Under My Wing


"I want to ride you," she said as his cock lengthened and stiffened in her grip.

"I want to lick your pussy again," he replied.

"Maybe after," she teased with a devilish look in her eyes. The thought of her brother sucking his cum, mixed with her juices, out of her well-fucked pussy gave her even more of a thrill.

She straddled him, her knees sinking a bit into the couch. His cock jumped as the tip touched her sex and she sank down on him. Impaled on her little brother's considerable cock, she threw back her head and moaned at the pure bliss of it. She worked her way up and down, slowly at first but picking up the pace. Her engorged clit protruded enough that on each down stroke, she felt it bump up against the base of Lucas' cock. She fucked him harder, increasing the pressure. She rocked her hips and increased it even more.

Lucas grabbed her hips and looked at her face, full of determination and focus. Dee's moans grew louder and more insistent. He glanced down to see his cock moving in and out of his sister's hot center and found the sight to be very erotic.

Dee couldn't believe it was happening. Her body moved of its own volition toward an orgasm. Never had she even been close to cumming during intercourse with anyone! And she felt it surging through her body. She was going to reach her second powerful orgasm with her brother. They was so right together, everything seemed to fall into place. Her mind raced as her body reached for the peak of her pleasure.

"Don't hold back this time, Dee." He watched her face intently and knew she was close. "Just like that day on the deck, let yourself go. Please?"

A scream of pleasure ripped from her lips. Her pussy clenched around his dick and she ground her twitching clit hard against him. "Lucas!" She said his name over and over, not holding anything back from him. "I love you!" And her heart sang.

Lucas watched the mesmerizing display Dee put on for him in the throes of her climax. He had lost track of how he'd been inside her, or how long it had been since he'd cum in her mouth, and forgot about his intent to prolong their pleasure. The feeling of her pussy spasming, milking his cock, pushed him harder than any man could have resisted. He called her name as he came inside her and held her tightly against him.

"I love you too," he panted against her dewy shoulder.


Dee and Lucas rarely left the house for a week and a half. He pried himself off of his luscious sister for long enough to escort the latest group of hunters on their expedition, but did not linger with the men for chitchat when the day was done. He rushed home each night to his sister's hungry arms.

They played and flirted and enjoyed one another's company. It was like the old days, only with incredible sex. The two siblings loved and laughed, romancing and exciting the other. Lucas proved to be a quick study and Dee could be herself with him. She felt protected and loved in the arms of her beloved brother, enough that she often lost count of the times he brought her to a climax with his fingers, mouth, and cock.

Lucas was enthralled by Dee's sexual appetite. He found himself doing things he had never considered before and finding that he enjoyed them all. There was no inch of her body he hadn't kissed or caressed. In spite of eagerly devouring her sweet pussy every time she'd let him, he lost no desire for her sexy panties. He kissed her goodbye one morning and rubbed a pair from the night before over her cheek, then shoved them into his shirt pocket with a teasing smile. He carried them with him and tried not to allow the hint of his sister's scent distract him from guiding the group.

The mood was sober on the day that Mom and Dad were scheduled to return. Dee and Lucas tidied up the house and prepared a special welcome home dinner for their parents. Glancing at her watch, Dee realized it was only an hour until she had to drive to the airport to pick them up. They had spoken very little about how their return would affect her and Lucas' new relationship. It would obviously change and the thought saddened her. Judging from Lucas' sour expression, he had similar unhappy thoughts.

She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, under his arms, leaning her cheek against his back. He put his hand over hers where they intertwined to hold him. Neither of them could think of anything to say. Slowly, he turned and kissed her. It was an innocent kiss at first, but it deepened with desperation and need. Dee stretched and molded the gentle curves of her body against the muscled planes of his. His hands were everywhere and she followed suit. They clawed at each other, desperate for one last moment in each other's arms.

She was sat atop the kitchen counter, with Lucas' face buried between her legs, lapping at the addictive juices his sister produced. Dee moaned and rocked against his mouth, her orgasm coming fast and strong. She clutched at his hair and held him to her body, screaming out his name. Neither heard the front door open.

"Oh my God!" her mother screamed, dropping her overnight bag and covering her face with her hands.

Lucas stood quickly and Dee landed against him as she fell from the counter. Their hands instinctively covered their nakedness.

"Oh, Mom! I - I'm so sorry, I didn't...We..." Lucas stammered, feeling sick to his stomach.

Dee bolted, running naked to her room. She brushed past her father, who had hurried around the corner toward the kitchen to find why his wife had screamed. Lucas looked into his father's shocked face and followed closely behind Dee.

An hour later, they came out of their bedrooms at the same time, a coordinated effort. Both were fully dressed and thoroughly embarrassed. Lucas was sure that he would be kicked out of the house. Dee didn't know how she could ever look her parents in the eye again. As the older sister, she had violated Lucas. At least, that's how she suspected her parents would look at what they had seen.

Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch, next to one another. They each held an amber drink in their hands, the alcohol steadying their nerves. Dee cried quietly as she and Lucas took seats on the other couch. She tried to speak through her soft sobs.

"Mom, Dad, we..." she began.

"Why don't you let me go first, DeeAnn," her father said gently.

Lucas looked up at his parents almost defiantly, waiting for the other shoe to fall.

"When your mother and I made the decision to move to Alaska, we had our reasons. We knew that it would leave us isolated and that was a good bit of the draw. We knew that we'd have kids someday and we realized that Alaska was going to make it so they would be isolated too."

"I had hoped that DeeAnn going to college would have given her the opportunity to meet a nice boy, fall in love," her mother interjected.

Dee cried harder and Lucas put his arm around her. At that moment, he didn't care if his parents kicked him out. The girl he loved was sobbing and needed his comfort.

Dad continued, not fazed at the move. "And we were hoping the same would happen when Lucas went off to college next year. We wanted to give you the opportunity to avoid the things we've had to deal with in our lives."

Mom spoke up again. "We always knew you two were close. We suspected that things would go this way. But a parent is never prepared to walk in on their child having sex, I don't care who it's with!"

"Suspected it would - what?" Lucas asked.

Dee looked up, meeting her parents' eyes. "You're not making sense."

Dad chuckled. "Of course we knew it was possible you two would fall in love and want to be together. Growing up with your mom, there was never any other girl for me."

Realization dawned slowly for the siblings. The looked at their parents and then at each other, their mouths hanging open.

"And I don't have sex with my brother on the kitchen counters, Dee. I expect you to follow the same standards. I prepare food in there!" Mom laughed

Dad reached over and gave Mom a kiss on the cheek, wrapping an arm around her shoulders in the same way Lucas had his arm around Dee. "Your mother, she always was a bit of a prude!"

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What a marvelous surprise ending to one of the best stories I've read on this site! It just kept on getting better! Naturally I gave it five stars and will no doubt return to it again and again.

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