from the orgasm, he sat back, and I could see his face, smiling, shining with my juices. "God that was fucking hot, Kim," he murmured appreciatively as he stroked his rock hard cock with one hand, wiping his mouth with the other.

"Mmm, I loved it," I beamed at him.

"Ready for more?" He asked as he continued to stroke his cock.

"Oh yes, please," I nodded and smiled at him, and he took that as the invitation to climb on top of me, and mount and claim me, sliding his cock easily in to my copiously wet pussy.

He grunted as he slid all the way in, as if he fell, fully penetrating me with every inch of his thick long shaft, burying his cock in my little pussy balls deep. "I'm not going to be able to last very long inside you, little one," he said in a strained voice. I looked at him. He had an intense look of concentration on his face.

"I want to feel you cum inside me," I gripped onto his back and then ran my hands down to his buttocks, pushing him in even more deeply inside me. "Claim my pussy, please," I squeezed his cheeks, enjoying their firmness, and then kissed him deeply, exploring every crevice of Mr. Johnson's mouth with my tongue.

He began to breathe erratically then, as he initiated a rhythm of pumping inside of me. Mr. Johnson threw my right leg over my shoulder and moaned, "I want to get in deeper."

"Mmmm yes," I cried out, "you're fucking me so deep! Fill my pussy up with your cum, Mr. Johnson! Fill me up!"

Groaning, he fucked me at a frantic pace, pounding my little cunt so hard that I felt that hot wetness well up inside me again. "Oh yeah you little squirting bitch. I feel it, I feel it yeah. Squirt all over my cock, you little whore."

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