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Under Lock And Key


This is the reasonably factual story of a phase my wife and I went through a couple of years ago.We've pretty much moved past it all but we still look back on it as a fun experience. I've tried my best not to embellish anything as we guys tend to do.

I've been married to Gabriella for 5 years. At the age of 26, my wife is stunningly beautiful. Her grandparents were born in Guatemala, and though she can't speak a word of Spanish, she still has a medium dark complexion. She stands 5'4, very slim with small, perky breasts. She has a flawless face with hauntingly beautiful dark brown eyes that seemed to drown me in a hazy infatuation the very moment I first saw her. We dated for a year before getting engaged, and from the beginning she knew of my addiction to kink. I tried to let her in to my secret world gently, but she seemed eager to discover everything I liked so I threw caution into the wind one night early on and let her on to my computer. I was extremely excited and wanted to watch as she perused all of the s&m sites I had joined and browsed through my diverse collection of femdom videos, interracial cuckold pictures, shibari guides...there were so many options, which would she enjoy the most? Which would turn her off? She was a great sport, but she was much too embarrassed to really dive in with me watching, so she sent me out while she went through it. Her cheeks were slightly red as she told me to leave, but I caught an unmistakable intrigued look in her eyes that left me scrambling to hide an intensifying erection as I walked out to my car.

She texted me a few hours later telling me to come back. As ridiculous as it seemed, half of me hoped to walk back in to see her clad in spiked heels and a latex corset while wielding a riding crop, or at the very least masturbating madly to a strap on scene. I strolled through the door ready to bow down only to see her sitting casually on the couch watching the telly. I must have done a terrible job hiding my disappointment. She looked over at me and giggled, then pulled me over to the couch. The coffee table now had a cold bottle of patron and 2 shot glasses on it. "I want to talk to you about all this, but I think both of us need to lose a little inhibition first." Armed with the knowledge that I could drink her under the table, I could not have agreed more.

One bottle of delicious tequila and half an hour later, secrets that I had held in since the spread of high speed internet spilled from my lips as she probed into my mind with slightly slurred questions. Yes, I melted at the very idea of being dominated by a woman. I fantasized regularly about threesomes with her and our friends, male and female. I jacked off to the thought of her fucking other men in front of me, taunting me, torturing me...and above all, nothing turned me on more than the idea of her aggressively and confidently pursuing whatever pleased her sexually.

I tried to get her to open up herself in return, but she seemed happy to stop the exploration at that point. Not wanting to force her, I let the issue be for a few days, knowing she'd bring it up if and when she was ready. She didn't disappoint. About a week later she sat me down and told me she'd been thinking about it and looking through my computer without me knowing, trying to decide what she wanted. She was interested with femdom, somewhat bi curious (aren't all girls), and wasn't really against anything she had seen. What really intrigued her, however, was one particular story she noticed that I had opened over 50 times. It was a very detailed story in which a wife purchased a cock cage (if you aren't familiar with it, google it) and kept her husband locked up, using his built up sexual energy as a bargaining chip to get whatever she wanted. I looked up into her face and my heart fluttered a bit - the intense look on her face was unnerving. "Is that something you want to try?" She asked, staring me straight in the eyes. I hesitated. I tried to explain that not everything on there was something I necessarily wanted to try. She looked a little disappointed. "Well, I really don't want to push you, if you don't want to try that stuff that's ok."

I knew it was now or never. I wasn't sure I could handle being locked up at her complete mercy, but I knew without a doubt that I had to see that look on her face again. "Fuck it. Lets do it." I said quickly, hoping my desperation wouldn't show through. If she noticed she didn't seemed to care. We decided that trying the entire bulk of my femdom fantasies all at once probably wouldn't be a good idea, so we would take it slowly. We bought a CB 6000 online. She planned just on controlling my cock for the time being, and preferred not involve anyone else. When it came in the mail, she came over immediately. She had already purchased and started wearing a necklace to keep the key around. Her eyes got big as she unzipped the case and pulled out the cage, closely examining the different spacers, pegs and locks. She looked up at me, grinning, then looked down at my crotch without saying a word. I eagerly stood, taking down pants and boxers. Unfortunately, I had an incredibly hard erection and could not get it down for the life of me. After several impatient minutes, Gabby went to the kitchen and returned with a bowl filled with water and ice cubes. I gulped.

She grabbed my freshly shaved balls and my cock with her small hand and unceremoniously dunked them into the ice water. Gasping, I quickly lost feeling in my crotch, and my dick retreated back to its starting position. I tried to look down as she placed the back of the toy behind my balls and slid the cage over my reluctantly flaccid member, but her hands blocked my view.A moment later I heard a click as she locked the back and the cage together with a tiny lock that said 'master.' Fitting. My dick already was protesting against the cage, trying to get back its erection, but doing so in painful futility. Gabby gleefully put the key on her necklace, and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. "This is gonna be fun, baby." she whispered.

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