tagErotic Poetryunder my dress

under my dress


wouldn't you like to see
what's under my dress
i'm dying to show you
i must confess
one by one
i unbutton my ddress
and i give you a glance
at my full, firm breasts
i know you like what you see
and you're very pleased
i've done this before
so i know how to tease
i'm molesting my titties
and i've got you under my spell
my little strip tease
is hotter than hell
i can tell youre getting hard
'cause on my tits your eyes are fixated
now i'm gonna turn up the heat
this show is about to get x-rated
i undo the other buttons
my dress falls to the floor
a girl like me
who could ask for more
i'm caressing my hips,
my ass, and my breasts
when it comes to teasing people
baby i'm the best
i finger my pussy
then lick it clean
i'm the badest bitch
you've ever seen
you're gripping your dick
and i know what you want
but this is just a show
so my body i can flaunt
you're just a voyeur
so all you do is watch
and i'm gonna get paid
just for playing in my crotch
i turn around
and fuck my ass with my thumb
i don't leave without the money
i'm sexy not dumb
i pulled up my dress
and i was on my way
and the voyeur thanked me
for making his day

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