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Under New Management


The two men stepped into the Happy Gent, and immediately their senses were assaulted by the strange, exotic place. The beat of the dance-music was almost tangible, though the music was not overly loud. Their eyes were forced to adjust to the shady corners where little light shone as well as the lit stage. But the most noticeable difference from the outside world was the stage itself -- or rather what was on it.

Bret's eyes grew to the size of saucers at the sight of the young, sexy woman dancing on the long catwalk-lookalike. Her long, blonde hair hung free and flew wildly as she swung her entire body to the rhythm. Not that Bret cared one bit about hair, not when she was only wearing a flimsy, black bra to keep her majestic tits in place -- and they kept trying to escape... to the audience's great pleasure. She was wearing a teeny pair of white hot-pants that looked like they were painted to her body instead of put on, so every curve and every line of her ass and pussy were visible. Bret had never before encountered a camel-toe but he certainly liked it!

The dancer grabbed the pole and started swirling, shaking her hot ass for the men eagerly staring at her, and Bret was almost mesmerized by the sight. Why had he never come to this club before? Why in his 22 years had no one introduced him to places such as this?

"Like the show, eh?" his lawyer, Mr. Harold Markus grinned and elbowed him in the ribs. The old lecher certainly didn't mind the show either, though he wasn't exactly a stranger at clubs such as these...

Bret blushed scarlet and shrugged, extremely uncomfortable with being caught staring... but damn, if that woman wasn't the hottest he'd ever seen.

"Come on, let's get a table," Markus said and guided his young client towards the booths in the back. Bret followed but cast a last glance back at the stripper, just as she tore off her bra and shook her large, round tits. For poor Bret, it was near impossible to take his eyes off them as they jiggled and jiggled... and jiggled. They almost spoke to him, begging him to grab them, squeeze them, kiss them. Oh, how he wanted to do just that!

Markus found them a table in a relatively quiet corner, and they sat down.

"20 bucks," the lawyer mumbled, while waiting for a waitress to come take their order.

"I could have paid my own fare," Bret offered, still with his attention torn between the semi-naked dancer and the older man. He felt a bit embarrassed about letting Markus pay but was still psyched to be in this temple of lust and arousal.

"Nah!" the lawyer laughed with his old-man's laugh, "we're on official business! It's tax-deductible!"

"Heh. Yeah, but still... if my uncle really left it all for me, you just paid me for letting me into my own club, right?" Bret insisted.

"That's just good business!" Markus laughed harder, "don't you have an MBA? Shouldn't you know a good deal when you see one?! Maybe old Tom should have picked one of your brothers instead!?"

Seeing Bret's offended face, he punched him on the shoulder with an even louder, baying laugh, "just kidding, son! Just kidding! Now, look at the splendors your uncle left you. Look at the splendors on that one!" He pointed at a waitress who had just brought a tray of drinks for another table. And true enough, Bret agreed silently, there were quite a few splendors to study on her. A tight black shirt and a short black skirt, black fishnet stockings and high black heels. She only needed a cap and a white apron, then the maid-uniform would be complete.

While he studied her delicious curves, her nice large breasts, and tight little ass, he suddenly realized she was heading towards him! Christ almighty, she noticed him staring!

The cute waitress smiled at him -- and the smirking lawyer -- as she arrived, ready to take their orders while they lecherously stared at her soft body.

"Hey! My name's Wendy. Can I get you gentlemen anything?" she smiled warmly and readied her pad, pen poised to take their order.

"Ehh..." Bret mumbled, caught completely off-guard by her sexy body, so openly put on display, and her friendly attitude.

"We'll take a couple of scotch, dear," Markus said, and as she dutifully wrote down his order he gleefully slapped her ass while laughing loudly.

"Ow!" she cried in surprise but then laughed, albeit a bit artificially, at his rudeness, "sir, no touching! That's the rule in the Happy Gent!"

"Sure, sure, little Wendy-girl," Markus said, not caring about her protests at all, "now hustle that sweet little tushy down to the bar and fetch our drinks, hmm?"

Another smile, not at all as sweet or genuine as when she first arrived, but nevertheless she did just that -- although she made sure to keep her 'sweet little tushy' outside the range of the horny old lawyer.

Bret -- who'd been shocked into silence by his companion's outrageous behavior -- looked at him, "wasn't that a bit... I dunno, rude?"

"Nah! They like it, they do! Hah! Why else do you think they're working a place like this?" the lawyer declared. Although Bret had a feeling other reasons might have something to do with it, he didn't feel like discussing it. His time was better spent watching Wendy walk away, after all, as her tight little behind swayed with every step she took... much better spent.

"Now," Markus began, Wendy out of his mind again, "what do you say? Like this place? Hmm?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah! Sure!" Bret answered, his eyes running around the place, from the delightful Wendy to the stage where the stripper had taken off her panties and was now crawling around at the edges, letting the horny men stick bills into her stocking in exchange for a quick feel of her wonderfully soft skin, "it looks very..." Just then he noticed another dancer, this one sitting on the lap of a costumer, grinding her booty into his groin while smiling intoxicating at the stupidly grinning man.

"Indeed!" Markus agreed happily, "Tom's really made a good business here! Shame about his heart, though. But, as I showed you at the office, it turns a nice profit..." He noticed how Bret's eyes seemed to keep returning to the various semi-dressed women of the club, "and the fringe-benefits of owning such a place... Hahaha!" he guffawed. Bret had a fairly good idea what he meant and couldn't help but smiling. He'd been raised to respect women but this place was just too much -- and the thought of owning it and have all these women dependent on him for work were utterly titillating. He figured it would be to any man...

Before he could ponder this further, though, Wendy returned to their table, carrying a tray with glasses of scotch.

"Here you are, gents," she said and put the tray down between them, making sure to stay near Bret and out of Markus' reach, "25 bucks."

"Let me," the lawyer said and put two twenties down on the tray that Wendy quickly picked up, smiled at the old man and then flashed a more honest smile at Bret.

"Will there be anything else?" Wendy wondered, feeling Bret's eyes on her, "perhaps you'd like a dance? Lia'll be done in a second, I can ask her to come here when she gets off the stage?"

"Lia..." the young man wondered but realized that she meant the blonde with the jiggling tits, "yeah! Sure! 'Cause I don't suppose you yourself...?" He looked hopefully up at her but she shook her head with another smile.

"Nope! I only serve drinks. Sorry."

"No worries," he said, finding himself smiling back at her, "but sure, ask... Lia to come down here afterwards."

"I will!" she said and then leaned into him and whispered in his ear, "She'll like you, I'm sure. Once she's danced a number, ask her for a 'special VIP-dance.' You won't regret it." She stood back up and winked at him. Then she turned around and walked to a door that probably led to the backstage.

"What'd she say?" Markus asked curious.

"She, eh...she recommended Lia's... dance," Bret answered, talking a bit too quickly to be trustworthy.

"Hmm..." Markus was not entirely satisfied with that answer but let it rest. Instead he took his scotch from the tray Wendy had left behind and took a sip while studying his young companion. So far he wasn't too impressed with his old friend Tom's choice of heir. Bret seemed way too young, nervous and inexperienced to run a business like this. What kind of man thought it inappropriate to slap a waitress' ass?! And in a strip-club to boot!

But still... he did have an MBA -- and, considering how young he was, even Marcus was impressed by that! -- and the insurance-company he worked for apparently loved him. Nothing but good references there; hard worker, team-player, innovative ideas, quick thinker in stressed situations and even capable of taking control when the situation called for it... all good traits for any industry.

"Cheers!" he said after a while and held out his glass. Bret grabbed his own and they touched glasses.

"To the Happy Gent -- and its new owner!" Markus said and downed his glass. Bret, feeling he was being tested, echoed "to the Happy Gent!" and emptied his own glass. The strong liquid burned its way down his throat but he'd learnt to drink these foul liquors in casual work-related situations without showing his displeasure. His boss -- like Markus here -- seemed to think that any man should enjoy brandy, scotch and bourbon. In fact, it was sometimes used as a reward for sealing a good deal... though it might have worked better on Bret as a threat.

As the strong taste slowly disappeared from his mouth, he saw the door Wendy had gone through open again and the blonde with the noticeable tits come out. She looked around for a second before seeing their table and walking towards them with her big, pearly smile plastered on her face.

She'd put on a tight dark-blue top that only just covered her boobs -- and was made of a mesh-material so anyone could see her deliciously big hooters. She'd put the white hotpants on again, and was still wearing her fishnet-stockings (though she'd taken out the dollar-bills the generous 'gentlemen' had given her) and she walked in her towering heels like she'd never worn anything else. They gave her a provoking, swaying walk that showed off her body in the best possible way.

"Hey guys!" she greeted with a bright smile, "Wendy said somebody wanted a dance?" Up close, she looked a bit older than she had at distance. Not that Bret could find any faults with her looks, but she seemed to be closer to thirty than twenty-five. Her make-up didn't quite manage to cover the small wrinkles that were sneaking in around her eyes, but her bright smile and spectacular body more than made up for it -- at least in her customers' eyes.

"Ye-yeah!" Bret exclaimed happily and found his wallet. Somehow he didn't want this woman to think Markus paid for him, no, he wanted to show her he was a man with his own money. He fished out a pair of twenties (not having any idea how a lap-dance was priced) and handed them to her. The short spark he felt as she touched his hand when she accepted the money with a grateful smile almost made him gasp. Oh, how he wanted to touch this arousing woman, wanted her to dance for him, put herself on display for his sake...

"Great!" she said as she tucked the bills safely away in her hotpants. A new number started on the club's sound-system, and she elegantly sat herself down on his lap, facing him.

Oh God! he thought desperately, she'll feel my dick! What'll she think? The thought made no sense -- she was there only to arouse him -- but he couldn't stop himself feeling embarrassed about it.

"Mhm, big boy!" she breathed, as her pelvis connected with his crotch, impressed by the size of the hard rod, he so very much wanted to hide right now, "how come I haven't seen you here before?" Before giving him time to answer she started gyrating on his lap, rubbing her delicious body all over his lap. Her soft ass, though a bit heavy for the slender guy felt heavenly against his thighs -- God, she was so hot!

"I... I don't know!" he exclaimed, as she stuck her large, barely concealed tits in his face. He couldn't stop himself from kissing the flimsy fabric that tried to constrain them, and she laughed gently at him. Not a mocking laugh, mind you, not insulting in the least... more a laugh meant to share a good time between them and made Bret smile shyly at her.

Wow... his mind wondered, she's so hot!

"Doesn't matter, hon'," she continued their 'conversation' while she ran her hand through his hair, turning the poor man on beyond belief, "as long as you come back, alright?"

"You... you bet!" he sighed and let his hands rest on her sides, making sure neither to touch her breasts or ass -- the two big no-nos, he figured.

Surely she won't mind me touching her... just for a second? he hoped. He just really wanted to touch this woman!

"Mhm... bad boy," she sighed, seemingly as caught up in the dance as Bret. Touching was, of course, prohibited in the club... but then again, he had paid double price for the dance. Lia had never been one to play by the rules anyway, and as long as no one saw, what was the harm?

"So... what's your name, hon'?" she whispered into his ear, while she rubbed her impressive bust against his chest, and her big, heavy boobs felt so wonderful against his thin shirt, he almost forgot the answer to her question!

"Ehh... Bret! I'm... I'm Bret," he said after a moment's hard consideration.

"Well, Bret," she said and stood up, turned around and shook her tight little ass in front of him, "a pleasure to meet you! I'm Lia!"

"The... the pleasure is all mine," Bret mumbled. Considering how the sexiest ass he'd ever seen was only a few centimeters from his face, how else would he feel?

"Oh yeah," Lia said as she gracefully sat her ass back down on his lap and felt his hard-on press against her, "I can tell." She looked at him over her shoulder and gave him a not-too-subtle wink. If Bret had had any blood left in his face, he'd have blushed again. Fortunately, it had all been rerouted...

But too bad all good things come an end, especially a lap-dance that's timed to last an eight minute long song. As the music slowly faded away and the DJ started to say something or other -- neither Bret nor Markus was paying attention to anything but the sexy Lia -- she stood up. She was about to say something when Bret interrupted.

"Hey, wait! Can I... can I ask you something?"

She looked down at him, a little surprised but shrugged, "sure."

With a quick glance at Markus, he gestured her closer, and she leaned down, quite curious.

"Wendy told me to, eh...to ask you for a... 'special VIP-dance'," he all but whispered. For some reason, he didn't want the old man to know what Wendy had told him.

"Did she now?" Lia asked, giving the young man a quick once-over. She made up her mind and nodded.

"Alright," she smiled, "come on. I'll take you to one of the VIP-rooms." She helped him up and, after a short nod to the astonished lawyer, he followed the stripper out of the booth.

"So you really liked the dance, eh?" she remarked as she led him towards a door marked 'Private'.

"Are you kidding me?!" Bret exclaimed, "the sexiest woman I've ever seen dancing for me? Of course I liked it!"

She flashed him a quick smile, liking the compliment but not really believing him. She'd had a lot of compliments over the years...

Well, I'll be damned! Markus thought as he saw the young man being led into the private-room, maybe he's not too dense after all! His respect for the young man certainly got a boost after this!

"In here," Lia opened the door for Bret and ushered him through into a small, dark room, lit by lamps alongside the walls. There was a large, comfy-looking couch along the wall.

"So, hon..." Lia said as she closed and locked the door behind her, "do you even know what a special VIP-dance is?" She raised her eyebrow as she looked at her young customer.

"Ehm... well, no, not exactly..." he admitted, "but if that was a regular dance, I can't even imagine what you're gonna do in here!"

She flashed a very alluring smile, one that immediately sent a shock down his pants, "honey, you have no idea!" Bret could only nod, his heart-beat hammering in his ears and his mouth dry.

"It's a hundred bucks, though," the blonde stripper declared. Without a word, Bret found the money in his wallet -- thankfully he'd come prepared -- and handed it to her. Like with the money for the first dance, it disappeared into her hotpants.

"Eeexcellent," she exclaimed, drawing out the word. Her smile turned predatory, as she walked up close to him in her hip-swaying, seductive walk. She placed her hand against his chest and with a hard shove, she pushed him down on the couch. He landed on his ass, still staring at the magnificent woman above him, somehow barely able to comprehend what was happening.

"I normally only do this for my regulars," she confided in him in a soft, caressing tone, whispering in his ear, "but... there's something about you." Then he felt her soft tongue on his neck, just below the ear! He couldn't stop the gasp that escaped his mouth.

Kissing her way down his neck to the top of his shirt, her nimble fingers opened the top button, and then the next and next, and then followed down his chest with her hot mouth, planting kisses every few centimeters.

"Oh God..." Bret exclaimed when his shirt was opened all the way -- and she moved on to his pants.

"Yes," she winked up at him as she knelt down between his legs, "and it's about to get..." she opened the zipper with one quick pull, "better!"

His hard cock was easily visible against his white boxers, even in the bad lighting.

"Oooh... very nice!" she breathed at the sight of it. She moved quickly to free it from its cotton-prison, and finally the hard rod got the freedom it had struggled for since entering the club!

"Mhm, baby..." she smiled up at him, "shame on you for hiding all this from us!" Flattery, flattery, flattery. To the women of her trade, it was no secret what men liked, so why shouldn't she give it to them? That aside, Bret really did have a nice dick, thick and long -- not the biggest she'd seen, sure, but by no means small.

Bret didn't really know how to respond, so he didn't. He just waited, waited for her to make the next move, he had no idea what it would be. Would she actually fuck him? Wasn't that illegal? Whatever she did from here on on, it was certainly worth the benjamin!

"Would you like me to..." she said in that soft, lust-filled voice of hers, "suck your biiig cock?" To underline her point, she gave the head a quick, teasing lick, sending bolts of excitement through the horny man.

"God yes!" he gasped -- of course he would!

"Mhm... me too," she purred, and with that she opened her mouth and engulfed the hard head with her soft lips.

It was wonderful! Bret had never felt anything like it. Warm, moist... sexy! The view of his rock-hard john disappearing into the red mouth of a stripper was unbelievable.

"Ahh..." he gasped as arousal shot through his body, and the level only increased when she lowered her head, taking more and more of his hardness into her mouth.

"Oh my God!" he gasped, having to fight hard to keep the imminent orgasm at bay. He had no experience on the subject but he knew -- knew -- it would look bad to cum within the first five seconds of a blow-job.

And then she introduced him to her tongue. It rapidly turned into a being of pure, unspoiled pleasure, as it rubbed and touched and provoked every inch of him at once. Oh God, it was good!

Lia was no novice to this business, and from everything she'd seen, she expected Bret to shoot his load within the next minute -- well, thirty seconds, actually -- so she decided to give him his money's worth. She quit the teasing, the slow seduction of his dick and went straight for the full-out blow-job. Soon her nose met with his pubic-hair as she deep-throated all of his pride and joy, and she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking it for all she was worth... and when it came to sex, Lia was worth a lot!

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