tagErotic CouplingsUnder the Desk

Under the Desk


I walk over to your desk knowing just what I am going to say.

“I bet you haven’t hit a lick all day.” Around the office that was our way of joking that no work was getting done at all.

“Lick this,” you say… the smart-ass response I knew I would get.

“What did I tell you I would do the next time you told me to ‘Lick this’? Do you remember?”

Your eyes look playfully up at me. “I don’t recall,” you say with a little grin.

“You know. I told you I would take you up on your command and lick it for real.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Your naughty expression almost makes me melt. But I have a job to do, in order to keep my promise.

“Well then. Get ready to be licked like you have never been licked before,” I whisper in your ear, so as to not draw attention to what is about to happen.

With one swift move I crawl under your desk. Of course there is a chance that someone can see me, but everyone is really busy so I don’t think anyone notices. You look down at me for a second and contemplate whether you actually want to do this and take the risk, but after seeing my big brown eyes and soft lips you know you have to do it. I make a silent motion for you to unzip your nice dress pants. I help pull the zipper down and then realize I am about to see what I have thought about so many times – your smooth stiff cock. You slowly take it out, all the while looking at your computer screen to make it look like you are deep in thought about your work. I feel the familiar warm feeling between my legs that I have felt at work so often, when I think of you.

Now your already growing prick is in my hand, and I take a look and love what I see. I gently stroke it and can’t believe how smooth it is, and yet I can see that it will soon be rock hard. You casually look down at me to see me worshipping your tool, and you give me the slightest look that says you like what I am doing and you can’t wait for me to really “lick this.” The anticipation is killing you and makes you want to slide down in your chair and wildly fuck my mouth. But you know you can’t – we are at work and no one else can know what is going on.

If anyone can pull this off, it’s you. You are so good at acting cool and collected while a little brown-haired slut is under your desk about to suck you dry. After what seems like forever, I finally take your cock and lightly brush my lips over the knob, my hot breath warming it up. I run my tongue up and down its length slowly at first, with little butterfly flicks, and then I press my tongue more firmly as I keep exploring your expanding prick. My hand circles the bottom so that it stiffens up even more, and after I hungrily lick it like a melting ice cream cone, I put it slowly in my mouth… first the tip, then more, and then more. The only hint you give that something is going on is that you close your eyes for a few seconds when no one else can see, so that you can drink in this delicious feeling. Luckily your office mate Matt is gone so he can’t see your face trying hide the blow job you are getting at this moment.

I love every minute of this, because of the sensation I am feeling of this dreamy hot rod in my mouth, and the feeling I know you are getting of pure pleasure. After months of flirting, it feels so good to blow you like we have joked about so many times. Now my mouth is riding you up and down, and I am swirling my tongue on your shaft at the same time. It’s even bigger than I imagined or dreamt about, and I want to see if I can fit it all in my mouth. I suck it down until I can feel it slide across the back of my throat, and I know how good that feels for you. You reach down very subtly to touch my hair and face, lightly stroking it to show that you love this. But you have to keep typing and working, and you can’t get up from your desk because I have my lips clamped over your prick.

I am sucking faster now, alternating between shoving it down as far as it will go, and playfully licking its entire surface. The phone rings and you hope to God it isn’t your wife. You reach over to answer it, trying to stay in place. It’s not your wife; it’s Susan returning your call from earlier in the day. You think, ‘What the hell did I call her about? Fuck, I can’t remember… how I am supposed to remember anything about work when I am being sucked like this?’ But, as I knew you would, you remain calm and talk to her about an issue you had with a payment.

You hang up the phone and by now we are hot and heavy into this; I am really stroking your cock with my hand and mouth, and I feel my pussy dripping with my horny juices. If I weren’t in such a small space I would reach down and play with my box while servicing you. Your breathing starts to get a little heavier and you stare at the computer screen to keep up your typical hard-working profile. Just then Chrissy comes over to talk to Doug, just a few feet away. ‘Oh shit’, you think … ‘I can’t hide this much longer!’ You think about Chrissy for a minute – the blonde with the full lips and round ass. She doesn’t often join in with your flirting, so you like to imagine that she must be attracted to other girls. The thought of that gets you a little hotter and then you focus back on the girl under your desk and your aching cock as Chrissy walks away. This blowjob surpasses your wildest thoughts about what it would be like - ever since you first saw me on my knees in front of the filing cabinet and went home that night to imagine me sucking you off you wondered how good it really could be. Pretty soon, you are not going to be able to hold back any longer – but how are you going to shoot your load right here at work, under your desk?

I can feel you tensing up now – you are really into this and I know that it won’t be much longer before you blow it. I keep sucking steadily and rhythmically while I gently fondle your balls. You slide down ever so slightly in your chair and I can feel your heartbeat quicken and sense the warmth building up in you. Wait – here comes Karen walking past Matt’s desk – no, please don’t stop this time… she walks by and gives you a flirty smile, but is too busy to stop and chat. Now you know that this can’t go on any longer, even though you would like it to go on forever. Someone is going to catch us soon. You can only remain calm for so long.

Your solid tool is now hot, wet, and ready to shoot. You can’t take it any more. You think about me under your desk and how erotic it is to have my sweet mouth fucking you like a nasty girl. I love it and could do it forever. I will also love it when you come; if we were alone I would be able to hear your sighs and moans and see your expression when you finally release your hot jets all over me. But we are at work. And I realize that we can’t make a mess under the desk. I am going to have to swallow your cream; I don’t know if I can do it but I am going to have to.

The moment draws closer; you clench your teeth and stare at the computer trying to keep your composure, but you really want to groan with pleasure. Ah yes... here we go… I keep sucking now… you’re ready to come… I feel like I am going to come without even touching my hot pussy… oh yes, here it is... I can’t wait for you to... just then you close your eyes and I can feel the hot liquid rushing though your prick and it shoots out into my mouth... runs down my throat… oh God, I need to swallow… ok, there, mmmmm…. your sex juice keeps streaming down my throat. Mmmmm… it’s hot and milky… I love it. Your cum is inside me now. And your cock is still in my mouth… I gently let it go and just look at it for a moment; I don’t know when I will see it again.

You look down at me… again, very casually, but with a look of lust and satisfaction on your face. I lick my lips to let you know I loved every minute of worshipping your thick hard prick. Slowly I move around and stand up, hoping no one sees. Doug is busy working, and so are all the girls – no one sees, no one knows what a dirty deed just took just took place right in front of their eyes. I lean down to whisper a little something to you, and we look in each other’s eyes once more, and I give you that lusty look that you know so well. I walk back to my desk like nothing happened, and we go on with our day. You can bet I will be dreaming about this for a long time.

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